Raekwon Addresses Possibility Of Wu-Tang Clan Reunion

Raekwon says that for a Wu-Tang Clan reunion to happen, it has to be done right.

With the Wu-Tang Clan's 20th year in the business recently passing, Raekwon discussed the possibility of a Wu reunion.

In an interview with MTV's "RapFix Live," Rae admitted that, at times, he can be the most difficult Wu member to deal with.

"The bottom line is: Of course I want to see a Wu-Tang reunion. Of course. Who wouldn't?" he said. "I just want everything to be right, the business. When we made a lot of our great music, it was because we were in harmony. You cannot put guys together if there is no harmony, and on top of it, we're doing business. As a man with children, I have to always look at that. It's bigger than sometimes just the thought of it, the fact of it, it just gotta make sense."

Raekwon continued, saying that despite any differences he and RZA may have had, he was indebted to the Abbot. "What RZA did for my life and my career, I can never repay him, but more importantly, I know what I've done: I've built my bones. I'm on over like two (thousand) or 3,000 records," he explained. "I've created a brand for Raekwon, too. So, my thing is: I always just want to be fair about the business."

"I'm not saying anything bad about RZA, but we've had problems in the past. That's with any crew; every crew go through this, every artist, but then, hey, enough is enough. It's like you just want things to be right and be fair," he explained. "We got people running around with tattoos on their neck, their head, their face, their feet, their arms, they naming their babies after us," he said of the Wu's impact. "They're doing all of this and all of that, and when it's time to do business, we're grumpy? That's not fair to everybody."

Watch the interview below:

Notably, RZA and Raekwon butted heads over the Clan's 2007 release, 8 Diagrams, of which Rae and Ghostface Killah were vocal critics.

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  • Blah..

    Love Rae but i love the Wu as a unit first. He should shut the fuck up and get in line to create one last classic for the ones who MADE you what you are, the FANS. Bring out the raw, gritty vintage Wu sound for the fans who been with you from the get go and fuck sales and fake phony reasons to do it. Make a grand final because you take pride in the legacy and love to do it. Nevermind the fuck Wu comments and boat has sailed remarks, you dont do it for them anyways, do it for us that will cop it and bump it no matter what stinky turd you shit out.

  • Anonymous

    Sway should have had him elaborate on which members Rae feels didn't put forth enough effort on the last album. My immediate reaction was GZA. Barely on the album, sleepwalks through live shows, and who's flow now sounds like he's half asleep. I can see RZA cutting him a lot of slack too which could set other members off.

  • realhiphopisunderground

    the only fans that dont wanna here this are the ones that dont understand the slang mentality, music from that era is still light years ahead of these kids concept today of music/ most these kids cant name 10 rappers from 5 years ago that where hot because its a fad to them..but they all heard of wutang clan and that shows u how powerful of a rap group they where http://www.mixtapefactory.com/Shaolin-Razorz.html for wu fans and people that wanna know sum of they music

  • Anonymous

    i thought rza was alread making beats new wu in 2013

  • Anonymous

    AYO AYO AYO AYO Seriously Rae.....SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! Only Wu member still dropping solid joints is GFK!!! You've had 2 good albums in what.....15 years! Please shut up and drop some quality music already will ya.

    • The MG

      By "2 good albums" you're referring to Cuban Linx 1 and 2 right? Rae's always dropping quality music. What about Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang? Or the new Lost Jewlry EP? Unexpected Victory was good too. You might need to give those another listen man.

  • HRH

    Fuck off Wu-Tang This is 2013 Like Anonymous says: The Boat has sailed M/F

    • psxdogg

      It's 2013 and niggaz like you wear female jeans and are G.A.Y as hell. Wu Tang Forever, Real Hip Hop Forever. F*** Lil Wayne, 2 chainz, future, drake, wale, ross and all them other POP artists

  • Anonymous

    The boat has sailed. We are not trying to hear that now.



  • nickrazor2000

    I would consider myself one of the biggest Wu-Tang fans ever but the more I hear different members talk about the reunion album the more I feel a great dissapointment coming to the fans. original fans of the Wu want them to go back to the sample based,gritty style and the RZA has already said he wants to do the exact opposite. Not looking good

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