Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 2/17/2013

Gucci Mane manages to lodge his mixtape on the charts, while A$AP Rocky continues to sell strong.

After getting off to a strong start with his third straight-to-retail album No Love Lost, Joe Budden slips on the charts this week, sliding down considerably but still managing to move product. A month past dropping his studio debut LongLiveA$AP, A$AP Rocky has the highest-charting Hip Hop release of the week, and even though his sales are stronger than last week, he charts lower than before. Even so, this puts him ahead of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis with their independent debut The Heist, which drops further down but maintains sales numbers thanks to the success of their continuously No. 1 record "Thrift Shop."

While the charts stayed relatively static in terms of Hip Hop releases in the top 200, Gucci Mane becomes the sole rapper to lodge a new record on the chart. This week, his latest mixtape Trap God 2 managed to scan enough copies to find a place at the chart, even if it's at the bottom.

Check below to see who had the strongest week on the charts.

A$AP Rocky's Reign Ain't Short Like Leprechauns

That A$AP Rocky reign just won't let up. The rapper had a supreme debut with LongLiveA$AP last month, making a grand entry at the top of the charts. It's been a steady decline in terms of chart placement since, but sales have maintained on account of his climbing single and growing presence. The feat comes after years of making his name on the mixtape circuit, releasing his breakout project Live.Love.A$AP several years back. Because of his leg work, the first-week sales of LongLiveA$AP were mighty healthy, moving 140,000 copies sold and beating out Kidz Bop 23 by 58,000 units.

In the past few weeks, the LP went from No. 1 to 7, followed by 13 and 24. Now, the album is at a low point on the chart, holding court at No. 26. It's a relatively good place to be, considering that he actually went up in sales - from 20,000 to 24,000 - bringing his overal cume to 245,000 copies. That puts him ahead of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' The Heist, which maintains steady ground shortly behind him at No. 33. Rocky is still selling namely because of his gold-certified single "Fuckin' Problems," which features guest appearances from DrakeKendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz, that has continued to soar up the singles chart.

Gucci Mane Creeps Onto The Chart With Trap God 2

It's bizarre to think that Gucci Mane could lodge a mixtape on the chart when it was released for free, but the Southern rapper moves in mysterious ways. Last week, Gooch unleashed his new street project Trap God 2, which featured Wiz Khalifa, Young Thug, Waka Flocka FlameLil WayneLloydVerse Simmonds and more. The mixtape moved 2,900 copies, meaning that it must have been serviced to either physical or digital retail in some format. While he has cause to celebrate, he ended up beefing last week with A$AP Ferg over the "Trap God" title, taking to Twitter to put the rapper on blast by telling him to "get off my dick."

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 2/17/2013

#26. A$AP Rocky - Long.Live.A$AP - 24,000 (245,000)

#33. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - The Heist - 21,000 (357,000)

#35. Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city - 18,000 (731,000)

#46. T.I. - Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head - 15,000 (389,000)

#56. Joe Budden - No Love Lost - 11,000 (41,000)

#61. 2 Chainz - Based On A T.R.U. Story - 9,900 (543,000)

#64. Wiz Khalifa - O.N.F.I.C. - 8,900 (323,000)

#80. Chief Keef - Finally Rich - 6,400 (129,000)

#93. Game - Jesus Piece - 5,400 (197,000)

#182. Gucci Mane - Trap God 2 - 2,900 (2,900)

* data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousandth for units above 10,000, nearest hundredth for units below 10,000. Each week, HipHopDX presents top albums in Hip Hop/related, and five notables.

How will Inspectah Deck and 7L & Esoteric fare next week with Czarface? Check back on HipHopDX.

Last Week's Album Sales.

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  • Anonymous

    "I like how you bash Kendrick for not being platinum, yet you defend Officer Ricky" Get a new one liner, half a man. That Officer Ricky stuff wasn't funny the first hundred times. You sound like your diaper is wet. Be a man (if u can), go change, then come back when a simple post doesn't make you burst into tears.

  • Anonymous

    u dumb niggas talkin about winning...u know whos winning ?? let me tell u whos winning....guys like Tech N9ne,guys like Jay Z,guyz like Eminem who have their own shit put together...these garbage rappers like Ross and Wayne spend more money on publicity and paying radios,MTV,BET for rotation than they actualy make...at the end of the day they will see a fraction of the money they made...

  • Anonymous

    "Nobody's taking about William" You've been posting mad shit for months about Ross never having gone platinum, yet now you say if Kendrick never goes platinum it's ok. You're a fucking retard whether these fools go gold or wood, but it's still in my nature to call you out for backpedaling like a clueless bitch.

