Kendrick Lamar "Feels Good" To Be Named "Hottest MC" By MTV

Kendrick Lamar is at the top of MTV's controversial list of "Hottest MCs in the Game" and says it feels good.

The list has been making headlines all week. Now, MTV's "Hottest MCs in the Game" list has been completed and Kendrick Lamar is at the top. 

Next to him in the number 2 spot this year was 2 Chainz. Rick Ross followed at 3 and Nas at 4 with Drake rounding out the top 5.  

The list has been a topic of discussion this week because of those who didn't make the top five, according to this list. Big Sean landed at number 6, with Kanye West at number 7. West was upset with his placement.

"Yeah #7 bothers me," he said in an interview with Hot 97. "For me, I feel like in order for them to put me at #7, they had to bring up things that they didn't like - [like] the Cruel Summer album. And I'm like, that's a compilation, it ain't all rappers on G.O.O.D. Music…they want to diss me and be like, 'He didCruel Summer and he can't say he ain't a part of it because he's on eight records'…[their decision is] definitely not based on a body of work." 

A$AP Rocky was also upset with his placement at number 8. 

"It's frustrating when I’m number 8," he explained to the LA Leakers. "Don’t put me at all. I need to be number one." 

Future and Meek Mill were at 9 and 10 respectively. 

Kendrick Lamar, who landed in the top spot, discussed what this means to him.

"You know what's crazy, we were looking at the years of the different MCs, and we were always like, 'Man, we gotta get on there. We gotta at least get on the list.' But to make it #1, that's a whole 'nother thing," he explained to MTV. "Feel good!" 

Kendrick Lamar's reaction can be seen below.

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  • Ollie

    There's nothing more whack than whining because you're not happy with your position on some subjective list.

  • DJboutit

    2 Hottest MCs of 2012 #1 K Rino search youtube for Deeper Elevation & 80 Minute Eternity kat dropped 2 amazing albums in 2012 #2 Nas This is not joke right here I am talking about the best MCs of 2012 not the wack azz chumps who sold the most albums. K Rino is the best underground raper eva

  • Nate Dawg

    Where is Lupe, J. Cole and Pusha T?!

  • da1

    WOW. BIG SEAN HOW. more like wiz khalifa. or someone else that had an album lately. ti had a album french coulda been on there. he makin more moves than big sean.


    pusha t has to be on this list. granted, he will never be as popular as wayne or drake. BUT lyrically, only maybe nas and kdot had a better year in 2012.


    Saigon - Talks shit about Rick Ross then brushes his teeth the very next day Lupe Fiasco - Always crying about some irrelevant shit like a emo adolescent Kanye West - Mad over some list MTV created when he should be glad he was even on it Lil Wayne - Dissing my city cause WE THE BEST and he just won't admit it 50 Cent - Talks shit about Hip Hop just cause he eating off that headphone shit Snoop Dogg - Getting money off that reggae but ain't walking with real rastas

  • Sway

    While Kanye West Feels Butthurt To Be Named Seventh Hottest MC By MTV.

