Lil Wayne Clarifies NBA Controversy After Allegedly Being "Banned"

Lil Wayne explains his issue with the NBA and how it was resolved.

While Lil Wayne has been involved in feuds with other emcees, his most recent beef has been with the NBA and the Miami Heat. The feud stems from a game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. At the game, Wayne exchanged words with Heat player Dwyane Wade. Weezy then left the arena and said he was kicked out. During NBA's All-Star weekend, Wayne shouted to a crowd of fans about how he was "banned" by the NBA. He also had negative things to say about the Heat and several players. 

"I don’t apologize for that night," Wayne explained to 99 Jamz in Miami. "I don’t apologize for being who I am. That’s who I am, this is who I am, and yes I did say those things. Only thing I do want to take back from saying that night is I said, ‘F LeBron.’ I didn’t mean to say that because me and LeBron we are cool and I’m really cool with his mom and we have a real good relationship, and that’s my homie but it just slipped out. I didn’t mean to say that. Other than that though, I don’t take nothing back.”

He went on to explain why he felt he was banned by the NBA, an allegation that has since been cleared up. 

"[Indiana Pacers forward] Gerald Green wanted to involve me in one of his dunks [for NBA's dunk contest]. I think he wanted to jump over me while I was skating. Anyway, everything was cool to do it and then after that happened [in Miami], they called him and told him, 'We'd rather you not have Lil Wayne be involved in your dunk. We'd rather it be someone else.' Homie gave me the word about that."  

That wasn't it. According to Wayne, the problem continued when he was pulled from a performance.

"I was also supposed to perform with Alicia [Keys] at halftime of the All-Star game. I was pulled from that as well. Then I tried to get tickets just to attend the event and I was told I couldn't have any tickets." 

However, Weezy went on to note that he has finally received clarification as to why the NBA preferred not to have him participate in the All-Star game celebrations.  

"David Stern said he heard about what happened in Miami and that he knows I'm a passionate fan," he explained. "Basically saying, 'We want to protect the players from you.' Something like that." 

Lil Wayne is a known sports fan. His love of sports has even allowed him to start his own sports program and appear on ESPN several times. 

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  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne is pathetic for having made the comment on Bosh's wife.. Clear reflection of a punk ass move as she had nothing to do with his little tantorium attack at the All Star. His nothing but a hater & only apologizes to Lebron.. What a joke he is. It's about entertainment people.. Lets enjoy the clown act as he won't last long.. To think I liked the guys at one point. Yikes...

  • suckmydick

    Wayne is making a fucking clown of himself. This all started because the first Miami game Wayne went to after the Big 3 got together, Wade and Lebron didn't come over to his seat to say hello. So he felt snubbed. Dude has some weird inferiority complex, just because Wade and James don't want to be his best friend he can't handle it and flips out. Only reason he hates Miami is because they didn't come say hello. It all stems from that. Dude has some issues to work through.

  • Anonymous

    bye bye wayne your star is fading out fast so sad

  • 614grind

    Lil niggas make me laugh

  • Anonymous

    On the main page, Lil Wayne looks like Hannibal Lecture with that mouth mask on. WTF wrong with this dude.

  • Anonymous

    But you Lil wayne and no one can get at you like that so you can talk reckless about a dude that would handle you! on some real shit! all these guys would grab ya little neck and choke you out.

  • Anonymous

    You know when someone is completely disconnected from reality? when they say fuck so and so...... but when its just man on man no money no crews ,no bullshit! That dude would stomp you the fuck out if it was you vs him in the streets!

  • lol tho

    haaaaa 'and i'm really cool with his mom' - sideways middle finger on the way out

  • Anonymous

    Nigga mad because Gerald Green couldn't tea-bag him while he dunked. fuckin' faggot, fuck outta here with your tough guy lingo. Drink some nyquil and go to sleep.

  • Johnny Dub


  • Anonymous

    "Wayne was taunting the players" Fans have been taunting players in all sports for decades. What Wayne did was verbal, not physical, therefore Stern overreacted.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Stern didnt over react. Wayne is messing with D.Wade and some Thunder players who make the NBA lots of money. At the end of the day Wayne is a trouble maker and has been arrested and is a supposed blood so Stern doesn't want that around his cash cows. Learn about business before you overreact.

  • Anonymous

    fuck lil wayne cant believe people be buying his hip pop lolli pop bullshit he sounds like my 13 yr old cuzin rapping. when lil waynes voice breaks and his balls drop then drop a new album until then fuck off weezy

  • DOPE

    that chick behind him on his right is hot. Anyone know her name? is she a star or something? and yeah Lil Wayne is a piece of fresh turd.

