Rick Ross Breaks Silence On Shooting, Says He's "Staying Positive" & "Moving Forward"

Rick Ross finally speaks about his shooting, saying that he's going to continue to live his life and do what he loves to do.

Although he has remained quiet throughout the controversy surrounding his recent shooting incident, Rick Ross has finally broken his silence. Ross spoke with MTV's Sway Calloway, explaining that he's "staying positive" and "moving forward." 

"[There are] no suspects and we not here to speculate on any suspects," he shared on Grammy night regarding his shooting. "I'm just staying positive, I'm moving forward and I'm just staying on top of my game."

He also acknowledged that his life has been altered by the shooting but that he hopes to keep doing what he loves.

"You most definitely gotta make some adjustments, but at the same time I'ma live my life and I'ma do what I love to do, and that's make music," he noted.

According to Ross, his focus is on music. He explained that MMG has much to look forward to in 2013.  

"MMG, we got the biggest releases of this year coming so that's my focus. Mastermind this year, Wale coming, Stalley coming, Omarion coming — the team coming. We working."

Late last month, Rick Ross reportedly crashed his Rolls Royce while escaping a shooting. The interview can be seen below.

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  • sarah

    DR.EKAKA I thank you for your help that you rendered to me last month i am very happy that my mother in law now love me more than ever before and my husband now listen to me and also he do not want to hear anything bad about me from any of his friend that was telling him to leave me before now thank you so much ekakaspelltemple@yahoocom you are the best.

  • Anonymous

    "Nas didn't win a Grammy, we know this. How does that information validate you?" That's the thing. I don't need validation. I give my opinion regardless of who agrees or not.

  • Anonymous

    "nas been in the game for over 20 years he has nothing to prove" He still acts like he has something to prove. If Nas would just step his production up a bit, I wouldn't trash him. Summer on Smash was worse than even Diced Pineapples.

    • Anonymous

      Dude you've gone from a Drake article to a Ross one speaking about Nas. Nas didn't win a Grammy, we know this. How does that information validate you? I enjoyed LIG's R&B more than I did TC's R&B and congrats to them both for being considered for their art. Now why are YOU choosing sides and trashing losers?

  • Anonymous

    "his buzz was at its peak for GFID and it barely went gold" Gold is gold, and copper is copper. LIG went copper.

  • Anonymous

    rick ross is real G, he is like nowdays suge knight. a nigga who can hold hes own. I gotta respect him, hes respected out in the coldest streets of america. people just know he the real 1, nice to see some1 from the drug game succes so good as rick ross has. it makes me happy

  • Jiggaman

    Rozay, Jigga and Baby are role models for future rappers. Ross will recover then release a platinum album in the form of Mastermind. The shooters will die this year, I guarantee that.

  • Art Brooks

    Maybe it was Shyne who put the greenlight on Ross. And the shooter learned to shoot from Shyne...

  • Ricky False The Cop

    Omarion = Flop, Wale = Flop, Stalley = Double Wood, Meek Mill = Decent Sales, Ricky False = Fake Wannabe Thug drug dealer that will have a bullet in his brain by the end of 2013. How is MMG winning again sum1 remind me. FAAAWWWWWLSEEE!!!

    • Chi-Ill

      Co/Sign oldschool4life, put it down with that comment!

    • oldschool4life

      A "True Hip-hop" fan is not a fan of Rick Ross or almost any post 2005 artists

    • Anonymous

      none of them have as much money as you think, ross is really the only one who might be set for life meek mill and wale gonna be broke in 5 years

    • ryan

      I'm not a big fan of MMG or Rick Ross but people just sound dumb making fun of them honestly. They really don't care all that much about "haters" or people who make d-bag comments. At the end of the Day They have enough Money for 5,6,etc. Lifetimes. Rarely do these "internet gangsters" leave a comment that supports something. A True Fan supports Hip-Hop not talk shit about it.

  • Anonymous

    Stalley is never dropping....He's a good rapper but not unique or interesting enough to sell records. He's MMG's Tony Yayo.

