Beanie Sigel Sentenced To Additional Jail Time For Drug Charges

Beanie Sigel will face an even longer prison sentence for last year's drug charges.

Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel has been sentenced to additional time in jail for last year's drug arrest.

According to, Beans was sentenced to an additional six to 23 months in jail stemming from his August 2012 arrest for possession of a controlled substance. The former Roc-a-Fella emcee is currently serving out a sentence for tax evasion.

As DX reported last year, Sigel was arrested for possession of codeine, prescription pills and a small amount of marijuana. Police were tipped off when the car in which Beans was travelling at the time began swerving between lanes and tailgating another car.

During the initial search, police also found a loaded handgun in the center dashboard of the car. Although the gun charges against Sigel were later dropped, the driver of automobile Gerald Andrews was sentenced to two-and-a-half to five years in prison for possession of a firearm.

As previously mentioned, Beanie Sigel is currently serving a two year sentence for failing to pay more than $728,000 in federal taxes dating back to 1999.

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  • Anonymous

    Damn Beans, you was a made man, what made you so careless and self destructive? I think just when he was finally starting to get it together this long overdue shit just caught up to him, Damn

  • cm83

    Fuck Beans. In N out of touble 4 the last 10 years. Grown ass man-boy. Loser.

  • Anonymous

    "He didn't read the fine print" True. All you rappers, don't make the same mistake by thinking just cause your boss is blowin up and has millions pouring in that you don't have to still read the fine print and watch your own back. Money has a funny way of corrupting people.

  • Anonymous

    "to your boss and expect to keep getting paid" Most bosses would just fire you, not hold you to an old contract they knew you had no way of fulfilling.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      had that nigga crying on the phone begging 50 the god to let him eat.

    • Anonymous

      you cant say FUCK YOU and talk shit to your boss and expect to keep getting paid. 50 did some boss shit.

    • yepgeekyep

      Yall really think Buck would have sold plat with Cash Money. He didn't read the fine print. He dissed other dudes for being broke and stupid. His last resort was to ran into Game. I lost all respect I had for the dude after that. You dissed Jayceon countless of times and when ya broke you go and do songs with the dude.

  • Anonymous

    50 held Buck's contract for years. That is the only thing 50 did that was dead wrong. AND THAT SHIT WAS DEAD WRONG. I DON'T FUCK WITH THAT DIDDY/LOX BULLSHIT!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    "Young Buck was spending money like it was going out of style and 50 got tired of it" Was 50 Buck's father? lol If he was so concerned about Buck being outta control, he shouldn't have given him 10 mill in the first place. He knew Buck would fall down and was waiting to use it as leverage. So correction, G Unit got tired of father fif controlling them like pawns.

    • Anonymous

      yayo was worth the investment just for his ad libs when gunplay was getting jumped. "Yeah NIGGA, YEAAAAA"

    • fifrealsmartnerd

      Only bad invesment Fifty made back in the golden days ten years ago was to waste money on that useless trashbag called Tony Yayo.

  • Anonymous

    "and just last week you was blaming 50 cent for all young bucks money problems" Jay didn't exploit Sigel like 50 did Buck, and didn't fire back when Sigel was trying to bait him into a diss war. You can't be this clueless. Pick it up slacker.

  • Anonymous

    "Jay has enough moolah, enough loot to get him off" Jay already set Sigel up plenty to be comfortable for the rest of his life. All he had to do was do right by his career and stop screwing up which he couldn't. It's not Jay's responsibility to baby this dude.

  • Anonymous

    damn wasted talent beinie is one of the real mc,s left i wish he get his shit together

  • Anonymous

    smh, dammit..............let this nigga live >_>

    • Big Dan

      Beanie is the one that needs to let Beanie live. You wanna live that life, this is the repercussion. So much promise wasted. Even if you wanted to punk around as a young 'un, you hit 25, 20, you need to realize you are a grown man. Stop the nonsense.

  • itsetBuck

    Fif and Jay finally got a chance to copy Puff. Buck and Beans however should pay for their mistakes. Another man can't always nurture ya like a baby. Pay your taxes and stay out of trouble fool.

