Mobb Deep Announces Additional "20th Anniversary Tour" Dates

UPDATE #2: Prodigy and Havoc bring Alchemist and Boldy James on tour as they celebrate 20 years of Mobb Deep and that infamous sound.

Mobb Deep has announced the initial dates for its upcoming 20th anniversary tour.

For the trek, Prodigy and Havoc will set it off at Chicago, Illinois' Double Door on May 9th. Stops on the tour include San Francisco, California's DNA Lounge, Atlanta, Georgia's Terminal West and Washington, D.C.'s The Howard Theater. The venture will conclude on June 9th at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's The Blockely.

The tour marks the 20th anniversary of the release of the duo's debut Juvenile Hell, which dropped in April 1993. The group has been on a rocky road over the past year, with Havoc taking to Twitter last April to put Prodigy on blast. He later denied the tweets, yet an audio recording was released shortly after where he slandered his partner in rhyme. Days later, they were pictured together at a New York Knicks game.

Last month, Havoc spoke with HipHopDX and skirted around talk of a reunion tour. "Right now, I don’t have no comment on that," he said. "I’m just gonna let the chips fall where they may. Hopefully, whatever me or [Prodigy] decide to do, it will be something that everybody likes."

Check out the exclusive tour dates below.

(March 6)

UPDATE: Mobb Deep has added a European leg to its forthcoming 20th anniversary tour. 

The Mobb Deep 20th Anniversary Tour dates are as follows:

05.09   Chicago, IL   Double Door

05.10   Denver, CO   Cervante’s

05.11    Aspen, CO   Belly Up Lounge

05.14   Seattle, WA   The Crocodile

05.15   Spokane, WA   Red Room Lounge

05.16   Portland, OR   Mt. Tambor

05.17   San Francisco, CA   DNA Lounge

05.18   Santa Cruz, CA   Catalyst

05.21   Santa Barbara, CA   Velvet Jones

05.22   Santa Ana, CA   The Yost Theater

05.23   Los Angeles, CA   TRU Hollywood

05.24   San Diego, CA   Porter’s Pub

05.25   Tempe, AZ   Club Red

05.29   Dallas, TX   Trees Dallas

05.30   San Antonio, TX   The White Rabbit

05.31   Austin, TX   Antone’s

06.01   Houston, TX   Warehouse Live  

06.02   New Orleans, TX   Maison

06.03   Mobile, AL   Alabama Music Box

06.05   Wilmington, NC   Soapbox

06.06   Washington, DC   The Howard Theater

06.07   Cambridge, MA   The Middle East

06.09   Philadelphia, PA   The Blockely

07.17   New York City, NY   Stage 48

European Tour

06.22   Athens, Greece   Gagarin

06.23   Brussels, Belgium   Ancienne Belgique

06.25   Amsterdam   Melweg

06.27   Paris   Bataclan

06.28   Bratislava, Slovakia   HIP HOP ZIJE 2013

06.29   Vienna   Beeasy Fest

06.30   Stockholm   Berns Salonger

08.17   Switzerland   Royal Arena Festival

(May 27)

UPDATE #2: Mobb Deep has announced an additional set of dates. For the latest leg of the Mobb Deep 20th Anniversary Tour, Prodigy will bring Albert Einstein collaborator Alchemist, and Al's label-mate Boldy James.

The dates are as follows:

Thur, Aug 15, 2013: Charlotte, NC @ Chop Shop
Fri, Aug 16, 2013: St. Petersburg, FL @ Jannus Live
Sat, Aug 17, 2013: Miami, FL @ Stage
Sun, Aug 18, 2013: Jacksonville, FL @ Club Lava
Tue, Aug 20, 2013: Orlando, FL @ Beacham Theatre
Wed, Aug 21, 2013: Greensboro, NC @ Greene Street Club
Fri, Aug 23, 2013: Asheville, NC @ Asheville Music Hall
Sat, Aug 24, 2013: Stroudsburg, PA @ Sherman Theatre
Sun, Aug 25, 2013: Albany, NY @ Bogie’s
Tue, Sept 3, 2013: Sparks, NV @ Alley
Wed, Sept 4, 2013: Fresno, CA @ Fulton 55
Thur, Sept 5, 2013: Santa Ana, CA @ Observatory
Sat, Sept 7, 2013: Tucson, AZ @ Rialto Theatre
Sun, Sept 8, 2013: El Paso, TX @ Lowbrow Palace
Tue, Sept 10 ,2013: Colorado Springs, CO @ Rawkus
Thur, Sept 12, 2013: Wichita, KS @ Brickyard
Fri, Sept 13, 2013: Iowa City, IA @ Englert Theatre
Sat, Sept 14, 2013: Minneapolis, MN @ Epic
Tue, Sept 17, 2013: Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room
Wed, Sept 18, 2013: Springfield, MO @ Outland Ballroom
Thur, Sept 19, 2013: St. Louis, MO @ 2720 Cherokee
Sat, Sept 21, 2013: Reading, PA @ Reverb
Wed, Sept 25, 2013: Sandusky, OH @ Underground
Fri, Sept 27, 2013: Stanhope, NJ @ Stanhope House
Sat, Sept 28, 2013: Providence, RI @ Simons 667
Sun, Sept 29, 2013: Baltimore, MD @ Paparazzi

