Wyclef Jean Disagrees With Lil Wayne's "New 'Pac" Statement

Despite Lil Wayne's assertion, Wyclef Jean doesn't agree that Tupac back.

A number of weeks ago, Lil Wayne made headlines (and turned heads) when he proclaimed himself the "new [Tupac]." Among those that disagree is Wyclef Jean.

"Once again, that's his opinion," opined Wyclef against Lil Wayne's bold assertion in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid on Shade 45. "At the end of the day, that's his opinion. He can feel that. Personally, I had a chance to be in a room with Tupac and he's a character by himself."

"[Do I see a resemblance?] No, no, no," continued Clef, before carefully couching, " I see Lil Wayne in a league by himself. I see Tupac in a league by himself."

Wyclef then drew a comparison between his Fugees and Tupac, despite the fact that the two had beef. "Tupac reminded me a little bit of the Fugees in this sense, if you pick up the Fugees' first album, after we got that check from the record company, the album was called Blunted On Reality, the first song on the album, we was talking about, 'We black folks ain't taking this shit from the Ku Klux Klan no more.' It's a young generation and fuck the KKK. Before you blow up, the fact you don't know if you're going to make it and your first statement is just based on the vibe."

Listen to the interview below:

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  • hunter

    tupac the greatest of all-time made 8 albums in 9 1/2 months had biggie nas mobb deep jay z scared of this dude wayne just talks about fucking girls its a joke now 2pac vs nas or 2pac vs rakim that would be a debate but pac is the greatest whoever blessed the mic...



  • Fo Real

    lmao...he is the exact opposite of 2Pac.. He don't stand for nothing that 2Pac was about and music does not measure to the impact 2Pac had on his generation. 17yrs after his death people still want to be like him...People just want Wayne to fade away..

  • jason

    Lil Wayne is correct - he IS the modern day Tupac Fuck all the haters!

  • Anonymous

    its obvious that these young bitches dont know nothing about rap with comparing himself to pac, just because lil gayne is well known and rich. The succes starting to get to your head fool And i dont care what anybody says otherwise we gonna get people like soldier boy saying hes better than pac and big.lol


    I hate wyclef but thats about the realest shit hes ever spoke, Wayne comparing himself to Pac? LOL. Difference is Pac was a real man who had no problem kickin a nigga ass and his raps are immortal, Wayne onm the other hand is a bitch who hides behind security and re-uses all his material over very fogetable songs.

  • Lauren

    "They say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice/I say the darker the flesh then the deeper the roots." - Tupac "Tongue kiss her other tongue/skeet skeet skeet/watergun." - Lil Wayne I rest my case.

  • Really Tho

    Wayne is the exact opposite of 2Pac. 2Pac had a purpose and a messsge. Wayne is a entertainer that more than likely didnt even write the majority of is material...truth

  • collen mazi

    i just wanna say i'm lovin the sit hiphop dx for giving us nothin but the fresh stuff thats going on in the hip hop game. yo keep up the good work guys "ONE LOVE YOH"

  • sorrywayne

    Never was a fan of pac's music personally but could respect his message and talent. Same for wayne except for the part about respecting his message and talent. He has neither.

  • Greg

    Every n*gga but Wayne's h*e ass disagrees w/ that statement

  • Anonymous

    Lil wayne is delusional! 50 cent started this bullshit too thinking hes the new pac. Dissing everybody like hes the shit. 2pac was not only one of the best of all time he was also a controversial figure (constant drama evolving him) and he connected with a much wider audience.

  • C

    I just saw the tracklist for IAMNAHB2 and ima say im disappointed. If I see anyone calling it a classic, ima let you know you dont belong on this site

  • Wayne still nice

    Lil Wayne is in his own rare air, so he really doesn't need to compare himself to anyone else. That's like Ray Allen comparing himself to Michael Jordan. Ray is a legend with the 3's, while Mike is an all around legend.

  • Freeband

    Wyclef should shut his old ass the fuck up fake ass haitian Future is the best haitian artist of all time TURN UP!!!

