Drake, Jay-Z & Kanye West Win Pre-Award Ceremony Grammys

Additional winners include Miguel, Esperanza Spalding and more.

The pre-award ceremony winners have been announced for the 2013 Grammy Awards.

In the Best Rap Album category, Drake took top honors with his sophomore set Take Care, which beat out Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Pt. 1, Nas' Life is Good, The Roots' undun, Rick Ross' God Forgives, I Don't and 2 Chainz's Based on a T.R.U. Story.

Jay-Z and Kanye West won for "Niggas in Paris" in both the Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song. In the former category, they conquered Drake's "HYFR (Hell Ya Fucking Right)," Nas' "Daughters," Kanye West's "Mercy" and Young Jeezy's "I Do." The latter topped Nas' "Daughters," Wale's "Lotus Flower Bomb," Kanye West's "Mercy," Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg's "Young, Wild & Free" and Drake's "The Motto."

Usher took home the trophy for Best R&B Performance with "Climax," while Beyonce's "Love On Top" rocked the Best Traditional R&B Performance category. Best R&B Song went to Miguel for "Adorn," and Robert Glasper Experiment's Black Radio snatched the award for Best R&B Album.

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  • Anonymous

    "Nah. Marvin's Room was coma-inducing" I'd say more annoying than coma inducing. But that's just one song.

  • Morpheus

    What If I Told You... Lil Wayne taps ashes in his Grammy..

  • Anonymous

    "REALLY? That song wasn't boring at all" It was coma inducing.

  • What I'm About To Say ARE ACTUAL FACTS

    Nas cried when he heard "Against All Odds" and Timbaland said Plies is "as good as Tupac".

  • Anonymous

    other artists are voting the winners in and drake won because his peers voted him in surprised to see jay and kanye win tho, isnt that album like 2 years old? lol

  • Hyper+

    I think the grammy panel made their decision based off critical AND commercial success of each album. And after weighing commercial, numbers dont lie take care is pretty much double plat, and it was actually incredibly cohesive, forward in terms of his evolution as an artist, and spawned like 4 hits. so. And to be honest, would a grammy solidify Nas more than he already is? Sure its musical prestige, but Nas' influence is Literally endless. Anybody that won a grammy in rap last night was influenced by nas. So to sum up, i think Nas is really above a grammy.

  • Anonymous

    "How can a song like Daughters lose?" Cause it was a boring song.

  • Anonymous

    Glad miguel took that grammy dude has phenomenal talent

  • JW

    We all know the grammys are a joke but that doesnt mean Take Care didnt deserve that award. The album was amazing. Its stupid that people point out it was half R&B. The album had to go in one of the categories.

  • SMH

    Fergie from BEPs has a grammy, but Nas doesn't. Mainstream America don't know Nas, that's why. People who don't understand hip hop are the ones voting for these Grammies. Jay Z keeps winning because they keep hearing about Jay Z and Kanye.

  • Anonymous

    wait! how did daughters lose best rap song. i thought it had to do with how good the lyrics of the song and songwriting. smh

  • Anonymous

    Grammys are a joke

  • Fucked UP!

    Drake made a RnB/Rap album and Nas made a hip hop album. And Nas lost to that? How can a song like Daughters lose? It shows the grammys don't know much about hip hop and it's more of a popularity thing. They were just giving Jay Z Grammies. So commercial rap is better than artistic, creative rap. Watch Kendrick Lamar switch his whole style.

  • Anonymous

    well i cant wait until next year. Watch eminem put out a sub par album and win album of the year.

    • Liar

      @C - You must be trolling because "The Marshall Mathers LP" won a Grammy for "Best Rap Album" in 2001, so keep silent! Proof: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_awards_and_nominations_received_by_Eminem#Grammy_Awards

    • C

      Eminem will never win that award. Even The Marshall Mathers LP didn't win, so get your facts straight

  • HRH

    Again, Drake seemed to win due to his Jewish heritage. This is just like somebody who is Jewish seems to always win the Academy Awards. Jewish propaganda I call it.

  • Anonymous

    Nas remains an internet phenomonon.

  • Nick T

    Had the article's name been "Nas Win Pre Award Ceremony Grammys" half you kids would be talking mad shit about Drake, but since he ain't won you finna talk that "Grammys are not important" shit. Don't get mad cause I can see right through you. Just Man up, y'all.

  • Kanye West

    One Grammy, Aubrey? Hahaha. That's cute. Talk to me when you have 21.

