50 Cent Shares Opinion On Ice-T & Coco, Talks Kendrick Lamar Collaboration

50 Cent discusses everything from his collabo with Kendrick Lamar to his opinion on the Ice-T/Coco relationship drama.

Rarely one to shy away from controversy, 50 Cent recently spoke with DJ Whoo Kid on Shade45 about a variety of topics. During his interview, 50 discussed his "We Up" collaboration with Kendrick Lamar and Kidd Kidd. He also talked about Lil Wayne's allegations that he slept with Chris Bosh's wife and the alleged affair that Coco had outside of her marriage with Ice-T

Focusing on the music he's releasing, 50 discussed his recent collaboration with Kendrick Lamar and Kidd Kidd on "We Up." 

"I put that 'We Up' joint out recently. It's a good record," he explained. "The first time I did it, I did it so quickly that I just put both versions out. I wrote two versions for it. It just came out. I was trying to do a collaboration with Kendrick. I shot the trailer for it. So there's two versions of it but we're getting ready to shoot the video for the version with me, Kendrick and Kidd Kidd...It's gonna be a full music video."

The conversation moved on to other topics. When asked about Lil Wayne's allegations of having relations with Chris Bosh's wife, 50 talked about another celebrity couple.

"That was cold blooded," he said of Wayne's comments. "You know what's crazy, though? That's not the only thing I seen like that. I saw something with Ice-T...I'm not built for that, man. Bitch got to go." 

50 Cent is referring to photographs that have surfaced of Coco being close with another man. He went on saying that he respects Ice-T but that he thinks Coco is wrong.

"From a male's perspective, I think it's a woman's responsibility to not put herself in that position where she's looking crazy."

"I got respect for Ice-T," he continued. "I just think that she's already wrong for being in those pictures like that. She's already out of pocket for being like that." 

More from the interview can be heard below. 

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  • Anonymous

    curtis curtis your such a bitch you talk more than a woman cmon dog

  • Anonymous

    50 always quick to snitch. same old curtis, keep your mouth shut son!! if you know how to do that 50. his new joint should be called snitch bitch immortal!!

  • 666

    at least he keep it real .. "im not giving no niggas no passes so respect it"

  • Anonymous

    Last time I checked a person can just say no comment. But that's not Curtis's style. He always has to talk shit. No wonder NY hates this fake thug.

  • Anonymous

    50 should just mind his own business. Whether Ice T's wife is cheating or not, it's their problem to deal with.

  • lewyd

    you can't be claiming pimping if you're wife is banging other dudes. sorry ice. messing with another dudes wife anything can happen. ice needs to get at AP 9 for that.

    • nat turner

      Ice T is no more a pimp than you are! He lives in his own world. If He was all that, his woman wouldn't have cheated on him. Ice T is just another punk who sold out for a dollar. Goes to show, his shit is not as tight as he thought it was! LOL! Punk ass!

  • Art Brooks

    Yo Ice T, it's time to whip that bitch with a wire hanger and hold her out the window by her ankles. Or when she's in the middle of a deep sleep, throw a bucket of chicken blood on her. That'll get her back in line. Don't be simpin' on your pimpin' playa

  • Truth


  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to more Kendrick and 50 cent collaborations they make a good team If you have some time check out my webesite zeknasmusic.com

  • Anonymous

    50 is right about coco that shit looks faul. I don t understand ice-t in this case as a tough so called gangsta rapper from back in the day he should let go of her disregardless of their deep attachment with eachother but the thing with 50 cent is, he missess a certain set of emotions just like psychopaths and serial killers do, he doesn t know what love is, that s why he is so cold and would never amend with game or young buck and would only give is baby moma the necessary. it is not that he doesn t feel but he doesn t know the concept of true loving and trust

    • Anonymous

      "only give is baby moma the necessary" He was giving her 25k a month!!! and she still thought she deserved more because of how much he had. She took him to court and ended up getting $6700 a month instead. That was her fault, she didn't know how good she had it.

  • Anonymous

    Says the man that made a porn video with a rival rapper's baby mama. 50 is the last person to take advice from about how tom work with chicks

    • Anonymous

      he got 1 kid nigga, so what. not like shawty lo with 12 kids and 10 baby mommas. ross, wayne, game all got more baby mommas than fif

    • heaclown

      This dude was too dumb to see broads game. Got some slut knocked up and now has a son with her. Yep. Fif last person ya should listen about female behavior.

    • HUH?

      Your logic is a pretty off here. try again please.

    • Anonymous

      This fool actually ran around saying and thinking 50 created that pr0n tape and never thought to research what was the real scoop.

    • Anonymous

      he did not make a porn video with ross baby moms...it wasnt 50 in the video..he just bought the video and obatained it and leaked it

    • anonymous prime

      50 didn't make no porn videos he got his hands on it and then narrated it in the voice of Pimpin Curly and that shit was hilarious! William knocked up a prostitute/call girl, 50 didn't have to look to far to find that tape. Thanks for reminding me, I'm gonna go watch that shit right now.

    • james

      50's gonna die a lonely man cause he can't trust anyone in his life; his love for money is tragic lol

    • Anonymous

      50 didn't do a porn with Rick Ross's baby's mother. He purchased a amateur video, of her having sex on a couch, with some fat dude. She actually sued him and won.

  • Anonymous

    He was right about that Coco shit. She was wrong for doing that.

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