Big Daddy Kane Says "28 Bars Of Kane" Reaction Inspired Upcoming Album With DJ Premier

Exclusive: Big Daddy Kane says the Team Jordan-commissioned "28 Bars Of Kane" with DJ Premier caused the 20-year collaborators to want to do a whole album together.

In late January, Big Daddy Kane released "28 Bars Of Kane" as part of the Nike/Jordan XX8 song series. Produced by Gang Starr's DJ Premier, the effort was the latest in almost 19 years of collaborative history dating back to 1994's "Show & Prove" (featuring Jay-Z, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Shyheim, Sauce Money and Scoob Lover) from Daddy's Home. Speaking with HipHopDX last week, Kane explained the significance of the new recordings. "To get with [DJ Premier] again and do somethin' again was beautiful."

Kane continued, revealing that the fan response to the sponsored song encouraged the pair to consider a greater union. "Matter of fact, after ["28 Bars Of Kane"] got out and we saw how much people was tweeting, and talkin' about it on Facebook, he hollered back at me and said, 'Yo, after everything dies down with the [Las Supper Back To The Future] project, we need to do an album together.' I said, 'Let's make it happen.'" According to Kane, "That's something that's gonna be in the works for later on this year." At this time, Kane has not provided a title for the project.

The pair have worked sporadically since 1994, also making "Any Type Of Way," a single in the early 2000s. Additionally, Kane appeared on Premier-produced songs by Big L and Just-Ice. Kane championed the producer's sound in saying, "Premo is one of those producers that I've always had a lot of respect for. I've always thought that he's just extremely talented. More importantly, he's one of those dudes that just sticks to his formula, like if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

On March 26th, Big Daddy Kane's Soul/R&B project by Las Supper, Back To The Future will release.

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  • Anonymous

    Although the joint album with krs never came to fruition, lets see what Kane can do. Very few mcs have that ability. Let the world know what hip hop is about!

  • Anonymous

    But on some real shit. R.I.P. Hugo Chvez.

  • Anonymous

    hip hop is perfect poetry with beats that bang

  • Anonymous

    hiphops boring now it time for hip hop to advance to super flows

  • killaaa

    ja rule would skool theze nuggz.


    Premo's my dude and I'll check for anything he's involved with BUT...what's up the Nas joint (we've been waitin' since '06, those of us who still give a damn) and the MC Eiht joint? (I'm intrigued but doubtful.) Stop announcing all these joint albums and just do 'em already. BTW, the new Ill Bill joint "World Premier" is crazy.

  • Anonymous

    omg please stop both of you . you old and lame. You had your time and you are legends blablabla but retire!

  • Harilaos

    I grew up in the 90's but I quickly got involved with that era as soon as I learnt to listen to my own music and BDK was incredible back when he was king, however him and Preemo haven't been fucking with each other for a while so I have mixed feelings about this tape (if it does take effect)... Regardless Big Daddy Kane and DJ Premier will always be legends in their own rights and I'll fuck with them even after they've passed

  • ahh man

    havnt rly fucked w BDK much ..grew up in the 90s so i missed that era and never rly peeped it but i know hes nice w the lyrics so ill def check it.. still a legend even if i never heard much from him

  • Mortis

    i will believe it it when I see it.

  • Hoodgrown

    Dj Premier's productions hasn't been that great lately. I was a super fan of this man.. but the last two albums I heard from him (Bumpy Knuckles.. and something else .. I can't remember)... was definitely a let down.

    • beta

      maaan I dont understand you people criticising the Kolexxxion with Bumpy Knuckles. That album had a lot of great beats, I would even say groundbreaking.

    • Anonymous

      Nah it's dope. Not as groundbreaking as it always was, but not many producers are still bringing that signature New York style anymore.


    word i'd love to hear a new BDK album. GO HARD ON THAT REALMC SHIT!

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is great but he fell the fuck off with that corny R&B shit

  • honest policy

    J.Dilla Madlib and 9th wonder filled that void for me after premo fell off. i had all Gangstarr shit growing up just to get a rep and fake emcees who's gonna take the weight was my shit but after moment of truth all his shit became bland to me.

