Dizaster Details "Super Close" Friendship With Drake, Addresses Arcane KOTD Battle

Exclusive: Dizaster says Drake is a "supportive," "super close" friend and talks about his most recent controversial battle with King of the Dot's Arcane.

When Drake announced that he was co-hosting King of the Dot's matchup between Dizaster and Arcane, fans flocked to buy tickets for the venue. Perhaps much of the interest was generated by Drake's involvement but the Battle Rap world knew that a championship chain was hanging in the balance. Dizaster was the reigning champion, holding onto the chain after a battle with Po Rich and Arcane was the challenger who survived Grand Prix tournament battles. While the battle was meant to become a headline item for King of the Dot's Blackout 3 event, it quickly became the cause of controversy. Dizaster recently spoke with HipHopDX about the battle, the controversial outcome and how he rolled to the match-up with Drake and his friends.

The source of some of the controversy surrounding the battle stems from allegations of ghostwriting. Dizaster revealed that fellow rapper Caustic had written verses for Arcane. He had Facebook conversations and PayPal statements to prove that Arcane purchased bars from Caustic to win Grand Prix battles. However, the crowd booed Dizaster and confused by the moment, Diz says he lost it. 

"I was shocked," Dizaster explained to HipHopDX after the battle took place. "I was confused. I was startled. I never get thrown off. I can hang with any crowd in the world. Everybody knows. It doesn’t matter if someone boos me. So to get thrown off that hard...I was thinking in two different places. I wasn’t there rapping anymore. I was rapping so I didn’t choke. I continued rapping but my brain was somewhere else. I was asking myself questions like, How is this happening? What did he do? Why is this going down? I didn’t get it. It was really confusing." 

Still, Dizaster says that he went into the battle with confidence. Drake accompanied him to the venue and they were all excited about what was going to take place.

"We actually showed up together," he said. "[Drake] came and swooped me up from my spot. Then we hit the venue together and then a lot of shit happened at the venue so we went separate ways and I didn’t get to talk to him. But I’m pretty sure he didn’t care much about the outcome. It didn’t really phase him. He knew what I was going to do. On the way there, I showed him and his boys all the Facebook messages and the PayPal statements. Everyone was super excited. It was supposed to go a certain way and it went the complete opposite. It’s pretty shocking for everybody. I’m pretty sure he was uncomfortable during the battle, which sucks." 

This wasn't the first King of the Dot battle Drake attended. He previously co-hosted another Dizaster battle, one against New York's DNA. Since then, Dizaster says they have become "friends," adding that they have "mutual respect."

"Drake is really supportive of what we do," Dizaster continued. "He’s very in tune with real lyricism, on the contrary to what is projected and what people may think of him as a mainstream dude. He really has his roots stuck to that and he really cares about where lyrics come from. I’d say me and him are super close friends. He’s a good dude...There’s definitely a mutual respect level between us." 

Expect more from HipHopDX's interview with Dizaster later this month. His battle versus Arcane can be viewed below, courtesy of King of the Dot.

The evening the battle took place, HipHopDX spoke with Lush One and Caustic about the event, the controversy and Drake's passion for Battle Rap. 

