Wale Confronts NBA Commentators For Making Fun Of Him

Wale addressed NBA commentators who referred to him as a "well-known local rapper."

Wale didn't take a pair of commentator's comments lightly. While at the Washington Wizards game last night, the Maybach Music Group member heckled Toronto Raptors’ Rudy Gay, an incident that elicited a response from the player. The commentators turned their attention to the emcee, branding him as a "local rapper" and stating that "he's not Drake, that's for sure."

"A fan heckling him and supposedly, this fan is a well-known local rapper. Wall-ay. Locally, here," said one commentator. "Wale is inspiring. I'm sure somebody on Twitter could tell me if they exactly had ever heard of Wale. He's not Drake, that's for sure."

The Washington, D.C. native then left his courtside seat to confront the commentators for belittling him on the mic. While the confrontation is without audio, someone uploaded a clip of Wale addressing the commentators to YouTube.

Wale, who recently dropped off his mixtape Folarin, is currently prepping the release of either an album or mixtape titled The Album About Nothing with comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Watch the clips below (via RR).

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  • WestCoast17

    For real I'd do the same haha fuck the NBA tho shit's boring

  • Johnny Dub

    CHECK OUT SOME REAL TORONTO TALENT YALL!! soundcloud.com/johnny-dub-1

  • Fuck Maryland

    "You act like you can't cross the street from MD and be in DC. You should appreciate that Wale puts on for you clowns. He could rep VA if he wanted to...that would've actually been a smarter move." LMAO damn son you be killin them hos but anyway you D.C. niggas really should be glad Walle be repping for y'all cause besides that No One in this world finna give a fuck about you lame ass bitches

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    shit i'd be happy if I was wale and they said I was no drake lol

  • Anonymous

    The tour's been canceled, Rozay's in fear of his life, Gunplay gets caught robbing on camera, then gets his ass kicked and his chain snatched, Meek's album flops, he gets ethered by Cassidy, and Wale gets ethered by a middle-aged sportscaster. The hits just keep on comin'!

  • Anonymous

    Wale aka Olubowale Victor Akintimehin Folarin - When son brought his slave wave to the game...nobody thought he would amount to shit b. NOBODY.... And they was right. There aint one muthafucka in the industry who crowns hisself for more accomplishments that he never actually accomplished than ya boy Olubowale be doin nahmean. To be honest tho...son aint even trash like that...he jus emotionally delicate n he got the personality of a 7 year old white kid from Bel Air namsayin. If you aint never seen the nigga throw a tantrum you either dont got access to the internets or you jus dont actually kno who the fuck son is at all son. But son is mad protective over his image b. Like.. more than normal niggas usually is namsayin. This the type of dude who updates his own wikipedia page b.

  • anon

    lmfao look, it's MMG's janitor, anytime rick ross has got diarrhea this nigga gotta clean it up.

  • Anonymous

    I always said you can tell a fake nigga by the music they listen too. Jay Z, Biggie, Rick Ross. Fake. Real. Pac, Nas, Ghostface.

  • Anonymous

    Wale. The stupid person's idea of a lyrical rapper.


    That LardAss Rozay is gonna take his whole team down w/him, right now MMG lookn like the titanic hahahahaha, Yo Rozay y dont u go sign Celine Dion!!! lol


    LMFAO!!!! He deffinately aint Drake, Wale think just cause he signd to Officer Ricky and he part of the MMG Correctional Officers Crew that the whole world kno him...Wale u aight, shoulda signd w/a better label....Meek better than Wale Fasho

  • yourdad

    wow, some of these rappers will do anything for attention... and way too sensitive. So what Wal-E, so what if a middle aged white man never heard of you? Most have not heard of you bro, relax.. enjoy the game. Black people need to do better, man..

  • anonymous

    wale is a bitch his girl is ugly lmao http://bit.ly/1567gfo

  • Anonymous

    these rappers are too sensitive

  • Anonymous

    Ha! They were ignoring that nigga! LMAO! He's throwing a tantrum just like a bitch! How can you respect this clown? Well I guess if you're a bitch ass you can relate to this... LMAO

  • datnigga

    Hip-Hop is looking great right now. Lables like TDE & GOOD are thriving and blossoming while labels like MMG & YMCMB are slowly sinking. Drake, stick to your OVO label. How many times are you supposed to stand by Wayne while he keeps making his team look bad?

  • Anonymous

    If Wale don't stand up for himself, nobody will. Any one of you would do the same thing if somebody was dismissing you as just some local joke, or a wanna be.

  • ayo

    LMAO wale dont look so cocky now... the dudes with the biggest egos really be fragile when it come down to it

  • arkitekt

    Who is the next MMG member to make themselves look stupid? This group is for suckas, and if you like them, you probably a sucka nigga too.

  • Anonymous

    i use to be a fan of wale before the mmg deal i even liked his ambition album but wale getting soft and too much mainstream.hope emilio rojas dont end up ever signing to mmg all their artists are gettin fucked. the only 2 not getting wreck is stalley nd omarion

  • John Blaze

    How Is It A Mixtape Or Album When The Title Is "The ALBUM About Nothing".....Plus The Fact That "The MIXTAPE About Nothing" Came Out In 2008? Cmon DX.....

    • Will D

      Its a reference to Seinfield dumbass and was highly successful, Also Wale is dropping an album called Nothing working with Jerry Seinfield himself, do everyone a favor and dont open your mouth if you dont know shit



    • Anonymous

      @anonymous thats a shameless and deliberate distortion of the incident. the guy was clearly being disrespectful and condescending. you like a tmz ass nigga

    • BLACK


    • Anonymous

      that wale thinks hes more famous than he really is. he got emotional cause some white basketball announcer didnt know who he was and said he's no drake, which is true.


