Luther "Luke" Campbell Calls For Rick Ross To Set Lil Wayne Straight For Disrespecting Miami

After Lil Wayne has words for the NBA's Miami Heat, Luther "Luke" Campbell says Weezy is disrespecting his city. He also asks what Rick Ross and DJ Khaled are going to do about this.

Recently, Lil Wayne caused a stir when he asked a crowd of fans to scream obscenities directed at the Miami Heat and the NBA. He went on to say that he had sex with Heat player Chris Bosh's wife, though in a more derogatory fashion.

Longtime Miami representative Luther "Luke" Campbell was deeply offended by Wayne's comments and he wrote a blog about how fed up he is with Weezy. In his blog, Luke explains that Lil Wayne "treats Miami like his bitch because people let him." He also says that this would have never gone down during his era, recalling that Dr. Dre had to cancel concerts in Miami as a result of their feud. Furthermore, he asks what other Miami artists are going to do about it, saying Rick Ross and DJ Khaled need to set Wayne straight. Luke's entire post against Lil Wayne's treatment of Miami can be read below, courtesy of his blog at Miami New Times.

Miamians are mad as hell at rapper Lil Wayne because he said fuck the Heat, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh on Sunday at a nightclub party in Houston. Lil Wayne even claimed he had sex with Bosh's wife. That was way out of line. However, don't blame Weezy for talking trash.

He has no respect for the city because people in Miami's entertainment industry -- from local radio DJs to South Beach nightclub promoters to the Heat's front office -- spread their legs for him and every out-of-town celebrity who rolls through town.

Lil Wayne treats Miami like his bitch because people let him.

When Weezy claimed he was thrown out of the Heat home game versus the Lakers, the franchise tried to downplay the incident, saying they only asked him to leave and he left on his own. That was a bitch move.
The Heat should have followed the Oklahoma City Thunder's lead. Last year, Oklahoma City representatives told Lil Wayne to take a hike when he asked for courtside seats to one of the Thunder's playoff games against the San Antonio Spurs. The

Miami Heat should be giving court-side seats to the city's true local hip-hop heroes, like Trick Daddy and Betty Wright.
Stars can call up the Heat and get a free front-row seat or have nightclubs give them free tables and bottles of liquor whenever they want. Lil Wayne gets away with it because venue promoters are desperate to get mentioned in the gossip blogs and magazines. Local record label owners and radio station programming directors are also guilty of brown-nosing these interlopers.

Up-and-coming local artists like Alyric, K Kutta, Blaze, and YD can't get their songs played on the radio because the stations are too busy playing shit from Cash Money Records. When the radio people get some balls and stop acting like groupies, they will stop playing Lil Wayne and company's music.

Hell, I want to know what Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, and all these so-called 305 rappers who hang with Lil Wayne have to say about him disrespecting our home team. They need to set Lil Wayne straight. When you disrespect Miami, you can't be allowed into any arena, restaurant, club, or even McDonald's to get a burger. And you better not show your face in the hood.

None of this bullshit would have happened under my watch. In 1992, when I had a beef with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, they had to cancel a concert in Miami. For years, they couldn't set foot in the 305 because it was so hot. Suge Knight had to come down and smoke a peace pipe with me.

We also kept it real at the old Miami Arena, where I had season tickets from the first tip-off on July 13, 1988. I sat in the fourth row behind the basket near former Miami City Manager Joe Arriola. For a game against the New York Knicks, filmmaker Spike Lee was sitting in front of me. It was right after he trashed me on The Arsenio Hall Show.

Joe and I cussed him out during the entire first quarter. Arriola ended up getting thrown out, but Spike didn't come back for the second half.

I'm gonna have to come out of retirement because Miami's entertainment industry has gone soft. I've got no problem telling Lil Wayne where he can go.

Wayne's original beef with the Miami Heat stems from a recent game where he claims to have been thrown out for rooting for the Los Angeles Lakers. He also claimed that the NBA banned him, a claim that the NBA has since refuted. Luke has been outspoken on his blog in the past, most recently warning Rick Ross to "squash beefs."

