Eminem To Release Eighth Studio Album Post-Memorial Day

Shady Records president Paul Rosenberg says that Eminem is "far into the process" of recording his next LP.

It's been over two years since Eminem released his last solo project Recovery, which dropped in 2010. After stating that he had begun work on his eighth solo album last year, Marshall is reportedly deep into the process of recording the LP.

During an interview with Billboard.com, Shady Records president Paul Rosenberg said that Em will release the project post-Memorial Day and that listeners can expect it soon.

"We fully expect to be releasing a new Eminem album in 2013. He’s been working on it for some time," he said. "It’s safe to say that it will be post-Memorial Day at some point, but we’re not exactly sure when. We’ve got some dates locked in for him to perform live in Europe in August, so we’re trying to see what else lines up."

Additionally, Rosenberg reveals that Yelawolf has begun recording his sophomore LP in Nashville, Tennessee and that 50 Cent's Street King Immortal will release in the first half of 2013. He also noted that Slaughterhouse will record the follow up to last year's welcome to: OUR HOUSE after each member releases a solo project.

In October, Eminem hinted that a new album would drop in 2013 by putting the year on a limited edition baseball hat inspired by the Detroit Tigers. In addition to headlining a pair of summer festivals in Reading and Leeds, England, he will executive produce Skylar Grey's debut Don't Look Down.

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  • jaceshadoe

    This next Em album will be interesting b/c of what concept and approach Em will take. Relapse>>>flushing drugs out, Recovery>>>well, Recovery. Hope it ain't all pop collabs and shit. Should be an mainly rap/hiphop album like " The Em Show". "Radioactive" wasn't bad. Just the marketing. Slaughterhouse's album was pretty dam solid. Just bought Budden's latest, not bad, better then what people think.

    • tayloe

      relapse wasn't about flushing drugs thats the recovery part, relapse is about him relapsing back on to drugs....... and his addiction to serial killers lol

  • Anonymous

    This is how eminems next album is gonna sound like lol -- http:// www.youtube.com/ watch?v=pfopaLfperc

  • Anonymous

    shady records is back in full effect

  • smh

    i remember a time where even when EM dropped anythin it was considered gold.. i guess a straight wack album(encore) weird album, but a masterpiece (relapse) and pop album (great hooks, simple rhymes(recover) with watereddown words and a bunch of WACK FEATURES will lower anyone down jayz dropped kingdom come-wack- then came out w IMO his best album ever in american gangster. em need that jayz momemtum now

  • Antical

    Eminem is one of the greatest ever in Music. 50 Cent is one of the greatest in Hip Hop. Yelawolf is coming up in a very different environment and it is going to be extremely difficult in an online, personalized world for any artist to achieve that level of impact, but in terms of music and talent - Yelawolf is up there in that list of the greatest artists -- people may only realize that later - From Creekwater to Radioactive - the music is FUCKING timeless - just like Eminem and 50 Cent, Yelawolf is one of those true authentic artists that works hard at expressing his own story and that story is so vividly conveyed in the music. Very few artists can do that in this day - especially in Hip Hop (Kendrick obviously being one that stands up and of course he's also part of this same collective of artists and their underlying business). 2013 is seriously going to be one of the greatest years for Hip Hop.


    Cause if I ever stuck it to any singer in showbiz It'd be Jennifer Lopez and Puffy you know this Sorry Puff but I don't give a fuck, if this chick was my own mother I'd still fuck her with no rubber, and come inside her And have a son and a new brother At the same time, and just say that it ain't mine What's my name? CLASSIC EMINEM!!!

  • Cealix

    So I just realized something. Not only are hip hop fans the worst fans in any music genre, but when they don't have any valid excuse as to why they don't like an artist, they're usual claim is "they've gone pop." (for the new people, "pop" is just a short way of saying "popular", so when an artist becomes popular, hip hop fans become very upset because the artist had been able to adapt to the newer fans) Also, after an album has been out for 5+ years and sales were short, it somehow becomes a classic based off of combined reviews from mostly websites that get no more than 1,000 hits a month. And another thing. The featured artist that are on the main artist's albums are usually have the "best verses", unless they're someone like Nas because no matter what album his asshole leaks out, it's considered a classic*. *classic albums are given that title when enough people call is that to weigh out those who consider them "ok, great, and/or bad." AMIRITE?

    • Big Bang

      hate to say it but you can go on a Sports website(mainly the NBA or NFL) and found the same mentality. A bunch of motherfuckas hating. In some cases(foxsports) its even worst.