  • Therealrickrossaintarapper

    When will this fake ass ex corrections officer start being himself? This bitch not only stole freeway rick ross's story, but got the man's name tattoo'd on his hands. his real name ain't even rick ross. Fake ass bitch

  • Anonymous

    You put on your suit and tie, and your big clothes, you don't associate with the negroes.

  • Anonymous

    Does that mean he'll stop pretending to be a big-time gangster?

    • Anonymous

      he faked it till he made it why would he stop now if thats what got him everything he has? now he really is a kind of a boss, even if he still works for the white man at least he got a few wingstop franchises he can play boss at

  • MMG4Eva

    Those responsible have only a short time to live! Clap em down Rozay! BAWSE!

  • truth

    He aint built for that life!

  • Sensaye

    Nothing like a hail of gunfire to humble a gassed up ass braggart. This nigga sounds shell shocked. I'm not gonna wish death on this fool like some of ya'll...but if you beckon the reaper enough times, he'll find your ass. This nigga been whistlin' past the graveyard for years.

  • Ricky Rozay

    That's right niggas keep hatin on Rozay. He walkin the streets of LA, where da fuck is the broke ass rick ross sayin Ross was gonna need a hood pass walkin through LA. I been seein Ross walkin all over LA and aint shit happen. Niggas hate seein a nigga gettin paper. oh yeah those CO jokes aint funny either niggas get some new material. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      hes walking around HOLLYWOOD with 3 or 4 armed bodyguards nigga, that dont make him hard or real. this is the same guy that was making fun of curtis and jeezy for having security guards and now has 24 hour protection. LOL

  • goofyman

    Yeah the code is silent man, which is why you never get much outta Ross.You go back to the video of him talking about beening a co and if you can put your street head on man if yu got one man probly not as seen already by couple of yall, listen to what dude says. lol fugazi u funny if u relly bout it man ur homies aint supposed come out n say u does this n tht, cud still be unsolvd crimes or anythin if u real dirty with it, lol dry snitching niggaz, 50 was a small tim street thug which is why they can speak freely he aint no big gangsta

  • Anonymous

    regardless of who you are it sucks to be shot at...people hold celebrities to unrealistic standards

  • Anonymous

    oh, young money and cash money , MMG are a lot weak ass i've heard before that's a funny act lil wayne is a bitch about heat...hahaha Florida people can't stand fake ass i can tell ya but I'm so ny and i know new york people clown at lil wanyne like bitch ass and rick ross run straight scarce ! other way i can't tell you what do you think huh ?

  • drizzy

    from my new album, the opening verse yo you know my name is drake and i be with the dread and the tatoos on his head and rick ross working for the feds, yo i dreamt i made rain, but woke up and had wet the bed, i got it all over rhihanna so i gave her my bobby banana, and i told chris brown and u know that started drama,like the dj, yeah ive been gay, my album was called take care coz im that queer, my new new one is called nothing was the same, coz noones been this lame, ya im unique and im weird, snacking on dorrittos out of ricky's beard, yea you know the ones with extra cheese, im irratating niggas likea dog with fleas, i took my sheets to the laundramat cause they were covered with weese, and disease, im allergic to realshit it makes me sneeze, and my phleghm is green, just like my bentley, weezy let me stay in his basement rent free, all i gotta do is write all his hits and check his hair for nits, you know im faker than nicki's tits, her ass is real tho, she tried to club me death like a seal yo, but uh im canadian and we dont play that, so i gotta grenade and threw it at her maybach, all ya'll better remember the name, its aubreezzy drizzy, and nothing was the same

  • Zee

    Rick Ross Has Awesome Albums... If he's fake why are legends like Jay-Z, Nas fuckin with him..... Haters can talk on comments whilst Rick Ross Gets Mike Vick Money..

