J. Cole Says Joint Project With Kendrick Lamar Is "Mad Competitive"

J. Cole says he and Kendrick Lamar battle for supremacy on their upcoming group project.

While there's not release date slated for the project, J. Cole's latest update on his joint effort with Kendrick Lamar will surely raise the expectations for the release.

"It's mad competitive," said Cole of the release in an interview with MTV News. "It has to be, because we both love it. We're not gonna speak about it, it's not gonna be like, 'Yo man I killed you.'"

"It's pride. You have pride in your craft and what you do, but to a certain extent," he added.

"It's not about who's better verse, it's about the song," he qualified, but admitted that he still wants to best his partner-in-rhyme. "But if it's just for flexin', you definitely wanna show out."

Cole revealed that he and K. Dot already record a considerable number of tracks. "It's coming. We already got too many songs. Even if you just get an EP, you gonna get something, but we got sh-- that we holding in the stash," he said.

Watch the interview below:

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  • who's ja rule

    like seriously who's ja rule? never heard of him

  • The Truth

    Who cares about these talentless nobodies. Ja Rule is back and is gonna be on top of the game by the end of the summer.

  • Greg

    I pass on Cole, ain't f*ckin w/ the oreo like that. Kendrick a legend in the making #RealTalk

  • Roy C

    J Cole and Kendrick are definitely two new artist really bring Emceeing back, I mean they're lyrical and the rhymes are thought out ! I hope they get the credit they deserve...

  • Anonymous

    It's gonna be an EP or "mixtape". Cole gave that away.

  • MoonMan

    Rappers try to out do each other on a track.....cool story bro....

  • Anonymous

    j coles brothers cell phone. 1-250-888-7564

    • Anonymous

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  • Ja Rule

    Lemmie give a big shoutout to my dx niggas out there still holdin me down, shits about to get real this summer, 50 betta watch his butthole cause im coming straight with the meat cleaver -Its Murd!!!!!!!!

    • 50 cent

      Butch got your butthole all loose in prison and you mad at me. What the fuck is this shit? I'm gonna snuff you and let yayo do his dance all over your body.


    Ja Rule gonna come out wearing a skirt and suckin dick nigga might not wonna leave with all the cock he been gettin in the joint HAHAHA he will change his name to "Gay Rule" hahahahahaa

  • Anonymous

    thanks ma nigga, we tryin' to keep this shit as fresh as ja rule is... he be workin' out in jail, takin' 'em cocks in the ass (to prove how straight he is by being so comfortable takin' cocks up the ass, that way he shows confidence in his heterosexuality), makin' shivs, and plottin' how he'll murder the fuck outta 50 cent when he gets out. Just y'all wait, july 28th, it's gonna be a BOMB!

  • LMAO!!!

    Yall niggas say this troll nigga needs to stop with the ja rule comments, i say keep em comin!! lol, shit is HILARIOUS

  • Anonymous

    ja rule is the only nigga in the hip hop game who's still relevant as fuck, Pain is Love 2, 6 mil sold. and counting

  • Anonymous

    ja rule is makin' shivs in jail as we speak, he gonn stab all y'all haters and then he'll go wild with the crutch

  • Anonymous

    ultimately, they need ja rule's permission first. ja rule calls the shots round here

  • Anonymous

    i'm sorry y'all this ain't coming out until ja rule approves of it, as the master of hip hop, he needs to approve of this shit first. so yeah, july 28th when ja rule gets out, we'll see if this project is actually happenin'

  • Anonymous

    ja rule won't let this happen unless they let him fuck their girlfriends. once ja rule collects this reward, they may record shit

  • Anonymous

    If they want this project to succeed, they need to call ja rule to jump on a few hooks, nigga is the most relevant nigga in the history of rap

  • da nicest

    J.cole is better overall mc than Kendrick

  • Conscious Human Being From Newark

    Since I was an adolescent during the 80's I rarely get impressed by Rap music of today. Not that I think it's wack, it just ain't me. Kendrick's an exception though. I'm looking foward for this one.