    • word

      Puff's situation is different than 50 and Jay's. Shyne did a bid for fighting one of Puff's battles and Diddy distanced himself from that man; that was grimey. Young Buck was spending money like it was going out of style and 50 got tired of it. Beans was trying to hide his money from Uncle Sam in addition to being caught with that sizzurp so Jay should not come out his pockets to help that man. Buck and Beans need to stop making stupid decisions or expect people to bail them out when they eff up.

  • jafooljeffrey

    Dam. Jigga giving this nigga the Shyne treatment.

  • Brizz

    Stay strong Beans and come out stronger than ever and lace us with that Mac & Brad joint. Pz.

  • Anonymous

    Dude will be out in 2017. Damn

  • LoveLife&Music

    you gotta feed your family if he was slanging that's all he know besides spitting he was dopeboy before rap and since rap ain't paying the bills he hustling

    • c

      first time I've seen somebody named 'truth' actually speak it. Cosign @ truth

    • truth

      Which is exactly why this fool takes L after L. Niggas especially are always talking about how hustlin is all they know, well learn something else. Beans could have a continuous successful rhyming career (maybe not on a Jay level) but consistent money still, but fools like him always fall back on bad habits that get them locked up, broke, or losing in some other way. And then fools like you makes excuses for him; I'm not mad at Jay for leaving people like Beans behind. They want the world but don't want to make the changes needed to get it.

  • R.Pgh

    1. Beans needs to grow the fuck up. You're 39 years old and still doing dumb shit. 2. For all the songs this dude made about his dad not being there for him, he's doing the same shit to his kids by getting locked up.

    • keepitreal

      Dude did a lot for HOV though. Not saying you need to help out a grown man like a baby, but this ya homie. Jay has enough moolah, enough loot to get him off.

    • word

      Exactly; dudes like Beans do idiotic things then blame daddy for not being there. Well, you have kids now so stop blaming your pops for your mistakes. Man up, leave the sizzurp and other drugs alone (go to rehab more than once if necessary), and clean up your life. And make sure you give Uncle Sam his bread; you can't duck him no matter how hard you try.

  • Anonymous

    JayZ was right man, Beans just doesn't give a fuck about a successful career as a rapper. If Beans was genuinely dedicated, he wouldn't be pulling bullshit like this. He could've been a legend, but as Jay said "I tried to teach niggas how to be Kings, but all they ever wanted to be was soldiers"

  • Anonymous

    fuck thats 4 years. hes done. thats a wrap.

  • spark you out

    So when is sigel gettin released?

  • Anonymous

    this nigga beans a fat nigga wit no talent, i hope he does a 1000 years in prison nigga

  • TheSouth

    That right!!! All you stupid negros should go to prison, that's what you all deserve for creating this stupid genre of music!! Country all day!


    hes gonna get out of jail after he does all his time then get locked up 4 sum dumb ass shit like bringing a gun to the air port. Its over 4 this guy

  • @4lifeEnt/columbia.

    this nigga allways fuckin up

  • kennyken

    do your time, get out, and make a better album than you've ever made, and stay your ass out of that clink

  • Anonymous

    Well that's Beanie's hopes of a commercial comeback down the pan... In any niche.

    • Anonymous

      beanie was never gonna have a commercial comeback unless he got skinny and started wearing tights and kissing men

  • Anonymous

    wow this nigga stays losing. its unfortunate how this dude can't be independent. he still needs jay z to put him on a track or sum thing

  • Anonymous

    Sign to MMG and you'll be back to driving fast cars, buying expensive chains, and living in rented houses with real tigers pool side.

    • Anonymous

      lol rented houses dont forget about taking L's every month, getting beat down and having your chain in 50 cent videos, getting punked by 50 year old sports announcers and crashing into buildings at the sound of gunfire.

  • Jay-Z

    I'm gonna call up Obama and see if we can handle this and let him out early.

  • Anonymous

    Damn this nigga takes L after L.



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