    • Hoodgrown

      Like Premier, 9th's production as of late hasn't been anything spectacular either. Give me vintage Preemo or vintage 9th,

    • rick74

      yes sir!!!!!!! but i'd replace Premier with 9th wonder. Dilla has been around ...or was around since 94-95. Madlib fell the fuck off!!!!! Madlibs beat on The Alkaholiks 21 & Over ( Turn the party Out) is one of my favorite beats EVER! That fuckin ROCKED!!!

  • Anonymous

    I cant wait to hear that album!!

  • Judge Dredd

    Ha....with Grandpa Premiers work ethic and based on the albums we're already expecting from him. This album will be out in February Two Thousand and never....... That's right 2000 & NEVER....

    • beta

      not Rick74, Judge Dredd punk

    • beta

      fuck you punk disrespecting primo

    • rick74

      To be honest that OWNERZ album wasnt that nice. It was disappointing. Preme's last true gem was Moment of Truth

    • Judge Dredd

      The singles are nice and all but we need the albums brother.... I want that feeling back listening to the "Wrath of Math, Ownerz, Moment of Truth, Blaqprint, First Family 4 Life.... etc etc... Full length Premo produced albums.

    • Anonymous

      He's been doing shows, radio, and some singles like this, Ill Bill, MC eiht, joey Badass, czar face, khalil, demigodz, papoose, show and ag, dj khaled etc. just between last fall and now his work ethic seems fine to me. You're probably about a westcoast legendary producer people done went to high school, college and got married waiting on. i

  • Anonymous

    Premier is slothful, this dude will not show up and do anything.

  • deeinc

    Hate to burst yalls bubble, but this shit will NEVER see the light of day!! What happened to the pete rock vs premier? Krs One and premier -return of the boom bip?, NYGz album? Nas & Premier album, etc etc.....not getting my hopes up

  • dentaldamboy

    No matter how "positive" fan reaction was to some obscure Daddy Kane song, it was not nearly as acclaimed as the Carter IV. YMCMB for life!

    • t3

      Carter IV sucked. waynes last good project was no ceilings. everything after been straight trash. next album probably will be to but i'll give it a listen anyways

  • Cykoloen

    Wake up and read the rest!!! My bad...

  • Cykoloen

    Since "Show & Prove"?! What about "Any Type Of Way"?! One of both Preemo and Kane's best... Damn, if you don't know about what one... Now that's real Hip Hop at it's finest... Now go and check out!

  • Anonymous

    Kane and DJ Premier is a dream come true.

    • Foreskin Collector

      Did you not understand he is aware of that you shit eating ped, he is most likely refering to a whole album, or even just stating the fact that that Kane and DJ Premier ARE a dream come true, realised years ago. I should have sexual intercourse with your sister for your stupidity!

    • Anonymous

      Did you not read that they've collaborated before.

    • chronwell

      True indeed!

  • the Grza

    sorry Kane, but that Premier beat was awful. Preemo is one of my all-time favourites but he has lost a couple of steps. The beat he did for Slick Rick last year was even worse. Preemo is still good for the odd gem, but I barely get excited anymore when I see his name beside something.

  • H Town Stand Up!!!!!!!!

    DJ Premier and DJ Screw are the best DJ's out of Houston, TX!!!!!!

  • rick74

    yeah, thsi will be released sometime in 2021...along with NYG'z, The Pete Rock collab, all all these BS Premier albums. ...Premier is one of if not the best EVER producer but has lost me due to his lack of production recently. Shit in the mid 90's i'd buy a CD if it had ONE premier beat on it...I was a total premier junkie but dude has been slacking for the past few years.

    • beta

      cosign with anonymous, the album with Freddie Foxxx was fire, it had a lot of bangin classic Preemo beats. And in the last few years he released plenty of good beats for a lot of MCs, like REKS just to name one.

    • Anonymous

      how has he been slacking? you realise he's released a bunch of stuff recently that is good, if you only took notice

  • Anonymous

    We need that Nas album with Premo. Not fucking MC Eiht and Kane

  • Anonymous

    new classic in the making ?

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