    • ^

      Damn. You just won't shut the fuck up. The only fucking retard here is you, bitch-ass quote-man. How would you know who's talking about Ross. There's many Anonymouses and any of them could be talking about him. I like how you bash Kendrick for not being platinum, yet you defend Officer Ricky. Is Ricky your lover, quote-man? Do the whole world a favor and shut up.


    DAMMN nicki is still the best selling hip hop album of this year and last year?

  • Anonymous

    "He's still winning whether he goes platinum or not" Your backpedaling, cause if we now use that logic then Ross has been winning for years.

    • Anonymous

      You're a fucking retard. Nobody's taking about William. That nigga's a fraud taking Ls. Your excuses won't erase Kendrick's accomplishments, you hating ass nigga. Kill yourself.


    How dare you not have my album up there? PINK FRIDAY: ROMAN RELOADED is at #126 selling 4,494 copies (816,304 copies total). Look out for my new video for High School coming soon.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    "the description to each of these hip hop weekly sales should be; 'Kendrick keeps winning'!!!!" A better description would be, 'He hasn't gone platinum yet... Stop wetting the bed as if he has'

    • Anonymous

      He will be, though. Looking at his steady numbers, he'll be platinum in a few months. What's your problem with Kendrick's success? He's still winning whether he goes platinum or not. Hating ass bitter nigga.

  • Anonymous

    the description to each of these hip hop weekly sales should be; 'Kendrick keeps winning'!!!!

  • Anonymous

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  • Chicken Go 4 30

    Anon has a point that minorites dont wanna buy shit but i doubt white people are buying ti's trouble man. tbh i don't know whos buying that. But shit like chief keef his mixtapes sound the same as his lp this is the only way to really hear kendrick

  • Eye Control

    Anybody know where the Slaughterhouse sales are at? It should definitely be platinum by now, especially with the Eminem features. And when is Yellow Wolf dropping his debut? Is dude even a part of Slaughterhouse anymore? Anyways, I didn't even know Gucci dropped an album, what a flop. The only good southern rapper that's selling right now is Asap Rocky. All aside, very solid numbers. I just can't get into Macklemore. I heard he was transgendered, Uncle Luke should expose him.

  • Real Hip-Hop

    If you listen to Tupac, Eminem, Nas, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Black Thought, Macklemore, Atmosphere, Murs, Common, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Lupe Fiasco or Mos Def.... You have mental issues and are into men. Real Artists who care about society and can change include K-Rino, Canibus, Vinnie Paz, Celph Titled, Lowkey, Immortal Technique, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and this best rapper of all-time.... HOPSIN! Tufag made songs about weed alcohol and racist songs while Eminem is a drug abuse and approves of beating p women physically. Hopsin is the true savior of Hip-Hop

  • Anonymous

    All failures minus Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz! White people are buying those albums which is why they're doing good! Minorities don't support shit! They want everything for free. They kill everything they are part of. They'll buy a Molly for $10 but cry about spending $10 an an album... LMAO. Hip Hop is the only genre not selling. Don't believe me... Check the numbers for the other genres. Taylor Swift is at about 3 million right now and her album hasn't been out for more then 2 months. Adel is already at 10 million copies sold! SMH! The biggest bums will make the mosrt excuses about Hip Hop being boring or a bunch of other bullshit but yet they're listing to Hip Hop EVERYDAY! LMAO... At least support the artists you do like instead of hating on the ones you don't. If people did that Hip Hop would be doing much better. Hip Hop is like a bodega in the hood. Bum ass niggas would rather steal, ask for credit or come short then pay full price! SMFH

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn't consider T.I. a failure, he's selling for good for a veteran rapper that doesn't make Hip-Pop

    • Anonymous

      T.I. is still one of the best selling artists right now & his album is selling better than MOST

    • Anonymous

      Oh shut up, I don't know how many playlists I've gotten from bummy ass white kids who have discographies on their fucken iPads and iPhones and didn't buy one of those fucken albums. I'm a minority and though this may not be much to your pathetic hypocrisy if you are white? But I have Nas, The Roots, MF DOOM, GDKMC in my car and am anticipating another hard highly acclaimed album to bump. If you're white and you're trying to sell this shit like white people are the exception to pirating or not buying albums then you're either full of shit or in some racial denial.

