Future Says Lil Wayne Had "No Bad Intentions" With Emmett Till Lyric On "Karate Chop (Remix)"

Future speaks on Lil Wayne's use of Emmett Till in a derogatory fashion.

It was the line and reference that was heard all around the interwebs and would eventually be pulled from it. Lil Wayne's reference to Emmett Till on Future's remix of "Karate Chop" sparked a controversy soon after its release and now, the song's creator is breaking his silence on the matter.

In an interview with MTV, Future says Wayne had no negative motives with the line and are both trying to move past it.

"He had no bad intentions, [he] wasn't even thinking about it like that," Future said. "It was used in a different way but I understand the work... at the end of the day we going to move on from it and find a way to build."

Shortly after the song's release, Till's family responded to the track and slammed the reference. Epic Records later apologized for the line and promised to pull the cut from the web.

Watch the full video interview below (via MTV).

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  • Tahir

    lmao when its Wayne its a bad lyric huh? ..how about this others Method Man on 2Pac's "Got My Mind Made Up" (1996) Lyrics "Like Hitler, sticking up [Jews] with German [Lugers]." Eminem on "I'm Back" (2000) Lyrics : "I take seven [kids] from [Columbine], stand 'em all in line...and that's a whole school of bullies shot up all at one time." Eminem on Missy Elliott's "Busa Rhyme" (1999) Lyrics : "Hit a fucking [pregnant bitch] in her [stomach] with luggage." The Notorious B.I.G. on "Gimme The Loot" (1994) Lyrics "I wouldn't give a fuck if you're [pregnant], give me the baby rings and the "#1 Mom" pendant...bitches get [strangled] for their earrings and bangles." 2Pac on "God Bless The Dead" (1998) Lyrics: "I'm old enough to know that ain't no justice, [fuck the police] and all the courts, same way they fucked us." Sadat X on "Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down" (1993) Lyrics: "Though I can freak, fly, flow, [fuck up a faggot. I don't understand their ways, I ain't down with gays]." Eminem on "No Apologies" (2006) Lyrics : "You fuckers are not ready, 'cause I got jelly, like [Beyonce's] pot belly." Eminem on "We As Americans" (2004) Lyrics : "I don't rap for dead presidents; I'd rather see the President [dead]." The Notorious B.I.G. on Jay-Z's "A Dream" (2002) Lyrics : "Time to get paid, blow up like the [World Trade]." Eminem on "Rap Game" (2002) Lyrics: "I pipe down, when the [White House] gets wiped out. When I see that little [Cheney] dyke get sniped out." Napoleon on 2Pac's "This Life I Lead" (2002) Lyrics : "[Bin Laden] on the phone and that nigga talkin crazy. I don't know who to blame, him or [Bush] for killing babies." Eminem on D12's "Shit Can Happen" (2001) Lyrics : "Barricaded in a motel with 12 shotguns, so when the [cops] come knocking each hand's got one." Pastor Troy on "Vica Versa" (2001) Lyrics "God I'm confused, the feuds of all these motherfuckers, makin' me sick. [Virgin Mary never fucked nobody, but she suck dick]." Canibus on "Horsementality" (2000) Lyrics "Put a crown of thorns on whoever the king of rap is. If he's a [Catholic] I nail him to a crucifix." Eminem on "Kim" (2000) Lyrics: "There's a [four-year] old little [boy] laying dead with a slit throat, in your living room."

    • Anonymous

      the only lyrics that compares to the lil wayne one is the first 2. and both Eminem and Method Man got in the same shit that Lil Wayne is getting. The other ones are just tongue-in-cheek cracks at politicians, or religious blasphemy (aka superstition), or completely made up stories. L'il Wayne referenced an ACUTAL PERSON who was murdered by police and then made him the butt end of a rap punchline about pussy. Its just as bad as if a rapper said "My flow is wild, you shouldnt be startin' / your flow is dead, like Trayvon Martin"

  • RacksNoTax

    dat nigga wayne disrepectful...... oan i tried this internet shit and tried to make money since i dont really do shit but be on the internet all day i joined this a month ago and i made 800 over the weekend.... go to racksnotax com

  • Anonymous

    Clearly, Till's cousin was a fan of Wayne's cause how did he hear the song in the first place? Bottom line... Let Wayne worry about the things that come out his mouth. He's a grown up. If he doesn't care then why should you? You have the choice not to listen. It doesn't get any simplier than that.

  • Weezer

    Intended or not, he said it. Unfortunately this shows that many young successful african americans are getting less sensative about who helped pave the way for their success!