    Wale not really soft for this sometimes you got to address people on certain situation dude cross the line calling him a local rapper and talk about he not drake i mean come on kind of pushing it there and before you speak do your research bout me

    • Clownnnn

      Really dude? That required him to protect his manhood? What about when Cas said he'd go at the rest of MMG after meek? I didn't hear him then.

  • Truth

    Wale is a sucka! His Ego got butt hurt. What a low life

  • Chico

    A coward dies a thousand deaths.

  • Dad

    Wale got so much street cred for that move

  • hah

    you always know when a guy pussy.. he wont say shit to the tall, semi strong black nba player who can prob brawl (or atleast better than the announcers) but hell go up 2 the short, soft white announcers and act hard... thats how u can always tell someone pussy when they try 2 stunt on soft white people but act bitchmade when a black dude step 2 him.. SOFT. hes perfect for mmg, between him, officer ricky and weak mill... they got the softest group in america in history

    • lex

      you all look stupid as fuck. wale and Rudy are friends. all your arguments are irrelevant. hate hate hate

    • Tom

      You racist prick. Because he's white he has to be soft? And because he's black he's hard? GTFOH. He didn't step to the black guy because the black guy probably had a gun and would shoot him for his Jordans.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn't even sweat them dudes if I was Wale, especially when he obviously makes more bank than them. They can stick to the smart ass comments. We're getting money over here.

    • Niggaz

      Niggaz think that if they dickride their favore artist and always bring up how much $$$ they got, that they will get $$ and be as successful as them. Str8 up HOEZ

    • LOL

      LOL @ANON 1. "We're getting money over here"???? LOL i didnt know you were Wales manager or producer!!! lolololol what a dickriding stan

    • Anonymous

      did you miss the part where he was sitting courtside heckling the players? so he can heckle nba players but the announcers cant heckle him back because he makes more money than them? HES A BITCH STRAIGHT UP

  • Ken Riley Jr

    Wale is SO BITCHMADE!!! Im a fan of his music, but he continually does shyt like this that makes him look like a damn LAME!!... THis reminds me of the time when he called up a radio station talking all crazy like he was gonna run up on somebody.... Everyone knows that nigga aint built like that. He needs to sit the fuck down, and make music.... stop trying to be "That nigga". www.kenrileyjr.com Check me out...

  • Anonymous

    Wale only beefs with old white guys on national TV who are too busy to acknowledge him let alone fight his weak ass

  • Bravo

    Lol shut up dude below me. You acting like you know dudes life story.

  • Hip-Hop Purist

    Clearly wasn't paying him any mind, because they kept commentating. #BeBiggerThan

  • DMV

    He's no Drake, because he isn't some lame cat pretending to be something he isn't. Drake is a canadian actor from the show degrassi high. Get the fuck out of here if you still riding on drakes dick. Common bodied him, and Wale is MUCH MUCH more important to Hip Hop than Drake ever will be. You young money fools are what's wrong with Hip Hop. Kill yourselves.

    • Anonymous

      Stop fooling yourself. Wale is Drake with dreads. Both are fake ass rappers who are wack as fuck. Matt Devlin was correct when he said Wale is no Drake, Drake is obviously more well known and popular.

  • J

    LMAO thats hilarious. He's just mad because his name is no longer buzzing.

  • Anonymous

    when people were makin fun of the rick ross shooting on twitter this nigga said he had to block and unfriend a bunch of people! LOL!

  • Anthonymous

    Probably the most pathetic thing I've seen in a while. Heckles a player like he's a big shot Gets dismissed as a nobody by the announcers and acts like a diva. As if the announcers should know who is he. Nobody at a basketball game gives a f**k who any rapper is, the same way no one at a rap concert gives a f**k who any basketball player is. Stay in your lane and quit acting like a child He is nobody, who is he to be heckling anyone, if someone did that at his show he'd get them kicked out. The guy is a loser

  • Sety

    lol.. Wale = "I get no Respect"

  • Babaaaaaaay!

    He ain't no Ja Rule, that's fo sho. That boy Ja, he a internationally recognized star.........Babaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  • NateW

    understood. don't wanna be taken the wrong way.

  • Anonymous

    wyclef john lookin boy. Will-i-am in the face lookin ass boy. wale sucks!!

  • seriouslytho

    who the fuck is wale? or what the fuck is a wale?

  • Anonymous

    hes a local rap - dead Wall-lay - dead Hes not drake thats for sure - dead

  • A-Wall

    You are not from "Washington, D.C" you are from montgomery county, MD. the #1 school district in the country. Yeah you went to VA State but stop claiming DC, bc the real DC Heads know you aint from there. This comin from SE Good Hope Rd who know you. You fit in with Rick Ross though....LOL. Be you

    • dumb dumbs

      You act like you can't cross the street from MD and be in DC. You should appreciate that Wale puts on for you clowns. He could rep VA if he wanted to...that would've actually been a smarter move.

    • lol

      never seen someone so mad for another person putting their city on. 2pac was from baltimore, but he repped LA. ijs. yall be over analyzing the wrong things.

    • A

      Thanks for that. Always funny to hear how much of these entertainers backstory is BS. Never been a fan of Wale music....just can't get into it. However, I do he would be alot better without riding Ross's coattails

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