Lil Wayne Claims To Be The "New 'Pac," Says He Slept With Chris Bosh's Wife

Lil Wayne went on a rant over NBA All-Star Weekend.

Lil Wayne isn't taking his issues with the Miami Heat and NBA lightly. Last weekend, Weezy was allegedly kicked out of a Miami Heat game, claiming that he was asked to leave after rooting for the Los Angeles Lakers.

During this past weekend's NBA All-Star Weekend, the Young Money chief went on a rant, leading the crowd in chants against the National Basketball Association and Miami Heat. "The Miami Heat told them to ban me," he said. "When I say 'Fuck,' you say 'NBA.' When I say 'Fuck,' you say 'Miami Heat.'"

He also made a bold claim that he's the "new 'Pac": "I ain't Tupac, I'm the new 'Pac. Holla at ya boy," he said.

The self-proclaimed "martian" ended his tirade with flammable allegations that he had an affair with Chris Bosh's wife. "Fuck all them niggas. Fuck LeBron James. Fuck [Dwyane] Wayde. Fuck Chris Bosh, all them niggas. And, and, and, and I fucked Chris Bosh's wife."

Wayne, who frequents basketball games, later took to Twitter and retweeted a fan who wrote, "I ain’t 2Pac, I’m the new Pac, holla at ya boy!”

The rapper is currently prepping the release of his upcoming album I Am Not a Human Being II, releasing March 26th. Watch the clips of his rant below (via RR).

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  • notorious famous

    why is lil Wayne doing all this ?

  • Milica

    If Tupac was alive, he would shoot dat bitch


    Lil wayne ad his entire FAKE ASS young money crew are fukcing retarded and just an embarasment to real serious artist, but he is right on one occasion, Miami Heat are a stupid hyped up, band waggon filled shtty NBA team.

  • jonko

    FUCK YOU LIL WAYNE. fucking bitch

  • Anonymous


  • Mich

    I hope this motherfucker gets shot straight in the face. Ain't nobody missing that bitch! I can't stand that retareded bitch but now comparing himself to pac is just to much, pac is going to turn around in his grave when he hears this..

    • Dimas

      Like biggie said: ''I woul'd never wish death on nobody, cause there ain't no coming back from death'' Well, i guess we can make an exception





  • Eastcomments

    Yo all i can say,... if Pac was still here most rappers wouldnt be out rapping today!!!! Pac would never kiss a thug!!..Pac was black and proud these niggas nowadays lost!!!!....peace God!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Time for Wayne to get ethered...... Last rapper to claim he was pac was ja rule, and look what happened to him..... Oh, wait but 50, dre and feminem aren't going to protect pac's name, b'cause they got rid of Murder Inc. Everybody's a phony.... No more phonies in rap : )

  • WTF

    No gives to fucks about his money but dick riders like you!! You cant defend his music so you jump to his money!that hoes like you give him!!Vanilla Ice was the man and made doe(he also was a fake dick ridin hoe who secretly hated him self) but atleast he never kissed men. WAYNE the new gay version of VANILLA ICE!!

  • C

    This is the perfect example of not knowing what "stay humble" means. I'm telling you, the YM camp gets less humble with every accolade. I hate to see what Drake says now that he won the Best Rap Album award.


    Carter I = Wayne stepped his flow, lyrics, and delivery. Carter 2 = Wayne was on some heavy hood/gangsta songs, perfecting his flow and lyricism. Carter 3 = Most diverse Carter album. Had songs that gathered attention from several audiences making it the most popular. Carter 4 = Most mainstream. Not up to par, especially for a Carter album. Only a small amount of songs were memorable such as Mirror and President Carter. Carter 5 = ? Carter 6 = ? Hopefully the next two Carter albums are better.

  • roger

    did lil wayne really slept with bosh wife?

  • Anonymous

    A typical Lil Wayne lyric "Nigga.. nigga nigga nigga nigga eat that pussy up nigga nigga"

  • Anonymous

    Where are the cops when you need them? The only place for this coon is jail.

  • Anonymous

    He real bitter inside now. He'll have time to think about his actions while he bustin his ass at the skatepark lol

  • Anonymous

    "50 is a mastermind who has cross marketed his brand with merchandising and philanthropy like no other rapper in history" Ever heard of Jay Z? Diddy? They not only became successful, but did something Curtis hasn't... Remained relevant. Their money makes people money. Next week we'll discuss Hip hop 401k's. Should be exciting.

  • salty

    you can tell by drake and birdman body language they dont want a part in this.

  • And?

    Wayne still kiss men and dress like a teenage girl. Chris Bosh and Wayne probably had sex too

  • Martian

    Another day another set of broke niggas comin on here throwin out the hate on Wayne and YMCMB. Funny Wayne aint insultin yall niggas but u act like he makin fun of yo moms and stuff. Thats why Wayne stay winnin he keep gettin money while you broke niggas cant keep his name out yo mouth.

    • Jazz

      Thats some gay ass shit. What nigga counts another niggas money for him?

    • BP

      oh come onnnn... usually I agree with the "he makin money" argument but when a nigga does stupid shit, he will get treated like he done stupid shit. it's that fuckin simple. ain't no jealous insecure hate-mongering shit here. you have a rapper claiming to be the new Pac and going on a ridiculous diatribe, and you revert that all to "he makes money, y'all broke"? now THAT is being a dickrider(a term thrown around too much).

  • Zerocool

    Curious comments from the Stans still supporting this idiot. New Pac? cuz white people hate him yet still buy his records? Son you need to wake the fuck up. Pac was one of the artists that really brought white suburban kids aboard the hip hop bandwagon with open arms. He may have spoke out early in his career but even stated he couldnt be mad at the fans buying his shit cuz of their skin. He wised up but meatball fans that do not know the story and are generally clueless about much of life would be the only ones to make these claims. Wayne is a dumb shit and I cannot wait to hear the backlash. Also Weezy vs Fiddy... 50 has done a lot to hurt himself but no 2 Wayne records were near as good as GRODT!!!

  • heat fan

    Wayne need to chill tf out with this shit. He really wants the whole world against him which makes no sense. Even Drake is ashamed lmao

  • @apaniclassic

    Wayne prolly laid down lots of money on airfare, food, tix, performances, parties for NBA affiliated shit. and b4 someone says hes rich he can afford ppl dont get rich by wasting money...i think he has a right to b tight, he is a fan of the game and can root for who he wants...half the reason ppl come to the games is to see what celeb is gonna b there. if he paid his own way to get up in there he can cheer for whoever the fuck he wanna cheer for...that was wack of them if his version of events is even a little bit true...

    • 837

      do some research ass he wasn't banned for rooting for the lakers, fans posted on twitter that his stupid ass was tossed cuz he made gestures that he had a gun. Thats a real quick way to get yo ass banned from anything.

  • Anonymous

    Wayne wants you to hate him. Means he sells more.

  • Half PAC

    Your right it was a great run that ended with the carter 3 which was last good album or mix tape Ps drake wanted no part of that Shit lol dizzy is already better then his boss now when will he leave This shit because it's bring him down. He already start doing his own thing and your not. Hearing Wayne's Name out his mouth as much rip ymcmb can't wait

  • Anonymous

    haha, like a little boy who gets kicked out of a game! but momma, they kicked me out my seat! now im gonna have a fit.

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne is gonna end up like 50 Cent. He had a nice long run at the top though.

    • Umm

      @614grind - " 50 is a mastermind who has cross marketed his brand with merchandising and philanthropy like no other rapper in history." 50 Cent wasn't the only rapper to do this. You also forgot to include Jay-Z and a few other people!

    • i dont think so abraspam

      I normally don't post on here but your comment was so pointless I had to.. for one, 50 cent can whoop lil wayne's ass.. The legacy lil wayne leaves behind is the fact he is a wannabe tupac and his lyrics are wishy washy, so he has to resort to singing about love like a little bitch.. And his 2 superstars are nothing more than actors posing as rappers.. u 16 year old girls always come up with the most retarded dickriding tactics i've ever seen in the history of dickriding..

