Drake Announces Title Of Third Album

Drake reveals the title for his upcoming third album.

Shortly after debuting the video for his new single "Started From The Bottom," Drake has announced the title for his upcoming third album.

During an interview with Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet at the 2013 Grammy Awards, Drizzy told E! that his next LP will be titled Nothing Was The Same. He gave few details on the project, but said that it will be an extension of his last album Take Care.

"I think music, it's a process we all go through," he said. "It's an evolution. You're constantly figuring out what works for you. Should you direct your own videos? Should you be more involved in certain aspects? With Take Care, I really found myself, found my stride. I'm excited to continue on with the new album, the album is titled Nothing Was The Same. I'm just excited about life in general."

Earlier this evening, Drake won Best Rap Album for Take Care.

Watch the interview below (via HHNM).

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  • stfu


  • Anonymous

    "Nas sold 15 million albums in the United States alone" Big deal. So did Ja Rule.

  • Can't take his Grammy win away

    Drake has a gold album and 2 platinum albums sold domestically, so haters mad as hot piss in the winter.

  • Anonymous

    "360k is still good for a vet like Nas" Def Jam probably spent a million just to make the album. Besides, Eminem and Jay Z are vets. Only difference is people don't bring up their age because they still bring heat to the table, and got the numbers to prove it. The only thing Nas brings is a false sense of greatness.

    • ^

      You would know this how? Niggas still bring up Eminem and Jay Z's age. Nas still brings the heat, despite what your hating ass say. Nas sold 15 million albums in the United States alone, more than most rappers. So he does have the numbers. Stop being a hater and shut up, bitch.

  • Nothing was the Same

    1. The Calm Before The Storm (produced by 40) 2. Let Go (produced by Boi1da) 3. Illusions (produced by 40) 4. Invincible (feat. Kelly Rowland) (produced by Jamie xx) 5. One Love (produced by Jamie xx) 6. Number One (feat. Justin Timberlake) (produced by Timbaland) 7. Street Switch (feat. The Game) (produced by T-Minus) 8. Popular (feat. Natalia Kills) (produced by Clams Casino) 9. Big Screen (feat. Lil Wayne) (produced by T-Minus) 10. If We Ever (produced by 40; co-produced by Champagne Papi) 11. Once (feat. Ellie Goulding) (produced by Chase and Status) 12. Shout (produced by Bink) 13. Long Story (feat. A$AP Rocky) (produced by Boi1da) 14. We Don't Care (feat. Lil Wayne and Birdman) (produced by Boi1da) 15. Complicated (produced by T-Minus) 16. Brothers and Sisters (feat. Nicki Minaj) (produced by 40) 17. YOLO (feat. Rick Ross) (produced by T-Minus) 18. The Train (feat. Raekwon and Lil Wayne) (produced by No I.D.) 19. Slip (produced by 40) 20. Started from the Bottom (produced by Mike Zombie) 21. LAST (Lost Autumn Soldiers Together) (feat. Santigold, Tyga and Lil Wayne) (produced by T-Minus) 22. Closing Time (produced by 40) Deluxe Edition 22. Cara Delevingne (feat. Theophilius London) (produced by T-Minus) 23. On The Block (produced by 40) 24. Jaws (feat. Gudda Gudda and Lil Twist) (produced by Boi1da) Best Buy 25. Moonlight (produced by Cool and Dre)

  • drake

    from my new album the opening verse yo you know my name is drake and i be with the dread and the tatoos on his head and rick ross working for the feds, yo i dreamt i made rain, but woke up and had wet the bed, i got it all over rhihanna so i gave her my bobby banana, and i told chris brown and u know that started drama,like the dj, yeah ive been gay, my album was called take care coz im that queer, my new new one is called nothing was the same, coz noones been this lame, ya im unique and im weird, snacking on dorrittos out of ricky's beard, yea you know the ones with extra cheese, im irratating niggas likea dog with fleas, i took my sheets to the laundramat cause they were covered with weese, and disease, im allergic to realshit it makes me sneeze, and my phleghm is green, just like my bentley, weezy let me stay in his basement rent free, all i gotta do is write all his hits and check his hair for nits, you know im faker than nicki's tits, her ass is real tho, she tried to club me death like a seal yo, but uh im canadian and we dont play that, so i gotta grenade and threw it at her maybach, all ya'll better remember the name, its aubreezzy drizzy, and nothing was the same

  • Aint stressin

    Congratulations to drake man keep forward i enjoyed take care, lotta women i know loved take care. it was coo that it had a rnb mix, hes good at it and it made the album dynamic. plus dude can rap when he wants to. hes just exploring his talent.

  • yeaaahh

    This comment section is full of ignorance. Music is subjective so it's cool if you don't like his music; but for you to try to personally attack someone you don't even know is ridiculous. Shaking my head.

