No Malice Discusses Returning To Music, Relationship With Pusha T

No Malice discusses his return to Hip Hop and his relationship with his brother Pusha T.

With a new album from the Clipse on the horizon, No Malice discusses his return to Hip Hop.

No Malice recently talked to Noisey about his impending return to music after a four-year hiatus, saying that recording is "second nature" to him. He also added he has become a more well-rounded emcee in his time off from the industry.

"This rap game to me is second nature. It feels good to be back in the studio," explained. "It feels really good to be able to do something with my brother, and with Ab-Liva, the Re-Up Gang. It’s like exercise. You never forget what it is. I just feel like now I got more content, better content. Way more substance. It really means a lot to me."

No Malice also discussed his relationship with his brother and Clipse cohort Pusha T. He said that there was never any friction between him and Pusha regarding his departure, and that they are both supportive of each others' individual careers.

"I think people try to make up things, but [Pusha and I] never have any problems," he explained. "We laugh and joke; everything is cool. We’re two grown men, and any two grown men that are still joined at the hip, to me, there’s something wrong with that. I’m definitely on my path. My lifestyle has changed. I’ve grown a lot and continue to grow. I’m not the same person that I was, and I’m trying to express that in my music. Pusha is doing his thing. He’s everywhere. He’s enjoying his work and everything that he has going on, and we’re proud of him and continue to show support."

As of late, both No Malice and Pusha T have been working on their respective solo debuts, Hear Ye Him and My Name is My Name. Most recently, Pusha revealed that the Clipse's fourth album will be titled As God As My Witness

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  • clipsealbum

    Sounds like theres not coming a clipse album soon.. Can we expect a new Clipse record soon? (Laughs)Lets talk about that later. Im sure you get that question every ten minutes. Theres nothing that I want more than to do a record with my brother. I just, I have a different message, and Im really focused on what Im focused on, you know what Im saying? I dont rule anything out, but there would definitely have to be some changes made

  • cmon son

    push out that clipse album really quick for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thatd be a good look

  • foreal

    coming from a huge clipse fan, it is good to see him back in the studio. I think i would like to hear a clipse album before a no malice solo album though. i dont understand why people would think that they arent supportive of each other. they are brothers... not mobb deep

  • Mood

    i've always liked Malice His verses on Grindin is way more catchy than Pusha's, and the cinematic feeling in his Nightmares verse is insanely good.. I want more of that.

  • need that

    clipse album and pusha album.. n if both r hot, a malice solo

  • tha OG

    Pusha-T is better than malice

    • YESSIR

      for perspective, pusha t = jadakiss, and malice = styles p. in regards to whi is best, that debate can go on forever. both are equally dope and underrated.

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