Machine Gun Kelly Announces "Black Flag" Mixtape, Reveals Cover Art

Machine Gun Kelly preps the release of a new mixtape.

Machine Gun Kelly has announced his upcoming mixtape Black Flag, which is currently without a release date.

The project, which serves as his first body of work since last year's debut Lace Up, has already spawned the song "Champions" featuring Diddy that touts the same instrumental from The Diplomats' "We Are the Champions." He also released the DIY video for the track and will include the cut "Peso" featuring Pusha T and Meek Mill on the tape.

The Bad Boy rapper previously spoke with about the project, stating that he feels reinvigorated to record. “I felt like I nearly got dropped from my label and felt this hunger that I hadn’t had in a long time, and I just put it in words,” he said. “I felt like I wasn’t a problem in the game yet, and now I feel like, ‘God damn.’ I’m so fucking stoked on this tape.”

MGK previously released Lace Up in October 2012. The LP bowed at No. 4 with 57,000 copies sold.

Check the cover art below (via Noisey).


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  • Anonymous

    "Mum and Anarchist" by Banksy

    • bill

      just because a dude reps a black flag dont mean hes folk. obviosly you dont listen to his music if you dont know what the flag is for.

  • Rellik

    So glad to hear this, need some good new music!

  • wilson039

    HipHopdx correction: The track above, "Champions" is not on the tape so we haven't heard anything from it yet..

  • viggo

    people judging mgk on his looks..smh. this dude is fucking fantastic, lyrics are awesome and for people that saying he's "fake" , try listening to his music

  • Anonymous

    so is this what hip hop is nowadays?

  • Anonymous

    this dude is slept on forreal

  • Osiris

    All these Internet pussy holes hatin on Machine Gun Kelly but never even gave homeboy a chance. Go to YouTube and look up these 2 tracks if you never heard anything. "See My Tears" & "Champions" then tell me what you think of dude.

    • Anonymous

      I bet you bob doesn't like French Montana, but he baited you so YOU show your racism. Applaud yourself.

    • Daniel

      Thank you PICKlE!!! hahahaha!

    • pickle

      well bob you can go fuck yourself you obviously dont know anything about mgk all youre doing is judging on his looks like a little bitch i think this is accuratly what you thought to yourself before you commented on this page "aw this guys actually doing shit so im going to go bash on how he dresses and his tattoos wahh im a bitch" fuck you bob go listen to your shitty ass french montana or whatever bullshit you like

    • bob

      all i needed to see was his picture at the top of this page. skinny dude tryna look hard with the twisted hat looking retarded. anarchy tattoo wtf plus some open vest covered with as many "punk" patches as possible. Hes fake as fuck and its easy to tell


    this is gonna be legendary. fuck everyone below me. MGK is on top right now. fuck all this swag shit that going around hiphop right now. MGK needs to save hiphop

    • Anonymous

      i dont like ross or wayne but they are in fact on top of of the rap game right now. mgk is no where near them

    • Pat

      wrong i gave the album a listen and the only songs i can listen to on it are "what i do" and "edge of destruction". and thats only for the features too. I usually just skip to bun's verse on what i do and stop the song when "kells" comes up on edge of destruction

    • Anonymous

      You don't know a damn thing about kells music it's easy to see that you never listened MGK but your here to talk trash with out any research.Kells Music is ten times better than anything ever put out by drake,gay Wayne, or 90% of the industry.

    • Pat

      lmao at you thinking mgk is hip hops savior. Mgk is on "wayne, drake, ross" level if not worse. People like him for his "fuck everything" attitude and ignore his weak music

    • ZOMBIE

      and who do you think is? wayne? drake? ross? fuckin faggot. MGK/ Hopsin/ Tyler,the creator/ A$AP Rocky/ Kendrick Lamar are the top 5 out right now (not in that order tho)

    • Anonymous

      LOL @ MGK being on top righ tnow

  • yeaaahh

    I can't believe people are still sleeping on this guy. His flow is raw, he's passionate, and he actually cares about his fans. I think releasing "Wild Boy" as his first single kind of hurt him because most people assumed he was just another club/party rapper.

  • Anonymous

    so many lames below in the comments.yall look butthurt that dude is doin his thing.

  • timmm

    everyone needs to calm down about the whole punk band thing....I've seen some interviews where he drops some old school punk band names - exploited, nofx, casualties, he surprisingly knows has some knowledge on the punk front unlike most rappers who try to be punk.

    • DrebinSlevin

      The most "punk" thing he's done was set a a flash mob at a mall and had people wear stupid costumes. He may know his punk music but he clearly doesn't know what a lot of those bands stood for. But you can tell me how "punk" he is while he spends his career getting his shows in Microsoft Stores shut down by mall cops for standing on a table.

  • anon

    "what a rebel" said no one about machine gun kelly ever. (you know, the guy signed to PUFFY's label?) lol. how pathetic is it that he's using Black Flag's band name for his piece of garbage mixtape. talentless hack. i hope the money the label threw at him, hoping for a macklemore sized white boy explosion, dries up and he goes back to sucking dick on a street corner instead of sucking dick on mixtapes.

    • bill

      if you for one minute think macklemore is better then mgk then you got shit stuffed in your ears. macklemore is just an industry pawn youre gonna listen to while hes "hot" then forget about when people start hating on him. mgk is gonna be around for years with or without a label. his music is inspiring and tells a story. while most of the people you probably listen to just talk about "swag" and how much money they got and the drugs they allegedy do. fuck everybody who thinks that mgk is a flop, and fuck this anon guy for his senseless opinion. and if you think he is talentless then you dont fuckin know music. man you probably just pissed off cuz hes doing better then you ever will.

  • kayaman

    Using punk band names as the title of your if rappers using punk fashion wasn't bad enough (Chris Brown wearing a studded painted leather jacket).

  • krondogg

    MGK all gud....but fuck diddy & Badboy....Mud ass niggas !...

  • Anonymous

    look at this white supremacist faggot

  • DrebinSlevin

    Rips off a Bansky piece for the cover? Guess this flopping bum didn't make much off of performing at Microsoft office parties.

  • 101

    This records gonna be dope!! Better than anything em's gonna release next. Yes i'm a dick riding faggot

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