Kanye West Says "Name Brands" Are "Fighting For Your Soul" During Amsterdam Rant

Kanye West hits the stage with another rant, this time saying "name brands" are "fightin' for your souls."

In his latest rant, Kanye West has targeted brands. The Louis Vuitton Don's latest comes from a concert in Amsterdam where West discussed his views on how name brands affect people.

"Do y'all notice anything different to the left and the right, by the bar?" West asked, pacing around the stage and pointing towards Heineken advertising at Heineken Music Hall. He continued by saying, "Name brands always fightin' for your soul."

He began half-singing and half-rapping as he paced around.

"I felt like I wanted something better," he said while bobbing his body back and forth on stage. "A lot of people buy brands because of the pressure, because without the brands it's like they feel lesser."

This is not the first time West has done something of this nature this year. West also had rants about other topics and even ended a recent show by screaming into the microphone several times and throwing it down on stage. Video of his recent rant about brands can be found below, courtesy of YVR1S.

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  • Fuck Chicago

    This Kid's so thirsty for attention.

  • Controversy

    It's funny, because he's fighting for his, too.

    • Anonymous

      hahaa 'what do you need now' WHiz Khalifa? oy yeah Kendrick Lmar so lyrical so dre co-signed yr 'love and hip hop' shit is so great, tackiness and eggplant all in America

  • nairobistar

    im from amsterdam myself and all i can say is that he didnt even fill half the venue, while there where guys giving away free tickets outside. Bring out some music Y then come with a tour. you can mis us with that ranting stuff

    • America > The Rest


  • Anonymous

    Kim K screwed this nigga physically and mentally.

  • Anonymous

    Some of yall buy too much into this shit. Kanye West ON CAMERA has always done and said things impromptu that were either uncalled for or inappropriate for the environment. Whether or not its a publicity stunt or not, yall are looking WAY TOO DEEP into the shit. You can't psychoanalyze a man you have never met. Be for REAL. I would put money on it that any and everything an artist DOES in the public eye is scripted whether it appears to be or NOT. Them fools ain't makin all that money just to be doin whatever the hell they want. Imjussayin.

  • Finally

    Those of you who are dissing Kanye right now have no idea about what is going down in the world. Kanye is having a breakdown. He is not a blabber mouth, he is having a breakdown You should be so happy right now You get to know a part of the truth This is not for commercial gain, this is going to hurt his pocket and probably cause him harm. wake up people wake up. stop being sheep. you know that people do a lot of things for money. there are so many shows about it, we are more educated now than ever. this rant tells you that there is something going on between him jayz and beyonce. it is so heavy on his head that he chooses to display it at his concert.

  • Finally

    Kanye cannot hide from himself. Kanye was put on this earth for a reason, he is doing exactly what he is supposed to. I find it entertaining that everyone thinks that the diss in the rant is towards Justin. hahaah All Kanye is saying is that he does not like the song. The diss went to beyonce in two ways. Yes Beyonce got dissed again. He refers to selling hair products as well as begging corporations to sponsor the concert please,please help me put on a better concert. I knew Kanye couldnt have been a beyonce fan. beyonce is way too shallow for kanye. maybe he wants to bang her but rate her music.- No way. The question is, what happened? Why did Kanye snap? Why was he pretending before? Rants dont come from no where.

  • kaynewackson

    this materialistic whore who is now having a kid with a person who sold there soul for fame and marketing is ranting about brand marketing....... dudes a gay fish

  • Bm

    At this stage of the game, JayZ the musician is nothing without Kanye.

  • Anonymous

    People got to look at all these rants as marketing. He's trying to create some controversy and hype. Something for everyone to talk about. Look at how 50 does his thing.

  • Anonymous

    this douche bag keeps his mouth runny, he better hope he doesn't run into me because ill knock him into oblivion

    • ^^^WHOA!


  • Anonymous


  • IG-88

    Someone should of thrown a Nike Air Yeezy at him.

  • Art Brooks

    The Louis Vuitton Don is completely right. Go easy on the shrooms 'Ye

  • Anonymous

    Kanye West going insane is the best album marketing strategy I've ever witnessed. Sign me up

  • Anonymous

    this is the last motherfucker that needs to be bitching about name brands lol

  • ADP

    Can't say he's wrong. Dudes today feel like they need to wear name brand stuff, part of that "cool" factor. Don't get why, out of all people, Ye would say this tho. Him and Jay rap more about designer clothes, dime piece bitches and 6 digit cars than anyone in hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    Nigga looks like a Nation of Islam member.

  • South Side Psycho

    Wearing a straight jacket, ranting like a lunatic, in a relationship with a kardashian... Imagine how crazy he'll get when his music career and relavence start to disappear... MJ started touching lil boys now Ye will have to top that somehow...

