Lupe Fiasco Rants About Radio & Hip Hop

Lupe Fiasco gets something off of his chest about "hypocritical ways" in Hip Hop.

During a recent performance in Maryland, Lupe Fiasco took a moment to just speak to the crowd. With no music backing him, Fiasco said he needed to get something off of his chest. Fiasco then spoke about what he feels are "hypocritical ways" in Hip Hop.

"It kills me," he began. "Let me get this shit up off of my chest. It kills me how mothafuckers be talking all that, 'Man the streets are so fucked up. Why these young dudes out here shooting each other? Why these girls out running around reckless. All this crazy shit.' They'll be the same mothafuckers that'll go on the radio station and play your mothafuckin' song."

He went on to say that fans can be hypocritical too. 

"Mothafuckers sit around in their car like, 'Ah, man. Shit is fucked up.' Yeah, and then they turn up the same shit that a mothafucker doing in the streets with no problem riding around to it. That shit just irks me," he continued. "We do it ourselves in the smallest ways, in the smallest hypocritical ways." 

He finished off saying that he just feels he needs to speak about what he sees. 

"When I say stuff like that, when you hear me rant, I mean it from the bottom of my heart," he said. "If you don't like it, don't pay me to do shit then." 

Fans can be heard agreeing and disagreeing with Fiasco in the audience. More from the video, courtesy of a fan, can be seen below.

This is not the first time Lupe Fiasco has had rants on stage. In the past, he was even escorted off a stage for comments made about President Obama.

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  • Anonymous

    america feeds on the poor give you all the tools to keep you that way...people just wanna dance smoke fuck but what about when its to much? lupe is the truth. ghetto kids dont get the same opportunities as suburban ones... what about the strait A student that get shot down just going to school.. people that call lupe crazy got a safe home to go to then come down to the hood hell raising but really they aint about that life!

  • Anonymous

    Loopy needs to be put in a looney bin, he's such a fucking creep...this bastard doesn't have the slightest clue

  • Deadboy90

    He's starting to go the way of Kat Williams.

  • anonymous

    Him and Kanye should go on tour together. They could probably do a series of lectures around the country. (* sarcasm*) Anyway keep making dope music. If artist half to stop a performance just to go on a rant they could use that creativity to come up with some songs, which may have a better effect.

  • BKNY Kid

    I get Lupe trying to make things better within the black community and that he's now more of a social and political activist than a entertainment artist anymore..... But this dudes rants and speeches are beginning to sound more and more condescending each time he opens his mouth. Get the fuck off your high horse and instead of making headlines for causing disturbances at your performances or your Monk-like fashion sense, why not try making headlines volunteering in social programs to help fix the problems you accuse so many of being blind to or ignoring. You flapping your gums and being an eccentric weirdo doesn't seem to be a viable solution to the issues you raise frequently... So who's the hypocrite?

    • BKNY Kid

      So let me make sure I understand you correctly... because Lupe has fed people during Ramadan and climbed a fucking mountain, he's done "plenty"? Lmao... you sound ignorant, fam'ron. Assuming I'm doing nothing (as you stated... I guess you politick with me on the reg to know that)... the activities you outlined as "plenty of shit" Lupe has done, amounts to a whole lot more than nothing to you? So if I hike up the side of a big rock for a cause, do I qualify as doing "plenty of shit"? FOH duke... you don't even believe what you typed.

    • HZ

      you are. one, cause you ain't doin anything either. And Lupe's done plenty of shit you goof. he fed hundreds of people in Ramadan, and he climbed some mountain a while back with other celebrities for a cause. that may have been a while ago but that's still more than what you doin. let a nigga vent his opinion, he ain't hurtin you. probably knee deep in that ig'nant bullshit

  • Anonymous

    speak lupe i got yo back

  • DefBoy3

    Neva mind I notice some blacks out there n now Im a shut up, lol. . .

  • DefBoy3

    Am I the only one to noticed that he doing his rant in front of white ppl? If Im wrong okay then but from what Im seeing is a bunch of white folks n no blacks so far. . .Show me a vid of him doing it front of the blacks n other minorities then Ill shut up.


      who gives a fuck if hes ranting infront of black or white people? Always one faggot to bring some pointless race comment into it. I bet you the type of dude to claim illuminati when you see a few triangles in a rappers video too.

