Kanye West Rants Again, Confirms New Material

Kanye West addresses a Paris, France crowd in his latest rant.

As he's done for his past several performances, Kanye West decided to go on an extended rant after one of his shows.

After his performance in Paris, France's Le Zenith, "There's no motherfucking awards or sponsorships or none of that shit that can stop the dedication to bringing y'all that real shit," West proudly proclaimed.

Half-rapping, half-speaking during an interlude while performing the G.O.O.D. Music song "Clique," Kanye continued, directing his ire towards unknown forces. "No matter how they try to control you, or the motherfucker next to you tries to peer pressure you, or try to get the best of you, or see what you did and take the rest of you, you can do what you motherfucking want," he said to the raucous crowd.

Kanye also confirmed that he is working on new solo material. "I wanted to let you know, I'm working on my new shit," he stated, leading to loud cheers.

Over the weekend, Kanye ended one of his shows stating he wasn't a fan of Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie," and ended another by screaming into and subsequently throwing the microphone.

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  • Anonymous

    Fuck this racist piece of shit. BTW asshole, majority of people who buy ya shit are white. Tired of hearing about his temPer tantrums like a little fuckin girl. SAD CASE OF THE EFFECTS MONEY CAN HAVE ON A MAN!!! SMH

  • thatknowledge

    Kanye's crying out for help, the man has depth and is starting to break down under all the built up pressures. He went from making thoughtful, poetic and social commentating music to being sucked into the sickness that is Jay Z. Kanye sold his soul and he knows it. Jay Z took him from Dash who put him on and encouraged him when others at Def Jam were laughing at him for being 'soft' and intelligent. Kanye made his choice and went with Jay Z who sucked out his talent, profited from him and involved him in his soul-less, fake 'powerful' world. Yall call Kanye a faggot but the man's in touch with his feminine side and open about it. Remember Nas' Ether and his interview where he called out Jay Z for being in gay clubs and sucking dicks? That was never a diss, that was real. The gay club in Brooklyn where Jay Z and others got together with those older white homos who get what they want from rappers desperate to be put on. They rocked fellas as Nas said and those tapes of them doing sick shit are in the vault. Jay Z's where he is cause of those kinds of activities. Then yall want to shit on Kanye cause he's artistic? Even if Kanye aint sure about it at the moment, what he really wants is to get outta that that. I know Kim Kardashian aint the way to do it but Kanye calling out Beyonce is damn right. This heifa lies to herself and then wants to put her lies on camera - many of us know Jay Z and Beyonce have got a biz arrangement and his ugly camel ass is getting the hoes stupid enough to let his dick that's been used w/men get into them. Kanye wants out - and he wants out bad. He doesn't have the courage to call out Jay Z cause he's worried about his career getting fucked over. But he's a great talent, something the snitch Jay Z will never be. The camel's music's got worse and worse and it's only Kanye saving his stanky whoring ass.

    • crabindbarrel

      Try to be a homo and make it as far as Jay did then I will believe you until then take your sorry hating ass thinking blacks can't get no money and off Jays dick bitch.

  • kanye west

    im rich as fuck, but im still only a second class NIGGER lol

  • KanYe West


  • Anonymous

    fuck Kanye he's a fucking diva! On college dropout kanye came out like a humble mutha fucka from the streets takling bout family bar-b-ques n shit now he talkin bout money, prada and louis v in every other song! then he jumping on stage grabing awards off little girls. wtf is wrong with this guy thers real people with real problems fuck your awards kanye shuv em up ur ass while he talking bout awards and rockin his mutha fuckin chinchilla fur theres kids out there with no shoes on their feet kanye you rich bastard!! no one gives a shit about yo rich mans problems so go do us all a favour and jump off the nearest bridge!. never mind uncle otis KANYE'S a rich UNCLE TOM!!

  • damn

    wow this guy got 101 comments for actin like a drama queen fruit bag.. keeps everyone talking so expect more screaming and ranting for no reason.. smh at the fall kayne had...as one tim ei had him in my top 5 and hes not even my style thats how good he is.. kaynes like a hot bitch w a UGLY personality..yeah the outside look good but when u get into her head and see who she rly is u dont wanna fuck w her no more..damn shame 2..could of been one of the greats like wayne



  • poppa large

    look at that white fag behind him on the right. kanye is a mainstream weirdo who has sold out!