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  • ace

    Wayne is wack, passed his prime,Nigga sound like he on too much heroin fake ass wannabe jim morrison, Get the 40 glock of Miami to pull his shit over in the hood again. See if he dont bitch up, He dont say shit bout LA or California cuz he know dey dont play that shit.

  • Weezer

    HaHaHa....boy o boy...Weezy, you done fucked up if Uncle Luke comes out of retirement!!!

  • rthj

    so Miami is a basketball team?

  • Anonymous

    Now understand this my nigga Dre can't be touched Luke's bendin over, so Luke's gettin fucked, busta Musta, thought I was sleazy Or though I was a mark cause I used to hang with Eazy Animosity, made ya speak but ya spoke Ay yo Dre, whattup, check this nigga off loc If it ain't another ho that I gots ta fuck with Gap teeth in ya mouth so my dick's gots to fit With my nuts on ya tonsils While ya on stage rappin at your wack-ass concerts And I'ma snatch your ass from the backside To show you how Death Row pull off that who-ride Now you might not understand me Cause I'ma rob you in Compton and blast you in Miami Then we gon creep to South Central On a Street Knowledge mission, as I steps in the temple Spot him, got him, as I pulls out my strap Got my chrome to the side of his White Sox hat

  • Kills Kali


  • JDOT

    Lol This oldhead is talking about the 80s

  • James

    'hip hop heroes trick daddy and betty wright' lol glad I did grow up on that bullshit

  • Anonymous


  • Red L

    All these big time rappers are like a giant tv drama show. They love going through situations like this, gets more publicity. Can't wait for Rittz and Eminem's new album's to drop in stores thats real hip hop. Not Clowns "Disrespecting their city" it aint their city it's everyone who lives in and more. Bullshit article

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  • Ivo

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  • Anonymous

    Luke sounds like a bitter hater. It's not Wayne's fault you stopped being relevant many years ago. The city of Miami also realizes that the majority of their revenue comes from Heat games. Catering to Wayne and his artists only makes good business sense.

  • Lukes

    what is a fake cop gonna say to a fake ass nigga?

  • WestCoast17

    For real, I got a lot of respect for Miami, been there plenty and full of nice people, nice spots, good food, its a great place. As for the Heat? Fuck the Heat! Fuck Lebron most of all. Bosh is just a big kid, how you gonna go after a guy like that Wayne? I get he's saying fuck the Heat, but it comes across as fuck Miami and wayne should watch what he says , it's not all a game in life this little whiny bitch will never be the next Pac...or the NEXT anything..he's a has been trying to get some life back, reminding me of 50. Luke should stfu tho, I thionk khaled spreads his legs for Wayne, he ain't gonna blast him. Wayne should be careful for real tho, disrespect a city and you're a walking target. (Fuck wayne)

  • Ricky Rozay

    Why this old ass fart callin for Rozay to call out Wayne. Wayne wasnt dissin Miami he was dissin the Heat. This old nigga last week was out here takin shots at Ross so why should Ross wanna do anything he says. Old nigga just wants to keep his name out there cuz he know he hasnt been relevant since me so horny. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • d

    Why tell him to squash beefs then next week tell him to start one?

  • Z


  • ThaKritic

    FUCK all yall commenting ass niggas. Eata dick cut a check or sucka dick. Yall dick limp like bizkit niggaaaaaaaa... soft azz niggaaaaaas.. Weezy, Ross, Khaled.. reason for hiphop turning into what it issss... FUCK LUKE.. for makin dem more relavent wit dis post.. shat da fahk ahp.. if u bout it. go in for ya city if not shuv it up ya ass breh we no wan hear dat noise roun here hahaha im high as hell bored as fuhk cope wit me yalll

  • Eastcomments

    Wayne way out of line!!!!...its just Sports!!!...go make music stay in ur lane!!! Then he claims to be the new Pac!!.!!!????..fvck outta here with that bullshit!!!! Pac had respect for the black community!!!.. Wayne needs to appologize not only Miami but the whole black community!!! Straight up!!! He should be banned for acting like a spoiled brat!!! Untill he appologize!!! You got to realize Wayne is making history, a rolemodel for somany kids outthere!!! That Emmett Till line he spitted with no respect!!...common now!!!...its not about sports or hip hop!!! Its all about love and respect, was hatefull and disrespectfull!!!...I appologize my peoples for his dumb shit!!!".....peace God!!!