    • Abraham

      @Anonymous Wayne will end up better than Fiddy. 50 Cent has no legacy to leave behind, all his artists are washed up as well. Lil Wayne made 2 superstars.

    • 614grind

      He could never be 50 Cent. Wayne is a mental midget and doesn't have the brain power of a 50 Cent. 50 is a mastermind who has cross marketed his brand with merchandising and philanthropy like no other rapper in history. Hate him if you want and call him washed as far as hit songs go, but he is one of the most relevant dudes in Hip Hop. Wayne is a minstrel show.

  • someone who made lil wayne rant

    I took lil wayne by his dreads and porked him in the rectum the other night in miami while he went into a burger king bathroom.. He was so shocked by the sudden butt raping he had to go on a rant about being tupac, which as a fan of mainstream rapper I fully support because I have no life and I'm gay.. But shit happens when you get your bootyhole violated by a muscular nigga like me with 15 inches of juicy black sausage.. And if you think that's nasty then just picture the guacomole i jizzed inside his asshole and all over the back of his head.. his dreads are more refined thanks to my man cheese..

  • Anonymous

    If he claims to be the NEW Tupac, then he just labeled himself the NEWEST wack rapper! FUCK YOU PAY ME!

  • Makaveli The Don

    Lol what a clown, nice joke!

  • D-Train

    Dude was better when he said bling bling...The white man put him on MTV and every radio station so he could be a house hold name.... Well it worked but for a real hip hop cat, he is an average rapper with average skills and terrible production... I have never bought an album and never will.....The new 2pac, this dude has crap on his face with crap in his mouth ??? What does he really stand for ? Pac is rolling in his grave over a dumb statement like that.....He is the opposite of pac, ugly, dumb subject matter, 2ft tall and corny......

  • Anonymous

    Bosh's wife lied to Wayne about having cancer back in the day and he gave her some money. She ran with the money and now he salty.


    ROFL. am i the ONLY ONE that fucking loves this?!? he is the new pac---there is no one that the white man hates more than lil wayne, theres no one that this world hates more than lil wayne---yet secretly every single one of you go out and BUY his cds hence he being one of the only 3 rappers that can consistently sell 1M+ their first week...1M+ are you fucking kidding me...this day and age to sell over 600K+ on your first week is unthinkable---Wayne with the Carter series consistently hits 1M+ CONSISTENTLY and PS that IS all that Matters----ask joe flacco if hed rather have thrown for 5,000 yards this year, or win a Super Bowl....yeah superbowl.... Wayne has already won 2.

    • exaclty

      614grind is right!

    • 614grind

      Man, you are so backward in your logic. No one LOVES Lil Wayne more than the white man. He's doing the oppressors work for him. Wayne does everything he can to distance himself from the rich black tradition. Conversely, he does everything he can to align with the white mans definition of success and culture. That's what makes the Tupac reference so laughable. Tupac was militant and knew how to organize. He was feared by white folks because of his mass appeal coupled with his message. Not tryna be deep or anything, just tryna untangle them cords.

    • hiphop since 1983

      dammmm if wayne jIzzed in your mouth would you swallow????, YES YOU WOULD LMAO

  • NEWorleans

    Mite be the stupidest shit waynes EVER said, and thats saying alot!

  • Anonymous

    wayne just got to much money n to much time on his hands and only does this because alot of morons be listening to the dumb shit he be saying and rapping for the last 8 years, karma a b!@$, dont talk that pac shit if u aint prepared for what comes with it(right ricky rozay?) js

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens to media created icons when they don't die in their primes, they live long enough to see their self become a public enemy.

  • John-Boy

    Funny how Wayne fans are defending him by saying Tupac was a ballerina when he was a kid but they seem to have completely forgotten that Wayne wore womens clothing on multiple occasions as a grown ass adult male. Also, if Pac was so girly why the fuck does Wayne want to be like him so bad?? Secondly, Tupac is considered great because of his musical ability, not because of what he did as kid. Tupacs music still sounds good to this day, Waynes music is usually played out one month after its release. When is the last time you listened to Carter 4?? Carter 3??? Rebirth? Exactly. You stopped bumping that BS the second all the hype died down cause its garbage music.

    • Eastcomments

      Agree 100% and Pac was a good actor too!!! Wayne intelligent Dumb shit sells today,..and Wayne knows that too well,its called submission, Something Pac would fight against... All I know,...if Pac was still alive...them bubblegum rappers wouldnt be rapping today..

  • Anonymous

    He thinks he's the new 'Pac? What a joke.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly cannot believe that with all the stupid shit this dude says and does not one real motherfucker has ever just slapped the shit outta him. Id fucking love to be the first.

  • TrollHunter

    Chris Bosh got that Homo Swag, he aint sayin nothin. Have any ya'll niggas seen a crazy monkey on a grown man's back? That shit gangsta. Lil Wayne 4 LIFE!!

  • Its Um

    he's on that shit again, he needs rehab.

  • foreal

    1, 2, 3 and to the 4 1pac, 2pac, 3pac, 4 4pac, 3pac, 2pac, 1 You're Pac, he's Pac, no Pac, none!

  • Anonymous

    u a fuckin stupid ass nigga...nobody cares about u anymore.... fuck out here nigga


    bosh is 7' and lil wayne is a 4'10" midget.

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne lost 500 000 bet on that all stars game

  • Anonymous

    This nigga wayne a clown, go watch that shit on a big 100" t.v. and lay back stop being a basketball groupie nigga u cant hoop anyway go watch tony hawke or somebody and chill if u fucked his wife so what u aint the first to fuck a nigga girl/wife real niggaz dont kiss and tell

  • gamma11

    wow listen to the codeine talking... funny 17 years after pac died people still trying to be him, ppl still listenin to pac to this day... 17 years after wayne dies nobody will be keeping track...

  • viggo

    thats it, ive given up on hiphop, back to rock now to stay. oh, chris bosh would kill wayne

    • Mu

      If some ridiculous comments from a drugged-up has-been rapper is enough to make you give up on hip-hop, you were never really down with the music and culture anyway. Good riddance

  • is this a joke?

    the new 2pac? haha thats the most funniest joke ive ever heard

  • Milehighkid303

    at 15, wayne was living in the deadly streets of N.O at 15, 2pac was a ballerina LOL

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      2Pac's mother was a member of the Black Panthers, so he moved around a lot and was probably doing a host of shit that you and I both don't know about. It was also said by both him and his mom that she used to be on drugs years ago(clean for a lot of years now), so he probably got into more shit then he may or may not have said in his songs or interviews. If 2pac danced, so what I'm sure everone has done different shit in life. You do what you have to do to get in the door. Also last time I checked dancing is a part of music. Before you decide to be ignorant and type stupid comments just go play in traffic and do us all a favour. Your mom should have fucking swallowed you.

    • avengerxl

      What is that supposed to mean?

  • Fuck Lil Wayne

    Fuck Lil Wayne, shit rapper somebody shoot and kill this bitch made punk

  • tsk tsk

    What a fucking asshole. Nigga needa get shot up like Pac. Then assholes can ride his ballbags all the way to the cemetary talkin bout how much of a "great" he was. Lil Wayne is extra average. And all them Heat players should whoop his little ass for talkin shit.

  • Anonymous

    this is what drugs do basically....dude belongs ina jumgle..

  • Anonymous

    lol he made that pac comment 2 years ago, dont trip ran the game for bout 7 years. still running nba petty deep how they played that song right after he said fuck the establishment that banned him haha (as long as my bitches love me) lol i feel you you dont know these niggas, bad judgement dont even help yourself, good judgment makes us all great hip hop rap or whatever yall listen too is all good for everybody, stop tripping and let people live, we really make life so unnecessarily difficult for the wrong reasons

  • Anonymous

    He could've been five years ago. Now dude is washed the fuck up.

  • Art Brooks

    Why people wanna be the new Pac all the time? (Okay, that shit about fucking Chris Bosch's wife was funny). But your squeezy voice rappin' ass can't claim to be no ridah (besides a dick ridah).