  • Anonymous

    The Elite Generation Ja Rule Rick Ross Meek Mill 2 Chainz Drake Justin Bieber

  • Ganjarelli

    This list is fucked! A lot of mainstream artists with more "swag" than ability. I had to make my own compilation to set the record straight. For each artist I will also list a standout track that I feel displays their proficiency, based on my own preferences. However, my final ranking will consider the ENTIRE body of work of each said artist, not just which song I thought was better, but ONLY take into account more recent material. Therefore, only artists with material no more than 2 years old shall be considered. Without further ado, here is my personal Top 10 Hottest MC's 2013 List: 01. Crooked I (Funkmaster Flex Freestyle - "Shook Ones") 02. Horseshoe G.A.N.G. ( "C.O.B. Cypher 2012") 03. Tech N9ne ("E.B.A.H.") 04. Jon Connor ("Reppin' 4 Flint") 05. J. Cole ("Rise & Shine") 06. Kendrick Lamar ("Swimming Pools") 07. Royce Da 5'9" ("Writer's Block") 08. Chamillionaire ("Never Enough") 09. Lupe Fiasco ("Strange Fruition") 10. Joe Budden ("Off 2 The Races") Honorable Mentions: Mayday! Ces Cru, ASAP Rocky, Big KRIT, Nas. Q&A: Q - WTF is Nas doing in the Honorable Mentions category you fool? A - Only really liked 3 songs lately. Ross' Triple Beam Dreams, Outro off Tha Carter IV & DJ Khalid's Hip-Hop. Didn't care for Life is Good (gasp!) and his best effort was a co-project with Damien Marley a while back. One of the GOAT's for sure, just a lot of new blood that deserves some due credit and only 10 spots. Q - Why'd you put in groups? It's supposed to be solo artists only dumbass! A - Cause they're awesome & it's my list, that's why! Seriously, each member of the Horseshoe G.A.N.G. could fill my #2 spot individually, but together.....DAMN!!!!! Go check them out now if you don't know who i'm talking about. Q - Why is ____ higher / lower than ____? A - These guys are all the cream of the crop. In the end it came down to personal preference. Generally I look for good storytellers with superior form and flow, ability to spit quickly and precisely, and clever punchlines (i.e. - the opposite of the kind Lil' Wayne uses). Q - Why isn't my favorite rapper on here, you asshole?! A - Because they're your favorite, and this is my favorite list. Sorry.

    • Anonymous

      props for your post even though i dont necessarily agree or disagree with your list i like that you explained yourself

  • Anonymous

    im cryin right now my nigga finally made it. we grew up together, pissed in the same urinals, and fantasized about fuckin the same women. my nigga on now, salute

    • Anonymous

      damn homie if you can get me one of them urinal cakes from a urinal kendrick lamar pissed in i will paypay you like $500

  • Anonymous

  • bring hip hop back

    AZ - the come up

  • Locc

    I remember when most niggas on this site loved Kendrick now they hate his guts and can't stand him. Funny how shit changes.

    • zerocool

      Ya but he maintained his artistic integrity which means most of these idiots do not even know why they are hating on him. A lot of these guys are naming legends that are ALL MAINSTREAM artists. Biggie and PAC are as mainstream as it gets. K-dot crossed over but did not sacrifice what everyone loved about him so most of these cats should STFU!

    • Anonymous

      That's what happens when you cross over into the mainstream.

  • ASH

    Holy trinities of hip-hop: *1st Gen: Early 80s (before solo rappers became dominant) Kurtis Blow/Ice-T/Schoolly D *2nd Gen: Late 80s-Early 90s Rakim/KRS-One/LL Cool J *3rd Gen: Early-Mid 90s 2pac/Biggie/Nas *4th Gen: Late 90s-Early 2000s Jay-Z/Eminem/DMX *5th Gen: Mid-Late 2000s Kanye West/Lil' Wayne/50 Cent/GAME *6th Gen: Early 2010s-(Now) Drake/Kendrick Lamar/J. Cole HOWEVER G.O.A.Ts (Those who stayed dominant far beyond their generation) 2pac (by default) Biggie (by default) Nas Jay-Z Eminem Kanye West

    • Anonymous

      jay electronica 2013? nigga plz. all his best work was released in 2007-2011, this aint dropping ever. he in the illuminati now

    • Anonymous

      Impact on hip hop. Early 80s - mid 80s 1st gen. Afrika bambatta, funkmaster flash & the furious five, run DMC etc Mid 80s - early 90s LL cool j, krs one, Rakim, juice crew, NWA, public enemy Early 90s - mid 90s Dr dre, snoop, wu tang, nas, 2pac, biggie, mobb deep, tribe called quest etc Mid 90s - late 90s Fugees, Jay-z, AZ, big pun, Dmx, big L, Ma$e etc Late 90s - early 2000s Eminem, ja rule, nelly, shyne Early 2000s - mid 2000s 50 cent, g unit, clipse, kanye west Mid 2000s - late 2000s The game, t.i, lil Wayne, Late 2000s - now Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, etc. Future prediction: 2013 - 2016 Action Bronson, jay electronica, Joey badass, This list just shows you hip hops downward spiral.