  • arkitekt

    FUCK THE GRAMMYS!!!! They've been getting it wrong for decades. I'm not surprised at all, just wondering why hip hop heads even give a fuck.

  • LoL

    It's funny seeing these butthurt fans commenting with your typical homophobia against more popular artists winning some award over some "savior" who would never acknowledge the existence of the person who defends that artist. That's right, Nas fans are no different from your Drake fans, Eminem fans, Justin Bieber fans, Katy Perry fans or whatever artist is there. Nas doesn't care for any of these people and yet people act like they owe him support to defend him just because his music was the source of entertainment for them? Also for the homophobic dude who tries to use Christian values, you do know that God loves all sinners right? It's sad to see people get upset over a stupid award. I am no in way saying Drake's Take Care was the best rap album (in fact it came out in 2011 but oh well), but the best album wasn't nominated (GKMC by K.Dot was awesome). Nas put a solid album and was by far his most listenable album in years but I could care less if it won or not. He's just another rapper to me.

    • Melecio Castillo

      What people dont understand Drake makes hit albums but in 15 years from now nobody is going to be listening to Drakes Albums, unlike Nas who changed peoples lives, I know he changed mine and 20 years from now will be listening and studying Nas albums. Nas is a Legend, Drake is just a hit for now and will fade off.

    • Anonymous

      kendrick missed the deadline, he will be nominated next year but will probably lose to some r&b singing clown whos more popular

    • ^^Word!

      Tell that dickhead to shut up!

    • and your point?

      so u waste your time dissing Nas fans....But your on Kdot dick!!! yeah Kdot got a hot album but he wasnt a nominee...so u can go 2 Hell fetus face!!

  • iamhiphop

    I saw this coming a mile away, yet I didn't wanna believe it. The Grammys are always a fucking joke. This is the same show that gave awards to Milli Vanilli and Baha Men and gave Best Rap Album to Ludacris over Lupe Fiasco's F&L. Clearly, Nas, Lupe, and the Roots have better albums than Drake & nominating Rick Ross and 2 Chainz was a fucking joke. The Grammys are nothing more than politics. They've become the VMAs/AMAs, giving awards based more on popularity than actual talent. But it is what it is. If Lil Wayne can win 4 Grammys, then why can't Drake get 1? Besides, Nas has been in the game for 20 years, released 11 albums (working on #12), and still putting out gems and selling more than most rappers. How many rappers can say that? Not that many. So let Aubrey bask in his victory and let the Drake stans celebrate. Peace!!

  • Big C

    WOW....Take Care wins rap album of the year over Life is Good??? What the fuck is this world coming too??? I fuck with Drake dont get me wrong but that album was not on the level L.I.G album was on...The Grammys can go HELL!!! Im done talking cause this shit getting me sick to my stomach!!! By the way to my nigga NAS, Do not attend another award show til these stupid motherfukkas show you some love cause they dont know what hiphop is!!!

  • Anonymous

    All I wanna know is why the Grammys wouldn't display these nominations live? If anybody knows, let a kid know whatsup

  • Anonymous

    The Roots got snubbed again...typical Grammy's

  • Man Maan Listen!

    Man Fuck the grammy's! They showed no love at all to Hip Hop Culture. Plus they played my Mans Nas! damn shame

  • Kaz

    GFID wasn't a great album, just 2 good tracks, 2chainz is just a gimmick with recycled lyrics, Take Care was good but more R&B than rap, The Roots: legendary and undun was good, Lupe Fiasco, good artist and storytelling and F&L II was nice, and Nas, one of the G.O.A.T.S with great lyrics and a great album. All in all, the Grammys messed up huge! They don't know real rap!

  • D. From Q.U.

    I can't believe this shit, that is what you call a robbery. Nas should've won for best album! This is some bullshit man.

  • Basic Thuganomics

    Say whatever you wanna say, but Take Care was NOT an RAP album. This album reminds me of The Massacre by 50 when it came out. Full of nonstop Love and Pop songs. Nas should have won, F&L2 or The Roots could have snubbed it but nope. If Nas, Lupe, or The Roots had won, they would gotten some of their credibility back, but nope. The Grammy's are an absolute fucking joke now.

  • wouzi

    Nas should stop going to the grammy's cause they keep on robbing him. how the fuck did take care beat life is good?

