Man Charged With Homicide In Death Of Usher's Stepson

A man has been charged in connection with the tragic death of Usher's 11-year-old stepson.

An arrest and charge has been made in connection with the death of Usher's 11-year-old stepson. reports that Jeffrey Simon Hubbard was arrested after a grand jury in Hall County, Georgia, indicted him on charges of Homicide by Vessel, Serious Injury by Vessel, and Reckless Operation of a Vessel.

In July 2012, Usher's stepson Kyle Glover and another young girl were struck by a jet ski operated by Hubbard, a family friend of his father's, as they rode in an inflatable raft.

While the girl managed to sustain only minor injuries, Glover spent 10 days in a coma brain dead before passing on July 21.

No details have been released regarding why Hubbard was charged. He is currently being heald without bail, and will appear before a judge this weekend.

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  • Eastcomments

    True!!!!....Accidents are the lottery tickets u dont want to win!!.. U get charged and go to jail,.....for an accident???..Yess They put a label on u as Accident murderer,... thats how somany people are accidently in jail??? Theres no justice no peace,..and then again.......whats new??....however peace God!!! Positive Energy Allways Correct Errors.....peace!!!

  • magmatc123

    yeah he should at least get a year...reckless operation of a motor vechicle

  • Anonymous

    The crazy thing is Usher was really the one on the jet ski. Hubbard is just his patsy.

  • Anonymous

    niggas gettin killed cause they gay ass niggas, i aint frontin

  • AmeriKKKa: Land Of The Weak, Home Of The Slave

    "IT WAS AN ACCIDENT" You colonized coons make me laugh so much with that shit. Like what, just because it was a so-called accident he doesn't have to pay for it??? At the end of the day he still took away someone's LIFE.

    • Anonymous

      fuck you cracker you say this shit on the internet but you see a black man in the street you run!! who's the colonied ones now!! your white ass comes from a long line of immagrants who sailed to the americas from europe. aint no native americans white, so basically your daddy and grand daddy were immagrant mother fuckers literally you inbread piece of trash. fuck the kkk.

  • Anonymous

    His guilt is sentence enough.

  • what

    Why is he being charged? It was an accident... and he was a family friend too?? IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! This country is crazy

    • Anonymous

      accidents happen and people still get charged all the time. he was obviously being reckless. if you're on a jet ski you shouldnt be anywhere near some some children on an inflatable raft. although homicide seems a little much i would think manslaughter would be more appropriate but i don't know all the facts

  • Burmy


  • Hip Hop Only

    I always get hella nervous when I am swimming and some fools are actin a fool on jet skis. My worst is what happened to Usher's step kid. R.I.P.

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