Tyler, The Creator Shares Views On The N-Word

Tyler, The Creator says he doesn't mind if White people use "nigga" and says caring would "keep the racism alive."

While in New York, Tyler, The Creator spoke on his views pertaining to race, racism and the n-word. When the topic of the n-word came up during his interview with Hot 97, Tyler was open about not caring if White people say "nigga." 

"We don't actually give a fuck about that shit," he said when asked about White people using "nigga." "Mothafuckers who care are the reason racism is still alive." 

Confronted about the historical view of the term as a derogatory one, Tyler said that is not on his "palette." 

"That's sick. That's cool," he said about those who fought for racial equality and against the derogatory term in the past. "I guess people my age, we're not even thinking like that. When you think like that, you keep the racism alive when that's not even on our palette."

He was then asked what he stands for. 

"Being rich and trying to have as much fun as I can," he replied.

While that part of the conversation dealt with White people saying "nigga," he was also asked about how he'd respond to a hateful expression of the full derogatory n-word. 

"I don't know," he said. "It's a then and there thing. It's never happened." 

More from the interview can be seen below, courtesy of Hot 97.

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  • nate

    Im black and I really dont care. It means so light to me there is always racist of any color out there. Some ignorant blacks deserve to be called niggERS. But if a white guy just throws the nigga in his everyday vocabulary then that just sounds pathetic and a tryhard. Its a black culture thing. But saying it songs or just in a jokingly manner like who gives AF.

  • Anonymous

    I bet if a white cat called this kid the n-word with the hard 'ER at the end, he would definitely catch feelings.

  • niggsdoe

    I'm with tyler.. niggas catching feels over white ppl sayin nigga are weak faggots.


    Wow so Much RESPECT for TYLER DA CREATOR NOW!!! That might be the smartes and truest comment Ive ever herd a Black Man Say when it comes to the Word NIGGA.... Im White and Nota Racist by ANY Mean but every since High School and Im and 82 Baby Me and My White Friends and My Black Friends Always said NIGGA in ways like What UP Nigga, Nigga Please, My Nigga, etc... My Black Friend from Da Hood didnt mind but I also have Street Credit and was told the my White Ass was Realer than 75% of the Hood.... But When you think what Tyler said its so True in my mind as long aas its Nigga and not Nigger and the white person that says Nigga as long as its in a Platful Respectful way Black People Shouldnt give a shit bc they want white people to buy there music and they want white people to know the words which whether black people realize it or not....Black Hip Hop Artist are self promoting the word Nigga to be cool for all cultures until they some Artist says I only want Black People to Buy my CD and I Dont want any white people or anyother race to Buy my CD or Pay to Come SEE PERFORM LIVE.....Conclusion when people make a big deal of the word being used innocent with no racism meant they really are keeping racism alive and will make white people then say fuck them if they say fuck us....But Real Shit Slavery was some fucked up shit but in 30-40 more years the white race aka the Baby Boomers directly connected thru there parents or grandparents dealing with Slavery will all be dead and the only people that will truly hate black people will be the people raised in ignorant white families that cant let the past gone just like the black people that cant let the past go so we can move to a BETTER AND BRIGHTER FUTURE!!!!

    • All Black Everything

      Ya know you ur white azz does have a good point. Wit out White peeps alot of black rappers wouldnt be millionares and its is hypocritical to say whyte peepz cant sing our songz just bc us niggaz use the word nigga so many times in almost every songz. Shit me personally have a few white peepz that drop nigga every now and againz and it dont bother me bc they cool wit me and i no they dont mean nothin bad by it. So niggaz should lightin up on white peepz sayin nigga in this time era bc me personally can tell the differnze between a insult and a slang word used bc they listen to rap muzic

  • Anonymous

    people say its ok to accept insults as complements...like if i called your mother a bitch or say shut that little nigger baby the fuck up (true story) your not suppose to react to disrespect, Martin luther king said that... but at what point do you reach boiling point and go malcom x on his ass...whites wont get walked on eather

  • jrebel25

    so i guess he said that so he can feel less guilty on the inside...

  • Black panther

    It's not okay for white people to say nigga, Come around some black guys and your white saying nigga, They would get th fuck beat out of them

    • Arby Wan Kenobi

      Casually using a word commonly used in one's culture is different that n saying "You're a fucking nigger." You're an absolute fucking moron if you can't tell the difference. Comparing it with spic is stupid, as spic is not a term that is ever colloquially used in conversation. Neither is chink. They're bad examples for you to try and use.

  • my_niggys

    What up niggys!!!! This due got the right idea, it's just you ignorant niggys cant hang, niggy niggy niggy!

  • Fish

    He's right. Do white people shit their drawers every time someone says 'cracker'? NO! And that's why the word has little or no impact. By continuing to take such overwhelming offense to a word, it just continues to give the word an undeserved power.