  • Sam Snead

    Watch Kendrik get screwed next year

  • Big Bang AKA king of the get rid of the Nerds

    Yeah that anonymous comment is me Big Bang forgot to put the name. To the admitted faggot Joey Pinks Nails. On another note, Monday and Tuesday my off dayz niggas. I don't comment from home or a lap top or my mother's basement. Before 3 and after 11 you will never see a comment from me. I waste time on this site. So get offended faggots im here. Queers and Nerds get lost my motto you don't like fuck you. Joey Pinks Nails. Where you at nigga. Mothers basement. I guess you got some pussy set up right now as you on your mothers labtop. You gotta be 15 cause at my age pussy and getting it is nothing to brag about little nigga. I can guarantee you for each bitch you fuck i fucked 20.

  • Rvrfgrf

    Really howd nas not get it

    • King of the Nerds

      Im amazed at all the faggots of this site. You niggas really sticking up for that queer shit. If DMX changed his style up from Wheres my dogs at too wheres my fags at he will blow again. If he wants to fit in he just need to be a faggot.

  • Young Mula

    Drake will be the GOAT so enough, just 2 years ago he was up for best new artist and now he has best rap album #winning

  • SDK


  • Big Bang Theory

    I just want to comment on this Estrogenration once again. I just came from reading the comments on Kanye West diss fro Brand Nubian's Lord Jamar. I can't believe how many of you new school niggas think its cool to take it in the butt. Like really my niggas that shit ain't cool. Niggas is pushing this soft shit. Im a section 80's baby and i remember when the old heads use to hate certain trends we use to do. But they hated out trends cause it was hardcore shit. Baggy Jeans, Inside out, Kris Kross, Backwards, Army suits etc. I always told myself when i get older i would never hate on the younger generation like that. But i never expected the next generation to change up on so faggot shit. @youngster i guarantee that little nigga been molested and now he is a little queer. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. I don't wonna hear its 2013 get over it. That just means you a faggot too. Its to much of you homofaggots on this site too. You put your dick in a pussy not another mans buttocks. How you feel good with another mans shit on you dick or his cum in your butt.

    • Big Bang

      Only a take it in the butt yess yess what ass nigga will believe that Joey Pink Nailz ethered me. Really with his im not getting any post. Really nigga,

    • Anonymous

      Knowlegde who the fuck is trying to kick Knowledge to you faggots. I guess you one of those take it in the butt yess yess what ass niggas. I bet your favorite rap album is Hardcore nigga. I guarantee you i got more pussy last year then you got in your life time nigga. Only a nigga who gets no pussy come online to mention something about another nigga getting pussy. Simular to the tough guy talk. And yes that faggot shit is cool to you a take it in the butt ass nigga. Fuck you nigga that shit aint cool.

    • @big bang theory

      Damn son you just got ethered lmao!

    • Joey Nailz

      Nigga you be on every article tryin to spit knowledge. You sound like the real faggot by what ur writing. As long as I'm gettin money I don't give a fuck what another nigga do in his bedroom. My advice to you shut the fuck up, change yr username o something other than the name of a show about nerds and get laid. It's obvious by the amount of comments u leave on these posts u ain't gettin any.

  • Anonymous

    "Nas 10 albums deep.... drake miles away" 10 albums deep and ZERO grammies. On that alone Drake is already more successful than God's Son ever was.

  • Sam Snead

    Well I know many mad about the grammy's but its the grammys and not the source awards. Look at Kanye-MBDTF which is not my fav album from him but the best album that year. now Jigga reaped the rewards of kanye's snubs, I think Nas got screwed most on rap/sung collabo, I mean amy whinehouse is dead so that was her last chance but they made up for kanye getting screwed by giving him and Jay-z another one

  • Michael Price

    Nas. You have given so.much to the black youth within your 20 year reign, it bothers me that the Grammy old not go to you. God has a plan though. It may be you all grey and shit standing up there spitting in your 60's and people finally realizing your gems. I do mean gems. Though you may not have a pop appeal, you have something they can never take away. SOUL?. God bless. Life truly is good. By the way I love take care. Not a rap album. Hip hop yes. Rap no.

  • Anonymous

    2 chainz, Drake, and Rick Ross were all nominated? The grammys are a fucking joke. Nas/The Roots should have easily taken the category.

  • Anonymous

    Politically correct picks... there is NO WAY Take Care is better then Undun.

  • Anonymous

    Nas didn't have a chance. Big up to Drake though. He's on a roll.

  • red

    life is good is a classic, cant believe he lost to drake whack azz, that shit ruined my day, gkmc, life is good, and Jesus piece is da albums im bump on a daily basis, fucc a take care.