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  • NoChaser

    Simpleton fans buying into the drama slowly turning this shit into the WWF so you can get all puffed up about nothing. Narcissistic clowns throwing tantrums. That was not a battle it was a spectacle. Arcane bought bars? SHOCKER! You mean the over-the-top poser who used that "true story" angle in his previous battles bought material? Hard to believe the same mind could do such a thing, that dude has been a clown in my eyes since day 1, Canada is corny for letting shit like that slide. But they did. Its Canada so it doesn't surprise me, in any case, he bought bars.... SO WHAT?!?! Dude is whack, he needed help, I doubt he's the first battle mc to acquire help, he didn't exactly hide the fact that he did, he did it in the open, didn't Thesaurus get bars from Illmaculate? At some point you have you say it is what it is without behaving like Bieber fans. All Im saying is help is help, who gives a f*ck. Dizaster knew prior to the battle he was actually battling Caustic and not Arcane, he had the upper hand but Diz didn't exactly sit down and prepare for anything, bringing "evidence" to a battle instead of real material is just as lame as buying bars if not worse, its supposed to be entertainment and not your own personal reality show where in your mind you are battle rap personified so much so that you don't even need to prepare, wtf was the plan? Wave around paper and spit gibberish filler while everyone looks at you in awe because you're Mr.Dizaster? You lame-ass fans created a monster, a guy so full of himself he thought he was SUPPOSED to win, all he had to do was OUTRAP him, its a battle lol, remember? Apparently he felt he couldn't beat Caustic because the route he took was in so many words "IM NOT BATTLING THIS GUY! HE BOUGHT BARS! I WIN, HE LOSES, I AM DIZASTER!" Redundant, Arcane exposes himself every time he raps lmfao! And Drake? Of course he's going to latch onto KOTD and battle rap, he's as fake as Arcane if not IDENTICAL, everyone equates Drake to commercial pop bullsh*t, using battle rapping to legitimize his own gayness, the name Drake should NEVER be mentioned in the same sentence as battle rap, period. I don't blame Arcane, I don't blame Dizaster, its the fans, fans dictate what the standard should be and the rappers give you what you want. And what you clowns want is controversy over lyrics, that wasn't a battle. If thats indicative of where battle rap is headed then its already dead. Absurd when you actually stop to think about it, people actually thought Arcane versus Dizaster was going to be a dope battle? Two of the most fake over-the-top rappers ever to exist, I can't recall 1 sick line from Dizaster in his entire career, he's an overcompensating attention whore and Arcane is an obvious clown of Mencia proportions, its all f*cked up. I AM BATTLE RAP! Of course you are buddy, of course you are... You hit your peak and you can't make a track to save your life, theres nothing else. In the end Arcane at least represented his country (in typical Canadian fashion), Dizaster only represents himself. Winner: Caustic.

    • kotdFTW

      I agree with you, Dizaster was given an opportunity to attack at so many different angles, but he chose to simply put it off, thinking that the evidence he brought was sufficient enough for an "easy" win. Boy, was he wrong!

    • Anonymous

      dude your whole paragraph of bitching is invalid, its battle rap your suppose to freestyle, arcane didnt freestyle he memorized a script to say, in real battle rapping thats an automatic disqualify, dizaster didnt have to outrap shit he shoulda won at the start just because arcane cheated, dizaster could have the equivelent rap skills to fucking soulja boi and still should have won it doesnt matter how good arcanse bars were they wernt his he cheated. he shoulda lost. point made

  • Anonymous

    "Drake came and swooped me up from my spot" Hopefully Diz's mom made them lunch first.

  • AZAR

    Yes, the battle was a sleeper BUT how do you get geared up to battle someone who has to buy bars? Sorry but thats an auto loss. Diz coulda went there and jerked off and still won in my book! No Pause

  • ryan

    wtff whining i win i write my own shit. and well see when this comes out on the internet. this guys such a losssssssser.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is a. Wack rapper and a wack MC. Look his shitty songs up on youtube and tell me he isn't wack.

  • Anonymous

    battle was mediocre at best. I can't read the statements for myself so doesn't really have any relevance. Even so, Diz' disses about them were soo wack. I was almost shocked at how weak both emcees came, but DIZ frustration of his inexplicably weak lines just made him look like a fuckin bitch. and he's dickridin the shit outta drake in this interview.



  • DD

    Anyone notice how Drake is always sucking up to people? Even when he first came out I would notice he would name drop a lot of people on twitter and in interviews. He has a lot of people thinking he's "super close" with them or "a big fan" of theirs...I've heard MANY artists and celebrities say these kinds of things when it comes to drake. How many "close friends" a person have? It's interesting how this dude moves. He reminds me of a guy I went to high school with who would always kiss peoples ass to get them to like him, but never really hang out with them or anything until he needed them to do something for him. I doubt Drake really cares about any of these people the way they think he does...He's just good at making people like him and manipulating things.