  • Anonymous

    This nigga Luke going thru a midlife crisis. Fall back son

  • asher1985

    this guy is such a lame. I'm sure a lot of women didn't appreciate your misogynistic lyrics either, did that stop you? i think not. so how about this, shut up. miami is wack anyway

  • geminiman7

    "Fatherly" advice for a lil boy. #LoveIt

  • j

    Bailer, please lock this man back in his cell

  • Anonymous

    Talented mcs from miami? Never heard of one. Lmao is he really expecting ross to do something..when rossis pretty damn near wayne music wise? Their both awful, and even worste examples of human beings.

  • Some1'sButtHurt

    Who gets this Butthurt over some "disrespecting" the Heat. The Heat are a bunch of pussys.

  • eljefe

    Why so many mf's on Wayne's dick. Dude truly sucks. No talent whatsoever. People don't like originality anymore. They just follow the trends.

  • ok

    Lil Wayne is president material. F--- the CO Rick Ross.

  • Anonymous

    oooooh wow ! I'm so ny then new yorker people don't fuka wit lil way boy ! i can tell you something you got stir like twist up from his mouth that's so why did he say I'm not hater until happen now before i don't let you nail at lil way boy until he open dumb mouth in audiotape i knew i'm deaf mute ...hahaha but i read close caption on MTV jam was dirty word on hip hop shit ! OG don't like radio play for lil way boy then they feel dumb fo' listen from lil way boy say fuck blah blah i don't like what did he say until mess up from his mouth's not 2pac ....okay

  • wuzzupshutup

    305 stand up! let's send this fucking cabbage patch kid, alien looking motherfucker back to NO! He can take Khaled with him!

  • tonytoca

    miami is a bunch of pussies they aint gonna do shit except talk a bunch of shit while sitting around a pool sipping fancy drinks

  • Anonymous

    This nigga Luke is going to write a letter every month!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Gunplays Chain

    Ross and Khaled are bitch made. Cant believe Ross and DJ Khaled are still breaking bread with French Montana after he filmed Khaled's mom for 50 Cent! So why would they go at Wayne for dissing the Heat? Ross didn't even do anyhing when 50 had his child and baby moms out in Vegas at Mayweathers crib making videos clowning him. LOL

  • Mortis

    i can smell lil wayne's cunt

  • Anonymous

    First He got a problem with NY, now he got a problem with Miami? Take your country ass back to the woods then, he wont be welcomed in any city....smh idiots..biting the hand that feeds him...

    • Anonymous

      miama heat the team. not the city.

    • Keep it real!

      No, he has a problem with the Miami Heat basketball team, which has no African Americans working as executives. Luke should be protesting against those racist owners. Lil Wayne isn't dissing the actual citizens, schools nor neighborhoods in Miami. He only dissing the billionaire team owner and the millionaire players, who aren't even from Miami.

