Meek Mill Talks Possibility Of Rick Ross & 50 Cent Ending Beef

Meek Mill says that "if I could, I would" put an end to the beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross.

50 Cent and Rick Ross have had a storied beef that's gone on for years, most recently flaring up at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards after Fif's crew had an altercation with Maybach Music Group's Gunplay.

During an interview with Shade 45's "Sway in the Morning," Meek Mill said that he would put an end to the problems between Fif and his MMG boss, stating that he's known the G-Unit general longer than he has Ross and that he doesn't want to end up in the middle of their issues.

"What they got goin' on, they grown men. It's been going on for a long time. If I could, I would," he said. "I knew 50 before I ever even signed with Ross. When I signed with Ross, I couldn't just act like I don't like 50 at all. That would be fake of me. If I could, I would. I don't like seeing nobody I know go through anything. I don't want to be in the middle one day and gotta choose sides or anything like that."

The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania rapper said that if Ross and 50 encountered each other in person and he was present, he would try to mend fences between them. "I had plans on doing that. If I ever see them around each other, if I'm around, there ain't gonna be no fighting or nothing like that," he said.

Most recently, 50 Cent reportedly wore Gunplay's MMG chain in the video for "Major Distribution." When HipHopDX asked Gunplay for his thoughts on the clip, he replied, "No comment."

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  • Anonymous

    man 50 dont need the police on a track to make it hot

  • Rick Ross

    Yeah, that's right...

  • Anonymous

    "but a quick web search will say that this is untrue" A quick Google search in fact shows nothing current from G Unit. The very first thing you read is from 2008 lol Now I realize my endless stream of knowledge and no nonsense fact reporting scares the holy hell out of you. That's fine. What's not fine is this "net rage" you so openly demonstrate, and this bizarre fascination you have with thinking I'm old. I can dismiss alot of things, Cassidy's career included, but when you routinely make a fool out of yourself but still puff your chest out like you run the village, then I have to put the smack down. Ike style.

  • mr steal yo girl


  • mr steal yo girl

    first thing first u guyz dnt kno nythin bout hiphop. ok rick ross is one of the best rappers thts out right now,but rick need to stop sayin tht B.S bout 50, nd 50 need to stop to, meek millz is in mmg for now nd wat he is tryna say is THE MMG ND GUNIT BEEF IS GETTING TO WILD NOW BCUZ OF THE DRIVE BY AND CUZ OF WAT HAPPENED IN 2009 and INCLUDING GUNPLAY. So meek is goin to put a end to this shit, nd i dnt blame him, rick ross has lots fans but 50 has more money nd way more fans put together this nigga probably shits on gold for Pete sake, this is my opinion on who is a better rapper nd who has more money BETTER RAPPER:50 CENT MORE MONEY:50 CENT THE WHOLD GOD DAMM ANSWER IS 50 CENT NOBODY HAS MORE MONEY THAN 50 CENT BUT JAY Z ND DATS IT RICK ROSS NEEDS TO CHILL ND STOP TRYNA B THE NEXT BIGGIE CUZ PPL STILL JOKE ON U ND STILL DONT LIKE UR MUSIC, LIKE FOR AN EXAMPLE INSTEAD OF THESE NIGGAS TRYNA HOLD ME BCK, ITS THESE NIGGAS TRYNA EAT MY SNACKS, ND INSTEAD OF MMG MY FRIENDS CALL IT MMF BUT IM LIKE ITS FUNNY BUT MEEK ND WALE ND OMARION IS IN THT ND THEM NIGGAS WILL ROC UR SHIT JUS SAYIN, U MAYBE SELL UR MIXTAPES BUT MEEK MILLZ WILL JUST SHIT ON U LITERALLY. SO WHO EVER SAYS RICK ROSS SUCKS AND 50 CENT IS WAY BETTER. THEY'RE BASICALLY THE SAME U JUS HAVENT SEEN IT YET.