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  • H-DUB

    I see NO GERMANY Dates and that means a lot! From what i heard, they simply asked for too much Money !

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  • Anonymous

    What about London?

  • Plenty

    I'd go if they on did shit from The Infamous and Juvenile Hell

  • tmz

    Eminem diss response to kendrick lamar !

  • Gucci The Realist

    Dont go to mobb deep! They need money thats the reason they are touring. In the netherlands and germany they did a show without PRODIGY! Also i heard that Frank Ocean will perform at the shows. According to rumors Frank Ocean is the new boyfriend of PRODIGY!

  • Anonymous

    mobb deep is midget homo thugs. ja rule a real nigga! #RULETALK

  • Swess

    1st time I seen them perform in Los Angeles. Been waiting 20 years for the to perform down here. Missed them before but not this time. . . Check the videos from show @

  • Anonymous

    "respect the ones that did it before when drake was in pampers these dudes was making history ..." Drake shits all over these sensitive tweeting fools.

  • Anonymous

    these old niggas only doing shows for the money. I mean the mobb aint hot since 1999.

    • Anonymous

      Would do them for free? Not only do you sound like a total idiot, they are booking these shows. STFU moron.

  • ja rule voutton

    ja rule shut these g-unot niggaz down back in 03.

  • Anonymous

    remember they call them mobb sleep back in the day lol

  • Anonymous

    prodigy dropped the soap in jail

  • Anonymous

    havoc call prodigy out but he backtracking now cause he a bitch

  • Anonymous

    i was just at the show in sd, and it was hella good. so haters shut your fuckin lonely mouths

    • Vinny

      Went to the show in Boston. Show was off the hook, they did a long ass set and tour down the PACKED house with mad old school classic shit. Real Hip Hip was that 90s shit to early 2000. Since then some shit here or there but Mobb Deep killed it and they were the shit and helped pave the way for the way hip hip gets as much attention as it does.

    • A

      Co-sign. Chicago show was dope. Too many haters

    • Anonymous

      You were probably the only one there.

  • Anonymous

    wasnt prodigy a ballerina as a kid?

  • caron

    Is mobb deep's manager taller or shorter than 5'2 . Very ugly

  • nuc

    'in snoop dogg voice' ' " THA MOBB AINT GOT NO LOVE FOR CANADA!?... "



  • Anon

    Whatever Mobb does you people would still be hating. Go listen to that Montana's Excuse my faggotry LP or something and stfu!

    • Big Bad Barrio 18, E'z up!

      I'm probably one of Mobb's biggest fans of their early material but fan or not you just gotta admit that these fools fell off real hard. It's sad really.

  • Big Guwop The Realest

    Gucci Mane = realest rapper ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - T.I. snitch to the feds - Young Jeezy was never bmf - 50 Cent snitch and was never in jail but a youthcamp - Game was never a banger but lived the life of his brother in his lyrics - Nas Escobar never sold drugs - Ice Cube never was a gangbanger - Dr Dre never was a gangbanger - 2pac was a ballerina and never sold drugs after he become famous he was doing some stupid stuff like beating and shooting at people because he though he could get away with it. Without Suge Knight 2pac was just a skinny motherfucker. Oh and i like his music so fuck you. - Mobb deep are the biggiest pussies in rap they are short as midgets and keep talking this g shit but never did g shit.

    • Nigga creep

      You may be right, but Gucci just a retarded hood ass nigga with the i.q. of a spoon. He got NO flow or bars and errrbody know it but you. That's why the niggas time is up. it aint 2011 no more. He had his run. 2 chains was 2012 and he done too. Now its that weak ass Arab montanas turn and he almost done too.