  • SP1070

    I'm looking forward to this album. Yes J-Cole is hit or miss and I say that reluctantly because I, like many others, (as a fan) had high hopes for his music potential. I have been let down, but Cole does surprise here and there. I'm hopeful of their upcoming albums because of these two songs from their past work together. 1.) Hiii Power - Album: Section 80(Dope concept, J-Coles beat compliments the concept, Kendrick's profound lyrics. 2.) Temptation - Unreleased work that's hopefully on the upcoming album. Link- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQDF3NUheZM Thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    These 2 dudes are like French Montana to me nothing special

  • Anonymous

    raw production and perfect bars could be a classic

  • Anonymous

    hope coles production is like "can't win for losing" by little brother

  • Anonymous

    i hope its like "the jig is up" ...but better

  • Anonymous

    kendrick gon maul that other nigga

  • bawse


    • bawse

      yea & roc nation brought half of those sales why else would it take 2years for a platinum artist to drop another album homie?? i'll wait..............

    • da nicest

      really dude Cole debut is damn ear platinum he aint gotta piggy back off of nobody

  • Anonymous

    i hope it's a free tape cuz both of their real albums cant hold fire to their either artists mix tapes.

  • Reggie bush

    This gone the best album of 2013, J cole spitting the real and got some hard punch lines, Kendrick coming with his flame too. What other rappers can out do this album? NONE!!!!

  • Ree Up

    Aquamini part 2 anyone?

  • ZK

    Competitive? lol Kendrick's weakest shits on Cole's strongest.

    • reeses

      when over-production meets raw lyrics


      First off, fuck you, you fucking dickhead for tryna tell me to shut the fuck up when your stupid ass is clearly wrong. I wish i could see you in person to see if you'd say that shit to my face. Okay, I shouldn't have said he only talks about chicks, but many of his songs are all about that. Mostly he just needs substance and good subject matter. Anyways, this mixtape is called truly yours, which i'm assuming is directed towards a female, although I could be wrong. 1st track: Can i holla at ya? about chicks. 2nd track: Crunch time? not about chicks but still lacks substance (which is what I was arguing). 3rd track: rise above? about chicks. 4th track: tears for ODB? rare exception. 5th track: Stay? about chicks. he could be one of the best ever if he actually had anything to talk about

    • Anonymous

      so those new 5 cole songs he just put out were all about chicks? shut the fuck up and stop making opinions based off only radio singles

    • fuck DAHT

      J. Cole is a good lyricist but his content is trash. Dude only talks about chicks, plus his lyrics game still is not up to par with Kendrick's. I won't say Kendrick's music shits on Cole's weakest because Cole has some good stuff out too, but Kendrick is 10 times the emcee J. Cole is. Cole needs to talk about some real shit, he needs substance.

    • COLE WORLD - Born Sinner coming soon sucka

      FUCK OUTTA HERE NIGGA! K.Dot sure is a great lyricist, but Cole is too. It's gonna be amazing to see them push each other to greatness! COLE WORLD, TDE!!!

    • Anonymous

      Lmao NO! 2far

  • IMhO

    good 2 hear two legit spitters teaming up and puttin energy into it..def peep this shit when it drops

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is ugly as hell. only right he collabs with Kendrick Lamar

  • TDE

    This is cool But I'd rather hear a BLACK HIPPY mixtape/ep/album

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQrM1TZGz6I Gotta hear this

  • Anonymous

    we need that NAS.COM COLLAB

  • Lil Loc

    Bow Down > All these collaboration albums

  • Gay cole

    Dis shit aint gonna touch watch the throne or bme

    • wu wear

      Yeah that verse was good but certainly nothing spectacular...his lyrics on WTT were more "rolies that don't tick tock" than "blood on the mausoleum floor"

    • Wu-huh?

      Wu wear: Correct me if I'm wrong, but you must like the the Wu-Tang Clan. That would mean to me that you respect lyrics. To me that would then mean you listen closely to lyrics. Jay's verse on No Church In The Wild was dope and profound. With that said, I start to question your credibility and worthiness of the 'Wu' in your name.

    • wu wear

      Jay hasn't dropped a hot verse in 5 years, yo

    • then..

      then go listen 2 watch the throne n dont blog on here.. im not about to prejudge bec thats what everyone on BLOG SITES ONLY do is pre judge.. and jayz carried WTT.. w.o him it woulda been forgettable but they had some bangers

    • Anonymous

      Watch The Throne is trash....