  • Art Brooks

    So since Luke is the Miami OG, he's telling the younger Rap niggaz from his city to go put Weezy's goofy ass in check. Yeah Rick Ross, go sit on this junkie mufucka until he apologizes for his disrespect to the Heat / Miami. Nah, this fat mufucka got no heart. What about U Khaled? Jihad! Nah, U're too much of an ass kisser. Oh well Luke, looks like it's on U or Trik Daddy

  • Anonymous

    Seems like most of these city's don't give a fuck if these chumps diss them... They're too bust being groupies and sucking dick! LMAO... These bitch ass groupies are going to make excuses and act like Wayne didn't mean it or "he wasn't talking about everybody"... LMAO.. Groupie shit at it's finest! I remember when the REAL G's from these city's weren't having that... If you said something you got checked real quick... Snoop made that video kicking down the buildings in NY but what wasn't reported by everybody was that they shot them niggas out of NY and they had to finish that video in Cali. Snoop did an interview right after copping pleas talking about he wasn't trying to diss NY! Those were the good ol' days! Now ya niggas are pussy! Shout out to Chi-Town! They're not letting any of that fuck boy shit happen in their city!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah Luke, Lil wayne got my respect when his fame and money didnt butt fuck his ass so hard that it got to his head. Weezy has crossed lines, he just a skinny lil bitch without his enterouge. Karma is also a bitch and in due time he will reap what he sows. From Australia reppin 305 across the pacific, its all about being humble respect and love for the city you live in. He needs a reality check. Ross being the Boss needs to decide whats more important to him, Miami and the people from there, or his weakass friend, who needs to apologise and recognize he aint God, he isnt a human being either, hes a fuckin turkey, better yet a gremlin looking ass.

    • Reality Check

      Lil Wayne never said anything negative about the citizens of Miami, the local school teams nor the neighborhoods, so stop with all of your hate. He was talking about a team, that's not even owned by someone from Miami and doesn't have any African American executives. Luther Campbell needs to protest The Heat for not hiring blacks for executive positions. Porch monkey/crab in the bucket mentality is what he has.

  • scouseviking97

    does no one else find it hilarious that luke was hanging out with a dude whose last name is areola(sp)? i lol'd.

  • Anonymous

    Old school shit for the boy.

  • fuck the new era

    lil wayne dont care what luke has to say. He is to busy sucking birdman.

  • Edubb

    Luke spoke the truth and there is no defense against the truth. Finally somebody has some balls!!

  • Jesus

    He said "Help us officer ricky!"

    • Anonymous

      not funny...not because it's offensive because it's not, it's just corny and not original..just another "officer" word used with Rick's...throw that one on top of the heap.

  • Anonymous

    Waynes become so irreverent he has to start drama just so people pay attention to his dumb ass. And you people do just that. Learn to ignore the little school girl.

  • BP

    you dumbasses are killin me "who the fuck is Luke, why is he talkin" this ISN'T ABOUT LUKE you fuckin spacks he's totally right. Miami is bitch made. they're gonna keep welcoming Lil Wayne with open arms(and legs) even if Lil Wayne took a dump on Miami's court floor and threw a bottle at Chris Bosh's head. they(and some of y'all) don't REALIZE this is why Lil Wayne does the stuff he does. because he can get away with it. ain't Ross or Khaled gonna do shit. all it takes is a couple of Wayne features and they'll be back smoking joints together laughin it off in their rental car Maybachs. and the fans down there gon be like "oh but thats just Wayne" yet some people keep tabs of what Luke said about Ross fuck knows how long ago??? hypocritical bullshit. I'm just waitin' and see who forgets bout this shit, just waitin'

    • Anonymous

      there are multiple Heat players from Florida

    • Lil Wayne Didn't diss the people from Miami

      Only one player for The Heat is even from Florida and the owners aren't even from Florida. Lil Wayne didn't diss any schools nor neighborhoods, so you and Aunt Luke need to stop reaching, because the real recognize your fraud.

  • KIlla

    Uncle luke in the last blog was telling him to end the beef with real ass gangstas... one that will actually blast and end the beef with violence...this one he was telling them that that they should go after wayne wtf is wayne gonna do make a whiney bitch song

  • Rachett Nation

    Every person in the state of Louisiana should boycott Luther Campbell's music, videos and anything that makes him money. I remember when Luke was making hundreds of thousands of dollars doing shows in Louisiana back in the 90's. So, we shouldn't support him anymore, because he mad that a Louisiana rap label getting money in his state, like he was getting in our state 15 years ago. Also, my father is the club owner in Shreveport, LA that Luke assaulted back in the day and he can't ever come back to our city.