    • donnis mac

      It's like this every year, the people's choice against the popular vote. Tune in next year and see how they will totally contradict themselves when the Academy gives Macklemore And Lewis the Grammy and not Kendrick and Kendrick has sold more than M&L.

  • Anonymous

    "Life Is Good is a way better album" Then why did it tank in sales?

    • Anonymous

      It did well in sales. 360k is still good for a vet like Nas. Where will Drake be in 20 years?

    • Anonymous

      It still made the Academy round table to be one of the five finalists (nominee). So what if you don't like "Daughters" as you said earlier, or the sales that don't fit up to your standards, LIG was still recognized. Drake winning a Grammy doesn't validate you, and prophetically, in another discussion, you will contradict yourself and say a Grammy winner hasn't "done anything for you lately".

  • Mulumba Ngoro

    Now Gay niggas winning Grammys? WTF???


    Drake is the greatest gay rapper around. A real gay hero. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!



  • hushwcr13

    fuck Nas he a bitch he aint even half as good as drake

  • Cash_Money_Killaz

    this faggot must die! winning a grammy!

  • Anonymous

    is it me or this faggot looks like Craig David with that hairdo!!!!

  • ok

    Feel Bad for the Greatest rapper of all time NAS.

  • Anonymous

    "Started from the Botton" video >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nas' pathetic 'career'.

    • 614grind

      You don't even believe that, kid. Learn to support your arguments without disrespect people. You'll go further in life.

    • Anonymous

      You mean the career that lasted 20 years and is still thriving? STFU, kid, and learn your place before you make blasphemous statements like that.

  • Dhiven

    Take care > Life is good...Can't even listen to LIG without skipping songs... Before talking shit, have you guys heard Take care from start to finish? Do that, then play Life is good straight after and you will see what i mean...Nas didnt get robbed...

    • LOL @ANON

      LOL @ ANON still salty Drake won a grammy for BEST RAP ALBUM!!!!! no one cares what you say your opinion is absolute shit considering the outcome of the Grammys LOL YOUR PROB A JEALOUS NIGGER, its cool

    • 614grind

      Yeah, right. Drake is afraid to battle therefore he does not qualify as a rapper.

    • Anonymous

      Good joke. I can't even listen to Take Care without skipping tracks. Too much bitch-made tracks. Life is Good has only two skippable tracks. Life Is Good>R&B album Take Care

  • Anonymous

    That picture screams homo.

    • you got no weight either ^^^^

      only broke computer tough fanboys talk about other ppls money, drake could be a billionaire for all i care but it still doesnt make up for the fact that nas could ether drake out of the rap game.

    • Get up your weight^

      ^ You hating on Drake ain't going to stop his money......lol

    • Anonymous

      Hey, bitch. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Why don't you stop being a groupie and take Drake's dick out your mouth? Your stanning won't make Aubrey a better rapper.

    • hate is love win you winning

      ^neither of you 2 haters above me, didn't stop that boy from winning a grammy, so sit down and kiss the ring.

    • Killem Dafoe

      @ We Won Keep your Grammy. Only bitch asses need a statue for validation. Drake is the worst thing that happened to hip-hop...you worthless fanboy bitch

    • Anonymous

      ^^You didn't contribute nothing to the "win", but the bandwidth for the illegal download. Kill yourself.

    • We Won

      Got that Grammy win though, Bitch!!!!!!!

  • jj

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ITho3CCKkc&feature=youtu.be just looking for some critics

  • lol

    Lol wow that shit crazy for real. Nas still aint got no Grammy. What the fuck is wrong with the Grammy people?

    • lol

      So you comin on here commentin on Nas posts and shit saying Nas is irrelevant. I dont even necessarily think Life is Good was so much better than Take Care, but since Take Care is anything but a Rap album (that's what the category is called right?), this should have gone to Nas. But fuck it anyway, I'm just surprised after all these years Nas aint got a Grammy. Thought this was the year they gave him his first, even gave him a laudatio speech.

    • ^

      You're joking, right? This is shit haters say. It Was Written, Stillmatic, Lost Tapes, God's Son, Untitled are gems. And shut up with the "he's not relevant" bullshit. Niggas is still talking about him, yourself included, so he's obviously relevant.

    • Anonymous

      that's cause he only has one good album and you know it, nas is dead, i don't care if his new album has probably gone gold, he's no longer relevant in hip hop and you know it, don't be a bandwagon dude.

    • Anonymous

      yeah. i don't think niggas deserved two.

  • lol

    pic caption: "ive been jerkn off a lot yo"

  • Erica

    I hope Drake's new album don't make cry...with them soft songs he be having lol. Y'all should checkout www.thegramdreport.com too, they usually have some good reads on there too

  • Anonymous

    Take Care Nas. After tonight's Grammy shutout it's pretty much a wrap. From Illmatic to Crapmatic. From God's Son to the Devil's Reject.

  • canadian dry still

    how cute, drake thinks he has big muscles xD

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