    • Anonymous

      numbers mean nothing dont talk about the 6th gen

    • pops

      yall can hate on ja rule all you want but you gotta put him in late 90's early 2000's WORD!

  • WhatHappenedtoMusic

    No Elzhi, No Royce, No J Cole, No Phonte.... besides Kendrick, Nas, and Kanye you might as well just call this the hottest mainstream list because those 4 guys I just mentioned are at the top of their game right now yet they get no recognition anywhere. Unless you have a radio hit or club banger you have no chance to get any shine any today's hip hop game. Hope those dudes continue to make good music despite the lack of acclaim

    • Losta

      I don't give none of that bullshit MTV talking about no weight. It don't matter who "hot" phonte and ehlzi are miles ahead of any nigga on this list. You gotta thing about the type of people that listen to that shit....

    • Anonymous

      i think you missed the point of this list, elzhi aint and phonte are not "HOT" at all

  • Anonymous

    This list SUCKS, only 3 real MC's here, K-DOT, KANYE, and NAS.

  • freddy

    it feels so great to see someone i idolize so much get the recognition he deserves. been a fan since day one.i am not surprised at all to see this man reach all this far! the best thing about it is its only the beginning KDOT

  • RealRapComeBack

    j. cole left off 2 straight years. Something is wrong here

  • Can You Blow My Whistle

    Why are Drake/KKKanye even on the list??? I thought it was about MC's, not R&B sweethearts.


    LUDA SHOULDVE BEEN #1!!!!!!!

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, kendrick was gay. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new Biggie. BAWSE!!!!

  • Kizman

    Let it be known tho, Flo Rida is the hottest one right now. Notice I said HOTTEST, not the best. Nigga mastered the art of the crossover. He's the Ja Rule of this era, with the exception that Rule was R&B and Flo Rida is Techno.

  • tonystark5151

    I only know Kendrick, Ross, Nas, and Kanye. The other guys I've never seen in my life. I lied, I know Drake, he just sucks too.

  • Anonymous

    This list isnt bad i would change somethings around though. 1.Wiz 2.Kendrick 3.T.I. 4.Asap 5.Ross 6.Wale 7.Drake 8.Dom kennedy 9.Big Sean 10.KAnye West

  • Anonymous

    "yeah can you hook me up?" I don't book third rate talent.

  • ghuyhujhjunhk

    bamm is gogoing crazyyy ask em yyy haaaaa



  • zerocool

    Amazing... kid shows innovation, something missing in this music for awhile as you generic loving idiots keep shelling out for Kanye, Drake and Weezy and all that shit sounds the same while the MC is weak at best. TDE and each member of the Black Hippy Crew are a breathe of fresh air in modern day mainstream hip hop. You do not have to love it and can continue to preach for crap like 2 Chainz and Rick Ross and all this other SHIT that consistently steals money from your pockets but Dre seen something in the kid and he was right... AGAIN!!! I do not put a lot of stock into MTV but the recognition is earned. NaS himself has tipped his hat to this kid... and a few on this list have referred to him as one of the best in the new generation yet i see all this bitching and moaning for inferior artists... even the cat that put together a list that was solid but evetually had Game... REALLY? Don't get me wrong I actually like his records but he is not an MC at Lamars level.

  • Anonymous

    I think 50% of yall are retarded. Its not based on skill, its who's HOTTEST. This list is accurate besides Nas

    • YESSIR

      -nas had the #1 album in the country -nas was nominated for 2 grammys -nas nominated for 2 bet awards -unlike your favorite rappers; nas received xxl and 5mics for a classic album (life is good) -nas was the sole performer on the espys -nas hosted cnn -nas hosted on fox news -nas had features on nelly furtado,raekwon, rick ross, wayne, tyga, nikki minaj, dj khaled, chrisette michelle, melonie fiona, and black keys. i guess since nas was not on the radio/strip clubs, he did nothing in 2012?!??!?!?