  • wombtothetomb

    Congrats to Drake for what a grammys worth I guess... much appreciation to the 'I like Drake cause I get pussy' coalition helping to propel this man to greatness... next to the high heels he needed yall cause every vote counts right? Peace also to those counting Aubreys pocket while appraising Nas... why judge a rap record when you can judge a bank account? Bout to take a bubble bath and listen to Take Care to celebrate Drake's win Nas taking another L huh? Man I wonder how someone who has amassed so many Ls is still dropping gems 20 years plus... guess you guys know something I don't [or maybe you don't know shit] STAY CHISELED

    • Tapeworm

      Big bang theory is the whitest show out there and it aint funny at all... that being said people on this site seem to get the definition of dickriding wrong when someone's hating on someone you tell em to get their dick out of the person they hating on's ass... which shows yall clearly dont nothing abt this slang and u was dropped on ur head at birth @???

    • Dislocate

      What's up with all y'all? Who said watching Big bang makes you a nerd? Just cause the show has nerdy characters, don't mean only nerds watch it?

    • Big Bang Theory

      You nerds will never get the name so why explain. But how do i have Aubreys cock in my mouth. Nigga i bet you mother died of AIDS, infact i can almost guarantee it. On a side note Fuck Aubrey that faggot ass nigga aint hip hop. That nigga is soft RandB. But i guess the nigga above me been sucking to much cock to relies that im sticking up for my nigga Nas and could give a fuck about Drake the Soap Opera actor.

    • Anonymous

      "When did this faggot shit become cool." Soon as you came out the closet.

    • ????

      ^^^^^^ your name is big bang theory and you're calling other ppl nerds? lol take aubreys cock out of your mouth.

    • Big Bang Theory

      You really think Nas care's about a Grammy after 20 years my nerd nigga. Not winning a Grammy is lost. I hate to see what you will do when your mother dies. You probably will jump in that Casket with her saying i can't live without you mommy. On a side note, this Estrogenaration filled with a bunch of fags. When did this faggot shit become cool.

  • Gunnsham

    it dont matter no more they base the awards off sales not talent drake won because he sold more than nas more than the roots more than lupe and more than dumb fuck 2 chainz fatass officer ross .... nas lupe the roots had album of the year hands down but its all rigged lol this is the worst day possible

  • Ne-Yo

    Only thing I know is if Nas won these niggas would be shouting out with glee, but since Drake won these very same niggas are saying the Grammys don't matter.

  • Hip Hop

    Who the fuck is saying that we are acting like this doesn't mean shit, this does, we would have loved it if Nas had won, loved it, but Drake did, and Drake is poor excuse for what Hip Hop is or what he should stand for, and what's happening now is that you got these embarrassments, really, the class clowns, taking this fearless approach of being shamelessly wack. Iteration. So when we? The guys you think are acting like they don't care if Nas won or did not win, Get tired of seeing these faggot ass stans, really, cause however you put it, a stan is a stan, whether you put Nas in front of it, or Drake in front of it, but the stans in this case, undisputedly, holding it down for dick riding, are Drake fanz. Hoping that we get all salty over it. But we are, we're disappointed, don't get it twisted, you guys are a bunch of faggots, supporting the wack as we salvage for the real. And now it's official. Drake is part of Hip Hop, he's got his grammy. He's fans are finally validated vicariously through him while the culture of Hip Hop takes an L at the loss of Nas or the Roots not winning. No Charlie Sheen here, just utter disappointment. Utter disappointment cause we are uttering disappointment.

  • youngsta

    this article has only been up for an hour and already the hate is strong. i'ma break from this and let you guys vent out your frustration and anger over the fact that drake won and nas/roots didn't, while i go bump take care in honor, go to sleep, go to school tomorrow happy, and come back to this article with over 200 comments on it. good night and take care bitches!

    • Tapeworm

      awwww the little baby likes takecare cause it reminds him of Daycare. Bless

    • Anonymous

      youngsta you puss.... how old are you

    • Anonymous

      Not really nigga, u the one who's posted on this 8 times. This shit ain't even news to anyone but you. U gon wake up an put on your sparkly Degrassi shirt and go to school just like any other day tomorrow. Rap in the Grammy's has never meant shit, and it probably never will mean shit.

  • Anonymous

    Nas working very hard to further cement his lone status as the L KING!!!

    • youngsta

      Fuck Nas, at the end of the day it's all about Drake and far Drake is willing to go without putting his dick in every one of his fans, that's what makes him a better rapper and what makes us? His fans, his support, heterosexual men! Damn fucken right.

