The Hip Hop Week In Review: Lil Wayne Under Fire For Emmett Till Lyric, Drake & Tyler, The Creator Announce LPs

Lil Wayne came under fire for his controversial lyric about Emmett Till, while Drake and Tyler, The Creator announced their respective third albums.

This week, Lil Wayne stirred up some controversy with just one sentence. The Young Money rapper hopped on the remix to Future's "Karate Chop," spitting a lyric that compared sex to the slaying of Emmett Till. The deceased figure's family didn't take kindly to the jab, prompting Epic Records to pull the song and Stevie Wonder to condemn Weezy's camp for the oversight in allowing the verse to be released. Meanwhile, Drake announced that his third album will be titled Nothing Was the Same - led by the single "Started From the Bottom" - while Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator took a similar approach, revealing three cover images for his third studio LP Wolf and his upcoming "Wolf" tour.

Lil Wayne Comes Under Fire For Offensive Lyric About Emmett Till

Lil Wayne came under fire this week by merely uttering a few charged words. The rapper hopped on the remix of Future's new single "Karate Chop," spitting the line, "Beat the pussy up like Emmett Till." The rap sent shockwaves through the Hip Hop community, reaching Till's family that fired back at Weezy for the shot. Airickca Gordon-Taylor, the founding director of the Foundation and cousin of Emmett Till, spoke out on behalf of the family and branded the reference "disrespectful." "We found it dishonorable to his name and what his death has meant to us as a people and as a culture," said Gordon-Taylor. "It was offensive not only to us, but to our ancestors and to women and to themselves as young, black men. I just couldn’t understand how you could compare the gateway of life to the brutality and punishment of death. And I feel as though they have no pride and no dignity as black men.” Epic Records also buckled under the controversy, deciding to pull the remix from the Internet and apologizing to Till's family. Stevie Wonder also chimed in on the conversation, stating that Wayne's camp should have never allowed the song to reach the public. Listen to the "Karate Chop" remix here.

Drake Announces Third Album Nothing Was The Same

Drake jumped the gun by releasing his new single "Started From the Bottom" a week ahead of schedule, following with the music video for the track on the night of the 2013 Grammy Awards. That same night, Drizzy hit the red carpet at the event to reveal that his third album will be titled Nothing Was the Same, which is currently without a release date. "I think music, it's a process we all go through," he said. "It's an evolution. You're constantly figuring out what works for you. Should you direct your own videos? Should you be more involved in certain aspects? With Take Care, I really found myself, found my stride. I'm excited to continue on with the new album, the album is titled Nothing Was The Same. I'm just excited about life in general." Watch the album announcement below.

Tyler, The Creator Reveals Cover Art For Wolf, Announces Tour

Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator has been hemming and hawing over his upcoming third album Wolf, initially intending to release it in May 2012 and then November. Now, he finally shaped up, announcing plans to release the LP on April 2nd. Earlier this week, the West Coast rapper revealed three cover images for the album, including one designed by artist Mark Ryden that features an animated Tyler on a bicycle in the forest. He also released the video for "Domo 23" that can be viewed below, and announced the dates for his upcoming "Wolf" tour that hits the United States as well as a few locations in Europe.

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  • tahir

    lmao when its Wayne its a bad lyric huh? about this others Method Man on 2Pac's "Got My Mind Made Up" (1996) Lyrics "Like Hitler, sticking up [Jews] with German [Lugers]." Eminem on "I'm Back" (2000) Lyrics : "I take seven [kids] from [Columbine], stand 'em all in line...and that's a whole school of bullies shot up all at one time." Eminem on Missy Elliott's "Busa Rhyme" (1999) Lyrics : "Hit a fucking [pregnant bitch] in her [stomach] with luggage." The Notorious B.I.G. on "Gimme The Loot" (1994) Lyrics "I wouldn't give a fuck if you're [pregnant], give me the baby rings and the "#1 Mom" pendant...bitches get [strangled] for their earrings and bangles." 2Pac on "God Bless The Dead" (1998) Lyrics: "I'm old enough to know that ain't no justice, [fuck the police] and all the courts, same way they fucked us." Sadat X on "Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down" (1993) Lyrics: "Though I can freak, fly, flow, [fuck up a faggot. I don't understand their ways, I ain't down with gays]." Eminem on "No Apologies" (2006) Lyrics : "You fuckers are not ready, 'cause I got jelly, like [Beyonce's] pot belly." Eminem on "We As Americans" (2004) Lyrics : "I don't rap for dead presidents; I'd rather see the President [dead]." The Notorious B.I.G. on Jay-Z's "A Dream" (2002) Lyrics : "Time to get paid, blow up like the [World Trade]." Eminem on "Rap Game" (2002) Lyrics: "I pipe down, when the [White House] gets wiped out. When I see that little [Cheney] dyke get sniped out." Napoleon on 2Pac's "This Life I Lead" (2002) Lyrics : "[Bin Laden] on the phone and that nigga talkin crazy. I don't know who to blame, him or [Bush] for killing babies." Eminem on D12's "Shit Can Happen" (2001) Lyrics : "Barricaded in a motel with 12 shotguns, so when the [cops] come knocking each hand's got one." Pastor Troy on "Vica Versa" (2001) Lyrics "God I'm confused, the feuds of all these motherfuckers, makin' me sick. [Virgin Mary never fucked nobody, but she suck dick]." Canibus on "Horsementality" (2000) Lyrics "Put a crown of thorns on whoever the king of rap is. If he's a [Catholic] I nail him to a crucifix." Eminem on "Kim" (2000) Lyrics: "There's a [four-year] old little [boy] laying dead with a slit throat, in your living room."

  • Anonymous

    OK, Wayne may not be right for having made that comment... However, Is this really news? Are you seriously hyphy about this? Your homies name would never be known unless Wayne dropped it. R.I.P. to him but come on. It's a line in a song... Let it slide.

    • tnas

      seriously guys we heard and seen worst and y'all be acting like this lyric is death .. other rappers have terrible references like ordering guns from Osama bin laden,Nazi and Hitler references ,Chris brown even whore a Bin Laden costume and ion see no one bitching about it but when its Wayne its bad ..this is music "get it" ? ,its ART with word plays .Wayne had no bad intentions kiss his ass if you hating (wayne voice) ...and btw BEAT thats PUSSY up like Emmett Till ,yeah ..come to your crib ,bomb it down like Bin Laden ,Yeah ..Got that AK on your kids,put em down like its New Town ,yeah ..I'm bad like Hitler,you niggas keep hating,im bouta go Nazi on your ass ,yea .. meet you at the movies with your bitch,shoot your brains down like you watching Badman ...Hahaha INAHB2 is late,sorry for the wait

    • Anonymous

      The comment is very disturbing. Your comments are disturbing as well. If it takes Wayne to make a dumb rhyme to make you know who Emmitt Till is then it is a shame. And speaking like it is just a homie is even scarier. The fact that you don't have a sense of your history breaks my heart, really. Read it and see if you still feel the same way. . People can comment and say the most idiotic stuff with no reference. I hope you are just trolling (nothing to troll about) and if not, I really feel sorry for you. Truly. God Bless You.

    • hj

      Come on man, Emmit till experienced one of the most horrific deaths in american history due to racism, and we as black ppl are supposed to accept wayne's dumb ass making a mockery of it.. if shady said that ppl would be trying to hang him.. so we have to stay consistent..

  • james

    Tyler the creator's career is still alive? I'll believe it when I see it. His career was doomed to fail before it began, he has no redeeming qualities as an artist, most of what he raps is nonsensical garbage.

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