    • Anonymous

      ^^butthurt ass pop rap ass fans mad nas on the list!!! u fools should go kill yourselves.^^

    • SuggBone

      thank you bru, niggas is fuckin idiots. nas one of the greatest mcs of all time but not one of the hottest this year.

    • Anonymous

      Nas is the only accurate artist on this list. None of the other dudes are emcees. It says hottest emcees. Not hottest rappers or hottest pop stars. This list should have had nas, action bronson, maybe Joey badass, Kendrick Lamar etc Worst rappers in the game would be a more accurate list.

  • fuck off

    I hate how when a great lyricist and story teller finally makes it and is the hottest mc in the game niggas always find a way to hate.. the past years mtv ranked lil wayne and alotta other corny gay ass artists on that shit and finally when kdot gets on the list ppl say hes overrated.. u niggas are fuckin whack haha let the nigga shine TDE been grindin for years underground now they in the spotlight

  • Anonymous

    Kendick suckin dick for spots

  • Deuce

    Seriously?? I would take Wale over Meek Mill AND 2Chains!!

  • themonfon

    it seems the only interesting thing about Kendrick is his music. Nigga cant keep up in the spotlight by himself. fuck all these stupid articles

  • Ridiculous

    Why are people so butt hurt about Kendrick Lamar being number one? Congrats to him.

  • Anonymous

    "rick ross deserves an award for outstanding correctional services" Wow. That was so funny. Very original. Ever thought about doing standup in Alaska?

  • Anonymous

    Nas at #4? lol Yeah, this is definately MTV.

  • Chris Etrata

    Wayne finally flopped.

  • Chris Etrata

    In other cases, I would say that Lamar's no 1 placement is true but the fact that they are wack rappers like 2 chainz and rick ross shows me this list is fake. Proud for Lamar but this list is fake.

  • Kp

    hottest MC's(not pop ass/trap rappers) in the game ever top 15(no order): Tupac Shakur Nas Ice Cube Biggie Scarface Rakim Kurupt The Game Ras Kass Planet Asia OutKast Crooked I Immortal Technique Ghostface Killah Kool G Rap

  • Straight Up VooDoo

    You fucks disgust me. Defending MTV rappers like they have fucking skills. MTV IS CONTROLLED BY RICH WHITE WOMEN AND WHITE,OLD,GAY MEN! YOU THINK THEY KNOW HIP HOP????? You just jump on the bandwagon because you think if you like what's popular then it makes you popular, you fucking sheep.HIP HOP IS ABOUT METAPHORS,WORD PLAY,STORIES, AND FUCKING RHYMING!!!! The fucks on the HOTTEST MC list fucking rhyme one word a sentence IF THEY FUCKING RHYME AT ALL!!! But of course you retards bump THAT shit. Because your too fucking stupid to follow big words and concepts. Kendrick Lamar rhymes ONE SYLLABLE WORDS at the end of each bar for no more than 2 to 4 bars at a time. Fuck him.Fuck MTV. Fuck you morons bumping any radio or tv shit.

  • KD

    Top 5: 1.Eminem 2.Nas 3.Lupe Fiasco 4.Tech N9ne 5.Kendrick Lamar

  • Psycho Maestro

    1.Tech n9ne 2.Eminem 3.Crooked I 4.Royce Da 5'9" 5.Brotha Lynch Hung 6.Pharoahe Monch 7.Joe Budden 8.Demitrius Capone 9.Krizz Kaliko 10.Rittz That's what the list SHOULD be. Not a list full of corporate promoted retards with ZERO rap skilss. NAS is the only one on the MTV list that gets ANY cred. If you call yourself a hip hop fan and only listen to the radio and watch MTV then your a fucking joke.

    • Fact

      @Psycho Maestro, I 100% agree with you

    • Anonymous

      kendrick doesnt talk about cars and money and swag like that though. stop hatin

    • Psycho Maestro

      Naw, I won't because I'm not listening to no talent rappers. If you don't have the fucking talent or intelligence to fucking rhyme,when thats your only main job as a rapper, then your garbage. Tell me one thing I'm missing by not listening to these whack fucks. About how they talk about money,cars,swag,clubs,and the hood? Cause I've heard that for 20 years.