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHA Take Care better then Life Is Good in aubrey's dreams

    • Anonymous

      the guy above me must be a soulja boy fan

    • Anonymous

      All of sudden Nas stans were acting like the Grammy ceremony was the most important event in the whole world because they deluded themselves hard enough to believe that Nas had a real chance at winning one of them. Don't fool yaselves, this would've been the happiest day of their lives if he did, but this is reality and Nas stay collecting L's, so they telling themselves that it don't mean shit anyways.

    • Anonymous

      you dummy Nas 10 albums deep.... drake miles away. "you think he gives a damn about a grammy"

    • Anonymous

      No, sorry, that album is a classic, your comments are about a day, maybe a week long.

    • youngsta

      and that dream became a reality. looks like nas needs to say "bye baby" to his career. lmfao! and shot for me >>>>>>>>>> any song on life is good.

  • Destroy An 85er And Build A Nation Of Civilized Human Beings

    Had the article's name been "Nas Win Pre Award Ceremony Grammys" half you kids would be talking mad shit about Drake, but since he ain't won you finna talk that "Grammys are not important" shit. Don't get mad cause I can see right through you. Just Man up, y'all.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I? Would be proud that either Nas or The Roots won, but they didn't, now I'm disgraced. It would have been great. But yeah, I'll be brutally honest, I don't care for Drake. Or Rick Ross. I would have much rather have wanted Lupe or Nas or the Roots to have won. But I'm gonna get up upset cause some stans are overly excited about it. I wouldn't be hopping on my couch over it. I'd be happy though.

  • Anonymous

    LMAOOOO DRAKE WON? hip hop is on life support

  • Burmy

    Why doesn't HHDX have a problem with the rap categories STILL not being televised?! Didn't Jay-Z used to boycott the Grammys for that? (Wonder what changed his mind)

    • Anonymous

      No shit dude...the biggest genre in music and they don't even show BEST ALBUM lol! The only one they're showing is Best Rap/Sung performance, which should tell you something. Also, just the fact that they call it Rap and not Hip-Hop IMO tells you how they fell about the genre. Same thing with R&B...Shit, I'm white, and I might call it a racial thing lol! Either way, it's sad....

  • youngsta

    hahahahahahahahhaha! all you bitch ass haters kept saying drake wasn't going to win, but he did. i can see yall already in tears that your precious nas or the roots didn't win like expected. go home with that! drake's here to stay. so bring on the hate. go ahead...

    • @ youngsta

      It's funny you say that because if Drake had lost the Grammy, you'd be singing a different tune. You'd be crying injustice, and bash the Grammys for not giving him one. But because he won, you just ride his dick like there's no tomorrow and bash others. In others, YOU'RE the hypocrite. FOH.

    • JRich

      I bet you own a lot of bitches on the internet, huh? Sorry I was being so mean, congrats to u and ur man on the award ;)

    • youngsta

      you don't give a fuck but you keep commenting on here and replying to me. lol, and i wouldn't have hung myself if drake lost because drake is still one of the hottest artists out right now and getting major money while nas and the roots are like those homeless people on the street who beg for spare change. so take care bitch!

    • youngsta

      @JRich Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnn, really, honey???? If your secret love Nas won that shit you'd be all over the place talking shit like a bitch cause that's what you are, A BITCH. A BITCH AND NOTHING BUT A BITCH. Don't come here saying you don't care cause you only lying to yourself babe. Now go to sleep cause I'm tired of owning sorry ass bitches like you.

    • JRich

      Nah...u really don't get that no one gives a fuck. Just cus you woulda hung yourself if Jimmy lost doesn't mean everyone else is that stupid. Fuck outta here, lmao

    • youngsta

      i bet you a million dollars if nas won, you would be jumping up and down yelling "yeah he won a grammy. fuck faggot ass drake!" but since he didn't, you say grammys ain't shit. fuck outta here you hypocrite. and apparently, the people that voted for take care and the millions of people who bought it gave a shit. go hang yourself while listening to life is good you loser.

    • Anonymous

      Please kill yourself, Drake is not reinventing Hip Hop, not even close. Only furthering the superficial mentality of youngin's like yourself. Don't try and get some halo effect like cause you're his fan you won. Ideally, if an artist wins, to suggest something more important other than yourself, the culture of Hip Hop wins. No one wins when Drake wins. Just a bunch of phonies and wack bitches with Drake tatted on their foreheads who want to be his baby's daddy.

    • JRich

      But you didn't take into account that no one gives half a shit about da Grammy's or your light skinned hero Wheelchair Jimmy.

    • Anonymous

      his album wasnt even hip-hop though for real over half of that jews songs were straight up singing

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