  • BOY

    FACTS!!!!!!! - Pac went to a rich kid school. - Pac had a boyfriend. - Pac took ballet classes. - Pac was a ballerina. - Pac wore a tu-tu. - Pac had a homosexual tone to his voice before the whole "Thug Life" image he pushed. Pac was a faggot. Wayne is a Triple OG Blood. YMCMB!

    • Anonymous

      BOY, everything you said is BULLSHIT!!

    • T Rogers

      "Wayne is a Triple OG Blood" Really? When did homie start banging? After he became a millionaire and got out of the hood? Then WHY THE FUCK IS HE A GANG BANGER ANYWAY?!?! What's the fucking purpose of this shit?? Nigga's in a position of getting the people of his hood out of there yet he rather make 'em stay. He's got little kids in the ghetto that look up to him but he ain't reaching out, and you cannot by any means respect a person like that.

    • Premis

      So wait, you claiming 'Pac was gay?!?! Well, then I guess Weezy IS the new 'Pac! (insert picture of Wayne and Baby kissing.) True Bloods would kill them both for kissing on the lips. That's real talk.

  • DavidDanielz

    This is sooooo funny to me, he clearly feels heat on his shoulders to make himself bigger then he thinks he is. He knows people in the hiphop culture doesn't really respect him and he knows his time is coming to an end. I personally feel good about this turn of events. The Cash Money crew are all falling and I said his two years ago. Now hiphop is changing again and he will be left out because he's a one trick pony. The guy is no, 2Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Eminem, or anyone else that change the game. He's just the rapper of the moment, that use to have good ghost writers.

  • @thakota

    Wayne gonna get ran outta Dade, you can't live in the city and hate like that.....time to sell the house and move to another state

  • TunchieBaby

    UMM First of all 2pac was a Ballerina and had nose piercings and shit. Yall just overrate him cuz of his death, but yall right...Wayne ain't the new 2pac, he's better. He's reached a bigger audience and passed 2pac as the best selling rapper of all time. Any of you fags hating on my opinion, my number is 610-657-8893 you can call me if you disagree you pussies.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem=90 million albums sold Tupac=75 million albums sold Jay Z=50 million albums sold 50 Cent=30 million albums sold Lil Wayne=12 million albums sold These are facts. Wayne is not the best selling artist of the decade. That title goes to Eminem. So, YOU FAIL, TROLL.

    • TunchieBaby

      You internet thugs are blogging but my phone ain't ringing. Suck My Skateboard :P And yall dumb af, Wayne was the best selling artists of the decade

    • XMizzy

      cant take a person serious wen his name is "Tunchiebaby" hahaha nigga please!!!! oh and wayne aint even close i dont think he even did a quarter of pac sales

    • haha

      man youre talkin shit. the eminem show sold more albums than wayne did in his career. youre a retard. em is the top selling rapper of ALLL TIME!!!!

    • Anonymous

      This dude is fuckin retarded lol. Wayne hasn't even outsold Jay Z or Em as far as records goes

    • GavoGavoGavo

      Yo I called wtf... Suspect bro

  • JT

    Of corse it's broke ass niggas hatin on Wayne. Last time I checked Weezy richer than all y'all niggas who hate on him. Why s it always broke niggas hatin on entrepreneurs gettin that paper. Hate away bitches Wayne keep on gettin that paper no matter what you whiny birches say

    • Jason

      Your response shows how much of a female you are. Only bitches watch a nigga's pockets. How does Weezy's nut taste? You definitely are his cum guzzler bro. Why didn't you talk about his music? Because you know his music isn't shit. By the way...Weezy can't hold a candle to Pac. GTFOH!

  • LOL

    The new pac ? you're not even close to being one of pac's pubes ! This little bitch needs to grow up.

  • mased

    this lil dumb nigga is a clown......

  • Ramiro

    He the new Pac, fuck it I hope he gets shot dead like 2pac.

  • Anonymous

    I just lost all respect for Lil wayne what the fuck was that about. Lil Wayne is officially on the done list. I expect snitch shit like this from 50cent

  • Weezyf's baby

    No he doesn't the man who tucks him in reads him a bed time story and kisses him Goodnight might "you got baby money " ps the truth ain't hating if someone Was to say Wayne never put out any good music in his life is hating to say he fell The fuck off and he never got shot his dumb ass shot himself is a fact see the difference.

  • Anonymous

    Watching all star weekend I wondered why they had fall out boy philip philips and keyz preform and not someone more "NBAISH" and now I see why if I was the NBA I wouldnt want trash like this representing my league.

  • 90'sHipHopHead

    Smh...what they do for attention. His album is coming and this for it. Notice most music celebs do that. Oh Yeah he know where near Pac's level. Pac is a legend and made real music for the people who can relate...

  • Kweli

    Hip hop sucks. There is a total lack of critical thinking. To simply disagree, not feel something, or just have a difference of opinion is called "hating". Besides, ain't a damn thing wrong with real hating anyway.

    • Anonymous

      In the words of Ice T! "thats what real hating is all about"

    • James

      Your looking in the wrong places my friend. Lil wayne is a nut case and the majority of his discography is weak. And this is about a basketball game or something not hip hop which lil wayne barely represents.

  • Anonymous

    no way will he ever be the "new late great anybody" to many dudes use pac's name in vain. can even hold a candle to tupac

  • BOY

    Rightfully so! Lil Wayne aint Tupac. Tupac was a bitch ass balerina. Wayne is the New Pac. He is a LEGEND and doesnt give a single fuck what haters say. Fuck KenDICK LAME-ar too. That fake-ass pinhead-looking nigga. LONG LIVE WEEZY!

    • 614grind

      Just like a Young Money sheep. Dont have no skills so you just try to be disrespectful to get a look. News flash: nobody gets offended when a dumb nigga tries to diss.

    • homo-hate-a

      ^^^^^^Chump.... Don't comment if you don't know what real is you fuckin dick ridin hoe

    • Anonymous

      how you gonna call Pac a bitch ass balerina, then say Wayne is the new Pac standing up for Wayne??? So would that make Lil Wayne a bitch ass too? Wayne don't have shit on Pac! And I was never a big fan of Pac, but I have enough respect for him to recognize his legacy. By the way, Pac never kissed a man!

  • Young Moolah

    Look at all these broke ass niggas hatin on Weezy. Last time i checked people can say what they want. Niggas keep hatin on Wayne he got enough money to buy off u and all ur families.

    • Europe

      If it wassnt because of dumb people like you buying his shit he would work at the local Mc Donalds.

    • Jason

      Cosign @ WTF...young moolah is nothing a bitch who used to being nutted on...fucking bitch. Pac was a cat who made music that people can relate to. Fuck Wayne, Fuck Birdman, Fuck Young Money as staff and as a motherfucking crew...bunch of weirdos.

    • WTF

      No gives to fucks about his money but dick riders like you!!! You cant defend his music so you jump to his money!that hoes like you give him!!!Vanilla Ice was the man and made doe(he also was a fake dick ridin hoe who secretly hated him self) but atleast he never kissed men. WAYNE the new gay version of VANILLA ICE!!!

  • JRich

    I'll always have some respect for Wayne for what was able to do up until Rebirth. That being said fuck this nigga for this statement and the last 5 years of doo doo.

  • Anonymous

    This nigaa wildin cuz he just trying to get his album hyped

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne should have let Drake know what he was about to do. You can Drake was feeling uncomfortable bout that.

  • Shawn

    Hahaha! Whether you hate or love his music, you have to admit that he is ridiculously entertaining and gives people something to talk about.

  • Mitch

    Somebody shoot this clown already

    • WTF

      Broke niggas love give their 2 penny's to bitch niggas like wayne thats you bruh!!take waynes dick out our hand before you type tough BROKE NIGGA!!

    • 614grind

      So you sayin you caked up? Cuz if you ain't, dont speak on what broke niggas do and dont do. Lotta broke niggas defend rich ones because they think somehow that richness will rub off and they can one day become rich too. You might just be one of them type niggas.

    • Anonymous

      @ locc,like i said broke niggas talk shit thats u too, nd i wasnt defending him im stating a fact wanabe ass

    • Locc

      Bitch niggas defend ignorant niggas that don't give a fuck about them.