    • IMhO

      So I just realized something. Not only are hip hop fans the worst fans in any music genre, but when they don't have any valid excuse as to why they don't like an artist, they're usual claim is "they've gone pop." (for the new people, "pop" is just a short way of saying "popular", so when an artist becomes popular, hip hop fans become very upset because the artist had been able to adapt to the newer fans) Also, after an album has been out for 5+ years and sales were short, it somehow becomes a classic based off of combined reviews from mostly websites that get no more than 1,000 hits a month. And another thing. The featured artist that are on the main artist's albums are usually have the "best verses", unless they're someone like Nas because no matter what album his asshole leaks out, it's considered a classic*. *classic albums are given that title when enough people call is that to weigh out those who consider them "ok, great, and/or bad." AMIRITE? _________ welcome to internet hiphop 2013. where you either hate to hard or dickride to hard, noone can just give an opinion. also welcome to hiphop internet bloggin 13' where ppl threaten u and doesnt even know your race, height, nothing. hiphop is so competitive it leaked over to the fans now fans judge rappers how rappers do.. u can blame the rappers they actually started the hating on other rappers, so now there mad fans have that mentality.. ps we all know u rap fucks come on this site and argue on the blogs..shit gets to personal 2 be any fan..werd then try 2 blame it on the fans hatin like its the fans only in hiphop do you see this fuckery.

    • Cealix

      Dan's comment goes to David's glorified theory.

    • Dan

      Your telling me eminem, who had a strong fan base already, needs to change his genre of music to adapt to the new fans? Going from rap to pop is a genre change, if you didnt know. Taylor Swift is pop, Justin Bieber is pop, Lady Gaga is pop. Yes they have specific genres, but they are still creating music catered for the pop genre. If your talking about recovery being so diluted because Eminem wants to appeal to the masses then your dead on. Eminem has always had a strong fanbase, which is evident through Marshall Mathers LP going diamond. The second your making music to gain mass appeal, your product has already lost its true essence. If you were true to the music, then it would only be about the music. Mass appeal and record sales in comaprison to the product you put out. Do you think Eminem was sitting there thinking about record sales and mass appeal with his first few albums? No he wasn't because he was always in the media for the wrong reasons, and its also evident in his lyrics. Thats why eminem only had lil' wayne featured on recovery? I guess other rappers are worse then eminem now a days LOL

    • Anonymous

      Pop is a genre of music, though.

  • david

    Eminem is shade of himself. When Em decided to kill Slim Shady (the character) so he can be himself again, that changed his rap career. He went towards the pop way, clearly because you can see it in the songs he has put out. Who the fuck collaborates with PINK in rap?? Anyone who says that "love the way you lie" shows how fucked up his realtionship with kim was, needs to listen to Eminems first three albums clearly (3 albums i'm referring to is Infinite, Slim SHady LP, and Marshall Mathers LP). He's mentioned his fucked up relatonship with kim multiple times, and talks about killing her. Also for the new "eminem fans", have you ever heard the song Kim? I'm sure you can tell how fucked up their relationship was from that one song. How many rappers did he have featured on recovery ? The answer is Zero (Yes i know lil' wayne, but i dont consider him a rapper since he made "how to love") Why didn't he feature any other rapper? Its cause eminem knows himself that his skills have digressed from what it was, and most of the rappers that were once on par with Em have either passed him or are still better than him in many ways. FACT: He chose wayne for a feature because eminem doesn't have to try hard to rap better than Lil' Wayne, which shows eminem HAD skills at one point. Its funny cause around the time "love the way you lie" came out, i swear the song syllables leaked around that time. In that song eminem clearly says "It's not about lyrics anymore, it's about a hot beat and a catchy hook" Isn't that what relapse and recovery were all about?

    • Anonymous

      Love the Way You Lie wasn't about Kim it was just about abusive relationships in general (HENCE WHY RIHANNA WAS ON IT). One of the main purposes of Recovery was to help other people. If he made it sound like Relapse it wouldn't reach nearly as many. Also P!nk was a good fit for the track.. and I don't even like her. Afraid to collaborate with other rappers cause he know he'll get outrapped? He did an 11 track EP with one of the best rappers alive and signed a group of elite rappers which he collabs with..

    • ^

      Wow. You're a fucking idiot. The only person who's wack is you.

    • stans will be stans

      @david let it go fam, u know stans will make all types of excuses for their obsession with these artists. eminem is good, but he lost it after the marshall mathers lp, blame interscope MTV, and most importantly blame him, but is it really worth pondering on how wack he's gotten? just saying :-/

    • David

      What was the point of your response? LOL damn man now i'm gonna tell my friends that I stopped some inbred retard named Cealix from commenting because he had NOTHING to say.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Cealix hahahhahahahhahahhhaha dude doesn't even deserve a response. If you wants Eminem's old shit, buy his old albums. Eminem is the best rap lyrcist out- fact.

    • Cealix

      I was going to respond, but you sound like the kind of guy that will tell his friends that you had an argument with someone on a hip hop site and convinced them to believe you that you're better.