  • Anonymous

    Everyone is or can be racist...nothing nowadays has much to do with race....if kanye would have said "George bush doesn't care about poor people" I would have been ok w/ his comment. Its all about money. The Majority is still white...don't we have a black president? who by the way sucks at his job

  • vendzcm

    Before i begin i feel it's necessary to state that i am young, white man from England so you can put what i say into better context... Racism in general is not as prevalent as it seems to be in the USA so in a way i am ignorant to the situation over there. From what i have experienced racial stereotyping seems to be a mixture of ignorance, economic class struggle and a twisted view of world history. As a man of both science and spirituality i believe that the original man was African and therefore dark skinned to the conditions needed to survive. I am not stupid enough to believe that the white man is responsible for all of the worlds evils (as there is a history of black slave owners exploiting africa). However, due to the mass genocide and conquering at the hands of white people throughout the course of history it seems only natural that there would be an inherent resentment within the black culture. For example, if i was Malcolm X seeing my family being abused by white men in hoods all the time then it's safe to say i would connote white people with general wrong doing. I think the only cure to racism is to not forget the past, but embrace it and remember how far we have come in working towards a solution. Unfortunately it seems to be human nature to segregate and divide as seen in countless situations throughout history. This is why i fell in love with Hip Hop in the first place. It gave me the chance to relate to a culture that seems to have been swept under the rug. I remember asking my teacher why there was a black history month when black history seems to be the start of history in general and she laughed at me and said i was insensitive. I don't see why i had to research Marcus Garvey after hearing the Burning Spear album yet i couldn't go 5 minutes without hearing about Margaret Thatcher, when given the context of things the foremost one has had a far bigger impact on the world than the latter ... sorry for the long read!

  • Anonymous

    So the descendants of the great deceiver are telling the descendants of slaves and the oppressed that they are racist. loL. Show us where we go to white websites and act white to say racist things. Show us where we hack white websites because we think we need to show "cave dwellers" our supremacy. Show us the "minority" version of the klan. Show us our police forces that racially profile whites. Show us our suburban areas or states that purposely forbid whites to dwell there. Show us our NFL owners. Show us our comments on sport sites that target white athletes because of skin color and tattoos. Show us where we called any previous first ladies an ugly monkey. Show us where we purposely circumvent the rules to oppress whites. Show us where we had signs saying whites aren't allowed. Montell Williams admitting to smoking weed because he has Multiple Sclerosis-canceled show with zero support for new one Charlie Sheen admitting he's a coke head and adulterer/john-is fired, receives multi-million dollar severance, gets new job and his own show Don't believe the descendants of the great deceiver, empower yourself with information brothers and sisters. They have been saying for years that slavery was the past, forget about it, but at ANY given moment they will remind YOU that you are a descendant of a slave.

    • vendzcm

      Wow i didn't know about that Montell Williams thing ... and to the ignorant anonymous wasteman, 'YOUR' country is the perfect example of one that basically exists how it is today because of immigration. Reminds me of the South Park movie scene when all the black people in the army are "operation human shield" ... it's a crass way of putting it but black people fought and died for a country that treated them worse than any vietnamese person ever did yet you still show hatred towards them ... type of shit makes me not wanna have kids.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly what a white person would say, when we know what happened with the Native Americans. Dakota and Minnesota aren't European names. Illinois Fighting Illini logo is a picture of an Indian, as the Chicago Blackhawks sweater is an Indian, as the Washington Redskins, as the Florida State Seminoles. The state of Missouri's NFL football team is the CHIEFS, the Confederate flag waving state of Georgia has a baseball team called the BRAVES with a fan favorite throwback logo of an Indian. The state of Ohio has a baseball team called the Indians and a logo to match. Can you guess who Golden State's "Warriors" are named after? loL at "your country".

    • Anonymous

      Get out of my country!