    • Anonymous

      broke niggas talk shit , thats u bruh


    Wayne has done a hell of a lot for Hip Hop. He's grabbed peoples attention. People who don't even normally like hip hop, by doing features with other artists from different genres. He's helping Hip Hop sales. All that conscience rap BS don't fucking sell. No one wants to hear that stupid bull shit save for a select minority. Also his songs DO have meaning, and substance and YES ill lines... "watch me as bust this, lay it down like construction/when I spit the mic get wet cause my voice is like seduction" ^ WHO THE FUCK CAN TOP THAT!??!?!?!? He has storytelling. He even rewrote Eminem's "Stan" and made it better!!!!!!!!!

  • yadig


  • Anonymous

    "not the best vocals but they were saying something" Only a few of his songs ever said something. He was mostly marred by his contradictions. That's why I think so many liked him cause they couldn't figure him out.

  • Anonymous

    lol what was up with Drake?

  • redrhum

    Come discuss this subject with us on Hip Hop Track Talk

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck?! one dude said 2pacs best album was Ready to Die.....kill ya self u fuck ass bitch lmao!!!!!! wayne is a pussy faggot bitch and so are you if you support him, his crew or and of their movements.

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne falling off he just tryna get haters

  • RacksNoTax

    damn i see y he losing so many fans. oan you need to check out this site i made 800 over the weekend.... racksnotax com

  • ETK

    Enough of the Pac dickriding. He's good but nowhere near Wayne's level. Wayne beats him in all major categories, flow, lyrics, charisma. Pac's best album was Ready to Die. Like it or not the facts prove that Wayne is the best MC to ever grip the microphone. Pac has more sales but sales don't determine lyrical ability. Wayne's lines are some of the craziest ever! "I'm 100... like a fastball" "All about my riches my name should be Richard" Just a fucking insane lyrical talent. Michael Jordan of this rap shit.

    • Jason

      ETK is another cum guzzling troll with wayne's dick in his fucking mouth. Pac never made an album called ready to die you turd. It was biggie's first classic album (which went 5x platinum in the US). Pac is way better than Wayne...Pac sold more when he was alive than Wayne...Pac style is still being copied many of these whore ass rappers including Wayne...Pac music was more balanced than Wayne...Pac was not a one trick bitch, unlike Wayne who repetitive with his beat selection and his lyrics...finally Pac didn't have a ghostwriter...Wayne had Gillie da Kid then Drake. Fuck Weezy and Fuck you for saying Weezy is better than Pac. You can't find one statistic to substainsiate your claim...GTFOHWYBS (Get The Fuck Out of Here With Your Bull Shit) In case you were confused. By The Way...u have been sonned.

    • Anonymous

      Ok. Yes, Wayne is lyrically talented at speaking bullshit 90% of the time. 90% of what Pac wrote and spoke had significant meaning. Wayne Illuminati puppet, that's why his ass is still alive and speaking nonsense.

    • Don't Feed the Troll

      Guys...... I'm not sure but I think he's a troll.

    • Anonymous

      You're retarded and clearly uneducated on rap music. FYI Ready To Die was Biggie's album, not Pac. Think before u post ur bullshit

  • BOY

    Real Bloods in LA (Compton) respect Wayne and got his back. No real gangster respected Pac. Thats why they terminated his bitch ass for being a fake ass loud mouth. YMCMB!

  • jace

    fuck lil'wayne. dudes mad overrated. hasn't putted out a worthy album since "C3". dudes releases everything he records, which most of his lyrics are average at best. i heard some dope wayne tracks thou...not gonna lie.

  • Yadig

    he's going to be remembered as the next 2pac. How can you not award him that right. Look how much he has done for hip hop. Hip Hop album sales have been on slow decline, yet Wayne has been the small breath of air keeping it alive and bringing in money by bringing in ATTENTION. 2Pac would be proud of Wayne if he were still alive and I even believe he would agree to sign to Young Money records and help Wayne build even bigger empire. If Wayne were to die, he WOULD become the same vessel of icon as Pac was and still is to this day. Look how many people bite Waynes style same as they did pac(Nas, Ja Rule). Yall know its true but are just to afraid to admit it.

    • stillaintfeelinya

      how bout we call justin beiber the next michael jackson while we're at it. hip hop belongs to the underground, and anyone who loves it knows that. lil wayne should try to be himself, and stop comparing his successes to other people that he clearly is not in the same league as. why dont you name one song that rivals brenda had a baby? or maybe changes? any song on all eyez on me ILLS on any track wayne made PERIOD. SMH go back to listening to chief keef and flo rida, and all that wack pop rap you claim pac would be taking part of.

    • IBM

      Tupac wouldn't be proud of a idiot that would make fun of the very struggle and sacrifice that black people made in order to give him a chance to become something meaningful in his life! Wayne is NOT Tupac, can NEVER be compared to Tupac or mentioned in the same sentence. Yeah your generation of black youth is LOST!

  • exactly

    This is why you fuck red bones but only marry Michelle Obama Chocolate women cus, them high yeller industry chicks aint really down when shit hit the fan due to the since of entitlement plus they so coveted there is prolly a random dick with money who been hit that. Michelle obamas are true work horses with less of a chance to have been some rappers slore hahahahaha #realtalk

  • Anonymous

    i don't understand how people are allowing this shit to happen , instead of doing a drive-by on rick ross , do one on this retarted bitch

  • Negro

    This faggot as pussy will never ever even compare to Tupac. Tupac never kissed dudes in the mouth and dressed like a bitch.

  • Weezy FFFFF

    Every pac song is a nutshell....sippin HENNESSEEEEEEE, lord please punish my ENEMIIIIIEEESSSS, reppin west coast thinkin of all the MEMORIIIIEEEESS..

    • pac

      every wayne song in a nutshell...wobbadie wobbadie drop drop it like its hot....i eat the pussy, cat food...............wait i can't understand anything else your mumble-mouth ass be sayin'..........and stay off my dick faggot.

    • Don Killuminati

      Every wayne song in a nutshell... I beat da pussy up, emmitt till..I roll in my skateboard, wheel..gettin that blood money, kill..i'ma blood honey, for those icy diamonds nigga, chill..

    • Anonymous

      You out your mother fucking mind if you believe that shit. You a dumb mothefucker!

    • soboss

      lmao mah nigga but weezy a faggot too tho

  • poor drakey drake

    Drake looking maaaaaad nervous son!! couldnt even face the crowd with his boss and co-worker.. Cant jump ship so easy when you sell your soul

  • da1

    I hate this fag. But he probably did fuck Chris Bosh's She looks like a gold digging ass groupie. I can't believe Chris Bosh would marry someone like that. First his comment about New York, the retarded punchline about Emmit Till, now this. This idiot needs to settle his little self down before something happens to him. For his sake.

  • Anonymous

    isnt birdman at like every heat home game wtf and isnt drake a heat fan?? but they both stand there quiet like bitched

  • VoiceofReason

    I can at least look past most of Wayne's bullshit, but saying he's the next Pac? Fuck outta here, you're done.

  • NaSS

    lol wayne is an idiot, but there are plenty of other rappers taht are obviously way more lyrically advanced and skilled than pac no hate..

    • Anonymous

      His delivery and conviction did it tho. Kinda like what make older heads like James Brown or Bob Dylan, not the best vocals but they were saying something, maybe not coherently but they were saying something, and we still talk about them to this day.

  • blitzlegga

    the fucked up part is, if he gets his wish and someone kills him, he might just become immortal just like pac. yall forget, pac was saying some pretty dumb reckless shit too before he died.

  • Anonymous

    baby's 55 year old ass look stupid as hell on stage

  • Anonymous

    need to stay off that crack lil fag wayne

  • Steppa

    dig a hole Wayne. bury yourself. classless fool. lol @ birdman and drake's body language. they wanted no part of that foolishness

  • Jalaguu

    Too bad Chris Bosh and probably his wife obviously, have AIDS. Good job there Wayne.

