Lil Wayne Postpones European Tour

Lil Wayne decides to push back his European tour so he can focus on his upcoming album.

Lil Wayne has announced the postponement of his upcoming European tour.

In a statement posted to LWHQ, Weezy explained that he wanted to use the time that he would spend on tour overseas to promote his upcoming album I Am Not a Human Being II, releasing March 26th. He said that the trek will be rescheduled for October.

"I am rescheduling to my European tour in order to release my album, I Am Not A Human Being II, world wide on March 26th," he said. "I didn’t want my tour or album to be rushed, so despite my best hopes, I have made the decision to push back the tour to October 2013. I cannot thank my European fans enough for their patience and look forward to performing in the fall with Mac Miller. I never do anything halfway, and I promise to bring what will be an incredible live show experience.”

The Young Money chief is currently prepping the release of I Am Not a Human Being II, which is set to include features from Nicki Minaj, Drake, Soulja Boy, Gunplay and more.

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  • Brizz

    Obvius that he failed to sell out any larger venues and stayed home instead.


    cannot believe cunts are even saying weezys up there with pac or worse yet better in every way!! he could never tie Pac's shoe laces, tupac is and always will be the best rapper EVER, dead or alive. Weezy am a big fan but youve wasted it by letting everyone down, including me!!

  • Art Brooks

    Fuck the album Weezy, everyone already knows its gonna suck. (Just cuz U pour maple syrup on a pile of dog shit don't make it pancakes, mufucka). Go on tour in Europe and fuck fine white bitches son.

  • Anonymous

    oh i know he a bitch

  • Anonymous

    europe don't fuck with this fake blood bitch made ass clown- STAY IN THE US BITCH

  • BOY

    Weezy keeps shittin on you haters. He is the KIGN of HIP HOP. Even Kanye has admitted what Gay-Z tries to deny. Wayne aint the new Pac. He is BETTER than Pac in every way. KenDICK LAME-ar cant even tour around the world, fuck that pin-head-footlocker-worker-lookin-ass nigga! LONG LIVE WEEZY!

  • blake


    • Anonymous

      wow you sound like an idiot. maybe they're glad because it means they'll be riding the wave of his album release...maybe its what they wanted.

  • Anonymous

    nigga gotta hit the skatepark, he's got 6 days to become the best " "I promise you, this day next year, I will be not ten times better, not a hundred times better, not a million times better, but the best [skateboarder]." -Lil Wayne (March 12, 2012) check lilwaynelilclaim DOT COM

  • Anonymous

    Europe sucks anyway. A bunch of fake hipsters pumping their fists to music they don't understand anyway.

  • dentalamboy

    the reason wayne cancelled the tour is because he's too busy getting his dick sucked by man, the #1 wayne bitchass groupie.

  • tito

    Nobody cares about Lil Wayne in Europe. He does club shows in Europe because nobody listens to that BS music over there. Nobody cares about this Hip POP music except the U.K and France

  • dentaldamboy

    Common, The Dream, Pusha T, Wu-Tang...none of them have any fans in Europe. They could never get a European tour going, let alone postpone one. But Wayne is an international superstar. He has a bigger fanbase domestically and internationally than Jay-Z. That's why he's the best rapper alive. YMCMB for life!

    • Anonymous

      dont feed the trolls

    • @dentaldambitch

      So you're saying that he's the best rapper alive because of how many fans he has? How logical of you. oh and the worse part is that what you said was completely false haha go listen to some GZA or some R.A the rugged man or some Aesop rock or even Louis logic and you come back and tell me who the the best rapper is. until then, keep it quiet

    • -

      wayne should retire. he's too old leave it to the young niggas. this old nigga look like a drag queen on some pink shirt day shit

    • Anonymous

      dentaldambitch, evrything you said is a bunch of BULLSHIT!!

    • WTf

      @dental Are you crazy or just an imbecile? It's because of Wu-Tang Clan that niggaz nowadays go to Europe for tours. Wu tang has fans in all 4 corners of this Earth. I grew up in GErmany in the 90's and Wu was killing Germany and the whole contintent. Still today they are killing it.

    • Anonymous

      wu-tang does an european tour every fucking year, they keep i wu-tang only they need no mac miller or 2 chainz to sell tikets.

  • Anonymous

    so i guess he is really listenin to his fans and puttin his heart into his music again instead of rushin shit

  • Anonymous

    you betta keep this asshole to the united states

  • Rick

    Smart move by him. You guys should checkout too, they usually have some old reads as well

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