  • pete

    this gonna b a pop album he is already sampling a uk group pop shit for his first single

  • Anonymous

    Come on man Royce bodied him??! Maybe on 1 or 2 tracks but Em went in on the whole album ...the more famous and mainstream MC couldn't have killed it more right?

    • Anonymous

      I'm not trying to be biased but come on Em beat Royce on most of them. I agree with the Renegade track though Em didn't completely kill Jay like everyone says.

    • rap

      still em was pretty good on the ep. i mean theyre both dope and royce is so underrated like at first i thought shady killed him, but listened to the album and was blown away by how good royce is. imo royce and em were on the same level, but yeah em did sound like he already ate and thats why i think he could still do better if theres something to push him. im talking about em on stuff like the despicable freestyle where he goes fucking hard

    • Anonymous

      You gotta be a fan to say Royce wasn't bodying Em. Let me not say he was bodying Em, But his verses where way better in my opinion. Bodying such a harsh word. Its sort of like how Nas gassed niggas to think Em completely Bodied Jigga. Sure Em had better verses on Renegade but he didn't completely body Jay, his verse was just better. People forget the fact that Renegade is more of Eminem style then Jay-Z anyway. Bottom Line, Royce was bodying "Bad meets Evil" and killed Em on mostly every track the sameway Em killed Jigga on Renegades. Its not a big deal cause Royce is still trying to get on and Em been there and done. Basically Royce still spit like he is hungry and Em spit like he already ate.

  • Anonymous

    To the Eminem fans who say niggas is scared to feature him on songs. Bad vs Evil Royce was pretty much bodying Em on every song. Keep it real you have to be a big fan to not realize how much this dude fell off. And if this next album sounds like the crap he has been producing himself its gonna be straight trash.

    • Real Talk

      Em is far from trash, but your right about one thing, Royce bodied Em on that whole EP. Royce's flow/delivery is fuckin amazing!

  • hip hop is dying

    i dont get any of the fans here.. drake on the same level of eminem is this guy 10? appreciate real stories in rap tunes coz its dying out if you think lil wayne is killin it then dawg your u have been molested when by your step dad lil wayne talks alot of shit in his tunes just rhymes comelete shit and kanye wears skirts enough said eminem put hip hop where it was along with pac and biggie his songs are more meaningful and brings back old school hip hop

  • joey121

    LOOOL you guys are saying eminem fell off.. eminem lyrically would murder any rapper ...why do u think no one brings it him, look at his record and his album sales.. recovery was a classic even the game said it.. just coz your 13 and behind a laptop screen listening to niki minaj spaceship y'all kids ...you niggas cant relate to recovery.. its called recovery for a reason if you cant understand the message behind his songs then grow some bouls nd walk outside cleary you have never been in the real world

  • Big Bang Theory

    Can you geeks have a fucking favorite rapper without downgrading another rapper. Unfortuantely this is the biggest fucking problem in hip hop. My opinion haven't felt a Eminem album fully since Eminem show,(bad meets evil was aight) but dude is still great for hip hop. Easily one of the best lyricist without all that silly shit.

    • Anonymous

      ^ That's right, the shit's overcrowed right now. Niggas think just because they from the hood they can pick up the mic and say a whole bunch of shit. We gotta take it back to the early 80's when you had to know how to MC, DJ AND Breakdance in order to do ANY OF THEM. You can see any old school rapper: Kool Moe Dee, Rev. Run, KRS-One, all these guys can do Graffitti, DJing and Breakdancing.

    • Big Bang

      Yo real shit the fans is the biggest problem but its bigger then that. Back in the day, niggas who didn't know how to rap did not try to rap unless it was joke around freestyle shit. Now you got niggas like Lil B and Souja Boy(and many others) rapping and not staying in their lane. How you claiming king of hip hop and you rap like a 5 year old. Reason i respect Waka a little bit is he knows he aint shit. I would rather that nigga not rhyme at all, but i can't knock a nigga's hustle. Its more MC's then Fans now. Everybody and their mother think they could make a song. Its sort of like how Drake thinks he can sing.

    • Jacc

      On some real shit, the problem with Rap isn't Rap itself, it's the FANS.

  • Quit Arguing About This Cracker

    Nigga moments: the kind of shit you always see on Hip Hop DX.

  • A.J. Young

    I wanna hear another Eminem and Jay-Z collab. I'm sure Jay wants to redeem himself after renegade.