  • qw

    Wayne is actually like pac is more way than you hypocrites think. You 2pac fanboys have beeng urging drake to leave YMCMB for years and here you are saying wayne is out of line and drake should distance himself. Yet when snoop was in drakes position and pac was doing exactly what wayne is doing now, yall called a snoop a disloyal coward and a bitch for not being a willing participants in unnecessary bullshit. To this day you 2pac fanboys diss snoops and call him a back friend for not having pacs back through his bullshit against every nigga in the industry. Drake did EXACTLY what snoops did whenever pac was running off at the mouth and being excessively confrontational. Yet here you are giving drake for doing the very same thing you condemned snoop for. 2pac fans are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

  • Anonymous

    Donnis, you sound like a grumpy substitute teacher. Ironically, most homeless people are some of the best hustlers in the world. They make money, tax free, 7 days a week. Your assumption that they have hearts of gold is cliched and unexcusably silly. Try to do better next time, ok?

  • Anonymous

    he has lost it album coming or not LOST IT!

  • Anonymous

    His career is over.

  • jay ruperaux

    how come nobody never asked at what age did wayne start kissing baby. because baby is 14 years older than baby was a grown man when wayne was a kid. so do you think baby told wayne to kiss him? if so thats pedophilia am i right?. really how did they start kissing. somebody needs to ask that. watch they clam up.

  • Anonymous

    Oh no, this fuck nigga needs to go. Comparing himself to Pac, that shit'll get your throat cut boy!

  • Wayne is dumb

    U realy wana be the new pac wayne? Go ahead we all know how that story ended bye bye weezy good riddance

  • QBN

    They say it's bad to wish death on someone, but if somebody murks this Gremlin.. I wouldn't be mad at it..


    whoaaa whoaaa whoaaaaa... watever it is your doing just stop right there.. A fucking crisis is at hand concerning the ALMIGHTY wayne... If your not already sucking lil waynes cock please do now...

  • achpe2


  • Anonymous

    props for fuckin bosh's wife cuz that bitch is badddddddd but minus a million points for comparing urself to pac. fuck that fuck swag. if you agree click this video

  • tha OG

    Fuck lil wayne gay ass bitch!!!!yo music sucks!!!hope YMCMB go bankrupt

  • Anonymous

    He wish he was Pac's pubic hair! Beat it! He's mad that he gets NO LOVE in the Heat arena so now he's throwing a little drug tantrum because he sour! Bitches do bitch ass shit! Now he's screaming fuck the NBA. The clowns are never getting in to an arena again! And he will never be close to Pac! LoL FOH!

  • yani

    LOL F@*k MIAMI HEAT?!? nigguh stop hatting.. and u claim you f@*k bosh's wife? with your short ass aint no one wanna tap that unless she's money hungry.. and to top it YOU WILL NEVER BE THE NEW PAC ... lmfao please...

  • anon

    Drake wants no parts of what's happening on stage...

  • Rob


  • Anonymous

    pac was mainstream as fuck so when lil wayne hes the new pac he saying he at the top just like pac was no way is lil wayne better lyricly

  • suckerdj

    hahaha watch birdman after he says he smashed chris bosh's wife, he leaves him hanging hard haha then birdman thinks about taking off his jacket to smack him up but thinks better of it

  • Anonymous

    Drake did a quick pirouette. Wayne hasn't been the same since Rikers.



    • BigLou31

      Nah Homie...he's not comparing Wayne and Ross to Pac & Big...they did that themselves...that's what he's saying. Wayne saying he's the New Pac, and Ross said that shit on his last mixtape..."After B.I.G., Puff told me I was the best." I completely disagree, but if Puffy himself told Ross that, what are ya gonna do??? Sad state of affairs.

    • Anonymous

      You're joking, right? NOBODY CAN BE THE NEXT TUPAC & BIGGIE AND NOBODY WILL BE. Wayne and Ross are nowhere near those two's level. You niggas should be praising Kendrick and Cole.



  • Anonymous

    Anyone who thinks Wayne is at all comparable to 2Pac was probably born in the 90s

  • lil wayne

    i love dick, and i cant rap

  • so icy boi!

    I love big black balls in my gay ass mouth.

  • Tapeworm

    i now although i dont think height matters that much in a fight (Reach maybe) I'd like to see the 6'11 bosh as soft as he is smack the 5'6 wayne and somebody should worldstar it

  • JW

    Wayne is a joke. Unfortunately his next album will still debut at #1 because ppl ignore his terrible ignorance

  • nastic

    lol,sry Lil Wayne but youre far away from being a next 2pac, with your cheesy rap songs. the only guy who is on one level with 2pac, is LL Cool J. but nobody could replace 2pac or be a next one, silly clownface.

  • Anonymous

    Ppl complaining about Wayne, but besides him & T.I. who else out there is the closest thing we've had 2 Pac SO FAR??? Wayne is controversial, speaks his mind, went to prison, etc.... I think T.I. gets more of a claim to being the next Pac than Wayne but u cant argue the fact dat Wayne is 1 of the realest rappers alive!!!

    • @Anonymous 6

      Nigga you just went full retard. T.I. is alright, but he's no Tupac. T.I. didn't do anything to help hip-hop besides put out some good music. An Wayne is NOTHING like Pac. That nigga fucked up hip-hop and gave us two shitty artists. Wayne's music has NO meaning and he's FAR from intelligent. That nigga stupid. No rap nigga impacted hip-hop the way Tupac has; the only nigga that comes close is Biggie. NOBODY, I repeat, NOBODY CAN CLAIM TO BE THE NEXT TUPAC. THEY'RE NOT LIKE TUPAC AND THEY NEVER WILL BE. Why can't you realize that there will never be another Tupac, you 90s baby? I bet you think Ross is the next Biggie.

    • Fuck Swag

      Em not that anyone can compare to Tupac but if it was someone it would be Kendrick Lamar you stupid shit

    • Anonymous

      Of course im not just talkin about for going to jail... T.I.'s lyrics has meaning.. Wayne's lyrics have meanings sometimes..not like it used to but still....Since the early 00's, what they've done for the south, and hip hop is similar if not more tha what Pac did in the 90's.... Wayne & T.I. both have cross images where they can position themselves in different environments.. And they both r very intellectual.. If T.I. OR Wayne says he's the New Pac, he can claim that title rightfully.

    • Anonymous

      ^ BULLSHIT!! Wayne is NOWHERE near Pac's level. That nigga got no classics. He's a weak rapper who sold out. If he died, people won't view him like Pac. Nobody will be praising Wayne 20 years from now. That nigga fucked up the culture and is falling off. Pac was never hated on and viewed as an obnoxious rapper like you said. Let me say this again, you delusional ass nigga, NOBODY IS CLOSE TO TUPAC AND NOBODY WILL EVER BE TUPAC. THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER TUPAC. You're a delusional Wayne stan to say that bullshit, even you don't believe what you just said right now. Tupac was about empowering the black community and Wayne is just another ignorant rapper. "T.I. & Wayne r the closest to Pac of THIS generation as far as media goes" Nobody will take you seriously after saying that bullshit. HOW? Talking shit? Getting arrested and going to jail? ALL RAPPERS DO THAT! Kill yourself for that bullshit.

    • RJA

      imo, Kendrick and J. Cole are the only 2 who's music can be comparable to Pac from the modern generation.

    • Cudder

      you're on fucking crack. there is no god damn way people will be praising Lil Wayne for ANYTHING. The only reason Pac may have been hated in his time is cause he was a revolutionary. got a bit much on the patronizing side maybe, pandering to the ladies and gangstas alike. But Lil Wayne is doin dumb shit after dumb shit... just cause he says & does whatever he wants don't make him the closest to Tupac in any sense. Tupac wasn't just about that!

    • Anonymous

      stop comparing people to pac. nobody is like him or will ever be like him, thats what makes him pac. pac was for the people/the culture. most rappers today esp. wayne is for the industry.

