Louie V Mob "New World Order" Mixtape Download & Stream

Master P, Fat Trel and Alley Boy join forces as Louie V Mob for their new mixtape "New World Order."

Louie V Mob has released its new mixtape New World Order via LiveMixtapes.com.

The group, which includes Master P, Fat Trel and Alley Boy, link up for their first project, enlisting a few guests including E-40, Gucci Mane, T.E.C., Eastwood, Bengie B and Miss Chee.

Master P, who recently released his solo mixtape Al Capone, spoke with HipHopDX about how he's trying to establish relevance with a younger demographic.

"You gotta be able to be relevant with this generation. And I think that’s what I was able to create with this Al Capone album; not trying to be like, 'Oh, I’m an artist that sold 75 million records,'" he said. "It’s like I’m reintroducing myself to a whole new generation of music buyers. It’s almost like the street thing. If you know me, the 'Ice Cream Man,' you know I’ma give you the first one for free anyway."

Download the tape over at LiveMixtapes.com, and stream the project below.

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  • Anonymous

    Fat Trel is the star of this tape for sure. Master P did a good job finding these guy

  • money

    Yall nicas hatin'. I aint heard but the first 3 songs and this shyt ridin'. Bet yall suckaz cant wait till Drake drop. lol...

  • cc

    this is good skills come in many forms, master p has charisma and this shit just sounds good this is good

  • Master Ronny

    master p was the first to show the industry u dont need skills to make money.


      an thats why no limit went under. u can't run a business with just one person cuz if that one person slacks the business WILL SUFFER its smarter to go with partners so if one dude falls off u get ride of him an the business still runs. this has nothing to do with new york south cats be are in fact some of the biggest haters. the east coast has much love for master p cuz he helped bring in our southern brothers into the game. NEW YORK DON'T HATE THE SOUTH OR SOUTH RAPPERS WE JUST HATE THEM TRASH RAPPERS.

    • gone

      the label shutdown dumbass he had to rename it cause of so much debt..so get ur hands off the keyboard Fuckboi

    • Master P made history!!!

      I see that you mad that he did something no New York City rap CEO ever did and never will do. Ruff Ryders had 3 partners, Roc A Fella had 3 partners, 50% of Bad Boy was owned by Clive Davis and Def Jam had 3 partners. Master P was 100% him owned, so stop with your hate.

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