  • tnas

    seriously guys we've heard and seen worst and y'all be acting like this lyric is death .. other rappers have terrible references like ordering guns from Osama bin laden,Nazi and Hitler references ,Chris brown even whore a Bin Laden costume and ion see no one bitching about it but when its Wayne its bad ..this is music "get it" ? ,its ART with word plays .Wayne had no bad intentions ..so kiss his ass if you hating (wayne voice) ...and btw BEAT that PUSSY up like Emmett Till ,yeah ..come to your crib ,bomb it down like Bin Laden ,Yeah ..Got that AK on your kids,put em down like its New Town ,yeah ..I'm bad like Hitler,you niggas keep hating,im bouta go Nazi on your ass ,yea .. meet you at the movies with your bitch,shoot your brains down like you watching Badman ...Hahaha INAHB2 is late,sorry for the wait

  • Tahir

    lmao I see what the media is trying to do here ..INAHB2 dropping next month and y'all pussies want that joint to flop..well guess what? we still copping that joint as soon as it drop ..

  • Fuck Future, Lil Wayne & Their Families, By Ya Boy Franklin!!!

    "at the end of the day we going to move on from it and find a way to build." No you won't, you'll be forever scarred and your next records will flop hard like a motherfucker.


    lets be honest, for the most part lil wayne just says anything that rhymes. you talking about a guy that admits he didnt understand jay's verse on "Mr. Carter". only way we can accept an official apology if it comes from the ONLY living mogul in the music industry, Birdman.

  • Anonymous

    2 Chainz made an Amber Alert reference on his album. Where's the outcry from Stevie Blunder? Jesse Jackson, are you meeting with Def Jam to have the song removed from Itunes, and the album taken off shelves? Be consistent, cause there's still a thing called free speech in this country that allows people to say dumb things without fear of being hunted by the sensitivity police.



  • Anonymous

    If he was a comedian this would be perfectly fine...a little hard to swallow but people would ahve moved on by now. I ain't defendin him but worse things have been said and are being said. Yeh he should apologize but not because you fuck niggas passin judgement say he should. SN: Niggas ain't that impressionable to where they'll do anything a rapper say.

    • Truth

      1) If he was a comedian, it would have had a different context. 2) Even if a comedian said it, it would have been controversial. 3) No comedian has ever said anything like this, because jokes about how badly Emmit Till got beaten up aren't up funny.

  • Anonymous

    Stop cryin and mive on with your lives.

  • Anonymous

    hollywood ur just as stupid as them ..

  • Anonymous


  • hollywood

    Man I heard Worse lines in Hip Hop "You wanna Act like SuperMan You'll End Up Like Chris Reeve" -Memphis Bleek "Leave You Hollering, like Marvin Gaye When his Father Shot Him In the Chest" -Redman I'm as Scandalous as Jimmy Swaggart -Kurupt from the Dogg Pound -I'll cut the Head off the Devil & I'll Throw it at You - DMC from Run DMC -I've got to Get Paid FULLY whether its Truthfully or Untruthfully -Ol Dirty Bastard -The Ike & Tina Turner Ass Whipping Learner -Trigga Da Gambla -Die on a Cross Like A Christian, So F*** you Plus Your Weak Religion -Noreaga from CNN -"How You gonna say You know God better than Me, I Know GOD ALLAH he used to pump crack up the street" -50 Cent Crucify em ALL if your gonna hang Wayne Yah turned Hip Hop exactly the way C. Delorus Tucker Wanted it LOL

    • @Anonooso

      Oh okay Sorry. Add them to the list too young dummy

    • Anonooso

      Damn homie you forgot to get BUTTHURT about every single line Eminem and Ice Cube said early on their careers.

    • regal84

      The difference is none of those lyrics u just mentioned involved a 14 year old kid getting chopped in the back of his head with an axe, or getting beaten to death LITERALLY beyond recognition, or have a cotton gin tied to their bodies with barbed wire and sent to the bottom of a river for whislting at a white woman, while it was okay for them to rape and murder our women...so find a better excuse to defend Wayne than that...just face it, dude has ran outta metaphors...how many ways can u describe how u beat up some p***y???

    • Anonymous

      Right, but ask them if they were apologetic about it. You know. Ask if there was recourse. Some may say no, some may yes. But they wouldn't suggest ambiguity by stating No Bad Intentions. Those all sound like they had bad intentions, and like they were not apologetic about it. Some may have apologized just to salvage their reputation. Others may have not. But I don't think Big L would have been, no just playing my dude I really care for Jesus Christ my dude. I don't think Ol Dirty would be like, sorry no, I really do give a shit about how a person judges me on how I get my paper. Eminem apologized for his diss on Mariah Carey. You still bump him. But does that now change your outlook on him? Are you gonna think the dude was a punk for that? You'll probably go a week without bumping him in hopes of not being emasculated for his regression on his diss, and others may still think of it, all round, that it was weak, as shit, to begin with.

    • sss

      how could yall forgot em's lyrics to MJ hahahahahah

    • Anonymous

      I dont think thats the point really, its a different subject. That innocent kid was actually murdered. If I spoke about a leader or a martryr that way publicly in my country I would be killed, no question On the point of harsh lyrics which didn't get a backlash I always thought this line was crazy. "Fuck the police wit a HIV carrier, No vaseline in the M16" Lloyd Banks Ha ha Holy shit...........can you say that!!!