  • Kangay

    This fool makes shitty pop music for bitches

  • none

    none of you haters here can be like Jay-z or be your own dream because he have done all you dream of and even give you what to dream of... Jay-z is the best ever and these haters can't stand him because his music is their down fall... tell me who can do it better... like he told game most of em new comers won't last and when ever any one of the old raphead get from page article they mention his name.. he has seen what all of you fuckers are trying to do so he stay so big so shit on you you gays... what the hell ya asking for that he hasn't given even as his growing up to be with the domino's you crabs in the barrel are busy pulling down your kind... if you ever think you're better than Hova be lets see your fucking work and i or some one else will write about you... and if you blacks can't take this racist shit, i am from Nigeria we need you African Americans down here to help develop Africa if you think you got skills... Japan said if American drops another atomic bomb they will rebuild Japan to be beautiful than we see it today...so what the fuck are you waiting for, you Fucking lost African Americans

  • Hip Hop Fan

    I see alot of race talk going on so I thought I would add my two cents. A lot of people think black people cannot and are not racists but lets think about that. If whites had white only colleges people would be really pissed off about it. If whites had white only fraternities and sororities people would be extremely pissed off. If whites had white entertainment television people would be pissed off. But why do blacks have all three of those things? I will admit things in America are not equal in terms of race but it has to be made equal by both sides for it to change. Just saying neither side is to blame, we are just programmed to think this way. Hopefully things do change in the future

    • Anonymous

      "If whites had white only colleges people would be really pissed off about it" ^ loL You are not worthy to be a part of this conversation with this amateur mentality you possess. Go study.

    • bigboobz

      I'm black so imma answer ya question: - White people don't need to have entertainment specifically for white people because most of the stuff on TV is white people any way. Did you forget we are the minority? Black people are not represented like black people are on TV. Most famous celebrities are white. Most of the movies that come out are all white people. Hip - Hop is not as represented on the radio as pop is so we have stations geared towards promoting the music and videos that MTV of Z100 won't play. - White Colleges? I go to a college where you can count the number of black people you see in one day on one hand. In all of my classes with First and Second Semester combined, I have had no black people in my class besides myself. Even then, white people do not engage themselves with black people as they would a white person due to cultural differences and stereotypes. There are black colleges so that black people can have a more welcoming environment. These are people who have the same interests and ways of living. Not saying that white people cannot like RAW Hip-Hop or play basketball or speak slang or had a hard upbringing. It's just that it's rare.



    • Anonymous

      Keep livin in the past and there is NO future. It's fucked up what happened, but it is what it is. Can't change it now. No sense in crying over it and being ignorant justifying the white mans stereotype of us. Make moves, make a difference.

    • Anonymous

      Black ancestors suffered greatly here in this country for white devil slave master's interests and profit so i stay here and get mine by any means, you dig? This country was build by blacks from scratch. You just don't like to see the past, but you can't erase it even if you would like.

    • Anonymous

      You don't like it. get the fduck out the country. See how good that turns out for you. Get off your lazy ass and quit blamin the white man for your laziness.

  • Kramer

    This dude is a racist asshole.



  • Master Phagot (Pussy Miller)

    Yo, this fool right hur been jacking my style. I was the first one to rock dresses, my shirts and jersey's were all XXXL, next thing you know this swagga jacka is going to be wearing arm bands, wrist bands, head bands, and not even be playing basketball; like I did in so many videos and performances. Imma bust out a diss record if he even thinks about recruiting Sera-Lynn, I need her for "Real Love pt.2" off my new album, Fag Face. I know DX will embrace, because I'm a legend hur now. Stay up partnas.

  • Anonymous

    It cracks me up that black folks can be called racist. To be a racist, you need to be in a position of power where you are able to exploit a mass of people, particularly a country, against their ethnicity or skin color. Know history before you say something just to downplay atrocities played out by the true perpetrators. Cant pull wool over my eyes.

    • Anonymous

      hey you nosy white devil you need to get civilized. everybody civilized know that white people are devils by nature.

    • ProspectParkWest

      Anonymous, since you seem to be so enlightened, do tell who "started it". I don't believe recorded history goes back far enough to determine who the first was in a"position of power where [they were] able to exploit a mass of people, particularly a country, against their ethnicity or skin color." However, I would not be surprised if you were referring to white slave owners in your vague argument. Regarding slavery,it was known to exist in civilizations as old as Sumer, as well as almost every other ancient civilization, including Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, the Akkadian Empire, Assyria, Ancient India, Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Islamic Caliphate. Genocide is also traced back to ancient civilizations and is still prevalent today in many place primarily African countries like Sudan and DR Congo. So please explain who the "true perpetrators" are. I'll wait while you pull the wool up off your eyes first.