    • Got Money In My Ghetto

      Great, now you can be my girlfrien. Notice I didn't put the D, cause of course you'll get that later.

  • Anonymous

    Collabo albums are often talked about but only 1% get released.

  • Anonymous

    Don't slum Kendrick. Let J. "Keysha" Cole get his second album out, wait for it to go triple wood, then throw him a lifeline.

    • Anonymous

      You do realize Wikipedia isn't the most credible of sources...lol

    • Chang

      "Why do ya'll insist on spreading false information in a time where Wikipedia exists?" This. A thousand times. Fuck

    • Anonymous

      Nah B. GKMC sold 242,000 1st week. Cole World sold 218,000. Why do ya'll insist on spreading false information in a time where Wikipedia exists?

    • Jordan MacNeille

      Um, I'm not positive and no disrespect to Kendrick, especially since I bought GKMC, but I think Sideline Story has sold more units - And yes I know Kendrick will eventually outsell him - but besides that, being signed to Roc Nation-Sony long-term sounds a lot more promising these days when it comes to promotion versus Aftermath-Interscope - just my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      No flop son watch him sell around 275k in the 1st week alone. Power Trip is gonna blow up in a month.

  • Fuck Lafayettevill and Fuck Compton

    will it be as competitive or as dope as Bad Meets Evil? i highly doubt it.

  • Tony

    I don't know J Cole, Kendrick be coming with better bars. Y'all should checkout www.thegrandreport.com too, they usually have some good reads too



    • Hip Hop please

      @ anon WEIRD, because it ain't funny at all After 374.984.603 times it becomes REPETITIVE Same ol' troll "jokes" day in, day out, get a f*cking LIFE Ontopic Good Hip Hop news Both of them are dope MC's Looking forwards to their projects

    • Anonymous

      lol that tupac shit got me rollin'

  • Anonymous

    Like em both but would have to go with Cole. Always deliver emotion and shit you can relate to.

  • Vigil

    Message to J.Cole... NONE of those dogshit punchlines you had on Sideline Story are gonna touch Kendrick. You better step your shit up x100000 if you wanna be in his league.

    • Chris

      Not from Sideline Story, but saying Cole can't hang with Lamar lyrically is just comical...this coming from a fan of them both: "To those who had love for me in the past Who woulda thought time would fly by so fast I remember back in class we used to make believe Like it was draft day Swore that we would make the league, be rich Saturday morning had to rake the leaves, awww shit Watch how they pile up Seem like a mile up I was the blisters on my hand than I dial up my best friend Skating ring is where we headed tonight And if a nigga disrespect, yes we ready to fight In retrospect that shit seemed petty At the time, the shit was heavy Cause life was all about your name You had to scrap with any nigga that would call you lame Ashamed no doubt, so many niggas go they brains blown out Snatched a nigga chain and he got his name rolled out in obituaries Another body in a cemetary Another young nigga in the penetentiary And he don't give a fuck no missionary Rap visionary, paint a picture nigga pictionary Tell you what it is, I'm a dictionary I knew a nigga that threw his dick in every chick in every city that he went to Went hard like the rent do Till he met the wrong bitch, man just came home ex-convict And he stay on with that Thriller Shit, fucking around with them killers" J. Cole - "Killers"

    • Skoot

      Nigga that's disgusting

    • Anonymous

      Don't worry Cole done learned is lesson. No corny/wack punchlines from him from now on

    • Anonymous

      I'm the shit homie you can't out fart me lmao - cole

    • Anonymous

      agreed lol

  • Kaz

    This will be a great project if ever released. If would be even better if it was Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole and Big K.R.I.T. Three great MC's, two good producers and one damn good project!

  • Lilworm

    i want kendrick and nas! forget cole...

  • 3 Facts People Don't Know

    1 - Rakim did the scratching and producing on the albums, Eric B. was just the promoter 2 - T.I. was shot AT when he was 12, tho of course he survived 3 - Ice Cube CRIED after Above the Law beat his ass back in 1990

  • 101

    this ep's gonna be so dope the whole world gonna end once them killas drop it

  • Anonymous

    these two are great artists this is gonna be awesome

  • Anonymous

    J. Hole and Kendick suck cock together, fuckin fruit group

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