    • Yeah

      With these last 4 comments, i have hope that the dx community isn't just full of contradictory faggots and lame trolls.

    • Anonymous

      MJ touched no kids. now fuck you, you should be ashamed of yourself for spreading BULLSHIT about the king. without him, music wouldn't be like it is now & your favorite artist wouldn't be who he/she is. I don't care who da fuck your fav. artist is. ALL of them artist are inspired by MJ. once again, fuck you for saying that! you showed what kind of bitch you are.

    • Anonymous

      kanye is NEVER going to be irrelevant unless he chooses to be... hate em or love em, ye is a musical genius.. he does wack shit from time to time, but hes just testing his musical boundries..

    • Anonymous

      "Wearing a straight jacket, ranting like a lunatic" ^ sounds like a performance to me That is what the brother does, perform. It's called a stage show. And the MJ kids said they lied, let that go.

    • .....

      His relevance should have faded a couple of times now, people were hating on him for the award show tantrums, for 808's, and the T. Swift incident, but he's still going strong. The only way he'll be irrelevant is if he retires and doesn't show his face afterwards.

  • Anonymous

    Until you feel the true conviction and more so admit your hypocrisy to the public (in a general statement, no metaphors or what not, some people are too stupid to take in), then you are full of shit, sir. Good luck, we all got demons that we fight with.

  • Anonymous

    his girlfriend is a name brand

  • Anonymous

    It seems we living the American Dream But the people highest up got the lowest self esteem The prettiest people do the ugliest things For the road to riches and diamond rings

  • Anonymous

    this is exactly why jay-z left your tour for justin timberlake cuz you getting in the way of them making money with your hypocritical bitchmade rants..you went out and found the most stuck-up shallowest bitch you could find that sucks dick for brand names then you shout them out like gods on every other record..meanwhile chicago got a 600+ murderate where niggas kill for jordans and that shits literally to die for just to have a piece of your dream world

    • donnis mac

      loL calm down buddy, you're frustrated. Dude is doing a little different stage show for a different audience in a different country and you're acting like he's the cause of all worldly wrongs. Some of you seriously need to go and experience some life outdoors, aka turn the computer off.

    • Tupac Shakur

      I guess all the money and fame finally got to his head.

  • Anonymous

    louis vuitton prada channel gucci...you do so much promotion for them one would think you work for the company....now its a problem?

  • Anonymous

    Break records at Louis, ate breakfast at Gucci My girl a superstar all from a home movie

  • Tupac Shakur

    I bet most of the audience had no idea what he was talking about anyway. If that was the case at least they weren't being bored to sleep.

  • Tupac Shakur

    I seriously wonder as to what made Kanye turn into an egotistical dickhead.

  • chronwell

    I feel this brother is misunderstood by me and many hiphop ppl. He wears a straight jacket and talks about "Leave your self esteem at the door". It looks like He tryna hip the audience to some concepts thats beating him up inside.

  • Anonymous

    Kim Kardashian anyone?

  • Anonymous

    Louis Vuitton Don...FOH!!!!!

  • IMhO

    wow finally a rant this MF said that actually makes sense and has meaning

  • Jubs

    He doesn't wanna worship the devil and material stuff anymore it looks like. Won't be surprised if him and Jay Z part ways.

    • Anonymous

      Go see the NY Daily News. The media is out to destroy Jay and Beyonce. The negative stories are not stopping. The word is out. Ruin the brand. From meeting with Obama to PETA. Every week you see a negative story.

  • Anonymous

    i think kanye woke up and sees whats really going on..

  • d-nucks

    kind of hard to destroy something you helped flourish and promote.....good luck with that Kanye

  • CheqRepo

    hypocrisy at its finest, but I do agree with him

    • David Bunz

      Word. Is he hopping on the Macklemore/Recession bandwagon?? I mean the dude is prepping a new album, people say what they gotta to make a buck. I can appreciate maturing and changing points of view but I can't respect hypocrisy and being fake as fuck.

  • zerocool

    I am starting to believe he is a super troll at this point. No one can be this stupid. All the rants and now he is sending a message like this? AFTER his pockets have been lined with gold from deal with various name brands. Hip Hop has a jester and its name is Kanye West.

  • Anonymous

    niggas playing at the heineken music hall and wants to complain about a heineken ad???

  • Anonymous

    despite the hypocrisy of Kanye's words, he is 100% correct. I hope that with his new album he spreads this message instead the materialistic one he been spreading lately.

  • hypestyle

    this coming from a guy who brags about every Luis Vuitton, etc, item in his collection? Now all of a sudden he's getting brand-fatigue? Oh-kay..

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