  • Anonymous

    all these old heads have left is small venues jay z completely destroyed there careers

    • Anonymous

      1. last anon you're hating mobb deep so stfu his opinion too (not everyone is going to suck jay-z so stfu emotional ass nigga) 2. Jay-Z doesnt write anything (he, Biggie, n a few others recite their shit off the top) 3. Jay always played it safe after the Nas beef always had his cronies doing his work Game, Dipset, LOX, Ruff Ryders, Nas (exception of what 3-4 disses)

    • Anonymous

      Jay isn't a producer you jackass. Stop hatin

    • Nigga creep

      Jayz older than these niggas and all he do is write commercial shit. Thats why he at where he at.He always played it safe.Turtle lookin nigga cant actually compose no music or make beats like my man Havoc

  • Drake the best rapper alive

    sm1 please break it to these niggas that no1 cares and no1 will go. All the news about these niggas breaking up and getting back together to gain attention is annoying. Both these niggas will never be on drakes level

  • Anonymous

    so pathetic. havoc cant do it on his own so he has to link back up with prodigy after he blew his cover and ruined his career by exposing him as a undercover fag to the masses. these guys are both finished. prodigy solo albums make no money, havoc albums sell less than 1000 copies. no one wants a mobb deep record, no one wants to see these bums live. they ruined themselves on twitter finally after years of shitty music. ppl were still waiting around to see if they could make something decent but after the twitter fight it was OVER. no going back. probably the most pathetic group fallout of all time. disbanding cuz of being called a fag on twitter. thats what happened to mobb deep, the guys that made the infamous. they soiled their rep and trashed their legacy. havoc will be drunk talking shit again after he realizes mobb is over.

    • Mercedes

      My son can do it on his own . You don't know what you're talking about. That's why you're anonymous. You're a hater. What have you succeeded in. I'm a praying mother. Watch what you say about people and you should watch who you put your mouth on. Whatever you wish on others can turn back on you. Prodigy and Havoc will be fine.

  • keithmurray

    P must real have Havoc by the nutzs for Hav to even agree with this. How you gonna tour date after dissing each other. Mobb Sleep went wack after Hell on Earth anyway.

  • ninjadude89

    OH! so you muthafuckas too good to come to Charlotte, NC!!

  • New York?

    How for the 20th anniversary of the debut of one of New York's legendary rap duos, they don't have New York on that schedule???

  • murder boy

    ja rule would murk theze faggotz!

  • gygvyhghgyhb

    this is wat i did i riped off snoop doggs daughters face an put it on billl orriellyyy

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  • pedmont grassiee

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  • pedmont grassieeee

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  • Anonymous

    Who cares about mobb deep now. After all the infighting and drama.

  • Art Brooks

    Damn Havoc, so U're gonna go on tour with a dude U said was a homo? What's up with that son

  • Anonymous

    I fucked with Mobb heavy up until Infamy.Everything after that has been trash.P completely lost it lyrically and Hav just got wild lazy on the boards.The fact they aren't coming to NYC for a show should tell you all you need to know about this reunion.It's all for the money and nothing is genuine about it.I lost any respect for them after that bullshit that went down between two dudes who were supposedly closer than brothers.

  • Anonymous

    a drunk and a fag on the road again... at least P made mostly good solo records (only HNIC3 blows), something fucking Havoc was completely incapable of. still, who the hell would go see these clowns now? it's like they were great live even at their best.

  • Anonymous

    yea its sad. in the hell on earth days, they would be wanting deep.


    "June 5 - Waiting for offer in VA or the Carolinas"

  • datnigga

    This is strictly business, Havoc still ain't fucking with P, but they both know this can bring in some good cash flow. Havoc called his so-called homie a faggot, denied it, then later confirmed it on video and said "Mobb Deep is on definite hiatus". But now its some reuinion shit? Hope the money is worth it Havoc, stand by your words bruh

    • youkidding

      Prodigy barely sells 60 000 anymore. Hav might still produce, but no way is someone like Eminem or Fifty taking that clown to their albums. He shouldn't have dissed Game and signed with G-Unit. Black Wall Street could have save their worthless azzz. Now they both aint shyt!

    • Anonymous

      after 20 years you know hav and p still got love for each other. hav must have been on a crazy bender when he said that shit

  • NEmesis

    No florida dates? smh hiphop forgot bout florida



  • Sean

    Not sure how they dont hit NYC on this tour....

  • Anonymous

    shit is gonna be hella awkward

    • Granny Goodness

      After all that shit Havoc said or supposedly tweeted, i'm surprised that this is happening at all. Good for them I guess.

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