  • otowndafnkid

    top 5 lyricist alive(not in order) 1.starlito 2.kendrick lamar 3.fabolous 4.nas 5. hate to say it but Lil wayne

  • Worst Rap Fans In History

    1 - Nas fans (refuse to realize he fell off after Stillmatic) 2 - Eminem stans (similar to Nas fans, plus they tend to be racist) 3 - Lil Wayne fans (they worship a nigga who sounds like a roach) 4 - Kanye West fans (this nigga ain't no music genius) 5 - 50 Cent fans (if he never got shot, he would never have fans)

    • wu wear

      Just giving you my opinion, yo. I think I Am is Nas' best album. I had the bootleg before the retail version and that shit is the illest CD i ever heard so whatever the fuck ever. I had Illmatic in 1995 on tape when it had sold 40K and before the internet even existed so again - whatever the fuck ever. I'm a Nas fan to the death and I think Stillmatic is his 5th best album. I think Got Yourself a Gun sucks. I never felt Ether like that. Smokin? That shit is wack as fuck son. Braveheart Party blows. There's undeniably ill shit on Stillmatic but in my eyes it's no all time classic. Sue me. I don't give a shit. I posted those ratings from Wikipedia because you said 'it's not a debate.' I disagreed. Others agree as well. Not you, but others. So it's a debate. I don't give a shit what people say about Stillmatic - I think it's got dope shit on it but I like several of his albums better. Impact? You're right, mad heads love that shit. I think I AM is better, along with LIG, Lost Tapes, God's Son, Illmatic and IWW. You don't know anyone who agrees with me so it's not a debate? Fine. I had bootleg NWA tapes in 1987 so you can question my knowledge and love of the art all fucking day kid. I'll go toe to toe with any head - I like what I like and I don't give a shit who doesn't agree. Nerds? Wu falling off? Website #'s? Wu Wear? Fuck all that. Debate me don't try to insult me with that corny bullshit. And for what it's worth Ghostface is the best emcee in Wu Tang and to ever do it. Period. 9 dope albums. One bullshit r+b joint. No one tops that shit. Not Nas. Not no one. I'd say it's undebatable because it is, to me. Does that really make it undebatable? Props for being a Nas fan.

    • Big Bang

      Only 5 songs on Stillmatic was good. Really. You gotta be a U-God fan i bet he is your favorite wu-tang member. We are not gon talk about how the Wu fell of tho.(except Ghostface and somewhat Rae) Cause i won't downgrade them cause of the idiotic comments that could easily be said about the wu falling off that you use for Nas. None of their(Wu) Albums get good ratings online now and dayz. And only Ghostface(somewhat Rae) make good solo albums. Anyway only 5 good songs on Stillmatic. You must be talking about the first 5 songs then, Stillmatic(intro),Either,Gotcha Yourself a Gun, Smoking and You're the Man. So you telling me Rewind, One mic, second Childhood, Flyest Gangstas, My Country, What goes around, and Every Ghetto were all wack fuck outta here. Until you get an opinion yourself and stop relying on Website numbers, your opinion aint even your opinion which means your opinion don't mean shit.

    • Anonymous

      Its a reason why most critics say that LIG is Nas' best album since Stillmatic and Not God's Son.

    • Big Bang Theory

      And if you are going off of one website opinion and numbers(as if these albums could litteral score points) you a fucking nerd. So you telling me you need a website to tell you how an album is rated. Metacritic ? my nigga that sounds like a bunch of fags who don't know shit bout Hip Hop let alone a Nas album. Nas is my favorite rapper my nigga, i listened to everything he did. Aint to many Nas fans will tell you God's Son is better then Stillmatic. So i wonder did you actually listen to the albums or you viewed a website that made up a bunch of numbers. Another thing wrong with you nerds. Not saying you a nerd but you doing some nerd shit. Nerds seem to never watch the games but look at numbers for the score. Not only that but if you go to another website im sure they ratings is totally different. As a Nas fan, God's Son and LIG is in no way shape or form better then Stillmatic. No way

    • Big Bang aka King of the get rid of the Nerds

      Wu Wear my nigga tho, I like Wu too but Wu-Wear. You could have used Wu-Forever, Wu-tang vs Shaolin, Shit 16 chambers would have been a good name, but Wu-wear, i hope you don't still wear that shit. Anyway i usually go by my own opinion especially when it comes to Nas. But most people i know will never rate God's Son and Life is Good over Stillmatic. Never. I still remember when Stillmatic came out niggas was litterally outside 20 deep in front of my building zoning out to every song on that album. On some yo son replay that album again shit. God's Son to most was a disappointment compare to Stillmatic. LIG got love like Stillmatic(with a few people outside listening to that album this summer)but it wasn't the same. The impact on Stillmatic was way stronger. Stillmatic is Nas' third best album behind It was Written and Illmatic. Lost tapes right after then LIG.

    • wu wear

      Stillmatic received generally positive reviews from music critics.[16] At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album received an average score of 69, based on 12 reviews, which indicates "generally favorable reviews" Life is Good was well received by contemporary music critics.[41] At Metacritic, which assigns a weighted mean rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album received an average score of 81, based on 30 reviews, which indicates "universal acclaim" God's Son was well received by contemporary music critics. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album received an average score of 81, based on 18 reviews, which indicates "universal acclaim". Any more questions?