    • Anonymous

      Nope...If Wayne died today u cant honestly say ppl wont viewhim like they did Pac! U cant honestly say it..and 20 rs from now ppl will be praising Wayne for ALL he did for this generation..Pac was hated on JUST like Wayne in the 90s and ppl considered him an obnoxious rapper.. I think T.I. & Wayne r the closest to Pac of THIS generation as far as media goes

    • Anonymous

      Please tell me you're joking. Nobody today is close to 2Pac.

  • Legacy of Tupac

    First Emmett Till, now Tupac? Is Little Wayne fishing for some attention? Im sorry but I have to voice my opinion on this one because I roll with Tupacs legacy and Little Wayne should be the furthest rapper from ever comparing himself to the liking of Tupac Amaru Shakur. Tupacs words resonated; His lyrics were piercing and touched your heart. He was a REVOLUTIONARY and was focused on changing the world. He peeped the rap game and SOWED it! He quoted political views and injustices that plagued the communities around the Nation. What has Little Wayne talked about politically? What social injustices has he spoken about? Its kind of hard to speak out on anything when you have a handler and have sold your soul for riches and fame. All tatted up to cover your shame and misery We see straight through you, homie. Little Wayne needs a muzzle! Dont ever disrespect a Legend, not in my life time. These RAPPERS need to be checked at the GATE!! #werideonourenemies

  • Anonymous

    Im not one for wishing death on nobody but i hope Lil Wayne gets shot lol.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is such a clown. I really dont know how people still support him. But hoes will be hoes i guess.

  • Anonymous

    "He has zero class! ,a homeless person could look down on him!" So a bum rummaging through a garbage can is going to look down on a dude estimated to be worth 95 million dollars? Try again.

    • donnis mac

      That's not your money Quote-Man so there's no need to flaunt it. Here's the kicker, the bum would see him as a human and say "that's not right", you look at financial headlines and create pedestals and issue fraudulent passes. This is that "education" you pass to the masses.

  • yasid

    drakes reaction is classic.

  • nastynav

    This guy has officially lost it. What a retard. He's an embarrassment.

  • lesa

    lil wayne new pac?! he must have been smoking crack

  • Anonymous

    This is no cockiness, he's just being a dick. Bottom line.

  • RJA

    used to be a wayne fan, but this guy has lost the plot. lil wayne is the kind of music i play when i want to hear bangers, and im in the car etc. pac made meaningful music that is timeless and will be enjoyed for years to come. wayne comparing himself to him is nothin short of preposterous. the work rate and the fact they're both male is the only thing they have in common.

  • bswayne

    Wayne has as much talent as tupac had in his left nutsack

  • Anonymous

    Somebody please shoot Lil Wayne. This fucker needs some sense knocked into him.


    Funniest news I've heard in years, Weezy claiming to be the new Pac!! Thats so rediculous, this guy wears zebra spandex pants, he's borderline Homo!!!


    this is a bunch of crap. everyone knows that birdman is the closest thing to pac. no need to further explain.

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support THANX IN ADVANCE

  • So Sick of this BS!

    @PuCho Co-Fucking-Signed. Many people (especially rappers) act like they are fucking scared to call out Lil' Wayne on his forced fakeness, trolling, and utter bullshit. You know you aren't shit when you have to do childish acts (ex: Miama Heat diss) and compare yourself to someone clearly better than you (Tupac) to hype up your album and receive spotlight attention. Lil Wayne disrespected Emmett Till, Tupac, and others. He claims to be blood, cripple, and straight, yet he kisses men, acts like a feminine negro child, is extremely fickle and fragile, disses bi/homo Frank Ocean out of nowhere (typical closeted behavior), skateboards, and wears the most metrosexual clothing known to man that makes RuPaul look straight as fuck. He pretends to be a role model, then decides to act gangster and ruthless to prove how tough and important he is. His best album is ghost-written. He is part of the minstrel show known as modern day "hip pop". Nicki Minaj is an industry bitch, never an inner street's bitch (paraphased Foxy Brown line btw). Same with Lil Wayne, Drake, Tyga, MMG, G.O.O.D Music, and nearly every corporate cocksucker on the scene now. Even several people in the underground/inde scene are doing bullshit moves as well. When will somoene call out these fucking clowns and this industrial madness?! Did you know Eminem wanted to diss Lil Wayne, but he pussied, disrespected himself, out and sucked his dick? In one song, he claimed that he was jealous of Wayne and that he's better than him (which is a fucking lie). The REAL Slim Shady in the MMLP days would've murked the fuck out of today's Lil' Wayne. Eminem is certified menstrual fish for that shit alone. Did you also know that many people (even many hip hop legends) have co-signed Wayne for his accomplishments and "rapping abilities" instead of confronting him for his disgraceful acts and music? I fucking swear this rap game is so disgustingly fake, fucked up, and hypocritical. Nas claimed that hip hop was dead in 2006, yet he makes a song with Officer Ricky Ross, Lil Wayne, other shitty artists, and even considers doing a song with Waka Flocka Flame right after. You can't take shit that anyone says seriously anymore, even people and music veterans who are much more credible. I find it funny that when Lord Jamar dissed Kanye, everyone got all defensive. Somebody (or more than one person) has to call out the bullshit effectively sooner or later before shit gets worse. Jay-Z attempted to do that with his "D.O.A" song when Autotune buffoonery got out of hand. We need Eminem, Jay-Z, and/or many other people (with or without current status/relevance) to crush this horror and put an end to this putrid age of current hip hop and music in general. We also have to do our part and STOP fucking supporting these artists. We are living in an age of a profound musical drought with severely endangered artistry, Internet bullshit, Twitter Beef, TMZ, mediocrity, frauds and posers, attention whores, trolls, stans, try-hards, metrosexual apparel, and other strains of faggotry. So please people, let this madness stop and do not purchase "I Am Not A Human Being II" and other inferior trash.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem actually threw some subliminal shots at Wayne on Recovery if you listen closely.

    • pppppppp

      Jay did do the DOA thing but he wont bring this shit down maybe just maybe a subliminal shot at him or something

    • Anonymous

      i feel the same...but entities like Eminem,Jay and Nas cant bring down all of this bullshit...1st of all Wayne and Ym still has stupid ass retarded ppl as fans who buys anything these niggas put out...2nd even if they wanted to take some actions they cant...Wayne,Ross,Gucci etc they basically have everything from radios to sites to t.v. programs on a payroll..why the fuck do u think these wack niggas get rotation...the rap game is corrupted...and thats why rappers like Em,Jay or Nas wont bother with that

    • iamhiphop

      Co-sign the OP. These two niggas that responded are fucking retards.

    • So Icy!

      Lil Wayne never kissed a man, Birdman is hiz dad. dats ok... he is straight and I like hiz clothes. I wear skinny jeanz. problem? you emotional niggaz are faggots. WAYNE DA GOAT. swag

    • Fuckin moron

      Nigga aint noone gonna waste there time readin ur stupid ass essay on a hip hop forum. Get to the point in 4 sentences or less or get the fuck out.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Lil Wayne is not da new Pac... he is bigger den Pac. Lil Wayne has sold mo album den Pac, Jay-Z and Eminem combined. he is my role-model. da richest rapper alive. respect da King of Hip Hop. swag

    • The Maestro

      After finding about the fame, he's my man all the time. WAYNE BETTER THAN K DOT!!

    • The Maestro

      HAHAHAHA what a fucking retard. Lil Wayne hasnt sold SHIT compared to any of those rappers. Lil Wayne is a tiny ass faggot retard with NO RAP SKILLS. You buy into the fact that he's good because y'all are a bunch of dick riders. Hopping on the bandwagon of whoever is on the most magazines. AND THEY PAY FOR THEMSELVES TO BE ON THE MAGAZINES YOU FUCKING RETARDS. If Lil Wayne wants to be the NEW PAC then I hope someone puts a full mag into him

    • You Know

      Haha. This all wrong. Wayne's pimp Birdman got more money that him.

    • NO

      You sir, are a fucking idiot. Please go kill yourself.

    • iBbigtrickx

      How do u figure Wayne has sold more???Em is holding at 80 million world wide and Pac at like 75 million worldwide...

