The White Mandingos "The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me" Cover Art, Tracklist & Album Stream

Exclusive Update#2: Murs, Darryl Jenifer and Sacha Jenkins' band The White Mandingos offers an exclusive stream of "The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me."

Los Angeles, California emcee Murs, Bad Brains' guitarist/vocalist Darryl Jenifer and ego trip co-founder, editor and artist Sacha Jenkins have formed The White Mandingos. The bi-coastal, multi-genre band have announced their debut, The Ghetto Tryna Kill Me, due June 11 on Fat Beats Records.

The trio's conceptual LP, produced by Jenifer and Jenkins, is told through Tyrone White, a band front-man from the Harlem's Polo Grounds Houses. "I think a lot of folks will be able to relate to Tyrone and his struggles," Sacha Jenkins said in a press statement. "He feels misunderstood- by his women, his friends, his people. And that misunderstanding sometimes affects who he is and who he truly wants to be. Should he not be playing this music because he's black? And who the hell is in the position to tell him what to do anyways?"

In 2012, Murs released a collaborative album with Fashawn, This Generation, as well as The Final Adventure, his said-to-be last joint album with 9th Wonder. Jenkins has helped relaunch ego trip in the digital space. Jenifer recently released his solo album, In Search Of Black Judas in 2010, in addition to work with Bad Brains.

(March 4)

UPDATE: The tracklisting and artwork to The White Mandingos' debut album, The Ghetto Tryna Kill Me is below:

1. The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me
2. Black-N-White
3. Warn A Brotha
4. Wifey
5. King Of New York
6. Black Girl Toof
7. I Don't Understand
8. My Weapon
9. My First White Girl
10. Guilty Of Being White
11. What You Waitin' On?
12. I Like You
13. Wesley Snipes
14. Mandingo Rally
15. Too Late

(May 1)

UPDATE #2: The White Mandingos have opted to premiere the album stream to The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me with HipHopDX:

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  • Murs

    I used to walk with a gun, but now I walk like a man.

  • jus10

    So. Freaking. Tired. Of music like this being underrated. And so tired of being a HipHop fan with noone to relate too (outside the 'net). Uhh!

  • Angela Sanchez

    Banger from Drake's hometown prodigy...

  • Big Boss

    Can someone find lyrics to this

  • Who/?

    racist corny fucks like anyone would even bother to listen to these wiggers f that

    • whocaresidont

      You are calling a 52 year-old black musician a wigger? Sounds like you are the racist.

    • whocaresidont

      Yes, MURS, who has been around forever releasing rap albums with notable producers on just about every notable indie label as well as a stint on Warner Bros, is quite the wigger.

  • Leo D. Lahey

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  • Egon van Dalz

    Haters should cut their own dick and shove it deep in their ass. Swallow it with their lube filled rectum! This album is epic, a piece of History. Darryl Jenifer is a legend, a pioneer of black hardcore music. His group, Bad Brains, was so influential back in the '80s, the Beastie Boys choose their names to have the same initials. Of course it isn't your conscious-less nowadays Rap music, it's real HIP HOP, no matter how Rock it sounds. Social message, anti-racist, border-less Hip Hop. Just because it won't be played in your favorite zombie club in Miami this summer doesn't mean it's shitty music. Feed your brain, don't feed on it.

    • ItsKells

      Bad Brains irrelevant? Infinite FOH's thrust in your general vicinity. I love when wet-behind-the-ears youngins pop off and say stupid shit. doesn't get much more ignorant than this. Bad enough you're ignorant enough to shit on Murs, but shitting on one of the most influential musicians/bands in the history of music...just wow. Do your homework and come back and apologize.

    • whocaresidont

      Irrelevant, Bad Brains are definitely influential and relevant in the world of music. If you mention their name to anyone who knows anything about music, especially notable black musicians, and they know who they are. I guess most bedroom singers have released albums on Epic, Maverick, and Megaforce records, and are KNOWN as pioneers by anyone in music. They've been around since the 70s, but their 2007 and 2012 albums even made Billboard charts.

    • Irrelevent

      pioneers of complete irrelevence no1 knew them before and no1 will ever remember these clowns. Everything you say is pointless and irrelevent. By your logic anyone singing at home could be a pioneer of music because they are just as irrelevent as these clowns who influenced no1.

  • Anonymous

    This sounds really fucking good.

  • ElizabethChilders

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  • mmg summertime is ours

    watch these niggas go wood fuck these swagless backpack rappers

  • Anonymous

    its alright. kind of corny. rap-rock, but not much energy.

  • Lol

    Its too bad that this shit goes way over the head of the average HHDX commenter.

    • DonGenius

      They don't want to recognize this as art because if they do, they have to then denounce the bullshit we hear on the radio all day. People who are not enlightened to themselves would rather continue the lie because the truth is too hard to bear. Its sad really but thats the world we live in.

    • RNS

      Right? The dude is sick, do the people not hear his lyrics? he is touching on some real shit. A very nicely balanced project. At first i was like wtf am i listening too but let that first track ride out... ended up riding it out until the end and wanted to hear some more haha be open minded, music is music not a color race person or thing, it just is.

  • Fuck Murs & His Family

    We all know this album won't move any more than 13 units.

    • w h o k n o w s

      sales NEVER mattered.. but mufuckaz been braggin' about records sales on wax for so long that ppl feel the need to use that to determine who's the better.. which doesn't make any fuckn sense at all

    • Anonymous

      Are you the label? sales dont mean shit anymore

  • Charles

    This album will sell less than 500 copies across all formats. This is like a charity release -- please make donations to the March of Dimes.

  • Anonymous

    sick artwork and interesting looking tracklist.

  • jus10

    I'm on board. I'm feeling the tracks they already released, and many of Murs past albums, so I'll definitely give this a go.

  • Wes Schierenbeck

    mandingo dicks make me ass queef, ooh yeah!!

  • D-Claat

    Daryll Jenifer is not the vocalist/guitarist in Bad Brains, DX. He plays the bass.



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