    • Anonymous

      I think the chick yelling "SPEAK YO TRUTH" was black


    He's right though, dudes be like.."Man, they need to stop all this shooting"...then they go download some trap song about shooting everybody on the block and moving massive keys of cocaine. On the same token, the radio stations be screaming about peace in the streets and in the community and then play 10 songs about killing yo azz.



  • R.Pgh

    I get the message Lu was trying to send, but can't say I fully agree with it. Music isn't going to make people act a certain way, just like video games don't force people to be violent. Parents need to take responsibility for teaching their kids, and setting an example of how / how not to act. I was listening to Brotha Lynch when I was 14, and understood it's just entertainment. I didn't go around killing people (or eating baby brains, baby veins, baby spines).

    • jniose

      I don't think you fully understand what lu is saying. He is making a point that how a lot of people out their critize society about violence, drugs, etc. But then turn on the Radio and listen to rick ross or Shane committing violent acts, while the person is nodding their head to it. For example its like me saying weed is an awful drug and i hate it, then turn around buy chief keef album and watch show about weed dispensaries. I would be a hypocrite. that is what he is stating.

    • Misanthropic1

      You have to understand alot of these kids have no parents

  • swampelli

    This aint nothing but the truth......anybody that cant see that God have mercy on you

  • reality1212

    i like how their headline reads "rant" bc of the dismissive connotation associated with that word lol.. real cute dx

  • Former Lupe Fan

    I'm sick of all this crap. Lupe makes more headlines with his little rants than he does with his music.

  • Anonymous

    lupe, get the adults to change...places like chicago got goverment courrption ie jessie jackson jr stealing money that could be going to these kids... the ghetto is a dumping ground for negitivity, stick a person in a bad situation for too long and watch how he or she reacts... all the do is give you a rope

  • ETK

    I applaud Lupe for speaking the truth but he's fighting a lost cause. the hypocrisy's just gonna keep on going, Lu. it's a monster that's not gonna stop, and it's been goin on since the 90s... you know, that era everybody keeps dickridin. There was a lotta that back then too. Lupe don't bother fighting against the wave, you're just gonna end up gettin taken over or your voice gonna tire itself out. just keep making that music not many others can do.

    • Anonymous

      It's a society issue not a music problem. You're scoring no points trying to blame it on a music era.

    • Anonymous

      True about the 90s. I like some of the music but the same talk now was the same talk then. Problem is the people who were kids or not around have this diluted idea of the 90s. I would say that it goes back way further than the 90s though.

  • Anonymous

    Could have changed the word "rant" to "tells the truth" and it would have been 10 times more productive.



  • Anonymous

    hes tight cuz the murder rate in his city is nutss, i would be tight too if everyone from my hometown wwere dying

  • nuc

    rap industry is the federal prison systems closest ally.

  • Anonymous


  • Obito

    When is Lupe not ranting about something??

  • Chief Keef

    Come on now, don' make me smack you!

  • i be that super Mario cool bright red nigga

    Shut yo bitch ass up

  • tha OG

    He speaks tha truth!!!!!he a real ass nigga

  • landeezy

    Lupe put out lasers.

    • wu wear

      You ain't heard? The 'Label' 'Made' him write, produce, and perform the gayest piece of shit album in history. So it's not his fault. It's yours. He will rant about you soon.

  • yeaaahh

    Lupe always keeps it real but watch these fools call him a hater.. All this gangsta and trap rap is corny..

    • Anonymous

      @southside- you sound stupid as shit... what solution can lupe possibly give to the problems (youth violence/promiscuity) he spoke on?? he makes good (my opinion) music that doesn't glorify the ills he is speaking upon.. I take it your just another internet warrior who speaks ill of others whilst doing nothing themselves.. business as usual..

    • Southside773

      A lot of ranting, no solutions. Business as usual.

  • paul banks

    Lupe Fiasco is the best.

  • pmw

    Lu is that nigga tho! He been keeping it real since day one. Pure truth

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