Azealia Banks Feuds Over "Harlem Shake," Calls Perez Hilton Homophobic Slur Again

Azealia Banks and Perez Hilton continue their feud and Banks calls him a homophobic slur again.

In January, Azealia Banks made headlines after referring to Perez Hilton, an openly Gay man, a homophobic slur. This week, she has done it again, continuing her feud with Hilton and continuing her use of the slur. 

Banks began a Twitter exchange with Baauer over "Harlem Shake." She made a version of his song ("Harlem Shake") and he asked her to take it down. When she asked why he had her song taken down, he replied that it was not her song. This continued with her insulting him. Eventually Hilton became involved.

Later, she added the homophobic slur again.

Since then, Banks discussed her use of the word.

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