    • theral

      shut yo monkey ass up nigga, you don't know what the fuck you talking bout trick

    • Relax

      Luke can come back as I recall that historic ass whupping was assisted by Miami Hurricane players so there wasnt anything these fake as Shreveport thugs could do...shots fired man down.



  • anonymous

    I think what Luke said went over a lot of ya'll heads. He didn't ask Rozay or Khaled for any help. It was more like a backhanded diss to them, he knows they won't do anything.

  • Anonymous

    who asked this guy to speak? fucking nobody

  • LMAO

    "Miami Heat should be giving court-side seats to the city's true local hip-hop heroes, like Trick Daddy and Betty Wright." *HEROES* ............

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Luke's faggot ass. He's a bitch ass nigga and I would love to knock him the fuck out. Just last month he was telling Ross to chill and now he asking him to go at Wayne. This bum is probably seeking for attention. Wayne is 30yrs old and can say whatever the fuck he wants(I am not a fan), who gives a shit what he says about Miami Heats? I say FUCK MIAMI HEATS, the fuck anybody gone do about it? Fuck you Luke, u a hoe ass nigga that needs to get stomped

    • Jason

      ^^ You guys are the reason why bitch ass pussy rappers get a pass. Luke has every right to be mad because the Heat represent his city, and Wayne dissed them. Therefore, he is chin checking Ross and Khaled to see if they will ride for their city, like Luke, Trick Daddy hell even Trina. Miami has become bitch made groupies. I remember Luke chin checking Snoop. Ride for your city.

    • Anonymous

      yea you can say fuck him and you'll knock him.yet you won't even put your real name on a comment lol.internet gangster at it's (put ya name on it)

    • right?

      i was just thinkin the same thing... like didnt he just tell ross to STOP acting hard... and now he wants him to step up? sounds thirsty to me.

  • RichPeople

    *Shrugs. rich people man. ppl "spread their legs" for them so much that they think ppl actually care about them... if my family went bankrupt, would LBJ care? would wade or bosh or boshs wife care? nah fam, they wouldnt give a single fuck. neither would any of these goofball rappers who are merely the 1%s cultural pawns/jesters here to oppress our youth. fuck you luke. and fuck everyone youre concerned with. miami does not need any of you. real hip hop does not concern itself with this kind of fuckery. we're on the ground floor. mutherfuck a floor seat.

    • LMAO

      "Miami Heat should be giving court-side seats to the city's true local hip-hop heroes, like Trick Daddy and Betty Wright." *HEROES* .........

  • Fuck The South

    Oooooooh, so now Rick Ross the C.O. owns Miami??? Fuck LuKKKe,Fuke Ross, and if you from Miami, fuck you too.

    • Exmia

      I have been gone from Miami for over 20 years.I heard Lil Wayne and Baby got robbed. True? I heard some gang folks taxing Rick Ross and the real Rick Ross made him change to Rozay. True? I heard Wayne first home is now Miami and N.O. Is his second.True?

  • Anonymous

    So let me get this straight. "Fuck the Miami Heat"= "Fuck Miami the City"? Good logic there

    • Canada Eh

      True @ your "LBJ, D-wade and Bosh not even from Miami" comment! The best player in hockey FROM Winnipeg actually PLAYS for Chicago! haha (The professional league consists of teams from american and canadian cities)

    • Anonymous

      lol well in the black community it would prolly take more than that to get niggas riled up. This is no worse than what wayne said about NY. He said he didnt like that city, here he just talkin about the heat and the star players. i mean, the nigga got a crib in mia, not like he flat out said fuck miami. Shit lebron, d wade, and bosh not even from miami themselves lol Niggas gettin money they aint worried about some salty nigga sayin fuck a team lol

    • Canada Eh

      City/Team is a very fine line when it come to hockey up in canada lol. If Wayne said "fuck the Winnipeg Jets" people in winnipeg would be like, "dude dissed us." We'd have to smack a hockey puck over his head.