    • ReplyBackwards

      you forgot the lyrics from Big L's Dangerzone and the Run Dmc one aint so bad its the Devil we're talking

    • hollywood

      "Business is Booming and everything is fine, Got myself a uzi and My Brother a 9, everything is cool I pull about a G a week f*** school" "So what about the b*** who got shot f*** her you think I give a damn about a b*** I aint a sucker"

  • LOL

    yeah bec thats the best way to have people stop talking about those lyrcs- to have future co sign you!! LMAO hes known for ignorant rap already .. i mean if eminem or jayz or someone good cosigned him thats 1 thing..but future?..fail

  • brollya

    ya some cornballs. dats all i gotta say

  • yardie

    I bet Chuck D was angry about this

  • Anonymous

    Just to even have such words and lines come to this little mans little brain makes me question his intelligence. This is what drugs to do you people, kids if your looking to be the next rapper dont be drinking that purple and shit your brains power son. #FUTURE#NOT tHE SINGER

  • Anonymous

    Wayne just needs to apologise. What if someone killed his daughter and then a rapper wrote a bar like that. Wayne is wrong for that.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Future made Auto-Tune poplar again. thank you, Future! I missed Auto-Tone so bad... btw Lil Wayne's next album will be da most complex music on da planet. Nas will retire. believe me. swag

  • Happy Black History Month

    Epic Records, L.A. Reid and greed don't care about nothing but the money the controversy creates...And now that Wayne's wack rap garnered this much attention some dusty unknown rapper is going to rap all of our fallin heroes in the hopes of getting the attention of the snakes controlling this industry we consumers are so addicted to. The future SUCKS!

  • John Doe

    Of Coarse Future Would Say That, Its His Song, Duh! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOPbnkx5SO4

  • nasirjones

    fuck you future and your autotune shit..no matter his intentions,waynes old enough to know whats acceptable and whats not.considering he has a 14 year old daughter, thats the example he wants to set? someone just needs to put a bullet in this piece of shits head..

  • Outsider Looking In

    Oh...........thats ok then. Shhhhesh feel bad now for Lil Wayne, keep up that creative creatine which empowers your people. #shithead "I'm not saying I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world." Truth, not in this case, stay positive, stay up, much love from Dublin

  • Moi

    Not just gonna "move past it" Wayne needs to acknowledge his fuck up, and let these kids know we have a rich, sordid, wonderful, horrific history as Black people in this country.

  • Anonymous

    Stop hating on a nigga that is a weak emotion the lady of a nigga

  • me

    he used an emmett till line on "it's me snitches" freestyle listen to it

  • Anonymous

    What else can you expect from Wayne? The dude is just an ignorant geechie ass nigga.

  • Anonymous

    you know future had to have heard that verse before they released and he didnt think it might have been in poor taste? fucking morons surrounded by morons!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck u Future wat if emmett was yo daughter, hw will u feel u punk u real dnt hv sesnse en that bitch nigga u call weezy is he running out of words or wat, so that he came to the point of singing such horrible things. I hope his next album will hv low sales.

  • ETK

    So if I said "Burn that pussy like Hitler did the Jews" it would be okay if I said I had no bad intentions?

    • IMhO

      cosign@ abstract.. anyone with half a brain can tell @ETK was being sarcastic and putting the shoe on the other foot for people to realize.. lol some people

    • abstract

      all these dudes above me obviously don't get the sarcasm he was really implying that wayne got off too easy and just because future says it was not bad intentions doesn't mean shit that's like saying it's ok for him to insult a 14 year old boy who triggered the civil rights movement in the south just because he's a famous rapper...No it's not so fuck future and fuck wayne they had no right to use Emmett Till and ***** in the same sentence.

    • Anonymous

      what about burn that pussy like anne frank? is that offensive?

    • Anonymous

      You would be admitting that you're passing around a sexual disease if you said "burn that pussy".

    • Big Bang Theory

      ETK typical online idiot

    • killacam

      No it wouldn't be okay, and I hope every human being in existence would have enough common sense to recognize this. I definitely don't condone Wayne's lyric, it was done out of poor taste, but to equate the mass murder of a whole nation of 6 million people to an incident where one person was brutally murdered is beyond ignorant. Have a seat.

  • Cage

    Translation: lil wayne is a fuckin idiot, future not too far behind. It's your song future, review that shit instead of hangin from that mans nuts

  • Anonymous

    "He wasn't even thinking about it like that".. that's exactly the problem, this dope head doesn't think. The intentions don't matter, that just not some shit you do.

    • crack swag

      After lil wayne's crack swag from prison it fucked him all up. YMCMB is full of wannabe gangstas and retarded pricks.

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