  • Anonymous


  • G Unit

    To the dude that says Ross music is better than 50 you surely are drunk. Ross cant even sell a platinum to save his life. Same beats on every album or mixtape he releases. You are so stupid bro and just shut up coz u dont know what to say

  • Anonymous

    To be honest with you, I dont believe anything musicians say, I just listen to music to relief stress, could it be a love song, gangster song or dance song. Rick Ross makes good music, thats all I care about. 50 Cent used to make good music, thats why I used to listen to him. What both niggers eat, who they fuck, the cars they drive,.. etc. hating or loving them will never benefit me or you with shit. All I know is that as a Hip-hop fan if you drop a hip-hop record Imma buy it. word

  • Anonymous

    yeah 50 and ross are both fake but 50 cant make his 2005 music anymore he boring as fuck now, ross to me is fresh in comparison. 50's time is up i like that dreams and nightmares though

  • Anonymous

    Meek gon end up like young buck if he carries on like this

  • Nick T

    50 worked with the feds and is a CERTIFIED SNITCH (ghetto quran song, the hit factory inicident, the restraining order,etc) i dont like ross , but at least he got respect from the BMF #MMG!

  • GGG Unit realest

    50's bn to jail & gat shot 9 times, Lloyd Banks gat shot 2 times, Tony Yayo gat jailed & was really in the italian. Now let's count it pls... 50 Cent & G-Unit murdered - 1. Ja rule & Murder inc., 2. Fat Joe 3. Jadakiss, 4. Camron, 5. Game, 6. Nas... etc. Now it's Rick Ross & MMG

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support

  • Officer Date Rape!

    Last Ross verse I listened to he rapped about putting molly in girls drinks without them knowing and then taking them home and having sex with them without them knowing!! WTF IS THAT? So now it's cool to rap about date raping girls? I guess thats how fatties get laid??

    • Anonymous

      that makes no sense. i could have 100k in the bank and still be in crazy debt. that dont mean i have a net worth of 1 million dollars. go back to school.

    • fuck biggie

      biggie just got laid because he had a lot of money you dick head...look at every fat dude who has more than $100 000 in the bank, dudes getting bitches... $100 000 in the bank means a net worth of more than 1 million by the way unless you are a crack dealer or something

    • Kizman

      @anon, he said "I guess thats how fatties get laid??" . and i clearly stated Big had smashed AT LEAST 3 women in his lifetime even though he was fat as ross

    • Anonymous

      so why he rapping about date raping girls? why does he slip molly in their drinks without them knowing it so he can take them home and enjoy them without them knowing it?

    • Kizman

      Biggie was fat, yet he smashed faith, lil kim and his babys mama. stop creating double standards, fool!

  • Lilworm

    it just fathoms me that ross gets so much hate, the music he makes is great. fans hate ross because of his character?! what is this wwe?? lol anyway... ross released 5 jk..5 SOLID albums while 50's mixtapes get lost in the wind. Dude is known more for his headlines than his music.

    • Anonymous

      Lol solid? I havent heard a solid rick ross verse let alone a solid album. I hate him because he has no versatility and always talks about the same shit, money cars food strip clubs weed and selling coke. His flow is absolutely terrible and to me seems like he says uhhhh only when hes out of breathe. He also steals soo much shit from other artists. I bet yall think hes the first to bring up rozay...nope jay z been talking that since early 00s.

    • ^

      Yeah, he's a beast when he's eating chicken wings. Ross is weak lyrically and his music sounds the same, shitty gangster music. Fuck the dickriders.

    • Anonymous

      rick ross is a beast niggas just jealous ,. his beat selection is crazy and his lyrical word play is nice

    • MBTM

      @anon, yet 50 was EXPOSED and ETHERED by nas and jadakiss, remember? i dont like ross , but i'm stating facts

    • Anonymous

      Dude All Rappers Lie. Do You Live In Make Believe World Where Roberto De Niro Really Is A Gangsta? You Can't Front On The Music

    • Anonymous

      he will always be hated because he is a liar and a fraud. nothing he says is true. he even denied knowing who freeway ricky ross was and he stole that niggas name and beard!

  • MBTM

    i believe that some 50 fans are really insecure about rozay. every article on fif i see, someones always sayin fuk mmg, ggggg-unit. i think they cant handle/understand the fact that ross actually brushed aside the beef with 50. when ross dropped mafia music , 50 was doin the pimpin curly, baby mamas sextape shit and other irrelevant shit. coz 50 actually ENDED ja rules career and 50 couldnt end rozay and his stan-base cant fathom this. honestly , we all g unit is dead (banks is indie, yayo is irrelevant, buck in jail and game doin his own thang) but mmg mainly have meek, ross and wale holdin them together

    • GGGG Unit 4eva

      Wouldn't expect less from faggots & fake people than to support Rick Ross fake life... Now they wanna squash it, no 50 ain't squashing shit...& get it dude, Rick Ross has no Legendary Album nor Status, all he has is smashing singles supported by promo. 50's last album still ended up selling more dan Ross, Lloyd Banks last album was realer & respected than Ross... 50's My Life is currently a crossover hit, all his mixtapes are well received... Ross is just gonna die stupidly thinking he'll be Biggie, but surely he will not be missed.