    • Anonymous

      But you're not safe either if you only listen to this underground niggas. Rap music is diverse, B, get with the program.

  • Anonymous

    Is this nigga a crip? He wearing too much blue.

  • polo hova

    Please Kendrick don't change. You a heavyweight in every category.

  • polo hova

    Regardless of how the rest of the list pans out. They got the number one spot right.

  • Bubba

    List Should Be (Since it is MTV) 1. Vanilla Ice 2. MC Hammer 3. Souljah Boy 4. Bow Wow 5. 2 Chainz 6. Wayne 7. Nicki Minaj 8. Biz Markie 9. Special Ed 10. Heather B (she was on the Real World)



  • poppa large

    happy? what for? MTV is generic watered down corporate controlled mainstream media and they have no credibility when it comes to whats hot. the list should be called "the most over funded ,over-hyped , over-rated and corporate media machine pushed mainstream garbage. all you clones that swallow that mtv b.s. have consumed too much fluoride and aspartame! mtv=poison.

    • Oz . F

      And inhaled too much chemtrails? or how about the reptilian people? Oh Oh did you see the video prodigy calling out the illuminati? You've watched wayyy too many conspiracy youtube clips and now you think you got some truth that no one else can see. The sad part is now they got u wearin the tin foil hat sounding off the alarm and no one is listening and no one cares. And now you brush your teeth with treebark because the fluoride will kill you. All you need is a couple grand and a lawyer and you can turn poppa large into poppa large inc.... any one can create a corporation. Are big corps out for profit? Of course but so is your neighborhood bakery and dope boy your not gonna change anything blowing off steam about the system, you either need to learn to navigate through it or you'll get left behind with your tin foil hat.

  • Kiki


  • Anonymous

    how are these rapppers making bomb mixtapes then fall as soon there debut drops

  • Anonymous

    the transition from underground to mainstream is insane

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    mainstream watered down imagine kendrick lamar on a apollo brown beat

  • AnonyMous

    TOP 10. 1. Wayne 2. Kanye 3. Cole/Kendrick (too close to call) 4. Drake 5. Lupe 6. R-Les 7. Hov 8. Nas 9. Big Sean 10. ASAP Anybody with me?

    • Anonymous

      u are the dumbest person ALIVE Wayne is dead and ugly kendrick deserves his spot go somewhere wit dat bullshit list made What a disgrace bruh

    • poppa large

      defining what culture -pop culture which aint shit! so educate yourself and get a clue! most of their creativity is basic and limited and it dosent matter what the controlled corporate media say is the hottest-they are one perspective and a biased payed off one! grow up!

    • AnonyMous

      I fail to agree. The list is for MC's of 2013; this top 10 list contains the chaps defining culture, art and most importantly music; RIGHT NOW (through their individual creativity). Lyrical content, production, beats, impact.

    • poppa large

      wow, thats the cheesiest list ever conceived! not one dope dude on it. a lot of weak pansy shit and non raw fake rap. O.K., lupe is alright and r les is a dope producer.

    • Anonymous


  • WTf

    WTF??? HIM?? He had the WACKEST RHYMES of last year. His rhymes are SOOO WACK it's not even funny. here's sum lyrics. Dead bodies in the hallway/ Listen to what the crystal ball say Halle/ Barry/ HALLELUJAH/ Holla Back / I'll Do Ya WACK WACK WACK WACK!

    • ETK

      oh yeah, quoting some forgettable lyrics out of the thousands of lyrics that Kendrick dropped.. man shut your ass up

    • Anonymous

      who do you think should have been number 1? give me a name and i'll show you some weaker lyrics

  • Dyt Dre

    MTV named rozay and 2chainz over Kanye and Drizzy??? GTFOH!!! SMH Nice to see fraud ass fake mfs ranking higher than niggas with substance and talent. S/o K.Dot. The rest is bullshit! FUCK MTV!

  • big bandz

    heard kendricks a snake in the grass- illuminati Dre passed the torch to his ass, now he's gonna pretend to be lyrical and real hip hop and conscious like nas does but really aint gonna do much besides be a pseudo conscious pseudo hip hop dude. corporate pawn dude who's first album blowed.

