Hit-Boy Reacts To First Grammy Award For "Niggas In Paris"

Hit-Boy won big for co-producing the "Watch The Throne" hit. He thanked Jay-Z and Kanye West for helping him reach a personal goal.

Producer Hit-Boy was one of the first-time Grammy Awards winners last night (February 10th). The G.O.O.D Music affiliate grabbed an award for "Best Rap Song" for his 2011 Watch The Throne single "Niggas In Paris." Other producers on the song include Mike Dean, Anthony Kilhoffer and West.

“I have always dreamed of winning a Grammy [Award] and to share the award with two artists that I consider mentors and have tremendous respect for only makes me feel that much more undeserving," said the Fontana, California native Hit-Boy in a statement. "Thank you Jay-Z and Kanye [West] for giving me the opportunity to create something special with you, I know this is just the beginning. I never would have had a chance to be where I am without my family who has supported me along every step of this journey; you are my inspiration to continue working hard. I cannot believe it, I feel so blessed."

"Niggas In Paris" has been certified triple-platinum since its release. Last year, Hit-Boy has produced "Come On A Cone" and "I Am Your Leader" for Nicki Minaj, as well as "Clique" for West.

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  • anonymous

    how did this win if it came out last year

  • Mu

    The only argument that makes sense for being opposed to "Niggas In Paris" winning an Grammy is if you say Nas should've won instead. Yall muhfuckas talking about being "embarrassed" that a song called "Niggas In Paris" won just don't get the significance of it. Hip-hop fans (and some artists) always complain about rap not getting the respect it deserves from the Grammys but when a hot song is successful but happens to have the word "nigga" in the title, yall wanna make it seem like whitey just wants to recognize that song cuz of its supposed ignorance. Are you embarrassed at yourself when you use the word "nigga" in your everyday life? Hip-hop is a CULTURE, and "Niggas In Paris" is kind of a celebration that our culture has extended around the world... to places like PARIS. Nas was definitely deserving of a Grammy, but so were Jay, Kanye and Hit-Boy. Get over it...

  • Anonymous

    WTF, niggas in Paris gets a grammy. So we have to coon ourselves to get grammys.

  • GeNrE

    Children in Paris http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5Pk1EAJEsU

  • Anonymous

    of course "niggers in paris" was always going to win.

  • Zee

    Am pleased for Hit-Boy.. Dude deserved it. Really Doin His Thing. My favourite producer right now...

  • Anonymous

    I am actually pleased for the guy

  • da commanda

    Niggas in Paris wins a Grammy...I am so embarrassed...

    • We are at War

      Until you understand what it means you won't understand what it means the significance of this trash song winning.

    • IMhO

      prob embarrassed for hiphop and life in general bec nas lost another grammy for some real shit to a club song.. taking nothing away from what hitboy did and jayz/kayne-again- but nas spit some real shit annd deserved one..got snubbed again though

    • the doc

      fuck all you dumb mother fuckers...

    • ETK

      why the fuck are you embarassed? what is that doing to YOUR life? dumbass hipster talk

    • We are at War

      co-sign ANNNND just like 3 6 Mafia won an Oscar and Denzel for playing a dirty cop. The 5 jewish bald guys that control everything pertaining to anything coming out of speakers want to keep the bs going...Luckily more and more people are hip to the inferior agenda.

    • 614grind

      Me too. Daughters loses but Niggas in Paris wins. Just lik when Halley had to basically do a porno scene to win an Oscar.

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