    • Anonymous

      you sound like an angry self hating black man projecting his demons. hip hop is the only genre not selling was that a serious comment? last time i checked the entire music industry as a whole isnt selling as much as it used to 10 years ago. you name adele and taylor swift... you name 2 of the biggest artists in an industry of hundreds and act like that means only rappers arent selling. yet eminem a RAPPER is the best selling artist of the last 10 years, lil wayne had the 2nd highest selling opening week in his last album. Drake is outselling 90% of the industry. you completely distort facts and leave out key information and statistics to falsely demonize hip hop. the exact same false justification with which racist white people act like black people are the only ones committing crimes, even though statistically the last 4 mass shootings were committed by white people. whether you are black or white you are a racist. i hope you are white otherwise you a one pathetic coon

    • Anonymous

      ^^^Great Point! Hip Hop artists are the only dumb asses giving away free music ALL THE TIME! Then when they do put something for sale the ingrate fans don't even support after getting a bunch of free mixtapes given to them. SMFH! Those Artists like Taylor Swift in other music genres don't put shit out for free and their fans buy their music! LoL... Everybody is trying to do what 50 Cent did with the mixtapes and NO ONE has even come close to his success. Most Rap artists are dick riders and the majority of the fans are leaches. If you can't afford to spend $10 to $12 on an artist music that you do like then you're worst then the people hating on those artists. When the Bum ass fans start supporting Hip Hop again then maybe we'll get some better music!

    • Chris

      How do you consider T.I. a failure? I mean according to his past album sales, yes I guess you could say that...but let's be real, the dude has no hit records spinning on the radio and has had minimal promotion from Atlantic all together...the album will go Gold. The amount that T.I./Atlantic spent to produce Trouble Man versus the revenue it has generated = a strong net profit. I don't know that can be spun into disappointing...Plus with the results off of this album, he is now shopping Grand Hu$tle for $75 million...

    • Kizman

      co-sign. the mixtape game and the internet killed hiphop

    • d-nucks

      its not just that.....hip hop artist HAVE diminished the value of their products BY RELEASING SO MUCH FREE MATERIAL. Realease album worthy material and call them MIXTAPES. How many country or pop music do you see being realeased for free? NONE....TAYLOR SWIFT AIN'T GOT NO MIXTAPE

  • Anonymous

    "Kendrick Lamar is going platinum!!!!!!!!!" He must be taking the scenic route.

  • Anonymous

    hip hop is all fucked up. nothing new. boring as hell. repetitive. aint shit selling... I cant fuck wit it no more g.

  • Anonymous

    joe budden should have done better numbers

  • tha OG

    Kendrick Lamar is going platinum!!!!!!!!!

  • wouzi

    congrats to my nigga macklemore for getting that indie money. wiz t.i,game and meek flopped real bad

  • jerryc

    seriously, that jesus piece album is very good. I put it in again yesterday, and it is still banging. GKMC just kinda bores me now, although I obviously respsect the lyricist that Kendrick is. JEsus piece, if you havent heard it, deserves a listen

  • 50 Cent is in denial

    50 Cents keeps delaying his album and talking about Interscope changing staff, because he wants to make excuses in advance, for when his next album flops. Kendrick is about to go platinum, so he can't say Interscope can't produce a platinum African American rapper.

  • krispy


  • brollya

    in a minute joe budden go past gayme

  • Its Um

    Game hasn't release a new video from his Jesus peace album, that I remember is lame and from the extended version of Jesus Peace. Sunday Service sounds better than the album.

  • Chi-Ill

    Gucci had an album out?! Hahahahahahaha If Chief keep doing doing 6k a week, I guess he wont get drop and reach that 250k mountain he be trying to climb hahahahaaha Game, hahahahahaha no comment Kendrick, Don't slow down playa! Hit that milli!

    • Anonymous

      last week you someone was claiming he sold 283 000 worldwide, but no one can show any proof...now its 200k, yeah right. theres no way he sold 70k outside of the USA and over seas. no one fucks with him like that.

    • Chi-Ill

      I don't see where my negativity toward chief is for you to call me lame....

    • Anonymous

      Chief Keep has already sold 200,000 copies worldwide and that's the numbers the label looks at. You lames probably think that movies and albums, by American artists only come out over here lol.

  • Anonymous

    "The feat comes after years of making his name on the mixtape circuit, releasing his breakout project Live.Love.A$AP several years back." LOL Oct 2011 wasn't even 2 years ago, hell not even a year and a half. that hardly counts as "serveral years back". steven horowitz is great a bullshitting his way through articles and printing so called facts that are just not true.

  • Anonymous

    Im From Poland (Europe) and i gotta tell you, that the hip-hop sales are sometimes higher there for the local artists, even though the country is approximately 10 times smaller.