    • OZ. F

      Thats the dumbest shit I've ever heard, when you conspiracy buffs grow up ur gonna look back and realize what an idiot you are. What the fuck makes you think any secret society has any interest in the fucking rap game? Just cause someones making power business moves like Dre doesn't mean they're all of a sudden part of some cult, its called being a businessman something employees like u will never get.

  • sosa

    what about hell rell???

  • poppa large

    top 10 of 2012 (in no order): 1-Cam'ron 2-JR Writer 3-Juicy J 4-A-Mafia 5-Vado 6-Lloyd banks 7-Sean Price 8-Ras Kass 9-Celph Titled 10-El-P 11-Ras Kass 12-Vinnie Paz 13-Fred da godson 14-Ill Bill 15-Jim jones

    • Anonymous

      we get it dude, maybe you should go protest outside of mtv studios and really throw a rock at the system

    • poppa alrge

      saw the mtv list which means nothing- they act like they are some high credibility authority on whats dope but they are simply part of the machine and have prooven over decades that they arnt for real hip-hop and rap just corporate poison. their list is there only to push corporate acts and reinforce a false paradigm which the ignorant masses are trapped in- always worshiping false idols like no substance having drone rappers who promote ignorance.

    • Anonymous

      you already know the answer, you saw the list

    • poppa large

      hot as in dope or hot a sin hyped and popular=selling lots of albums to kids and people who dont know anthing about whats dope.

    • Anonymous

      the list is for the hottest mcs from the past year, most of these rappers weren't hot. they might have skills but thats not what this list was about

    • poppa large

      c'mon man- jims better than most of the dudes on that mtv shit and jims a real dude. my list is solid even if 1 or 2 are a bit non lyrical- they still have a presence and a dope voice, style and released dope music. Jim is dope.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO jim jones? you must be joking right?

  • poppa large

    happy? what for? MTV is generic watered down corporate controlled mainstream media and they have no credibility when it comes to whats hot. the list should be called "the most over funded ,over-hyped , over-rated and corporate media machine pushed mainstream garbage. all you clones that swallow that mtv b.s. have consumed too much fluoride and aspartame! mtv=poison.

    • poppa large

      just realized you were agreeing and not coming at me. oops, peace man, your right!

    • poppa large

      that didn't even make sense and i'm an ex-con city boy who knows the deal about real hip-hop/rap and whats really going down on this planet. funny how ignorant little boys in their moms living room mindlessly follow whats popular and talk out their asses from the safety of thier mommies house. suckas!

    • Anonymous

      True poppa large, but they're still standing. The little nerds like the one who replied to you only know MTV. If Rap City or Video Music Box were around to balance the scales it would be different across the board but MTV has a dominant hold on "telling" people who's "hot". Funny how the dudes who say go live in a forest most likely live by the lake, on a farm, by the countryside, deep suburbs.

    • poppa large

      yeah man your some cool lets all go live in a prison, ya damn sheep. follow what the media tells you to! and no forest for me but theres nothing wrong with that- go drink your poison

    • Anonymous

      yeah man you're so cool! fuck the system lets all go live in a forrest

  • kuhguhjujh

    u happy told u its only you lol aww babbyyyyy jbgfhybghbdeubhuzsbdhuhbusdbfhbsfhbuuhjfjbhd

  • Playboy69

    WEST COAST HIP-HOP REIGN IS ALIVE AGAIN!....NWA, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Snoop, Too Short, 2Pac, Black Eye Peas, now Kendrick Lamar WESTSIDE RUNS HIP-HOP ONCE AGAIN!...Throw my Dubs Up!


    What is most misleading about the list the fact they call it a "Hottest MC" list, a MC and rapper are totally different things, MC's uplift the community and rappers uplift the industry.

  • ADP

    Lol this list is trash every year. not one of these boo boo ass rappers deserves any award other than Nas and kendrick.