    • Kramer

      For some reason people think racism is only white towards blacks(thats racist if you believe that). Like anonymous said, racism prejudice/bias/discrimination towards any race.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, its been evolved to make it seem like its a broad problem when in fact it totally isn't a broad problem. We all know who started it and it should be addressed for what it really is so that it is altogether eliminated for good. Cant soften it up like you just did and think its going away, by putting the blame on everyone else but the main perpetrators. The main perpetrators now act as if they are victims of racism because folks refer to that part of history. 'reap what you sow' always plays out in human-earth history.....sooo......no dude to you. Get informed

    • Anonymous

      no dude, racism is prejudice/bias/discrimination towards any race

  • Anonymous

    808's and heartbreak? fuckin drake pussy ass rapper

  • Anonymous

    he just sad he dont have his mother around anymore and yes kanye is a racist faggot

  • Anonymous

    racist skirt wearin faggot. However, i do like his music.

  • Anonymous

    "They're" stereotyping this dude and Ye is making it easier for them to single him out. I think he's boisterous and obnoxious but at least he's truthful and you can't knock honesty. Let them hate Ye, let them hate. I don't see "them" going after ted nugent and that clown got a big mouth.

  • Anonymous

    Overrated, underrated it don't matter Kanye is rap music's number one douchebag. He style can be called douchebag rap.

  • thekidflames

    Kanye has turned into a whiny, entitled, self-obsessed star who's doing more to tarnish his already dwindling reputation than he is helping it. Distracting from the fact that the last two albums he's put out has seen a consistent decline in his output as both an emcee and a producer. Might be time to hang 'em up and man the boards; especially if this new stuff isn't up to snuff. I'm not feeling this new version of this cat. The fame has gotten to him.

    • Anonymous

      decline in emceeing? you really didn't listen to anything on MBDTF did you? Listen to Gorgeous - lyricism at its best

  • Anonymous

    is kanye on his period

  • Anonymous

    Guess he's back up on that yola.

  • Anonymous

    you niggas think he's crazy but its all part of the plan

  • yeaaahh

    Calling Kanye overrated is ridiculous! He's one of the most talented producers/rappers to come in the game... and the people who are dissing him for speaking his mind and showing emotion are the same ones who thought it was "gangsta" when Tupac did it...

    • yeaaahh

      He's not just talking about awards. He's talking about how unfair the industry is and how business/politics is ruining the music. He's just trying to expose what's really going on behind the scenes... and Tupac was a good rapper but people need to stop acting like he didn't throw his little fits every now and then, too.

    • Go fuck yourself

      Comparing Kanye to 2Pac, really? Go slap yoself hard bruh. Two different rappers in two different Hip Hop generations. 2Pac complained about issues going on with the community while Kanye complains about not receiving an award. 2Pac makes Hit em Up about Biggie and Kanye steals microphones away from white girls. GTFOH with that shit man.

    • Anonymous

      No they didn't! and no they're are not! No one thinks acting like a 5 year old is cool.

  • meds

    this dude needs some meds.. he needs to stick 2 beats and producing and leave the shine 2 jayz who can handle it and not make himself look like a douchbag..his legacy went from a monster beat maker, amazing producer with two classics under his belt (first 2 albums) to an annoying, arrogant, self entitled, jerkoff who only does shit for shockvalue so he can be talked about..all in what 4-5 years.. sad sad thing man i used 2 rock w kayne now as a fan, whether he cares or not (guarntee he doesnt) i would never want to shake his hard or meet him ever

  • Anonymous

    one of the most overrated rappers to ever touch the mic

  • Anonymous

    dude really thinks he smart..

  • highlyopinionated

    "They shoulda never gave you niggas money" - Rick James.