  • Unanimous

    2Pac knew about his (black) history and honoured and respected it. Wayne is making a mockery out of it. They are not alike.

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support

  • Anonymous

    fucc cash money az uh record label staff and az uh muhfuccin ass skateboard ridin tight jean wearin niggaz....stop the pac comparisonz.....marc ass nigga....u wasnt woofin that shit when sum real LA NIGGAZ CIRCLED U AND YO DADDY IN THOSE TRUCCZ....MEMBER DAT....NIGGAZ GOT FOOTAGE.....GOOGLE IT YALL....NIGGAZ SURROUNDED YALL LIKE SHARKZ...YALL WAS THE HAUNTED...THE PREY IF U WILL...yall marc ass niggaz wouldnt get out or roll down them windowz huh???...#comptonnwa80zbaby.....#CMBKILLA....WHEN YALL NIGGAZ IN lA.....yall know 2 stay way up in them hillz....get caught in the trenchez....the wolvez gonna get cha.....#thuglife....fucc these new age homo thugz....molly poppin faggottz.....yall niggaz confused.....#realniggazdorealthingz.....#stoproccinskirtz...uggbootz....gownz.....and that feminine shit.....#yallfuccinupwhutcamefromthestreetzandgonstayinthestreetz

  • s.a

    pac aint never shoot him self wayne dont know nothin bout bein no Black Panther or Killumanati dis nigga just beggin for attention....again FUCK little WAYNE

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with this guy, Lil Wayne has serious fuckin mental disorders

  • amin

    what a fukin idiot... he's beggin for attention

  • ETK

    that's it. I think society officially broke Lil Wayne. (as if he wasn't broken to begin with but yeah)

  • doversfinest

    Chris Bosh, after hearing about Wayne's rant, replied "Yea, well I fucked Drake!"

  • Anonymous

    wayne u pull that shit every where but LA....marc ass nigga.....u say fucc the lakerz.....u might get offed....lmao....cornball ass nigga

  • West Coast ryda skip skip

    lil gayne

  • Ricky Rozay

    Wayne aint no Pac. He aint never make no jam like 2pac Back. This nigga pitchin a bitch fit over the fact that Mia wanted nothin to do wit this man kissing faggot. Your lyrics are wack, ur voice annoying, ur clothes are ugly. Fuck Weezy. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • birdman

    all you wayne haters this what I want you to do, look at your bank statement.need i say more you broke and we rich, excuse me we're wealthy...



  • Anonymous

    lil wayned the g.o.a.t 2pac wack bird man spits stright fire drake will body rhem all

  • Anonymous

    This nigga need to be offed already. Go kiss baby on the lips you delusional, whoopi goldberg ass nigga.

  • Anonymous

    Only thing I ever agreed with Weezy about fuck the Miami Heat!!!

  • Anonymous

    Lol, I'm the biggest Pac fan, but I did not find this disrespectful, this shit Wayne did, is some shit 2Pac wouldve done, lol, y'all lame niggas go back and look at 2Pac House Of Blues rant on Biggie and them, lmaoo. RIP 2Pac though, when it comes to music, no one can compare to Pac.

    • Anoymous

      I wasn't saying it was right that he said he slept with Faith, I was refering to his first shooting in which Biggie happened to be in the same building and were cool at the time but didn't react much about it considering they were tight once. That's what set Tupac off. Whatever got Wayne's panties in a bunch did not put him in the hospital. Pac got shot, Wayne got kicked out of a sports event night and day homey.

    • larryloc

      yea thats something pac would have did but he dont even come close to 2 pac when it comes to rap of course not or even balls money gave wayne bitch ass balls pac already had them and im not a 2 pac fan like that

    • Anonymous

      You can't compare being shot to being kicked out a NBA game

    • Anonymous

      How was it rightfully so for 2Pac to say he slept with Biggies wife? Wayne is mad at the NBA, and the Miami Heat.. So how is he wrong for saying he fucked Bosh's wife? Keep it real man. I love 2Pac, but we are all human.

    • Anonymous

      Screaming about sleeping with somebody's wife yeah that's Pac, but rightfully so he was upset at Big for his lack of reaction for the first shooting. Surprisingly nothing like that has happened to Lil wayne. He's throwing an irrational bitch fit. He's like a girl making irrational emotional decisions based on what?

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne is a fuckin fagget his music is garbage he has always sucked dick and i would rather t bag a bear trap then listin to that bummy and crummy ass music ps i hope he dies of aids :)

  • EmceeCombs

    Completely disrespectful to 2pac's legacy! 2Pac never would have pulled this gay ass shit! Lil Wayne needs to take a chill pill and quit making a joke of himself.

  • PuCho

    First he calls himself the best rapper alive now he's calling himself the new Pac, you know what i actually hope this gremlin looking nigga dies and i could give a fuck if any of ya niggas catch feelings. This nigga wasn't anything special he's always been average that's it, no classic albums, told no stories, raps about the same shit all the time and he calls himself the best rapper alive and now the new Pac ? The sad thing is that just like everything else he's done before like kissing birdman, wearing those lime green uggs and skinny jeans and kissing stevie jay nobody ain't gonna say shit but give this nigga a pass as if he did nothin wrong. fuckouttahere

  • Anonymous

    Hell no. I didn't even grow up on Pac so I'm not really emotionally connected to his music or anything but Weezy is the FARTHEST thing from Pac. I'm sick of this talentless retard.

  • burr

    who cares what he said? is this really relevant to anyone? seriously....

  • KingofBrickCity

    Seriously these rappers need to stop referring to themselves as Tupac. I'm sick and tired of it, None of you have the ability of form a complete thought like he did let alone rap about anything that hold any kind of validity. Its totally unnerving and disrespectful to the legacy of that man and his family. This is just as bad as Wacka Flocka stating that kids don't need to go to school to be rappers. Almost 80% of ADULTS in the US are illiterate in some way shape or form and this guys is basically telling the next generation to for go school? Let me ask Wacka this: How are you gonna be able to read that contract to determine the Pts and how your gonna get paid? Are you gonna continue to do CASH UP FRONT SHOWS? And Finally Lil' Wayne is a fuckin Moron if it wasn't for Baby Raping him on his deal he wouldn't be in the position he's in. Forget about all the BS these idiots are saying because at the end of the day, Their nothing more than PUPPETS in the MACHINE. No one cares about you getting kicked out Prive stop acting like a NIGGA and maybe people wont fuck with you.


    The Outlawz are probably recording a diss record as we speak

  • Anonymous

    He has zero class! ,a homeless person could look down on him! such a vile human being. karma will get him one day. and any women sleeping with that ugly little troll is as pathetic as him.

  • KingO

    I love the NBA but phuxx the Heat. I will never call another man King. D-Wade really is She-Wade....and Bosh??????? Soft as a baby's ass....Short season lock out champs. Can't win it in a full season. Im with you Weezy...

  • Anonymous

    so lil wayne, tuniwateverdafuckitis, weezy, lil weezy and a bunch of other retarded names is not enough for dude, now he wants a new name 'danewtupac'? As the saying goes 'A dying man will hold fast to anything'

  • storm

    this shits great. whats there to hate on...beside the 2 pac comparison....but he wasn't even talking about his music.. props to wayne, shits mad funny

  • Anonymous

    Who buys Lil Wayne's records? Cause on every article and blog I see 90% hate 10% fans..I don't get how he sells when it seems like more people hate him them love him. He's like a Kim Kardashian or Justin Biber...You guys claim to hate these people but you make them popular by giving them so much attention and you're still buying everything they put out...

    • Trueeee

      Exactly. For instance, if you go on YouTube, you'll see a bunch a retarded children watch, dislike, and leave negative comments on Justin Bieber's videos. They are a main part of the reason as to why Bieber's "Baby" music video in one of the most viewed YouTube videos of all time. Nevertheless, little do these idiots know is that when they view the video to leave negative comments and dislikes, they give Bieber more money (AdSense) and recognition from the blinded media who misinterpret the views on his videos and deem them as "positive" and "well-adored". Some people watch Karshitanticdians and Jersey Shore just to criticize and laugh them, but they give these ungrateful, uneducated dumbfucks ratings and currency when they watch. The main idea = if you are tired of these untalented hacks and want them to vanish, then don't give them any attention or FUCKING support.