  • jae 1 in belmar nj

    well after me an aalliyah gonna buy sum cokee

  • jae 1 in belmar nj


  • jae 1 in belmar nj

    la la laaa

  • jae 1 in belmar nj

    hey dre its jay u like making music about me lolll do u like ittt lolllll how many ppl are around u ythat doesnt share the same ..... but theirs more of them than u lollll be easy lolll be keith lollllllll ot ohhhhhh hey dre u tieddd lollll i like ur mask on de toxx show us your real faceee dr dre dre dre??? dr?? r?? d??? lmfaooooooooooo scare me more I LIKE ITT sum body pased away in 197 narounf this time lollllllollll but they still cant find the KILLER haaa

  • Anonymous

    This list means less than the results of Rick Ross's last physical.

  • Lil Wayne

    man y'all some bitch ass niggaz for not including me on this list, im the best DOA and hiphop would be dead if it werent for me, i like birdmans dick in my mouth -Tunechi

  • Cee

    he is waayyy overrated, all the underground cats are better than this dude

  • Anonymous

    why does everyone keep saying oh they aint lyrical why they on this list. this list is called "Hottest MC", so basically its a popularity contest get over it and get a job.

  • spitta

    Where in the F is Currensy?!?!?!?

  • Love hiphop

    I don't think Big Sean and Kanye are that hot right now..Kanye hasn't put out a solo in a while..WTT and the compilation are trash...I agree with the rest, for the most part. I would have did it like this though 1. Lil Wayne (Not a fan but he's always hot) 2. Kendrick (He's wack to me, but his album did decent sales) 3. Nas (Best album of 2012, still did decent sales after 3 year hiatus, plus this is his 10th album) 4. Rick Ross (His buzz is calming down but still hot) 5. Macklemore (White people like him lol) 6. ASAP ROCKY (Came far with no mentor or co-sign, leaked album) 7. Drake (He's just coming back into the spotlight) 8. 2Chainz (Had a good last year, but his buzz is dying) 9. Meek Mill (Is hot, but won't be hot next album) 10. Future (He's been on a lot of hooks and shit)

  • Cokboys

    If your favorite rapper is on this list you might be mildly retarded! MTV

  • Hipsterlife

    Kendrik says "making the list feels great but not as good as having Dre all up in my shit shoot"

  • MS lamar

    This fool looks like martin laurence back in Jr. high. This list was mislabled it's really the most overrated MCs in the game

  • Seriously...

    This list was a joke. I'm cool with Kendrick being at number 1, but I knew there were going to be some bad judgements when Future made it on there, and now that intuition was cemented when I read that 2 Chains was number 2. They need to figure out if this list is going for popularity or skill, because right now, it's a horrible mix of both. Kanye should have been higher, 2 Chains shouldn't have been on it, Ross should have been lower, A$AP should have been higher, and Pusha T should have been on it.

  • fukKenny

    Congrats on making prom queen you buck toothed high pitched bitch!

  • D Bizo


  • fukKenny

    Only in a game this fucked up could this annoying overrated chump be #1. The youth is getting more retarded each year! How the fuck can you call an album classic the first year it comes out? in five years no one will be listening to this HOMO!

  • foreal

    No Jay and no em or even pusha t? 2 chainz is way too high on this list for me to respect it. I know people on here arent happy that Rick Ross is 3 (consistently rapping about drugs and cars will land you at #3 apparently) dont get me wrong, 2 chainz is coo... if you are in the mood to listen to contentless rap, sometimes i am in that mood but #2?

  • Yulia

    2 chainz number two!!!! Horrible smh A$AP Rocky should have been #2... in a few years 2 chainz won't even be relavent, but A$AP will be a star. Proud of Kendrick for taking the #1 spot he really deserves it...he's been making REAL music for the last few years!