  • Anonymous

    Game selling steady....before y'all hate, he's only got out 1 single


    Props to THE GAME..staying consitant at 5k a week..with no Tour or second single..classics sell themselves..congrats to a established artist selling 200k with no push from the label..HATERS LETS HEAR THE HATE...comment below..as ussual

    • Anonymous

      oh yeah cause janet jackson samples is what really sells records these days. maybe game should have got a janet jackson sample too and sold an extra 500k


      RESPECT to everyone giving they opinion in a civilized manner...just tryign to say his #s are impressive considering the limits (industry politics, downloading, no tour, no label support, excetera..)#s arent great...but impressive, tahts all i Be tryign to say..also I like to support artist that actually care about the music they put out

    • reality

      kendrick has an appearance 2 videos actually and an expensive janet jackson sample.

    • THA LIES

      THA TRUTH posts this exact stuff every week! I can't wait for another week or two when Game falls right off the charts completely! A second single or a two ain't boosting his sales like you think.

    • Tumi

      @Tha Truth dude you say the same thing weekly. I don't know if you are trying to convince yourself or you are game's PR manager. be honest and admit that Game has flopped, who knows maybe sales will pick up once again. Before you say that I'm a hater, I have the album just that maybe people want to hear Game carry an album, not his features because it sounds like a compilation cd rather than his LP.

    • Optimus Rhyme

      every week "Tha Truth" is in here defending Game's pitiful numbers. This album been out for months and hasn't even crossed 200K yet. The album flopped. 25 of the biggest names in the industry = less than 200K after two months is a flop, dawg. It's no big deal. It happens to the best. Forget all these lame excuses. By the time Game decides to drop a next single or tour, no one is gonna give a fuck! He's taking too long. Hip hop fans are very fickle and move on very quickly. Be real about this. If Game viewed the album as a success he wouldn't be out here begging for a G-Unit reunion. A week before the album dropped it was "fuck G-Unit". Now it's "Oh, why can we reunite and be friends again". The guy is desperate. If he knows the album is selling poorly, you should too.

    • brollya

      it dont matter if he aint get the promotion he did... he is the gayme so he should be able to sell kendrick lamar numbers without a doubt... he cant even get past nas album... so that should tel u aint nobody fuckin wit dude no more...

    • Holla

      Offcourse it is brollya, do you remember the hype around Kendrick Lamar? I definitly do, he was hailed as he was better than every fucking thing we've ever heard. The dude dropped a classic with hype and sold 700k, Game had almost no hype on this, made an album that's slightly weaker and still sold 200k

    • brollya

      u forgot kendrick only got one video out called "swimming pools" dats a legit single and look at his numbers..... so that is no excuse...

    • Greg

      This n*gga career is dead, album flopped, case closed. Stfu and stop tryin' to skew this in some other way besides failure.

  • Eric

    I thought T.I. And Wiz would of sold more then that....Y'all should checkout www.thegrandreport.com too, they usually have some good reads as well

  • Anonymous

    people dont buy hip hop albums now because the music is not very good and artists put out way to much free music and over saturate the market Wayne Drake Em etc put out hardly any music so when they put out a album people get excited and want to buy it

  • Anonymous

    lol Gucci even doin some numbers with a free mixtape

  • anon

    Horowitz, are you aware that most devices have spellcheck these days? Use it.

  • Calvin

    T.I. deserves To Be Higher I Mean Asap ROCKY is Wack

  • piracy or not

    It is not piracy that is doing this. Dudes just don't put out good music or have enough fan base. Every time Eminem puts out an album it goes plat within less than a month.

  • Kyle

    If The Heist goes gold then hip hop will officially be dead. Seems nowadays that if you're a white rapper you'll automatically get more hype than if you're black.

    • JW

      Thats ridiculous. Macklemore didnt even sell 100k first week. His sales are rising due to having the #1 song in the country. Race has nothing to do with that. He also doesnt even have hype. The guy's hard work is just finally paying off.

    • boss

      dumbfuck mackelmore has been around for a decade, if he's getting famous just cuz he's white and not becuz of talent than why did it take this long? the heist is great and mackelmore is an underground inspiration. he's not even signed to a major label.

    • A

      Sorta agree. IMO...it seems like the reason white rappers have some success is because they are upfront and honest about their past and present. Plus, it doesn't hurt when the label believes that you're a safe bet. Instead of a Chief Keef. It's obvious african american rappers have more success overall. However, some of these other rappers are clowns and people see right through that. I.E. Gucci, Ross, etc.

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