    • wu wear

      That's your opinion, man. I fucks with the Wu. Diehard fans demand more. Because Nastradamus is the worst album ever recorded by a talented emcee. I disagree. Much like Jay's American Gangster, people simply added praise to an album that sounded like it should be good when in fact there aren't that many good songs. Stillmatic got 5 good songs. Out of 15. Life is Good got 13 out of 18 and God's Son has 10 out of 17. But if it's not up for debate so just ignore the music and listen to fanboys who don't bump the shit on the daily.

    • Big Bang theory

      Coming from a nigga who still wear Wu-Wear. That shit wasn't popping when it came out. How you say Nas fell off before Stillmatic, but then say God's Son and Life is Good were great. By the way Stillmatic is better then Life is Good and God's Son and thats not even up for debate.

    • wu wear

      You're a buffoon. Nas 'fell off' before Stillmatic, which is why it got such a great response even though it's not a great album. However, God's Son and Life is Good are both stellar. Fuck off.

    • Ken

      slim shady's fans are racists and nas' last dope record was STILLMATIC??... ahahha wtfuck like u did homework or research on retard shit like that

  • acidrap

    Relapse was his best shit since his second album. Recovery had waaay too much pop on it. Hope Dre is back on board producing cause he IS Eminem's backbone to his sound.

  • Anonymous

    People love to dismiss Recovery because of how poppy the beats were and totally ignore the fact that it contains the best vocal performances of his career. It's hip hop people, beats aren't everything.

    • M.A.D.E.

      Aren't beats part of music? Isn't Hip Hop music? What the fuck is a song without a beat? That's called spoken word. Beats aren't everything but they are 50% of a song. WTF.

    • admin

      you dumb idiot.....it wasnt the beats, it was EMINEM....his flow was atrocious and rushed. dude hasnt made a good album since eminem show...Face it

  • emceeJAYbird

    A lot of people are saying oh Kendrick is now better than Em and what not....but let me tell you this. First off, I love Kendirck Lamar, he's dope as hell. But take Poetic Justice with Drake, Kendrick clearly was still dope on it, but he didn't out shine Drake at all, and Drake is usually whack as hell. Em and Drake on the same track, Forever, Em out shined everyone rather easily. Kendrick is dope but lyrically Em is on another level. Always has been when compared to most. His multi-syllable rhymes, his complex rhyme schemes, the way he bends words to rhyme, there's not an emcee that matches Em's word play.

    • denizen

      I can think of at least five rappers matching Eminem's word play: 1. Tech N9ne 2. Rittz 3. Cognito 4. Ubiquitous 5. Godemis

    • Anonymous

      That's because Kendrick doesn't give a damn about outshining anyone. Eminem tries too hard to impress or gets people attention (talking about raping his mum, really?) he wants the attention. Also poetic justice is not a song you would really try hard on. Now if it was M.A.A.D City then you can talk. (or the Game ft Kendrick) etc.

    • Anonymous

      The top 5 rappers alive are probably 1. Eminem 2. Jay-Z 3. Nas 4. Kendrick 5. Andre 3000

  • Andre.CO

    Man people are really tripping if they think Em doesn't have it anymore. I mean, Relapse was his worst album, and lyrically it still shit on 90% of the current emcee's today. 3 AM, Deja Vu, Beautiful, Underground, Drop the Bomb On Em' were all still dope. And lyrically Recovery was dope as well, same goes for Hell The Sequel. Tell me he wasn't lyrically dope with On Fire, Seduction, No Love, Almost Famous, Untitled, Ridaz, Session One, Welcome to Hell, Fast Lane, Loud Noises, Echo, etc. That white boy shreds emcee's and there's just some people that can't get over it.


      yeah you right man people be hating on him. All those songs you mentioned showed how fucking lyrical he is and people just act too ignorant to understand. But the bad thing about him is that he can't back up Yela and Housegang with classic albums because I personally didn't like their SHADY albums

    • wu wear

      That only shows how weak hip hop has become over the past 2 years

  • Sam Snead

    It will sell, I just hope he doesn't do as much pop music this time around, I hope its more raw but I doubt it will be.

  • donfeelip

    If shit gonna sound similar to Recovery, then me (a true E fan since day 1) gonna be very disappoined. I want old slim Shady back. Just like on TMMLP ! C'mon Em...dont kill your vibe

  • IMhO

    unless eminem drops beast singles im not hyped like i used to be for an eminem album.. encore =terrible, relapse= great but to weird to bump and recovery= classic hooks w/ bad to mediocre verses.. if i hear a my band, or we made you single i will never buy his album..if i hear a banger he might get me lol all depends how his music comes out

  • migger

    Eminem - Recovery Relapse 1. We love each other ft Taylor Swift (Prod by Aids) 2. I'd love to know you more (prod Eminem) 3. I dont love you no more (prod Alchemist) 4. Sorry for myself ft Chris Brown (prod Dr.Dre) 5. I want Christina instead (prod Drake) 6. Happy for my kids (prod Fat Joe) 7. Love to make you smile ft Rick Ross (prod Happy Man) 8. We against the world ft Rihanna (prod Alex da kidd) 9. Happy Tears (prod eminem) 10. Detroit is my bobo (prod Dre)

    • Anonymous

      @Anonymous 4 Is someone butthurt. That is all Eminem raps about though. Including screaming.