    • Anonymous

      LMAO this nigga said 2 Chainz is a clone unlike ASAP Rocky! asap rocky the nigga that jacked the south? the nigga that jacked bone thugs? the nigga who thinks he invented gold teeth and gold chains? nothing about asap rocky is original

    • Anonymous

      its the hottest not the best dumbass so of course thier counting numbers

    • Anonymous

      2Chainz is a clone unlike ASAP, 2Chainz doesnt produce any of his own material, what does features have to do with it? he had Lil Wayne (Overrated and declining), Kanye West (Can't rap anymore and is a whiny bitch).. you are talking about features that would of been relevant 2 or 3 years ago.. ASAP had some of the most talented young artists on his album and was heavily involved with the production.. its about creativity and skill, if you base your opinion solely on numbers youre a moron and were part of the mindless group of people who went out and bought that trash

    • Anonymous

      2chainz is still the worst dude just makes catchy lyrics wit absolute no meaning

    • Anonymous

      2chainz sold more albums than asap 2chainz had more hits than asap 2chainz had multi platinum and gold singles as well as features

  • kano

    like meek mill & future but top 10? CMON SON

  • g-sus

    It's kinda weird seeing Nas on the list, but not Wayne. Nas is never on these. Wayne is every year. Even with a quiet year you'd think they'd tried to squeeze Wayne on there somehow. No matter what though these lists are always good for a few chuckles.

  • T

    contra - danny brown ft elzhi

  • Anonymous

    imagine eminem and elzhi and royce all on one song

  • T

    detroit makes the best hip hop

  • Anonymous

    future is one of the worst of all time, and it is completely un fathomable that 2-chainz, aka tity boi is higher than the guy that revamped his entire shit ass career

  • hip hop

    Eminem - stimulate

  • Anonymous

    i think 2chainz should have been a bit lower and asap a bit higher

  • Anonymous

    pretty dope that nas got 4 though. regardless, for nas to be on a hottest list in 2013 is good for hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    they say hottest cause they can recognize real talent ... and nas not the finest emcee

  • highlyopionated

    you can post a list of your favorite mc's all you like, but most of you are missing the entire point. mtv isn't listing the greatest mc's of all time, they're listing mc's who are currently hot.

  • Anonymous

    wow they are right about one thing finally the rest of the list is trash

    • Anonymous

      mainstream rap is garbage i literally threw out my cds threw out eminem and tech tech is better than em but eminem is hip pop now and tech is a emo rapper listen to real hip hop

  • Anonymous

    it was no surpise after they announced 4-10 he was gonna get #1 but the list is stupid a real hiphop source should do a list not mtv and those clown panelist saying future is #9 and drake at #5. Not much of a drake fan but dude has been on everyones hit record he should be higher

  • Anonymous


  • AON_HipHop

    And tell Kanye and Asap to shut up with their whining. They should have been higher, but ASAP ain't no #1.

  • AON_HipHop

    2 Chainz is even mentioned? Hip Hop is DEAD

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Yo I love this dude's humility. Aside from the fact that he's nice lyrically, he's a real down to earth dude and you can see that he's not faking it. Much respect to Kdot, well deserved!

  • Anonymous

    MTV's hottest fake mcs

  • Anonymous

    rick ross is officially past his peak! he will never be as hot as he was last year! it's all down hill from here officer ricky!

  • mobistor55

    congrats kendrick, well deserved

  • M

    Glad to hear is still relevent, drake is hotter than ross imo but im just glad that nas placed so highly, and kdot copped #1

  • Ping90

    No wayne ? thx god, mtv crowned the right rapper !!!!!! Kendrick > all

  • killaz

    I knew it homie !!!! you had an impressive buzz and you deserve it man, you dropped a real master piece, glad you did it king kendrick !

  • Omegs

    good job mtv, you did the perfect choice

  • killaz

    As expected, only him could get the crown

  • ixellemou

    he deserves it, only him could be #1 congratz !

  • nifaculty

    the best and hottest rapper at #1. no surprise here, he had no competition

  • Phantom

    THE REAL TOP 10. 1. Wayne 2. Kanye 3. Cole/Kendrick (too close to call) 4. Drake 5. Lupe 6. R-Les 7. Hov 8. Nas 9. Big Sean 10. ASAP

    • DC

      Phantom, I need you to go back and listen to some artists. Listen to some Big L., Raekwon, Big Pun, Biggie.. Even in today's day and age, for you to place Wayne at number one is embarrassing to the culture of rap. Step your listening up youngin'.

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