    • Anonymous

      I don't think drake needs anyone of these guys for anything at this moment. Can some people jus be friendly these days?

    • Anonymous

      If this was just some regular guy with a lot of close friends u wouldnt be hating. i have a lot of close friends. how is that concept so crazy to you? It's not, you just have a problem with drake. And let's be real, drake does not need to suck up to anybody. The guy is the most popular rapper out right now excluding vets like wayne and kanye. People try to be friends with HIM. Maybe he's just humble guy, ever thought of that?


    Phony rappers who do not write Phony rappers who do not excite Phony rappers, you know they type

  • Anonox

    When I mash my potatoes, I makes sure that they are "Drake soft" before serving them, making sure they are pillow-like and full of fluff. That makes a good side dish.

  • GGG

    1. drake is a faggot and the living meaning of the word "poser" 2. this kid disazter can't rap and has never and will never make a good record 3. battle rapping is for white nerds in canada that got into rap waaaaaaay after it was cool to be into rap what happened to battles with a DJ spinning records challenging the emcees to flow to different beats? battle rap now is just white nerds reciting geek rhymes that don't flow acapella in front of a bunch of no pussy getting weirdos that pay money to see grown men talk fight eachother

    • ggg

      rap hasn't been cool in 15-20 years. bunch of geeks stalking twitter pages looking for release dates. rap is stupid. the fact disazter has a career is proof of that.

    • at ggg

      "got into rap after it was cool to be into rap".. that's the most hipstery-poser shit I haver read on this website, and this site is owned by fake ass posers, so that's not easy to accomplish. Please kill yourself, your opinion is worthless.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    RAP don changed. This rich kids done studied rap since they was like 8 and now battle rap for fun(they can afford to they got rich parents) i guess it is over for yall so called "street niggas" yall don rap like yall got hungry no more. These rich white kids don bought all the albums since 2000 and take over(Drake a good example) when was the last time yall paid to watch or saw some so called street rappers battle?...o we watch these rich kids....loooooooooooooooooool HIPHOP AINT GOT NO RACE,IT AINT PREJUDICE......

    • ETK

      ^^ C'mon bro, the only one STUPID here is you. White people been buying Rap since forever and anyone knows it, even your idol Eminem. Just get the fuck over it.

    • Anonymous

      Allow me to address your ignorance and stupidity. Not only can you NOT prove that rich white kids bought ALL the albums since 2000 and Take Care (they ALL bought "Warriorz"-MOP? "BP1"-Jay-Z? "No Said Date"-Masta Killa?), but there's a site called url tv and they were a sponsor for the Mook/Solomon, Lux/Calicoe battle, which was ranked number one on this site DAYS ago. One look into the Webster Hall, NYC crowd and you see FEW whites in attendance. Plenty of Black battle rappers on that site. In order words, STFU.

    • Rob The Poor & Give It To The Rich

      Cosign. Niggas taking Rap music for granted now. Half these so-called rappers run around saying Rap is their "side hustle" but deep inside they know they need it, cause they ain't drug dealing. So if you need Rap to eat, you should at least step your game up.

  • rscrbc

    That headline is bad journalism. I expect better from HHDX.

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Drake's feeble attempt to conncect with the underground to remain relevant. Dizaster is mad overrated. He got skills, but when you got like 10+ people rolling up with you to a battle and they're pretty much programmed to cheer EVERY line you spit despite it being weak, it actually sets a handicap against your opponent. Plus, shouting at the top of your lungs is kind of irritating. Dizaster is dope, but not my cup of tea. And in all true form, if Drake was not a celeb, Dizaster would not be caught hanging with him at all. True talk.

    • lmfao

      I think thats ironic that you say that. The crowd ate up ALL of Arcane's mediocre punchlines...yeah he had some good ones but the crowd jumped on EVERY single one...they weren't even on point like that. Diz beat Arcane but Arcane was obviously crowd favorite.

  • Anonymouz

    "Super Close" LMAO even Vasquez knows what's up with this gay nigga Drake.

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