Young Guru To Lecture At 13 Colleges About Importance Of Audio Engineering

The A&R/engineer behind Jay-Z's "Black Album" is speaking at 13 colleges this April.

Three-time Grammy Award-nominated engineer/A&R Young Guru will speak in 13 cities next month, thanks to Grammy U. The Delaware native and longtime Jay-Z/Roc-A-Fella Records affiliate will emphasize the importance of audio engineering and music creation.

Young Guru is also a member of the Recording Academy's Producers & Engineers Wing Advisory Council.

The tour is sponsored by HP and Discmakers. The dates are as follows:

April 8:      Philadelphia, Drexel University
April 9:      Seattle, JBL Theater at, EMP Museum
April 10:    Berkeley, Calif., Fantasy Studios
April 12:    Los Angeles, The Recording Academy
April 15:    Chicago, SAE  Institute
April 16:    Washington D.C., SoundExchange
April 17:    New York City, NYU at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music
April 22:     Oklahoma City, Academy Of Contemporary Music, University of Central Oklahoma
April 24:     New Orleans, Loyola University
April 25:     Miami, Miami Dade College
April 26:     Atlanta, Emory Center for Ethics (will be streamed live at
April 27:     Murfreesboro, Tenn., Middle Tennessee State University
April 28:     Memphis, Royal Studios

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  • Special Ed

    Young Guru has to be the most underrated beat makers out there today. I listened to Blueprint 2 off of Blueprint 2 the other day, and the way he blended that Good, Bad and Ugly sample with the drums was just amazing... This dude earned my respect... 'Unleash the flutes on 'em Guru!'...

  • Anonymous

    This nigga's known for being an engineer? lol

  • Rick

    This is a good look for him, besides, he been in the game for a minute...Hov's go to guy. You guys should checkout too, they usually have some old reads as well

  • acidrap

    I don't know who this nigga is but I hope he can teach these weak ass lil niggas makin beats how to mix shit cause errbodys beats sound like shit now. You cant heat no music in the back ground just 808s and snares. They just bury errthang in the mix now. Nobody gotta ear for mixin anyore besides o.g.s

  • lumba

    Damn I wish he was coming to Michigan!

  • dentaldamboy

    My boss, Birdman takes care of his engineers so they aren't foreced to get second jobs to put food on the table. That snake Jay-Z needs to step his game up and take care of the people who got him to the top. Guru, come down to YMCMB headquarters in New Orleans and you'll be taken care of.

    • Anonymous

      bitch ass troll get waynes dick out of your windpipe, jay-z could by lil waynes meaningless life if he wanted too, fuck off and learn how to get pussy..

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