    • Anonymous

      You failed comedians are not funny at all. Get a life, losers.

    • vczell

      You forgot the bonus track: 17. Niggaz know how to suck dick feat. Slaughterhouse and 50 Cent (Produced by Paul Rosenberg)

    • Anonymous

      @ migger you're terrible at making fake list. Smh

    • Anonymous

      You forgot the bonus tracks. 11. I still hate you mum. (Prod. Em) 12. I will rape you mum. (Prod. Hailey ) 13. I know I said I love you Kim, but I will kill you ft Chris Brown (Prod. Eminem) 14. I hate pop music and I am hip-hop ft Pink(Prod. Hit-Boy) 15 I hate being famous ft Rihanna, Pink, Bruno Mars. (Prod. David Guetta) 16. I love you dre ft Game(Prod Dre)

    • Anonymous

      what the hell was that?

  • Anonymous

    No-one really gives a shit anymore, but he will still outsell everyone because of his stans who are probably the worst dickriders in hip-hop. People are writing paragraphs to prove that Eminem hasn't sold out or fell off smh.

    • Smh

      @Ken You just prove my point. Why should I feel the need to put my name on here, its hiphopdx who gives a shit. You are trying to insult me because of my comment, no-one gives a damn about Eminem anymore but his STRONG (suck cocking) fanbase, thats why he outsells everyone smh.

    • Ken

      some people write paragraphs, and some others just write whiny bullshit. kinda like you, "Anonymous." nice site name, btw. anyway keep it up man people really feel you here.

  • Mark

    The only rapper from Detroit worth listening to is Danny Brown. Technically Em kills it but he hasn't shown those skills in years. Rhyming words and shouting just doesn't cut it plus his beat selection is prehistoric. His album will sell no doubt but if the recent releases from Shady records are any indication to where he's heading then I'm not holding out much hope.

  • Zak

    Yeah as a long time Em fan I'm excited but hopefully it's nothing like Recovery. He got that corny comeback crap out of his system, I hope. Features I'd Love To See on Album: Kendrick Lamar Tech N9ne Nas Hopsin Slaughterhouse (obviously) Yelawolf (obviously)

  • Anonymous

    best news i have heard in forever i cant wait for this his worst album is better than the other rappers best albums!!

  • Poprap rulez

    i like Eminem the poprapper. I hope he will work with BritneySpaers and Justin Bieber. His collabos with Pink and Rihanna were awesome. Poprap rules.

  • Eminem - Memories tracklist

    1. Breaking Point (produced by Dr. Dre) 2. Sliders (produced by Dr. Dre) 3. Men in Black (feat. Dr. Dre) (produced by Dr. Dre) 4. Caught in the Headlights (produced by Mr. Porter) 5. Knock Me Down (feat. Adam Levine) (produced by No I.D.) 6. Love Me (produced by Eminem) 7. It's A Wonderful Life (feat. Dr. Dre and 50 Cent) (produced by Dr. Dre) 8. Castle of Gold (produced by No I.D.) 9. Plucked Feathers (feat. Nas) (produced by 40) 10. Love and Pain (feat. Drake) (produced by Eminem) 11. Memories (produced by Mr. Porter) 12. SmackDown (feat. 50 Cent) (produced by Dr. Dre) 13. Nip-Slip (produced by Eminem) 14. Blackened Stare (produced by Havoc) 15. No Mercy (produced by Eminem) 16. Stay (produced by Dr. Dre) 17. Illusions (feat. Skylar Grey and Kendrick Lamar) (produced by Dr. Dre) 18. Road to Rome (produced by Eminem) Deluxe Edition 19. Hairspray (What Makes Me Despise You) (produced by T-Minus) 20. Speedballin' (produced by Dr. Dre) 21. Circles (feat. Royce da 5'9 and Crooked I) (produced by Havoc)

    • Anonymous

      Not a Bad Tracklist,,, that would be dope

    • Anonymous

      Nas will never work with em. If he did it will proove that he didnt state one fact in ether. Sorry but i just think its funny that nas talks shit about jay z getting bodied by eminem on renegades..and wont work with em. Cus dude will get bodied. Nas has one classic thats it. Illmatic. Past that dude aint shit. The takover>>>ether

    • Anonymous

      i'd listen to that

  • Hip Hop please

    This probably gonna be a good album So, no wack features please No Wayne/Ross/2Chainz etc etc

  • MmmHmm

    He needs to chill out with the yelling the way he did with the accent. They're both okay on CERTAIN songs, but he'll use them on an entire album. I hope this album is a mix of all the styles. And bring back 2 or 3 skits.