    • Anonymous

      MBTM dropped a seriously biased comment. What's missing is the Triple C diss (Gang Related), the G Unit responses (I'll Be The Shooter, Officer Down, Tia Told Me, Yayo's Haitian Jack phone call), Ross' "promotional" DTR snippets (a quick 50 reference), the Gunplay hotel video, Ross eating a plastic face of himself, Ross driving the Major Deegan Expressway, filming a video in a NYC subway stop. A lot of information to leave out, sir. An unbiased mind will notate that although Ross is still releasing music, his "name" is damaged beyond repair. Ross instigated this and was a knowing participant all along, it was HIS quest for attention. What you are seeing is the result of it not being genuine. You don't have to choose sides to know facts.

    • Anonymous

      same goes for every rick ross article though. you got these Ross fans coming calling 50 a snitch and saying he cant get a release date. it goes both ways, Ross fans are just as insecure and they will defend that nigga even after he been exposed.

  • Anonymous

    Quote-Man, just yesterday you were saying what Cassidy did years ago means nothing, but today you're tallying up Ross' worldwide sales for his career (he didn't sell that amount off of "God Forgives, I Don't"). Today, Mr-know-it-all says: "There is no more G Unit you retarded stooge." ^ but a quick web search will say that this is untrue (btw a young one wouldn't use "stooge" like an older one would who remembers The 3 Stooges) "You probably flunked out of Community College that year, and spent the rest of your days smoking weed and masturbating to The Source." ^ a subliminal Caucasian tactic ("I'm better than you") He is an adult (his example of 19, community college and the Source places him a specific time period that was YEARS ago), trying WAY too hard to be cool (Meg Griffin) AND a snob to a bunch of teenagers and offers them nothing to realistically ponder, yet when he's questioned by adults he responds with childish innuendo and covert bigotry. These dysfunctions are akin to pedophiles and "ticking time bombs" in our society seeking control and validation.

  • The Game

    ross mightve been a CO, but 50 was a SNITCH!!!!!!!! #GAME

  • 101

    It was 50 who sent men to shoot ross & tellin them to miss on purpose,just to show who's the real O.G and knowing rozay he ain't gonnaj ust forgive and forget. He gona sen more men to kill 50 , no matter what meek does it ain't gonna help. Thiz 2 niggs ain't gonna stop fightin until som1 dies fo real

  • Anonymous

    rick ross has better albums than 50 period thats all that has to be said this is a music site not a soap opra

  • Gunplay's Chain

    I bet Ross would actually end the beef with 50 because he could use the publicity and a boost in his weak sales. Whereas 50 would never do that shit cause he's a real ruthless nigga from the hood with morals and principles and he don't do punk ass shit like that and he already got his money right. Just look at DJ Khaled and Ross still recording with French Montana and promoting him after that snake shit he pulled with Khaled's momma. Bitch Nigga Shit.

  • Art Brooks

    Those who are weak cannot preach of peace. U're shook Meek Mill. U still got Casssidy's shoe stuck in your ass. U started this whole talk of battling Casss, but U ran away and hid your head in the ground later saying U didn't want to battle son. Now U talkin' about U would end Fiddy's and RR's beef if U could? Shut the fuck up buster-ass punk

  • Anonymous

    Rap is for damn retards that like hearing about boys cry about who like them and who doesn't. Grow up!

  • Anonymous

    This nigga "gz-up-hoes-down" likes 50's dick up in his ass while he's bending down

  • officerricky

    Fifty already has two parasites sucking on to him. I mean Banks was an earner back in the day, but now homie aint sold shyt. Ross is fat and broke No peace deals with that dude.

  • Ricky Rozay

    "well 50 has had about 6 or 7 mixtapes for the last 3 yrs all fires!!" Nigga youz dumb. The reason why 50 got tons of mixtapes cuz his bitchass cant get any album released cuz every track he release is straight ass. Ross chooses when he releases his shit and niggas flock to that shit. Only niggas that hate on Ross are u faggots on this site that cant get over the fact that the nigga had a job at 19 while yall sittin in yo moms baement broke as a motherfuckin joke. Keep hatin, MMG stay winnin. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GGG G Unity

      Ross Dies... I swear He will not be missed

    • Gunplay's Chain

      "Only niggas that hate on Ross are u faggots on this site " William Roberts gets hated on EVERY WEBSITE, it's not just HHDX! So what does that tell you? He will be hated for the rest of his career! Get used to it nigga! You only make him look worse with all your stanning and dickriding you captain save-a-hoe.

