Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) To Perform At LA's Belasco Theater

On the heels of finishing his "OMFGOD" project with Mannie Fresh, Yasiin Bey will perform two dates in California, including the Belasco Theater.

Before heading overseas for an April performance in Amsterdam with the recent Grammy award winner Robert Glasper, Yasiin Bey will conclude a pair of dates in California. Los Angeles residents can catch the emcee and actor formerly known as Mos Def at the Belasco Theater on March 20.

In addition to a consistently full tour schedule, Bey has continued recording tracks for the long awaited Black Star sophomore project. In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, Mannie Fresh also revealed that he and Yasiin Bey’s 10-track LP OMFGOD has already been completed and is in the mixing stages.

In the meantime, fans looking to satiate their Yasiin Bey fix can purchase general admission tickets to the show at the Belasco Theater for $35. VIP tickets with express entry and access to the balcony are also available, with prices ranging from $50 to $100. For online purchases, visit TicketWeb.com or visit the following link.

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  • Nastynate

    Oh man the Belasco theater is probably the worst place ive ever seen a show. I went there for the 20th anniversary show for the Pharcyde and they had a killer lineup with Souls of Mischief, Ab-Soul, Ugly Duckling and a few others. The doors were supposed to open at 8pm, I got in line around 7:30 and we didnt get in till midnight. Dont ever support this club they suck balls.

  • jd

    Stop helping this dickhead out by writing (MOS DEF) after his name every time. If he loses "fans" because he didn't publicize his name enough then that's his problem. I don't need to be reminded who he is. I know who he is. He's the tool that changed his name from Mos Def. I seen him on stage/doing rock covers/"what's that?"/fucking cocksucker. - Talib Kweli

    • Jd

      He is doing rock covers and R&B. If you are down with that, you are fucked up. Get the fuck off of this site and go to Isuckwhitedicks.com ass muncher.

    • Anonymous

      Where the fuck did you get that quote? Of Talib Kweli calling mos def a cocksucker? Or do you assume that an inadvertent diss that you managed to distort? You're a faggot. lol Mos Def/Yasiin Bey which MY GOD is so tedious to write? Is fucken dope. And amazing. And I don't give a shit if some faggot is offended by his name being changed or him not being able to market his name change. You dumb ass. This dude is ridiculously nice. You're just on some bitter tip.

  • Real Hip Hop

    This fag below me considers harmonizing real hip hop. He gets a hard on listening to Kid Cudi and Gnarls Barkley. You are killing hip hop fool. Stay the fuck away from this site and stick to your day job prostituting in West Hollywood to Jewish queers. l l V

    • Jd

      A couple of fuckin stupid people above and below me. Singing kills hip hop. If you think ODB was the worst lyricist for Wu Tang and Pharoahe Monch is a rapper first with a group called Organized Konfusion way the fuck before you were born. If you think harmonizing is synonymous with hip hop. You are killing hip hop. Get the fuck outta here.

    • Anonymous

      harmonizing should go hand in hand with real hip hop, jack off to that, Pharoahe Monch and Old Dirty Bastard where some of the best in harmonizing, what the fuck do you know about that, or do you need shit to be that black and white that you can't recognize real talent when it comes to harmonizing. You fucken idiot. you've been spoonfed hip hop, gtfo.

  • Dante, Flacooo

    This dickhead below me, dont know shit..if you aint been paying attention to real hip hop than get the fuck outtta here and frankly get the fuck off the internet...singing or rappping mostly??? fuck is wrong with you dumb niggas...my man yasiin does neither, he harmonizes you silly bitch! and stay away from blogs about real artists l l V

  • Anonymous

    I haven't been paying to Mos Def for a minute. Is this new shit singing or rapping mostly?

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