DMX Arrested For Driving Without A License

Legal troubles continue for DMX, who was behind bars in Spartanburg, South Carolina for driving without a license.

DMX can't seem to keep himself out of trouble.

According to FOX Carolina 21, Dark Man X was arrested for driving without a license in Spartanburg, South Carolina earlier this morning. He claims that he left a local gas station and an officer followed him a short distance, only to pull him over and arrest him. He was booked into the Spartanburg County jail around 2 a.m.

"When I could have just paid the money right there on the spot," said DMX, who had his five-month-old daughter in the car at the time of arrest. "Basically it was just five hours wasted for nothing. I don't have a court date or a court appearance."

At 6 a.m., the gruff rapper went before a judge and was released shortly after. Deputies say that he had been issued tickets in Greer and Duncan, accused of driving without a license and only had a state ID card on him. After pulling him over, deputies claimed that the car was turned over to a different licensed passenger who was in the car.

In July 2011, DMX was released from prison after serving a seven-month bid for violating probation. A judge said that X, who at the time had been incarcerated 13 times, had "an undiagnosed mental condition" and possibly suffered from bi-polar disorder.

Last May, X said that he wanted "less trouble" and was going to try to clean up his act. He released his comeback album Undisputed in September, though it only moved 17,000 copies in its first week. The project is the point of a multi-million dollar legal war between Seven Arts Entertainment and In The Zone Entertainment over distribution rights to the LP.

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  • Anonymous

    "A judge said that X, who at the time had been incarcerated 13 times, had "an undiagnosed mental condition" and possibly suffered from bi-polar disorder." This is what is fucked up. Even to a judge is a clear that the cause of DMX's criminal career goes deeper than the surface. The guy needs psychiatric help, not jail sentences. All they are doing is continuing to hurt a man who is clearly already hurting.

  • cmonman

    just let the man be... he wasnt hurting anyone oh btw, that is the best X has sounded in a minute.. no joke, he sounds alot better than normal

  • Anonymous

    Greer, Spartansburg, Mauldin all those are guaranteed speedtraps along i85 even if not speeding they look for shit. DMX got caught up in a town where police have very little crime and revenue what did he expect? He's about to have his own mugshot gallery.

  • Anonymous

    this nigger is a clown, sums up most black pigs fucking idiot, 10 kids, crack? he dont give a fuck- ive lost all respect for crack pipe lol that undisputed sucked cock

  • snIPez

    I used to defend DMX. But I'm tired of his petty bullshit. No new music. The only time we hear about him is when the police are involved. Pathetic.

  • shutuppat

    Gotta hand it to X. This is the least twitchy and most coherent I've seen/heard him in quite a while. (No sarcasm here. Honestly cool to see that. Kept his comments to the point, and that's it. Props.)

  • Big Dan

    Dude actually stayed out of trouble longer than I expected! Its definitely over for X though. I saw a recent interview and he had a lot of little nervous moves, could not stay still and was licking his lips a lot. With no career to fall back on, how does a person like X make it?

  • jesse Howard

    Yo stay up X. Slippin fallin can't get up. It's all good man I pray the best for you man.

  • hoo him up

    Someone buy this nigga a bike

  • sa

    at least he aint have no crack on him

  • Anonymous

    DMX already said that he was driving without a license on his interviews many times.

  • Hip Hop please

    DMX wtf man? AGAIN??

  • Anonymous

    i guess yall gonna blame this on the illuminati too?

  • Justin Case

    X and driving do not mix


    why they always fucking DMX...

  • Nuttiah Than A Sniccah

    I used to treat this nigga like a legend until that wack ass album he released in 2006. After that he's always been garbage to me.

  • Anonymous

    DMX. NAS and Kaze performing at DPAC in Durham, NC with 9th Wonder DMX may have a lot of run ins with the law but he is a legend and is also the only musician (in any genre) to debut #1 on Billboard for the first 5 albums of their career.

  • ASEE

    Yep, we're about due for this story. Been about four months.

  • Fuck Yonkers

    Does people still take this nigga seriously???

    • Typical fag DX poster

      OF COURSE DUDE HE'S A LEGEND, X IS THE TRUTH!!!....Oh wait, he stopped dissing Drake, didn't he? Well, in that case we don't take him seriously anymore.

  • yupp

    ahhhhh, another black guy breaking the law and blaming the cops for his fuck ups, right on que LOLL

    • NesTa

      ACTUALLY, to all you ignorant only need a driver's license if you're making money to drive. Get it? Every person in the world has a right to movement (commonly known as right-to-travel), i.e. freedom. Nobody can stop you from doing the things you need to to survive, provide for your family, etc. Its ILLEGAL to fine/ jail somebody for not having a license. But u mainstream niggas don't know shit about shit. In all facets of your life, this is merely an example.

    • Anonymous

      what about the law of racial remarks on the internet, because you broke that one...shouldn't they come and prosecute you?

    • ok?

      5 months old, even worse atleast a 5 yr old could help herself talk, eat herself w.e 5 month old cant do SHIT herself..thanks for catchin my error as well helpin out my arguement :)..

    • Anonymous

      five month old not five year old you tard

    • yourstupid!

      and your stupid or something? law says clearly for everyone.. no license you get arrested and fined.. it doesnt matter what the culture is you moron its a law for EVERY culture in america.. and most of the world whos fortunate enough to have cars in their countries. im on DX bec i love hiphop but when ur a fuckin moron whos rich as hell has all the time in the world to go pay what 50 dollars for a license!? instead he doesnt, pays hundreds everytime he gets arrested and in turn leaves his kid whose lucky someone else was there to take her or thhe 5 yr old woulda rode in the police car to the station to.. take ur ignorant comments else bitchmade

    • hollywood

      another idiot on the internet who takes the side of law enforcement over the culture that brought him to this site in the first place... Why aren't you on the Knights of Columbus Website or the PBA site Why are you on Hip Hop DX????

  • Ricky Rozay

    HOw many times can a nigga mess up and keep takin Ls. Big fan of the Dark man but this nigga need to stay away from the crack pipe and the bottle. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Rick Ross biggest fan wants to talk about someone takin L's! How ironic is that! The man was driving without a license! Big fuckin deal. He wasn't high or drunk and they let him go with a ticket. It had been over a year and a half since his last arrest. Not everyone has friends in law enforcement like Officer Ricky Rozay the Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck the Police, X is the truth

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    Negro Stay losing and No I never called him a legend. He's a loser that can never get right. Get a damn License! Take Care of your business!

  • Anonymous

    hey at least he wasnt drunk driving or high on crack! they let him go so it wasnt no big deal really...

  • ....

    The same people that are/are going to be talking shit about him, are the same people that called him a legend when he was dissing Drake.

  • R.Pgh

    I like how he puts blame on the cop for him driving without a license.

  • WhyW

    Why does this guy do this crap. i saw an interview where he said he had a deal thats why he does this but he really wants to stop. This guy needs therapy

  • Anonymous

    that sucks, he was doing pretty good too! went a year a and half without getting arrested now they had to go fuck up his streak

  • YounG FlashY NiGGa


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