    • Anonymous

      Ross puts out a new single for his album and gets 13 000 plays in 3 weeks on this website. Then 50 puts out a single and gets 13 000 plays in less and 24 hours!

  • Anonymous

    "the only thing that fat nigga doing is eating donuts like a real cop does!!" He was a CO back when he was 19. A legitimate job that lasted one year. Get over it loser. Would you want people looking into what your ass was doing at 19? You probably flunked out of Community College that year, and spent the rest of your days smoking weed and masturbating to The Source.

    • Anonymous

      I know big deal right? But why did he lie about it? Why did he deny that photo was him? Why did he deny knowing who the real Freeway Ricky Ross was when he stole his name from him? Masturbate to The Source at 19? Is that something you used to do when you were growing up Quoteman? Was there no hotties on Miami Vice for you to wank too?

  • Anonymous

    "Probably gon sign with G Unit after a while" There is no more G Unit you retarded stooge.

  • 666

    you guys here meek mill say at end "its mmg as for now " ..

  • Many Men

    I walk around gun on my waist Chip on my shoulder Til I bust a clip in your face Pussy this beef ain't over

  • Anonymous

    lol @ meek mill thinking he can play the peacemaker. This nigga can't even make peace with cassidy, hows he gonna make peace between rozay and fif..

  • Hip Hop Fan

    I don't think this so called beef could ever be squashed. 50 and Yayo have seen the inside of cells and Ross use to be a C.O. it could never work out. Also, the fact that Ross lied about his past makes things worse. Other things such as 50 releasing the video of Ross's baby mom's and those videos of Khaled's moms house and work was bad enough as it was because it crossed certain lines.

  • No Peace after violence

    Once 50 had 8 gorillas jump that Puerto Rican rapper Gunplay, it was much too late to have peace.

  • Anonymous

    We will get a 50 Cent, Young Buck & Game album before this ever happens

  • Anonymous

    Ross MMG running the game. Too many haters on DX

    • gz-up-hoez-down

      hahaha,,,too many haters??? face facts fool,,,officer ricky is a fraud who should not be allowed in the game,,theres rules to this,,but it shows u don't know the rap game well enough!! that fat is done,,he is just going to be another 50's casualty,,remember fat joe,,who has been in this game the 80's and where's is he now? game where and why he wants 50 back? ja where is he? i ll give u that one in jail, bloke as well,,who i ll wait!!camron?? hahaha last time i seen tha nigga was riding in a pink ride,,he money aint strecthed enough like fif nigga,,,who?? and when did these niggas like Camron had a mixtape atleast to keep their fans buzzing?? well 50 has had about 6 or 7 mixtapes for the last 3 yrs all fires!!now u taliking about haters? do ur home work nigga,,or shut the fuck up!! uy fuckin kids man!!shit!!

    • Chi-Ill

      The only running Ross is doing, It's from his WinStop shack to that Dunkin Donuts across the street! MMG on the fall

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross and 50 Cent don't have beef they have been cool for years

    • Anonymous

      You are right. The REAL RICK ROSS and 50 never had beef. Real Recognizes Real and they dont fuck with no fake C.O.'s

  • Anonymous

    Meek is real, Philly stand up

  • Anonymous

    "You claim he's the Hottest MC, well why couldn't he outsell Kendrick Lamar or Young Jeezy???" Ross has sold over 5 million albums worldwide, numb nuts. Kendrick hasn't even gone platinum yet. Support real hip hop, not that sissy shit.

    • gz-up-hoes-down

      real hip hop you said??? are you fucking kidding me? that fat nigga ain't diong real hip hop,,listen to reks,termanology,skyzoo,,e.t.c,,then u ll know what real hip hop is all about u kids nowdays man,,now even trinidad james is also doing real hip hop?? smfh!!get the fuck outta here with that bullshit! i swear to man,,u kids know shit man damn!! the only thing that fat nigga doing is eating donuts like a real cop does!! fuck outta here!

    • Anonymous

      you only get certified for the country you sell in no such thing as going platinum for world wide

    • Anonymous

      got any proof of that? what is your source? according to the Official RIAA website it's not.

