T.I. Says "Trouble Man: He Who Wears The Crown" Is "60 To 70 Percent Done"

T.I. provides a status update on the sequel to last year's "Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head."

T.I. only recently released his new album Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head, but he's already nearing the finishing line for its sequel Trouble Man: He Who Wears the Crown.

During an interview with Rap-Up.com, Tip said that he's "60 to 70 percent done" recording his next LP and that he only has to knock out a few more tracks before it's complete.

“The record is 60 to 70 percent done already,” he said. “I’ma do about five to six more records just to put the ribbon on top and we’ll be ready to rock.”

The Grand Hustle honcho also said that the Hustle Gang compilation is in the works and that "Memories Back Then" may serve as the first single. "We have so many records for the Hustle Gang project,” said Tip of the compilation, which will feature guest appearances from Travi$ Scott, Young Dro, Iggy Azalea, B.o.B, Trae Tha Truth and more.

T.I., who recently shot the video for "Memories" and will soon lens the visuals for "Hello," dropped Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head in December, moving 179,000 copies and bowing at No. 2. It has since sold 411,000 total copies.

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  • Trouble Man: He Who Wears The Crown - Tentative tracklist

    1. Crown the King (produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) 2. 911 (produced by Boogz'n'Tapez) 3. Switchblades (produced by T-Minus) 4. G-Shit (feat. Snoop Dogg) (produced by 1500 or Nothin') 5. Loose Ends (produced by Lil C) 6. Put It Down (feat. Future) (produced by Southside) 7. One More Night (produced by DJ Toomp) 8. Success (feat. Justin Timberlake) (produced by Timbaland) 9. Satellites (produced by Kenoe) 10. Memories Back Then (feat. B.o.B., Kendrick Lamar and Kris Stephens) (produced by Kenoe) 11. No Option (produced by Lil C) 12. Ambitions (feat. Victoria Monet and Chip) (produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) 13. Survivor (produced by DJ Toomp) 14. Church (feat. J.Cole) (produced by Boogz'n'Tapez) 15. Freedom (produced by Cardiak) 16. Playing with Fire (feat. Lady Gaga) (produced by Just Blaze) 17. Congratulations (produced by Boi1da) 18. My Song (produced by No I.D.) ITunes Bonus 19. Elevator (feat. B.o.B.) (produced by B.o.B.) Deluxe Edition 20. Can't Speak French (feat. Iggy Azalea) (produced by Sanchez Holmes) 21. Fight for You (produced by Sanchez Holmes) 22. Higher (feat. Trae the Truth and Big Sean) (produced by Lil C)

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  • Anonymous

    "Is it even worth mentioning Chamillionaire" Not after that Elevate EP. That sucked.

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  • Cudder

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    • Chris

      How many hip-hop artists have went Platinum in the last year? Ok well that is too easy...How about gold?

    • Anonymous

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      Yes, let's look at No Limit...Master P made a multimillion dollar empire from starting to sell mixtapes out of his trunk in N.O...Beats By the Pound are probably the most consistent producers EVER in hip-hop when you look at the quality/quantity ratio at which they made and SOLD music (which immediately eliminates DJ Premier and Dr. Dre) .Mystikal will hang and has hung with some of the best lyricists in the game (Just listen to Mystikal/Outkast - "Neck Uv Da Woods"). I'm not defending the wack rappers from the South, because I don't listen to the names that you mentioned. Pimp C already chin-checked Atlanta for their wack rappers before he died, but for SOME reason their music still is dominating the air waves? Have you thought that maybe it is just because that is the type of music that the younger fanbase wants to listen to and NOT Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead (which I bought it and loved, but only had one hit record at best). All of these "wack" rappers are enjoying more commercial success than 95% of rappers from NY. So what does that say about the rest of the demographics in the country? How "wack" does that make them? What does that make Ja Rule, Jim Jones, and Diddy? Good rappers? I'll take Jeezy, Paul Wall, and K-Rino over all 3 of them. The fact is that there are wack rappers everywhere, it is just that the South stands out because NO other regions of the United States are even remotely relevant outside and handful of artists. Nas dropped a classic album this past year, I also bought the album and loved it...But who else has been relevant? I like everything that Ghostface puts out...but commercially NY only had A$AP Rocky and maybe French Montana in last year, and BOTH of their ENTIRE styles are swagger-jacked from the commercialized section of the South. I guess you could throw Kid Cudi and Maino in there if you want? The West has Kendrick Lamar and Game, and THAT is it! I like Snoop, Kurupt, Quik, etc., but all are past their primes. Midwest has who? Kanye, Lupe, Common, and Twista? Enough to count on one hand. Bone isn't relevant anymore. So what exactly is your point, if we don't even know the names of the smaller acts from other regions besides the South? How WACK does that make them????! Schooled and Clowned, AGAIN!

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    • Chris

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    "LOL remember when artists used to let their albums breathe?" You see Tip do this and you seem to judge every other artist by his actions, Bob Marley released 11 albums between 1970 & 1980, The Beatles made 12 albums in 7 years, Johnny Cash made over 45 albums between 1957 & 1990, Marvin Gaye averaged an album every 1.2 years while he was alive, Jay-Z released an album every year between 96 & 03. Whereas Fiona Apple has only released 4 albums since her debut in 1996 and she was definitely waited on, Kanye was upset because College Dropout fell short of the Fiona Apple album sound he was aiming for, Coldplay wait about 3 years between albums... I'm saying it doesn't matter whether it's now or then some artists waited to make new albums some made new ones straight away. You ignorant cunt... Schooled.

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      maybe, but its not like the label can sell what doesn't exist, so it does matter. he might not be able to get it out earlier, but he can control how late it comes out.

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    • g-sus

      so true anonymous. but today's fans are so fickle and have such short patience that it's hard to release every other year like in the past. those were the days when the quality of music was a thousand times better.

    • Chris Etrata

      Rihannna and TI should be together.

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