Kitty Pryde Announces PLS Let It Be Warm Tour Dates

Daytona Beach's own will be hitting the Pacific Northwest and her native Sunshine state later this month.

Daytona Beach, Florida emcee Kitty (f/k/a Kitty Pryde) has announced dates to her latest tour. The PLS Let It Be Warm Tour will kick off, following numerous South By Southwest showcases, on March 20.

Earlier this year, the Riff Raff affiliate released her free release, D.A.I.S.Y. Rage. The PLS Let It Be Warm dates are as follows:

3/20 Portland, Or Backspace
3/21 Seattle, WA The Crocodile
3/23 Vancouver BC Fortune Sound Club
3/24 Victoria BC Club 919
3/28 Orlando FL The Social
3/29 Jacksonville FL Jack Rabbits

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  • foreal

    do not support her, plan and simple. she is wasting j dilla beats

  • Doubl Negative

    If a Black dude were to make Alanis Morissette/Lana Del Rey-esq music, white girls wouldn't support it, and they'd be totally justified, but we gotta co-sign this parasitic whore and others like her contaminating our scene. Fuck her and any scum who defends her.

    • lsitenup

      Don't be so fucking stupid fam, if a black guy were ti make that kind of music but still be masculine, EVERYONE would eat it up. How can you say that when Frank Ocean is so successful. dumbass

  • Anonymous

    Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat from the Xmen...wtffff whats next Royce da 5'9 aka Cyclops or Rick Ross as Black Blob



  • zach

    why would anyone ever pay to watch this chick perform. I'd rather have tickets to see Elton John

  • youknowmySteez

    Emcee my ass!

  • Dylan Dudicle

    no one wants to hear or see anything related to Kitty Pryde, Riff Raff, or Lil B, HHDX PLEASE stop posting this bullshit. how about that new ANTHM freEP produced by Blu? no time for that but y'all can post up Kitty Pryde tour dates?

    • Dylan Dudicle

      read that back to yourself and tell me that made sense

    • Anonymous

      lol i thought she was a joke, she said she was doing as a joke yeah ? now she making money off ehm clowns that think shes doing this for hip hop....what a joke riff raft holla at kitty kat pryde lil b is wack... LoL even that was a joke, buy tickets to my show ?

    • Anonymous

      you dont speak for everyone the person below likes her music so you are wrong,

  • Dom

    Just bough tickets, this girl is so unbelievable. DEF hitting up Jacksonville and Orlando!!!!! KITTY PRYDE!!!!

    • rittzz

      lol @dumbdumb for being butthurt go KITTY meowwwww

    • dumb dumb

      Kill yourself. and DX needs to stop. Fl don't even give this cvnt love. check any local publication and it's nothing but bad reviews of her music and shows.

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