  • pornhub

    niglit is a better word :)

  • m.black

    Whites, Asians, Indians and Hispanics could give a fuck about the social, economic or political status of Blacks around the world...So why the fuck are ya'll worried about who can say "nigga" and who can't??? Muthafuckas that try to pretend or pacify the word nigga to mean jus somebody who's ignorant, regardless of race is following along with a RACIST agenda...Making you believe that calling somebody who's black a nigga isn't racist...That way they you can't bring them to justice...White people have the burden of proving that they are overall better than anyone else, so they are constantly thinking of ways to separate themselves from the prejudice mindsets of their grandparents, who were very honest and open about how they felt towards people of color. Today they cloak their bigotry with humor, cuteness and whit...A cowardly stance but much more effective because now they can execute racism and you'll buy into it because it's not overtly demeaning. If a white person calls you a nigga or thinks that shit is cool or tries to justify doing it because black people call themselves that word...do yourself a favor and get the fuck away from them ASAP...they are not your friend!!!

  • Anonymous

    EPIC FAIL This (kid) doesn't even know his history.

  • Black Panther Party

    this coon is a white washed wanabe jack@ss whiteboy. why ask for his opinion? he obviously isn't educated from a black perspective, he's trying to please his white fans. ask a pro-black persons view on the word.

  • Anonymous

    tyler,you look about a good 19, but really like 25...your hip hop career has a time limit once its over reality will hit you'll notice your life is a wreck and why laws and black struggle is not in your favor

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what this fuckin retard thinks? He cant even dress himself properly, let alone express his thoughts on an adult level. Your musik's GARBAGE SON; get out the game

  • UhHUh

    End of the day . He is a garbage rapper but perfect entertainer. Real clown shit

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule prefers peaceful words to harmful one's except when it's time to hit the studio. Then it's gutter time.

  • Anonymous

    Being afraid of words gives them power, think about when you learned the word fuck as a kid it was powerful and dangerous, now no one gives a shit when you say fuck and it doesn't really have power anymore as adults in casual scenarios

  • Anonymous

    It really depends on context. Saying the N-word while trying to be formal (Samual Jackson interview) is childish. The word in this generation is offensive only if intended to be like bitch, however I think that no-one should really say the word (I'm black), but I don't get angry if someone does for example my friend who is Asian says it in CONTEXT though so not a lot.

  • big bajizzla

    He's absolutely right. If we want to end racism, people need to NOT get worked up when people use the terms "nigger, chink, spick, etc." Getting angry about it only adds meaning to the word, reaffirming its meaning as a slur. The day we view words at face value rather than acknowledging the meaning that has been attributed to them over decades of use will be a good day indeed.

  • magmatic123

    when the law "treyvon martin" your brand new ass you'll know that racism is real...case in point florida's stand your gound law...70% killed are BLACK

  • zerocool

    Yet fa**ot is still used a lot... And I bet a very small percentage of these people using it are gay. Why is it okay within the culture or vernacular to use it by non homosexuals? Why is hip hop culture in the US acceptant of homophobia? I am not advocating the use to be clear but I am curious as to why we have a double standard with certain words. If we want to stop the debate then the word should go. If it is still looked at as a word that holds 200 years of oppression then maybe the current "black leaders" are right and the word needs to disappear altogether. Fact is that the use of that same word (N-Word) from one black man to another in those times often denoted a similar air of superiority. It was the slaves that were in a favoured position using it against those they considered beneath them. Again I am not trying to stir up a hornets nest. Logically if the word still causes harm based on its origins because whites used it in a superior fashion then how is it often a term of endearment between those of "African decent" when it was used in a similar derogatory way during the same time period? I know the simple answer is "that's just the way it is" but its highly illogical then to continue use at all. As for the acceptance of homophobia, maybe it's my Canadian nationality but I would say I do not see it as accepted up here. That being said, even if it was the case, hip hop was supposed to be the progressive culture to repair the bridges burned in race so how are we gonna shrug off "fa**ot" because "that's just how shit is." There is an ugly word for what this is... Hipocrisy!

    • hernandayoleary

      Rap is conservative, its racist, bigotted, not pc. They are trying to keep racism and homophobia alive. What is the purpose of using the n-word in rap, ask why? What sense does it even make except to perpetuate more hatred and racism?

  • yeaaahh

    You're a weak minded person if you let a WORD upset you!! It's funny how we act like the word has a totally different meaning when we use it than when a white person says it. If we don't want other races to say it then WE have to stop saying it!!

  • Anonymous

    "But still, I'm racist if I say nigga under any circumstances..." According to who? You don't need people's permission to speak your mind. Now I'm not saying go say the N word all day today, but when you let people censor you, all your doing is giving them power over you. So it's ok if they say off color shit, but the second you do then you must be racist. Double standards are everywhere.

  • Shuttaaaman

    Lol at HHDX errasing my comments. Stop it you damn uncle toms!

  • Shuttaman

    You old black people are funny as hell nigga nigga nigga nigga Im black and I will call you nigga with an eR if i get the chance I DONT GIVE A FUCK OFWGKTA

  • Shuttaman


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