  • Anonymous

    This guy's a fuckin loser, mind your business faggot

  • Anonymous

    Of course Rick Ross isn't going to say anything.. if there's anyone who is faker than Wayne, it's Ross. They both suck.

  • Anonymous

    Spoken like a TRUE BOSS...

  • Pete

    Lol, reading this made my day...y'all know William ain't gone say nothing to Wayne lol. Y'all should checkout too, they usually have some good reads as well

  • Canada Eh

    I'm from Winnipeg, Canada, and if anyone ever said "fuck the Winnipeg Jets" (our hockey team), shit would get real! lol Shit, even Vancouver (also in Canada) started rioting and completely fucked up down town a couple years ago because they lost the championship.

    • 614grind

      Great point. It's not some street dude that needs to step up, its the fans! They should throw bottles at his ass next time he up at Liv gettin on stage wit his 13 year old physique.

    • Canada Eh

      That, and we get crazy when it comes to hockey. If wayne said that about a Jet, or the Jets team. It would not be tolerated

    • Anon

      yup that's because the laws out there won't lay you out without caring like they would over here for rioting

  • Anonymous

    Just sit back and watch the kids with no elder direction act out. They are the same comments who said absolutely nothing about Drake turning his back in the video and were trashing Wayne the other day, and are trashing Luke now.

    • Anonymous

      ''It's your mentality- blaming the gov't for everything- that keeps you down''

    • Anonymous

      yall some dumass niggas ' its the goverment folt' that yall dumass folt bee ur on person u dum niggas....

    • Anonymous

      It IS a society issue and understand govt and corporate are two different things. He's saying you're too busy being caught up working, sleeping, paying bills, spending money, and back to work you lose valuable time with the kids you send off to be schooled by someone else. And it is corporate driven, not govt mandated.

    • LoPhatChedda

      "this is all a result of our government and them not allowing us to raise our kids like we should" What the hell you talking about? Government not allowing you to raise your kids like you should? Take some personal responsibility since it's not the gov's job to raise your kids. If you can't teach them right from wrong, if you can't afford to raise them, if you choose to live in a crime ridden area and don't have the will power and drive to save some money and put yourself in a better area ...then don't have kids. It's your mentality- blaming the gov't for everything- that keeps you down.

    • Anon

      don't blame one person blame our states system...... when everybody's life is a business and the people on top do the same shhh what you expect. our system is failing 2013 WAKE UP! this is all a result of our government and them not allowing us to raise our kids like we should



    • Chris Etrata

      How many successful singles have you released bigshot? Luke's comments, excluding rick ross, are truer than shit. Radio stations do ignore up and coming talent in favor of dickriding Wayne. Those with balls will play other rappers. Listen to those rappers Luke mentioned and then come back to me.

  • Anonymous

    Funny man - Ross don't act gangsta, you're gonna get yourself killed! and a month later Ross, he's disrespecting your city, what are you going to do about it?

    • Anonymous

      Luke just gave Ross a chance to redeem himself, that's not a contradiction, let alone asking Ross for help. He kinda dissed Rozay and Khaled on the letter too, he knows they won't do shit.

    • Anonymous

      Luke just gave Ross a chance to redeem himself, that's not a contradiction, let alone asking Ross for help. He kinda dissed Rozay and Khaled on the letter too, because they won't do shit. Khaled is from NO anyway right?

    • He still right

      As contradictory as that is. He is still right on both counts. For one, Luke comes from an era where people had to ride and live up to the image they portrayed, and the consequences were real. (Tupac and Biggie) And he also comes from an era where people rode for their cities. Yes, Tupac and Biggie got killed, but can you even image THEM letting someone talk that way about LA, or New York? Fuck No.