  • Anonymous

    fuck this drama queen. he stay of the drugs

  • d.j. natureboy

    In my opinion, Kanye has always been a drama queen, but a transparent one mostly. Jay-z and Beyonce just signed a major deal; idk the parameters of it, but I can imagine that Kanye didnt jump onboard the package deal of the power couple. HE ranted abt Jay Z... obvious connection. Maybe this song with J.T. is the beginning of Jay Z working with other artists consistently. Point is, he half speaking about it, but its' this abnormal personality that a lot of talented people have. Who cares, Its interesting to me cause Im a hiphop head. Its funny how some of yall get emotional over it.

    • Anonymous

      @gigga, Jay-Z is a leach, he can't make a record by himself anymore? What? Are you insane or just dumb? He's been down that road for many years so now it's time for him to sit back and let other dudes get their shine on. You're a jackass. Why don't the Barclays show count?

    • gigga

      jay-z is a leech now. he can't make a record by himself anymore or tour by himself anymore. he needs to collaborate to stay revelant (not talking about those barclay shows cuz they don't count) he's a pop star now and that sut and tie verse wasn't even a verse. listen to that lazy ass rapping and people feed into this shit. american rap fans are so weak. glad kendrick is getting burn now. hope this keeps up

  • kms

    yall fucking haterz... stop complaining about everything.. who is good for yall? who do yall like to listen to? dont come at me saying that yall like wu tang OLD STUFF yal bunch of asses trying to be gangstas... we're on 2013 GET USE TO IT shout out from BRAZIL

    • Anon

      For the record, I'm not kms, I'm just a dude that hates ignorant black faggots. So, apparently you're racist against Brazilians, that's cool because I'm not Brazilian, but I am racist against niggers, the difference between a nigga and a nigger is that nigga's are usually cool black dudes, they don't act like degenerates and aren't stupid as hell. Nigger's are usually ignorant faggots, they usually always talk shit, and they get their poop pushed on a daily basis.

    • Anonymous

      get the fuck outta hip hop site you racist confused brazilian faggot

    • Anon

      Hahaha further perpetuating black stereotype that you're ignorant as shit and an uneducated monkey.

    • zerocool

      I'm not out here trying to defend the clown "original" artistry now am I. You obviously missed the point. I am not the primmadonna bitch crying about how no one shows me love no am I? The comment was "people hate him but he is the greatest, most orginal artist of all time" therefore my comment was absolutely relevant to it. You're reply is not a counter point as much as it is an ad homienem... I do not recall Daft Punk crying at their concerts about how great they are either. While I am not above the idea of sampling I am not out here claiming that Daft Punk are gods amongst men and only do their own original shit. Besides, while you can hear the sample on daft punks track you basically hear daft punk with Kanye rapping over it... I wouldn't have an issue with that had the claim not been made of his originality. Congrats on trying to simply pull that apart however especially when you consider the rest of what I had wrote basically covers your reply.

    • Anonymous

      Shut up grammar nazi&racist! Go suck dick fo' TRUKFIT.

    • Anon

      @Anonymous Seems like you're from the inner city, which explains why your spelling is horrible. It also explains why you're an ignorant nigger.

    • Anonymous

      lmfao you from Brazil which is full of faggots, now that's makes sense why you fan of kangay west in kilt

    • PB&J

      @Zerocool So you're talking shit about how he didn't sample Daft Punk, but instead "stole" it and rapped over it. You know "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" samples "Cola Bottle Baby"? You know that you weren't creative enough to make your own name and you just stole it the hacking name from the main character from the movie "Hackers". You know, you should try doing something original before you act like an expert about it.

    • Zerocool

      Original??? Like a major hit in the last 5 or so years consisting of a Daft Punk... not even a sample essentailly rapping over their creation. As a lyricist I have little respect for his skill... as a producer I applaud what he does however to call him original is like saying Puffy was the 1st to use samples when Bad Boy was on top. Musically not much has changed in the last 20 years so that comment makes little sense.

    • kms

      nice.. i ain't saying that wu tang ain't good.. we all know they're legends... but u can name on person that doing it better than kanye? or being original like he is? or doing best productions as he does?