    • Anonymous

      Or their fans just don't go on this site?

  • Anon

    this nigga needs to lay off the heroin.

  • Anonymous

    Strike back Chris Bosh.

  • Fred

    This dude is no where near Pac's status...he's barely above Lil' B! Y'all should checkout too, they usually have some good reads as well

  • djbvax

    The new Pac? You're not even the old Pac. I wish Pac was the new you then you'd be gone.

  • Ramiss

    Lmao he is no where near 2pac's level if anything Eminem and Nas are but lil wayne? Lol yea right.

  • Anonymous

    wayne is dead to me as of today that syrup and molloy got this little runt being so disrespectful

  • Anonymous

    the new wack not pact ugly black bastard

  • Anonymous

    FUCK LIL WAYNE wat a sad day for hip hop

  • HyperScythe

    Isn't Drizzy in bed with LeBron though? And he was there? I remember when Drizzy was saying LeBron over the Mavs in 5... He cried when they lost... But now who's side is Drizzle on? Or is he just being a hoe and fuckin' dem both?

  • Milehighkid303

    Fuck em. Straight up. Dude is the biggest MARK in Hip Hop history, fuckin' man-kissin-skinny jean wearing-skateboard riding e-thug. Fuck em.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem >>>>>>>>>> this piece of shit.


    WAyne Is by far the BIGGEST BAND WAGON IN HISTORY. its Fck NY= Cuz "Hip Hop Police" always harassing em Followed by Fck OKC= Cuz they aint wanna let ur ugly Martian ass in. it wuz sold out n they said umm fck it no MORe E.T. in the building Then Its Fck Miami= Again!!! cuz last year LBJ n WAde aint wanna shake ur hand, Now u go 2 the Laker game n Gesture u gon shoot a Heat fan right where he stand? GTFOH! With that shyt Ohh and u also claim to be the "New Pac" lmao Careful wha u wish for; Remember how they did "THe REAL PAC"

    • Anonymous

      he jumped on the mavericks band wagon too,was rooting for the heat and then was seen at the mavericks after party! he is flat out....a biggidy bitch.

  • Cash_Money_Killaz

    You aint the new 2pac. You are a faggot with weak lyrics about money and pussy. Why dont you rap about dicks since you been kissing Birdman's ass? Go do a song with Frank Oceaan. I wish you would be dead and 2pac, Biggie, Big L, Big Pun and Tim Dog alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    killing his own career or whatever was left

  • ETL

    Sad thing is, that no one in his corner will tell him to chill the fuck out and stop buggin. Anybody that has probably been dismissed as a hater.

  • Conscious New York Knicks Fan

    I've always hated Lil Wayne his family his friends and everything he stands for but I'll always LOVE anyone who decides to stand up against Miami and Dwayne Wade

  • 2Pac

    Nigga think's he's the new me?!! He has no idea what shit I've been through. He's also wack. Hopefully, nigga won't be in the same place as me in heaven.


    This nigga looks like a black yoda he on some gay poppers he don't he has no idea what he talkin bout, he tryna get attention because he sucks dick, i curse this nigga with cancer hope he dies soon bitch die of a flu so hes known more of a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    fuck lil gayne aka worst rapper of all time, he deserve a death mothafucker

  • Kenneth Peterson

    This dude does every drug ever invented,he stay high,plus he gay,so we need to excuse his outburst.B.G. said it best "lil' dude don't know any better."

  • Fresno

    Lil Wayne is a midget piece of shit. He's trash these days. He calls himself the new pac? I call him my bitch.

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne fo life fuck the world greatest rappers ever >> fuck 2pac bitch ass nigga and fuck Miami heat

  • fuk ymcmb

    shouldn't this fool already filming the hobbit part 2?

  • Anonymous

    what an idiot he is. i can't believe how people can buy his records, he's whack too.

  • Anonymous

    ya know what makes pac, pac the fact that he didn't compare himself to anyone else and we all loved him for that

  • Sincere

    New 2Pac? 2Pac talked about real shit just about money and "poppin' pussy". Fuck Lil Wayne, fuck Birdman,fuck Young Money as a staff, record label, and as a mother fucking crew.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga wants to get popped..i swear the God Ross and Wayne are gonna get killed this year.. this cunt claimed hes Pac...kill urself nigga...ur wack and real niggas dont fuck with ur shit...just lil girls

  • jshbf

    lil wayne is a loser, straight up, and he's a proven homo

  • Anonymous

    loll that speech sounds like it what was outta boondocks. "and and and i fucked chris bosh's wife!"

  • Hip Hop, please!

    When does it stop? I'm really getting tired of this lil troll The 2nd 2Pac?, FOH you little talent-less freak

  • HipHopGodd

    Odd how these guys who'd not have radio careers were 2pac still alive constantly evoking the man's name. All I know is guys like Nas, Jay-Z, Eminem,etc. were declared to be the greatest rappers ever by journalists and personalities within and without the industry. No one ever called Lol' Wayne the great of all time until he started calling himself that. We all know how it goes though: If you have to call yourself the best then you're probably far from it. As far as the Miami Heat disrespect goes, Wayne is a 10 years old in a 6 years old's body. He's a child who makes music for children. The only people who take him seriously are people who themselves should not be taken seriously. He's a shining example of the ignorance of black youth and the deplorable state hip-hop is in right now. Twenty years ago s guy like Lol'Wayne would have been a laughingstock. Today he's the top grossing artist. A sign of the times indeed...

  • Brad Jones

    Lil Wayne is very clear about his statement that he doesn't care bout NBA & the Miami Heat. Surprised he pull a move like this at NBA All Star weekend though.

  • 614grind

    Sound like a guy who sees his appeal fading away. Shock statements and proclaiming himself the "new" somebody is usually a tell tale sign. Black Boy Lost.

  • Cool Kid

    lil Wayne claiming that he fucked Chris Bosh wife intresting cause I swore that nigga was gay

  • soups

    Fuck this guy. He sounds like a butt heart 12 year old girl that didn't get Lebron's autograph.

  • so

    Why do every rapper want to be 2pac, the nigga is dead, shoot multi time, that a hell of a way to go, trying jump from the front of a car too the back seat of a car,trying to duck bullets mean while everybody is using his name getting paid spending his money enjoying it, He is dead baptise in eternal fire, I guess he is righ he did fail

  • 777

    Somebody please shut this faggot up for good.

  • Anonymous

    2 pac never worse girls clothing or kissed men on the lips

  • @craig_ruddy

    What an awful human being this guy is. First he blames New York for getting caught with a gun, then he recently gets thrown out of Miami Heat game for gesturing that he would shoot a fan in the Stands. And that is a fact by the way so now of course no NBA team want you around when you act like a G and a piece of shit. This guy I hope all you fancy him out there are waking up to this phony. Dudes no gangster he's been around baby since he was 10 years old. Wake Up!!

  • what

    keep shooting off his mouth he will be the next 2pac for real, i hope he know the old 2pac is death.

  • Dee

    But 2Pac doesn't skateboard. Cause that's not what niggas do. And he damn sho don't retire from rappin to skate.

  • Anonymous

    wow ... wayne straight up needs to retire.. he used to be so dope back in the day, now hes just a complete waste of life. straight up cancer for hip hop, fuck ymcmb, free drizzy .

  • te'o

    lil wayne way better than 2pack REBIRTH is better than any 2pack album 2pack got his whole style from THE DOGG POUND ymcmb over thug life dgjas

  • anon

    So he's really trying to build up hype for his new album... zzzzzzzzz

  • nuc

    ... i laughed when i read that he ' fucked chris bosh's wife ' haha

  • Anonymous

    He'll be dead soon....

  • wu wear

    I think he meant he's the new 2 Chainz

  • ClickedOnThisPage4NoReason


  • That's right

    We already knew Weezy was the new 'Pac for a minute already! In fact, in his career Weezy has surpassed Pac in every conceivable way! YMCMB bitches

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