  • DJ Game

    im over it; and i was a huge stan. his voice and pointless rhymes just ruin it for me now.


    I hope his next one is more like Relapse. Recovery was dirt.

  • seATlLien

    The fact that this story has 144 posts, negative and positive, shows that Eminem is still relevant. Recovery, for me, was huge. But I've been through some real life shit that not everyone has to experience. Bottom line is he put his emotions out on that album; something that he did not for a couple of albums prior. Something that most artist don't do at all. "Keep it real" is so often said, but rarely expressed. Eminem keeps it real; does your favorite artist? By the way, keeping it real isn't always best. Ask Dave Chappelle.

  • 101

    Em's past his prime,present day em ain't got shit on k.do.t Section.80 & GKMC >> all of em's albums lyrics/story telling wise .Em should've never come back.he might as well finished his carrer and stick to producing after encore that way saving himself from goin wack and settled his place among the greats.

  • Anonymous

    More pop garbage...yawn

  • Is It Really True That Niggas Grew Up On Manhattan?

    Love the Way You Lie is pop, people. Doesn't mean the song is wack, and actually it's not, and that's what you fail to understand. But it's pop regardless, so let's cut all this bitch made talk.

  • anonymous

    yall take a lot of time writing about how much you dont like eminem. dont got nothin better to do than go to some page of some rapper you dont like and write a bunch of comments? Em has been through hell and back and still remains on top and always will and yall cant handle it.

    • pickle

      nick ts right DMX would fuck shit up and it sounds like the sucking dick goes both ways with minouch cuz i would say from all your shit talking your sucking eminems dick by being so defensive

    • minouch95

      and who's talkin about dmx here bitch ass punk instead of criticizing people try to do what they have done you pussy ass I bet you can't even make a half song nick pig did dmx allow you to suck his dick because no rapper want to fuck with em what you are sayin that you know better than redman or ice t you didn't watch the art of rap when ice t said 'niggaz just say what they want about him they don't want to fuck with him' fucking stupid ass

    • Nick T

      who's talkin about money here, anon?

    • Anonymous


    • Nick T

      DMX would slash eminem into pieces, sweep up the pieces feed them to the dogs, then collect the shit & smear it in his haileys face. DMX is far better then overrated Eminem.


    I'm standing on my monopoly board. That means I'm on top of my game. I'm a shit stain on the underwear of life. Quit playing with the scissors and shit... and cut the crap. I guess that's why they call it window pain... GTFOH

  • Josh

    I don't understand people who like Recovery. It's mediocre AT BEST, and most of the time laughably bad. I have 0 hopes for this new one. He'll have to do a complete 180 in order to gain most of the fans he's lost over the last few years, especially the ones who jumped ship since 2010

  • Anonymous

    yeah, LAUGHTERHOUSE was such a success those fucking bums didn't even tour off it... which is the ** only ** the those cornballs had the slightest chance to pay back Interscope... UNLESS you know you can't earn enough split four ways + expenses to make it wortwhile... Rosenberg is 100% full of shit, covering his fat fucking ass because zombie Em spent six months "mixing" that garbage. He could taken six years it'd still be fucking dogshit!!!!

  • Nick T

    Face it guys, Em fell off after Encore.

    • let me help

      let me help explain as a longtime EM fan what he means by fallen off.. encore was TRASH, relapse was just idk out there but it was crazy, recovery coulda been hot but his verses was to watereddown. hes had sum straight wack features too.. em needs that 8 mile shit back or for the thrid time i wont by an em album ( encore, recovery)

    • anonymous

      haha oh im a stan? please tell me which one of those statements i made in my first comment was incorrect. and for falling off musically? thats a matter of opinion but i guess for a close-minded, immature prick like yourself i guess that's hard to wrap your head around. my opinion? MMLP, SSLP, TES are his best pieces of work. but you still cant ignore the talent the man still possesses. You ever listen to "Stay Wide Awake"?- some of his best lyrical work to date. "Underground" "No Apologies" "Cold Wind Blows" "WTP" "Despicable" "Above the Law" . If you dont like those songs or at least recognize the talent when you hear them then you're on one. he hasn't fallen off at all- he just matured as an artist

    • ^

      Disagree 1000%. Eminem never fell off musically. He's still making good music despite what your hating ass say. Those albums Eminem executively produced are mediorcre, but not trash. You wanna talk about someone who fell off musically, talk about Lil Wayne who after Tha Carter 2 put out certified pop garbage.

    • your mums a kermikaze

      after encore? Encore was a terrible piece of shit. eminem show was horribly overrated. Eminem only just started to come right recently.