    • tomy

      Port of Miami has got platinum now

    • Anonymous

      Guess who else hasnt even gone platium yet, RICK ROSS, LOL after all those albums and all these years in the game.

  • Milehighkid303

    50 ain't squashing shit with Ross.....this isn't some Jada/D-Block shit where there was MUTUAL respect, the guy is A FRAUD and 50 knows it.....fuck he got to gain by squashing this beef. SOUNDS TO ME like Meek knows the Titanic is a sinking and he KNOWS Fif is bout it bout it......them MMG boys don't want it with Fif.....period.

  • Anonymous

    Meek Mill wishes he was signed to G-Unit with some real niggas he could relate to but instead he signed to the fakest guy in rap and now he gets hated on simply because hes on MMG.

  • brollya

    dats some real nigga shit meek.... only if wale had dat same mentality and stop acting lik a diva

  • Anonymous

    Well Ross forgave Montana for filming his best friends momma and giving info on them to 50 so maybe he could forgive 50 for all the shit he has done to him

  • Disloyal GD

    I'll pop Curtis in the wig for 5 stacks. Holla at me Rozay

    • gz-up-hoes-down

      nigga shut the fuck up,,you ain't poping shit but your your turd in the toilet!! that nigga well connected u fools just won't accept it,,gd's knows it blood n crips knows it,,that nigga game thought he was going to get support from the bloods only to find out nigga was well connetcted,,,haha and you stupid ass fool think u can do shit? nigga please!! shut the fuck and respect the real hustler #50 aka ferrari motherfucker!!

  • Hip Hop please

    Meek would probably do allot better when moving to G-Unit Infact, 50 is building up his momentum again Other than that, Ross is crumbling down, hard

  • themnewguy

    It was 50 who sent men to shoot ross & tellin them to miss on purpose,just to show who's the real O.G and knowing rozay he ain't gonnaj ust forgive and forget. He gona sen more men to kill 50 , no matter what meek does it ain't gonna help. Thiz 2 niggs ain't gonna stop fightin until som1 dies

  • Larry

    meek mill is scared he will catch the wrath of The GDs . Cause Officer Rick Ross is done , its only a matter of time

  • Anonymous


  • RozaydaBoss

    Real G's never forgive, we send them to their maker for redemption. Nigga we eating fettucini and exotic shrimps. On gold and diamond plated cell phones giving loans to Warren Buffett (that nigga owe me for his billions). Nigga send shots at the boss i ate those shit like scoby snacks (word to Killa Cam hes my runner). The columbians and the mexicans was moving to slow on my bricks so i just bought them out. BAWSE!!!!

  • Anonymous

    William has never really done anything that bad to 50 except say his name a few times and call him monkey but 50 has done so much shit to William and humiliated him a number of times lol

  • 50 Ain't No Punk

    50 had Ricky's son and baby moms at Mayweather's crib all up on video posing with him! You can't make up after some shit like that unless you're a punkass like DJ Khaled who's still running with French Montana after he filmed his mother for 50 Cent.

  • Ricky Rozay

    No need to end no beef cuz 50 the snitch started that bullshit just to get promotion for an album that the nigga cant even get released. Shits been four years and the snitch still cant get an album out while Rozay runnin the hip hop game. Now bring on all the haters who gon say the same shit all the time co jokes, 50 sold more albums with GRODT than Ross his whole career. Yall hatin niggas say the same shit but last time I check Ross was hottest MC, Ross get the spins and Ross get his album released. 50 not doin shit. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dadukestin

      actually ross started it so arguabely it was for his sales for deep then rap which is to this day his least sucessful album. 50 just took it way to far to prove street cred. fidy's album did come out Before i self destruct. they've just been doing this forever and really should stop being industry puppets and cut this shit out

    • You a liar just like Ross

      Everybody knows Ross started that beef out of no where on Mafia Music! Even William's wikipedia page will tell you that. 50 had nothing to gain from that and Ross had everything to gain. You claim he's the Hottest MC, well why couldn't he outsell Kendrick Lamar or Young Jeezy??? "Now bring on all the haters who gon say the same shit all the time co jokes," isn't this exactly what you do on every 50 Cent or Young Jeezy article with that snitch can't release an album shit?? fucking hypocrite hater.


    How ya gettin on me ol Trout? Big Ol FIGHT!!! with ME Rubber BOOTS ON!!!! NEWFOUNDLAND ROCks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    it wasn't 50 wearing Gunplay's MMG chain in the Major Distribution video, it was Kidd Kidd's son. another fail for horowitz

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