  • Milehighkid303

    YOU KIDS DON'T WANNA HEAR THIS.....but in the 90's this SHIT would NOT fly.....period.....SOMEONE would feel the wrath for that fuckery.....the industry is fucked and there is all but ONE dude left in the industry that exposes fuckery like this.......

  • firehawk17

    I feel uncle Luke... People are suppose to have some loyalty to their home. let out of towners come to your backyard and treat it like their "playground" niggas need to get checked or go back to Louisiana.. Why arent they in their home state? Maybe they got some niggas on their head back home..but lil wayne need to to be checked.. have his card pulled, lets see if he as tough as he talks..

  • allihavetosayman

    Is this guy even alive. Luke can eat a big fat....

  • Luke's right kinda

    Everything this man spoke was the utter truth. Miami does need to step it up, if Wayne can pull that shit and get away with it. These young "fans" get upset whenever this is brought up, but in the 90's, he's right in saying this shit would have never flown. Remember the murders of tupac and biggie? This was back when the image you portrayed was one that you actually had to back up and be willing to ride for, otherwise your career was over. I personally don't know if Rick Ross and Khaled are the guys to set Wayne straight tho. They are both bitches. Perhaps this is also Luke's subtle way of calling them both out as well? We'll see how "305" these dudes (Ross and Khaled) really are.

  • BG

    So Luke on one hand is tellin Rick Ross to calm down wid his lifestyle n shit cuz its getting dangerous n what not ... now he tellin him to go at weezy lol

  • Anonymous

    If Ross and DJ Khaled are still breaking bread with French Montana after he filmed Khaled's mom for 50 Cent I can't see them ever sticking up for their city against Lil Wayne. Niggas got no morals, they all about the almighty dollar. Ross didn't even do nothing when 50 had his child and baby moms out in vegas at Mayweathers crib making videos clowning him. LOL

  • Luke a hater

    Luke is old and bitter, because his label (even though it was first) never had the success of the southern labels, that came after his label. "The Jewish Suge Knight" made more money from Luke Records than Luke did. Luke needs to give money back to every community and city that he made concert money off of.

  • yardie

    fcuk the heat fcuk, the thunder fcuk the knicks.... Glory glory man utd !!!

  • jhfgh

    is this a joke seriously, you got go running sticking up for basketball players, get the fuck outta ere, Wayne is a grown ass man he can say what he wants, why would ross care unless he coming at him, my homies who support different teams diss my team and WHAT? , luke turning into right attention seeking hoe

  • Anonymous

    damn first New York, now Miami, why is people letting him get away with this, he couldnt get away with this shit in LA, cause the crips and bloods already put him on the spot

  • Anonymous

    Khaled and Ross won't do or say shit to Wayne because they use his popularity to help themselves and they will not want to mess their relationship up like it or not Wayne has a lot of fans and his albums sell big numbers so people wanna be on his side to benefit them not against him

  • Haha

    The FUCK is Ross gonna do??? LMAO

  • Mariss17

    Luke who? He is so irrelevant. Merely a ploy to get exposure off wezzy.

    • Anonymous

      It's not about relevancy, It's about respect dumbass. How do you chill and record with a person that states your city can go to hell. I can put money that Ross won't tell New Orleans to go to hell and get away with it. You band monkeys need to learn something about common respect and courtesy.

    • nah

      Why do you young dick riders always get so upset when a grown man tells it like it is? Learn to face the truth and get your head out of wayne's lap

  • Anonymous

    real talk right here

  • Anonymous

    Wayne is a bitch but Luke trying so hard to be relevant wouldn't do shit Luke..You forgot to mention how you didn't step one foot out in cali for yeaaaarrrrrssss...Miss me with that bullshit..Wayne has always been an arrogant bitch though and that's because their label shells out money to keep them relevant...

  • Hip Hop please

    Go Luke, haha Wayne/Ross etc. etc. Hyped up clowns, all of them

  • Anonymous

    Im not lil wayne and I say phuxx the heat. go celts....

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