Azealia Banks Feuds Over "Harlem Shake," Calls Perez Hilton Homophobic Slur Again

Azealia Banks and Perez Hilton continue their feud and Banks calls him a homophobic slur again.

In January, Azealia Banks made headlines after referring to Perez Hilton, an openly Gay man, a homophobic slur. This week, she has done it again, continuing her feud with Hilton and continuing her use of the slur. 

Banks began a Twitter exchange with Baauer over "Harlem Shake." She made a version of his song ("Harlem Shake") and he asked her to take it down. When she asked why he had her song taken down, he replied that it was not her song. This continued with her insulting him. Eventually Hilton became involved.

Later, she added the homophobic slur again.

Since then, Banks discussed her use of the word.

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  • azealia is my jam

    I love Azealia, I dont even care what she says, she is an amazing artist


    You dont gotta be gay to be a faggot. Just ask Asap Rocky and Kanye West. Feminin men who act like women are faggots. Yes Perez Hilton is a faggot who happens to be gay, but hes a faggot none the less.

    • Dave

      This should be in the dictionary under faggot...... I was having a heated debate a few weeks back for calling someone a faggot after they made insulting racist comments. I was told I'm the same as a racist because I called somebody a faggot and I was like "get the fuck outta here.... I called you a faggot cuz you're a sissy/coward/wuss/little bitch..... I hadn't even considered your sexuality"

  • Big Bang Theory

    Hay a faggot is a faggot. This faggot had the nerve to say the F word. Lol no faggot the f-word was for faggot.

  • ossie

    AZEALIA is 100% CORRECT . 1ST the NO RHYTHM so called dance thats posted on youtube is NOT THE HARLEM SHAKE. 2ND People say/post n@#&er all over the place and its cool but soon as you say or call someone a faggot you get TIGHT? F@#K Perez Hilton! Hes does nothing but blog about B#@@s&*T. He has NOTHING to do with the HIP HOP culture/lifestyle. I dont like A.BANKS music but what she wrote is TRUE. N@%*%R is word DEGRADING BLACK MEN/WOMEN about who WE are. FAGGOT is term calling out your sexual prefrence.Faggot really means a bundle of twigs or sticks and also use to be a British meatball. N&*$#R(lazy,stupid)always was a DEGRADING word to BLACK MEN/WOMEN.BIG difference.

  • rick74

    I dont know who this bitch is but she does have a point....peopel act as if they dont say or use certain words....shit, I nigger, wetback, gook, nip, fag, faggot, cracker, honky etc I dont give a FUCK! And I'm mexican! Yeah i love burritos and tacos bitch but so does your momma...I'll feed her my burito ...nigger(nigga)

  • Gamestwin


  • Backpacker 88

    Someone tell Baauer his "new" Harlem Shake is wack.

    • Arby Wan Kenobi

      No, no it's not. Just because a bunch of douchebags co-opted his music for their shitty craze, doesn't make his music "wack". If everybody started making gay-ass dance videos to Madlib's shit, would you be calling him whack? No. Because it's not.

  • caesar

    HipHopdx is a faggot for dancing around the word faggot, but can use the word nigger in other articles. Must be a lot of faggots on the editorial staff.

  • Goon

    Her argument that nigger is a colloquialism is not valid in this argument. She is using the word as a derogatory comment towards Perez. Now if Perez had called her a nigger? The internet would have exploded.

  • Anonymous

    she's right on "Why has society accepted "nigger" As a colloquialism ... But will not accept "faggot"?

    • Anonymous

      Go call someone a f@gg0t in front of police and see if they don't advise a hate crime charge. Try it in the work place and see if you don't get fired. Society has NOT accepted those words.

    • shutuppat

      Though, I don't agree with her 100% on the Nigger vs Faggot thing, she still has a point. You could walk down the street and use the word "faggot", and most people will brush that off their shoulders. They hear you throwing around the word "nigger", and shit gets mad awkward real quick. While neither of those words are 100% accepted in society these days, comparatively speaking, "faggot" is a more socially acceptable slur than "nigger."

    • Anonymous

      Society has not accepted these words. Case in point is you knuckleheads typing the words without censorship and getting your IP addresses flagged. Yes, every single one of you who typed those words in plain text has sent a hit to HS to watch your movements on the internet.

  • Jack Tripper

    Man, she's a terrrible artist. But everything she's saying to him is kinda true. Perez should probably stop jumping in every time she tweets something rude. Like he's being a bitch.

  • Fuck Perez Hilton

    Fuck Perez Hilton, he a sissy bitch. I hate sensitive people like him.

  • Super Nigga

    I guess we're all homophobic, because I use the word "faggot" all of the time. Even though a phobia is a fear, therefore whoever says "nigga" has negrophobia.

  • pineapple

    there will be 22 other remixes of this song out by next week Baauer. deal with it

  • stickbundler69

    a faggot is a bundle of sticks guyz come on whats the big deal lol

    • vendzcm

      its just fag for a cigarette like "i'm going outside for a fag" ... but it would be hilarious if we called them faggots, "im going to smoke a faggot" no perez hilton...

    • ha

      Actual its a bundle of sticks to burn gay people historically. But who cares/ In the UK its a cigarette.

  • nuc

    azealia over perez anyday. notice the ppl she beefs with are all the ppl who represent what is overly lame nowadays. trash talk is what perez's career is!

  • Anonymous

    so hundreds (if not thousands) of people are allowed to use his song to make retarded meme videos on youtube dancing around but shes not allowed to rap over the beat? whats the difference? this dude seems like a bitch for real. and i'm no azealia banks fan.

    • Anonymous

      even if those videos cant generate revenue on their own its still "more publicity -> more views -> more money" as dude above said about azealia if you get 10 million hits on a harlem shake video chances are people might check out your original content therefore, leading to more revenue generated, kind of the same shit. not that many people will even play azealia banks remix more than once.

    • Anonymous

      why do you think all those harlem shake videos are like 30 - 50 seconds? because you can use other peoples music in your videos if its only a short clip!

    • Anonymous

      learn howw to read the terms and conditions before sayin' shit, only original material one YouTube generate money

    • Anonymous

      you clearly dont know how youtube works. people with youtube partnerships get money! they are getting paid off the views they receive! i know people who dont even work they just make youtube videos for a living. one guy put up a harlem shake video and it got 275 000 views since yesterday

    • Anonymous

      @Anonymous: you must be really stupid to ask what's the difference but here is the explanation: - Retarded meme videos on YouTube are done just for fun and not with the intention of benefiting from it in any way - Azaleia banks tried to get more publicity (-> more views -> more money) over that song without the authorization of its author. She's just an opportunist. He is entitled to take it down!

    • hollywood

      I agree & a faggot is someone who gets on your nerves that person could be gay straight black white it doesn't matter. And in this case Perez Hilton was an annoying faggot... Again NO Azaelia fan (I hate her Harlem NY accent when you talk like your mouth is full of marbles and spit)

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