    • nickrazor2000

      I like Wu Tang old stuff and yes, I am totally a Gangsta. We're on 2013 get used to it

  • Oui

    He did a nude photo shoot with Kim for a french magazine. Shit got to him i guess

  • tha OG

    how many mollys did he take???this nigga is now trash

  • foreal

    dude is a multimillionaire and banging kim kardashian... and he is mad? it sucks waking up to her, deciding that you would rather fly to italy than go to work. or would rather drive your exotic sports car... yea life sucks kanye... what am i going to do with my life?

    • zerocool

      Exactly.. kid is not poor anymore yet acts like the industry is out to get him or that he made it on his own without the industry doing anything for him. Kid needs a wake up call. All that talent and money and still needs someone to pat him on the back, whisper in his ear and say "your the fucking man Kanye... the world would be a much worse place without you." Gimmie a break... kid will be a "legend" albeit not nearly the same way N.W.A., Dre, B.I.G., KRS, and Rakim and so forth all and mostly because he is an asshole!!!

    • 614grind

      Exactly. Middle class brat who evolved into a rich asshole.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this sceaming little girl and his goldiggin biatch. Stick to producing. We liked you better then.

  • Anonymous

    real revolutionary speech, i applaud to this. "you can do what you motherfucking want" that's my motto


    Tell em why u mad son

    • Master Phagot (Pussy Miller)

      I'm made because my classic album, "Game Face", isn't being recognized like it should. I'm a legend on this site now, and nobody talks about the crazy heat from the album like "Ooohweee" or "Real Love".

  • Anonymous

    Suit and Tie is trash

  • Good Life

    Like the French say the best revenge is living well. Kanye staying true to himself! Do you do that?

    • BXUSA

      Depends on how you interpret "living well". And Kanye didn't start acting like an ass until he got mass publicity so I don't buy the "staying true" bit.

  • magmatic123

    jay-z clings on mainstream r&b artist for cross over appeal,and since justin has worked with 50cent on several tracks and 50 is now old news jay-z would be the perfect blend of thug to hold a concert

    • Anonymous

      @zoid second that. @zerocool, I haven't read an interesting comment like this in a while. You hit it on the head dude.

    • zoid

      @zerocool Nothing but respect for this comment, I would elaborate but I feel that I couldn't say much more to make your point any better. Not to mention this is one of the few posts with a bit of intelligence behind it.

    • zerocool

      What colour is the sky in the world of you people that but that shit? I mean Jay just carried him on "Watch the Throne" you know the album that gave us such insight as about 2 minutes of "don't let me get in my zone." He just did a nude cover for a fucking magazine, has a Nike shoe and one with Louis Vuitton and didn't he open a series of Fat Burgers??? He has voiced characters on the Family Guy and the Cleveland Show. He has Hov guest on his early records to help sell em and he has performed at the Bonnaroo festival. He has had Hype Williams direct his videos and has performed at the National Democratic Convention. He has had guests shots from Luda, Hov, Jamie Foxx, NaS, Brandy, Game, ADAM LEVINE, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Kid Cudi and Young Jeezy to name a few and you are telling us he is not mainstream??? He is as mainstream as it gets and regardless of what he is claiming to say is as industry as it gets. Only you people that have allowed him to pull the wool over your eyes have missed this. It's a big part of the reason I cannot stand the guy. Ego is far to big... as a producers he has earned it but he thinks he is the greatest lyricist on earth and that could not be further from the truth. He preaches one thing yet in his entire body of work we can see the opposite. He "aint feelin" JTs and Hovs work but had no problem with working with Mr Maroon 5 (don't get me wrong... IMO Levine has earned his cross over appeal in the same way JT has however its Kanye bitching about it that pisses me off). He is everything he claims is wrong with the industry and then some and only the Stans are buying every word of it. One thing I will shake his hand for is his stance against homophobia in hip hop... credit is due but for virtually everything else he is a clown!!!

    • digga

      see i thought i was the only one who felt this way. now it confirms i am not bugging out

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Pussy is tearing this negro apart.

  • Anonymous

    HA crowd was dead.ass quiet when he announced it with assorted boos and a few pity cheers fuck them french sillynannies

  • Anonymous

    It seems like Jay Z fucked him over something. Maybe working with Justin maybe

  • Lexxie Ryan

    Angry Niggaz in Paris

  • hsfhfj


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