  • Anonymous

    And this is the most popular rapper in hip hop right now........I'M GOING COUNTRY

  • realmiaminigga

    Fuck lil Wayne. Even though he got on the radio today and apologized to the city its still fuck him. And if you notice the real issue is with D. Wade. Wade was fucking his babymom Laura London everybody in the city knows that.So he started all this shit about a hoe at the end of the day. Now all of sudden you butt hurt talking about niggas dont acknowledge you at a game and how much you pay for tickets like every other person there didnt pay for their ticket. Bitch ass nigga always talking about he from the street but my dogs from New Orleans say they never seen this nigga. And he definitely not in these Miami Liv and K.O.D is not the streets and even in those places you sneaking in and out the back door. Zoe Pound already had you paying a street tax so you know not cross that bridge to any real hood. Fuck Wayne

  • fuk ymcmb

    They should ban his fair weather bandwagon ass! fuck that little krazy legs looking troll!

  • Anonymous

    "It could be that the NBA wanted nothing to do with him, because they knew what an unprofessional" The NBA prefers their own players to be unprofessional and thuggish. Stern is such a joke. He pretends to be the sheriff, all while exploiting the name value of players for billions. Then when they make a mistake he black balls them. Wayne is obviously exaggerating, but to ask a celebrity to leave a game? Why then would they let Chris Brown court side? He beats women. All Wayne does is beat it up lol

    • Anonymous

      Wayne was taunting the players, so of course he was gonna get kicked out. Chris Brown didn't taunt the players and him beating up one woman 4 years ago is irrelevant to this situation. If doesn't matter if you're a celebrity, if you break the rules, you get kicked out.

  • D-Train

    Just like Luke said wack ass wayne should be banned from Miami.... If a cat disses your city like that you should cut em off... No seats to games, no clubs, or shows........

  • Anonymous

    So he's unapologetic for blatantly telling a lie to the crowd in saying he was "banned", when really he wasn't? He's unapologetic for being a 30 year old man that continues to act like he's 13? He goes from saying "they banned me", to now explaining why he "felt" banned? This is very telling of his character. It could be that the NBA wanted nothing to do with him, because they knew what an unprofessional ass he is.

  • Unanimous

    ...and what about the Emmett Till line?

  • Anonymous

    drugs wore off and lil stayne was like WHAT DID I DO ???

  • PAUL

    Shyne Buys WHAT! FOR $10,000

  • James

    ^True, @JT I hear this type of shit all the time and for the last time who cares about the dudes money. If people diss wayne its for a reason (weak lyrics, drama queen, ect.). In my opinion he sucks and is perpetrating what I love and live for so Ill be broke and talk shit on wayne for being fake. peace

  • JT

    Now watch all you broke ass niggas comin on here and talkin shit sittin in yo moms basement while Wayne collects his next million.

    • Anonymous

      funny how you do not have the ability to communicate from your own vocabulary to express yourself you have to take someone else's argument, fucken clown we heard that excse before oh he has more money than you so you doesn't matter, what else you got? nothing bitch, that is the only air you have taken up while you go put lil waynes dick back in yo mouth.

    • Anonymous

      and watch while u dickride as he ain't givin no fuck about u

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  • Fuck Outta Here

    who's band wagon will he jump on next? Never really cared one way or another about his music, but the more this dude talks and the more articles about him, you can tell he's fake as fuck. Your 5ft tall 120lbs soaking wet, acting like you could whoop an NBA players ass. You had a record contract at 13, but act like you've been a gangster all your life. You suck at skateboarding, but act like your Tony f'n Hawk. Your from New Orleans but your favorite teams are the Lakers and Green Bay? Music aside, this cat is the biggest poser in the rap game and silly ass kids believe every word he says.

    • Anonymous

      no he really did say a year or two back that he was going to be the best skateboarder after a year... 2 years later and lil nigga still cant do an ollie

    • JahRandom

      Ya being "adopted" by Baby at 13 I bet he was real gangster

    • ^

      Oh, look. A Wayne stan defending his idol by making up bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      Im from NC and my favorite team is the Redskins and the Bulls, even though he had a record deal at 13 he from the NO the murder capital of the world and his whole team he was raised around were/are real gangsters, at least they have done some gangster type shit, and I never heard about him saying he the greatest skateboarder you sound like a hater to me.

    • RealG

      Well said bruh. Well said.

  • YouSerious?

    Gerald Green would've looked fuckin corny dunking over a skateboarding midget. Then again, Green's 2nd dunk didn't go so well

    • Anonymous

      well the skateboard gives him a few inches so he be like normal height? yes thats a question cause i doubt it NIGGA

  • 101

    FUCK THE NBA!!!!! YMCMB FO LIFE!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I like Lil Wayne but I gotta say not on his side with this one Check out my hip hop blog

  • fuckkk

    lil wayne is a stupid nigger

  • Anonymous

    This guy's a disgrace to the black race. He should just go back to jail where he belongs.

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