J. Cole's Collaborative Album With Kendrick Lamar "Still Happening"

J. Cole says a project with Kendrick Lamar is still in the works, talks "Born Sinner" worries.

For quite some time, talk of a collaborative album between rappers J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar has run rampant, but as of late there hasn’t been much chatter about a possible project from the duo. While appearing on Hartford, Connecticut’s HOT 93.7 earlier today (February 28th), J. Cole assured fans that the album with Kendrick is in fact “still happening.”

The Carolina rapper also spoke on his relationship with Kendrick and revealed that working with the TDE emcee is a lot like working with a cousin.

“Yeah, that’s still happening,” Cole revealed in a video posted on RapRadar.com. “We got in a few times. Last time we got in was months ago though, but we will. We’ll finish that. It’s incredible. It’s like working with my little cousin man. It’s dope…There’s not a lot of fronting involved with either of us. I feel like that’s the new wave.”

Prior to speaking on his collaborative project with Kendrick, J. Cole briefly touched on his upcoming album Born Sinner and any worries he has for his sophomore effort.

“Commercially, I just hope it’s successful again. I hope it’s even more successful. I hope it crushes it in terms of sales and critical acclaim. So I just want those two things to happen…If it blows up like I want it to then that’ll determine how big the tour is,” Cole explained. “Of course we’re gonna go everywhere, but I wanna do certain things at the shows that require a certain budget.”

Born Sinner is currently set for release this summer.

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  • Anonymous

    I hate when rappers talk a collab album then it doesn't happen! if you gonna say you doing an album together then put the studio time and effort and make it an album thats worth doing,dont try squeeze in time here and there between your busy schedules,sending each other beats and just doing verses in booths thousands of miles away from each other.



  • Anonymous

    now this the shit i wanna listen to

  • foreal

    i hope this happens, sooner than later. i dont want it to become a "i cant feel my face" situation where you have business people holding the project back. Good news is that cam'ron and birdman are not involved in the business talks

  • Evanator

    I have high hopes for this; however, sometimes these epic type projects tend to backfire due to monumental expectations. We shall see.

  • FiveNine

    So basically, we'll see the kendrick collab in like never, and cole is gonna adhere to what the radio demands and make shitty music for the sake of his tour budget. SWAG

  • g-unit

    u wanna hear a beat 50 cent made wit his artist hot rod http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0w3zNHUCEtQ

  • j. Cash

    Should be a good album.

  • Born Sinner Tracklist

    1. Public Service Announcement (produced by J.Cole) 2. Voulez-Vous (produced by No I.D.) 3. Power Trip (feat. Miguel) (produced by J.Cole) 4. Born Sinner (produced by J.Cole) 5. Cola Curvatures (produced by J.Cole) 6. Kingdom (produced by J.Cole) 7. Bells of War (feat. Nas) (produced by No I.D.) 8. Who Will Know (produced by Southside) 9. Murder (feat. Jay-Z) (produced by Just Blaze) 10. Watership Down (produced by J.Cole) 11. Lost My Way (feat. Kendrick Lamar and Melanie Fiona) (produced by J.Cole) 12. Speechless (feat. Wale) (produced by J.Cole) 13. The City (feat. Andre 3000) (produced by Jazze Pha) 14. Survivor (produced by No I.D.) 15. Let The Sky Fall (produced by J.Cole) ITunes Bonus Track 16. Miss America (produced by J.Cole) Deluxe Edition 17. Clouds (feat. Jadakiss) (produced by J.Cole) 18. Dollar and a Dream IV (produced by J.Cole) 19. Spoiler Alert (produced by Boogz'n'Tapez) Deluxe Edition ITunes Bonus Track 20. Miss America (Reprise) (produced by RZA)

    • Anonymous

      sad sad sad

    • Anonymous

      man, if this had ANY semblance of verity, this shit probably would be superb. I know, i know you can't judge a song by name but this shit sound nice

    • ben h. hoes

      1. "cockrings and puppy dog eyes" (produced by tupac) 2. "frank zappa is in my cereal" (produced by bill murray) 3. "diversishitsandwich press" (produced by roman polanski) 4. "hop in my automobile" (featuring sarah mclachlan) (produced by gus fring) 5. "i'm on my solipsism shit" (produced by nice guy eddie) 6. "bottom bitch with down syndrome" (produced by dilbert) 7. "i cum blood, pt. ii" (featuring cannibal corpse) (produced by gg allin) 8. "midnight in yellowknife" (directed by woody allen) 9. "sriracha on my dick (cause i look like shiva)" (featuring heems and lil b) (produced by susan sarandon) 10. "welcome to fairfield, ct" (produced by jus allah) 11. "tigger is my nigger" (produced by eyeore and j. cole) bonus track: 12. "you're an inanimate fucking object" (featuring ralph fiennes) (produced by martin mcdonagh) classic.

    • ..

      prob cole himself or a rep..ill peep it sounds decent enuff and by the titles sound like he got something to say.

    • Anonymous

      ^^Waaaay too much time on your hands.

  • Anonymous

    i still have hope on j cole i m def copping born sinner.

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