    • Anonymous

      He's a talented rapper, but he raps about and claims to live like a thug/drug kingpin when he was never bout that life in the first place you fool! Only a braindead chimp would believe all that, you unknowledgable bitch

    • hfjgf

      what about when nas cutting that check to have ross on his album? or all the other respected street dudes who do

    • Anonymous

      Jay-Z or Nas will give anyone a verse if they cut them a check for enough money you fool. "There's only so long fake thugs can pretend Nigga, you ain't live it" - Jay-Z

    • Anonymous

      Cause he's an artist, you idiot. But when it comes to the street shit he raps about, he's as fraudulent as a three dollar bill.


    Still laughn at my man 50s comments "Hahaha fat boy hit the building?lol it looks staged to me" Just keepn it 100 lol

  • Hip Hop please

    " on top of my game " What part of the game is that?

  • Sway Is A Gay Nigga From The Bay

    And Rick Ross ain't shit as well.

  • Anonymous

    Most of Miami is littered with old, rundown shops, so there's a good chance there were no cameras. And even if there were witnesses, do you really think they're going to tell the police or media who let off the shots?

  • Anonymous


  • dhjd

    No suspects, ofc he sayin that, Y'all can believe what you want but always read inbetween the lines with ross, he really been bout it so he talks in a like code form if you know your street shit ya'll feel it, no suspects means he takin the suspects out himself

    • matt

      firehawk, what makes you the expert on ross fraud behaviour, you moved with him for the last 20 years have you? stupid niggaz who dont think you can do things in the dark, understand a hustla you bitch nigga talking tough, your paragraph you wrote has got bitch nigga who aint never been in the street later than 10 at night writeen all over it

    • dhjd

      lol you niggaz emotional, i think y'all the ones with ross dick in your mouth, im observing what i see, i aint no stan or nout, but the level of your hatred for someone you never met says everything about you people, your on the floor with your knee imprints pal, why would you even put that lol wassup boyz you jealous of big ricky

    • 614grind

      You watch too many movies, kid.

    • firehawk17

      hey man...come up for air..breathe a lil bit and take rick ross dick out ya mouth.. he isnt from the streets son.. thats a fact thats not speculation..talking about he speaking in street code.. the code is silence period.. your daddy rick ross is a fucking fraud.. a smart one but nonetheless a fraud.. well i see i got you up reading this so go back to your duties.. you got knee imprints on a wood floor...lmmfao..

    • ricky fuggazi

      nigga shut ur bitch ass up talkin bout he bout that life nobody ever heard of officer ricky growing up in miami he was a good boy known for playing football and being a church boy. name me 1 person from his younger days that says he was bout that life? u cant be bout that life when u in ur mid 20's and 30's the fuck u talkin bout? even 50 cent's enemies say the same shit, nigga had blocks on lock and had niggas slangin cocaine for him like a boss at the age of 19, where was officer ricky at? nigga was wearing police uniforms dreaming of becoming a seargent telling inmates to stay in line and doin cell checks. as a matter of fact, how old r u to be talkin bot he bout that life fuck outta here bitch nigga.

    • Anonymous

      50 not the only one, shit dont add up, how you miss the car like that with 20 shots

    • The Brooklyn Bitch

      Rick is gonna take care of the suspects. Fuck 50 for thinking it was setup.

    • Anonymous

      how he gonna take himself out though?

    • Anonymous

      word?... -__-

  • Manti Te'o

    the incident happened in a very wealthy part of florida but you have no suspects and nothing on camera you don't even have him speeding and crashing on video ahah this is so fugazi

  • Anonymous

    there are no suspects because it was fake!

  • John-Boy

    Why hasn't Rick Ross's Lil Hatie shooters put them niggas on TMZ yet? Didn't Ross say he had Lil Hatie shooters at the ready? You mean thats not true?

  • fuck the police

    Officer Ross better lay low until they catch Christopher Dorner. That dude is going all rambo on the police. Ross is a high value target.

  • Anonymous

    rick ross, stalley, omarion and wale could hardly be called the biggest releases of this year.

  • Erica

    Uuummm let's see...who's checking for a Stalley and Omarion Album???? Those can't be big releases....shot one go double waffle! Y'all should checkout www.thegrandreport.com, they usually have some good reads as well

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