  • magmatic123

    lil wayne dont know enough about black history, socialism or civil rights or even thug life to call himself the next pac


    wyclef should just say lil wayne has no morals or principles. Pac was a revolutionary. Pac did songs like "Dear Mr. President," "White Man's World," and "Keep your Head Up." Wayne does stuff like "Good Kush and Alcohol," yeah, it's no comparison. besides, everyone knows that Birdman is the real Pac: Nas is God to me...Jay Z is God to me...Birdman is like Biggie and Pac to me. ~Royce 5'9/Yessir

  • so icy boi!

    I'm the new bitch and dick sucker supreme swag faggot to the max suck dick for crack.

  • omair

    check out my new track....leeemme know who wants to collab http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3OXmcYwW7g

  • ja 4eva

    only ja rule's opinion on this would matter.

  • HAH

    wayne next pac.. HAHA let me help you try 1) you need to make good music 2) you need to have something to say thats important 3) you cant be kissin grown men on the lips 4) you need to make good music 5) you need to have something to say thats important.. said it twice i know wayne will never be on pacs level..matter of fact noone ever will

    • ^

      What you said is a bunch of bullshit. Besides, Wayne wore jeggings and Ugg boots.

    • Anonymous

      man pac was wearing wearing, thongs while stripping on stage and wearing tights as a ballerina, and youre still worried about wayne kissing baby. wow



  • Myie

    this faggot wayne doesn't have the skill set or music that compares to Pac in any sense of the word. that inlcudes, Em, jay, Nas, Biggie, Outkast etc. all the greats and thats the truth. Wayne is a follower he hope on trends and Pac will always be a leader. bottom line.


    Lil wayne is the greatest raper ever I lick his balls all day long if I met him in person he would beat up any raper that tries him I he should be the president of the u.s.a. you haters must admit he is the king of the world trunkfit bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wyclef is the new pac. all the shit he did for haiti, trying to become the president. he's a rider.

  • Anonymous

    wayne is da new pac so fuck yall niggas ...while yall niggas on your cheerios this niggas making hits..pac a faggot ass nigga neway

  • AP

    Charity snatching irrelevant trash song making fool

  • JT

    Wyclefs opinion dont matter. This nigga is ripping people off with his fake Haiti charity. Nigga needs to go back to rapping with marbles in his mouth and keep superstars names out of his mouth. Weezy 2pac or not still gettin money while Wyclef and the rest of the haters stay broke.

    • Anonymous

      That shit makes me laugh when a nigga say "but he got money though" like it's your money... LMAO. That man wouldn't buy you a piece of chicken if you were starving in the street! LMAO

    • Anonymous

      I love the irony in this dude's comments. He's bashing a dude who's getting his money while dickriding Wayne's bank account like he's getting a piece of that shit. This stan JT is always defending Wayne by bringing up his money and not his talent because he knows he sucks and calls everyone who thinks he sucks "broke haters." That's groupie talk.

    • Anonymous

      a hater talking about haters LOL

  • Anonymous

    weezy is more den fagget and cocksucker

  • So Icy Boi aka Yung Boi!

    yes, Lil Wayne is not da new Pac... Weezy is more den Pac... he sold much more records den 2Pac, Gay-Z and Feminem combined. dats why he is d abest rapper alive and hip hop is bout YMCMB. swag

    • Anonymous

      "HIP HIP IS BOUT YMCMB.SWAG" Ha ha! stop dick riding lil wayne sounds like a retard getting kicked in the junk whilst getting dragged thru a hedge!! your obviously about 17 yrs old and was into thundercats when we was watching pack live doin his thuglife shit! westside!! 2pac stole the show!!! shit, now we got wayne doing his skateboard thing! lollipop!! wayne stole hip hop!!

    • haha

      this guy cant even spell HAHAH we dont take you serious..learn to spell please..then kill yourself but im sure you cant even understand what im saying, all these correctly spelled words DAMN IT dont get mad!

    • Anonymous

      you need to get shot. youre a waste of a life

    • Crate

      fuccin crackhead right here! Sold more records? hahaha he hasn't sold more than any of them individually, let alone together

  • Anonymous

    pac is a legend, weezy is a fag



  • Anonymous

    never that tupac was more then just a rapper he had something bigger in mind...

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