    • youngsta

      no anonymous stan. it means that eminem has fallen off musically and only sells off of his name. and he executive produced two trash albums which both flopped.

    • anonymous

      what the hell is your perception of falling off? cuz what it really means is that the artist became irrelevant. eminem has in no sense of the word become irrelevant. relapse- highest selling rap album of the year, grammy for best rap album of the year recovery- highest selling rap ablum of the year, grammy for best rap album of the year bad meets evil EP- went gold exectutive produced- Yelawolf's "Radioactive", Slaughterhouse "Welcome to Our House" i dont think someone who fell off would have those credentials. Now run along to some Gucci Mane page where your type of ignorance is tolerable.

  • kermikaze

    your favorite rappers favorite rapper...point blank

  • AmeriKKKa: Land Of The Weak, Home Of The Slave

    Funny how you negroes/peckerwoods can't agree on shit, anytime someone gives up their opinion another idiot has to come rebuke it with some straight ignorant shit cause THAT's WHAT NIGGERS/DEVILS DO. Have you ever thought Eminem DOESN'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK OF HIS MUSIC??? Why is it so important to protect someone who never gave a fuck about you???

  • yessir

    Eminem is trash, the only people who listen to him are wiggers and fags.

  • @BafflerMeal

    People keep talking about the sales Em's gonna make. Of course it's gonna sell good. He could stick his name on 14 tracks of different farts and it'd go platinum. He doesn't go plat 'cause of his quality anymore, it's his name. His last three albums have been shit to meh.

  • Anonymous

    if this album is anything like his others it will shit and unlistenable. mmlp was great, we live in hope

  • youngsta

    hell yeah niggas. recovery part 2 comin at ya! seriously old ass eminem is done, washed up. his last good album was the eminem show and that came out when i was six. he's been trash ever since. face the facts stans. sure he'll outsell everyone else but the album's still going to be pop garbage. drake is better than eminem right now.

    • the fuck?

      lol yall act like u know eminem. u dont know what the fuck he wouldve done back in his career AND you don't know what the fuck he's doing now! Eminem did a song with Pink because he had to return the favor. The only issue with Recovery was the difference in production when compared to his earlier work. Despite this, most of Recovery sounds phenomenal when played live - it has a fuller effect. And to just clear this up, Drake is not a better rapper than Eminem, nor will he ever. Drake represents a type of music that is labeled as "Hip-hop" but has little to no relationship to what "Hip-hop" as a genre/culture is supposed to be and sound like. As an artist, Drake has his strengths and talents but its not Hip-hop. It's something else. Its as if today and in the recent years, we have been witnessing the evolution of certain aspects of Hip-hop into another genre. You can call the genre pop, garbage, pussy...personally i don't fuck with Drake's music at all. Its not how i roll. Realistically, Eminem's next album will be completely different from most's expectations, as was Recovery. Relapse's subject matter was tired despite the short sections on addiction and depression. Recovery was, and lets be real, a solid attempt at creating a more mature project. It was quite literally Eminem's recovery from his slow drug induced simplistic flows of Encore. I'm looking forward to this new album. peace my niggas

    • Anonymous

      Stay being delusional, you goddamn troll. I didn't say I like Numb. I just said it's not pop garbage, big difference. Eminem hopping on a song with Pink is no big deal as the song isn't even released as a single. I don't think Eminem's perfect. He has his flaws and put out a few duds, but his post-TES music is not trash. Keep telling yourself that his recent music is pop, yet you bring up other artists songs. I hope you go see a psychiatrist to get your head checked out.

    • youngsta

      you say drake makes "estrogen-filled r&b/pop garbage" yet like numb because it's r&b. you're right, adding a singer doesn't automatically make it pop, but what about the overall sound of the song? and eminem is hopping on a pop sounding song with pink when that's something he would not have done years ago. and you think eminem is SO perfect that you don't realize that his music after eminem show is trash. "THOSE RECORDS ARE NOT POP". yeah, keep telling yourself that. i hope you have a good night.

    • Anonymous

      You're doing the same ass-backwards shit. You're being a Drake stan defending him and dissing Eminem. THOSE RECORDS ARE NOT POP. Just because a singer is singing the hook doesn't mean it's pop. Numb is an R&B record. And Eminem appearing on Pink's song doesn't mean shit; he was a featured artist. You're not open-minded like you say. You're still prejudiced against Em because he's not under the age of 30 like other rappers you dickride.

    • youngsta

      who cares what the song was about? it was still a poppy ass song and it's funny that he did a song with her after he dissed her on relapse. and the back in the day eminem would've slapped royce for coming up with that stupid idea. and numb was far from pop? i bet you if it was just rihanna on that song, you would be calling it pop all day. all of a sudden, adding eminem makes it "far from pop". haha, you're so funny. and i forgot about that one song eminem did with pink on her latest album. you can't tell me that wasn't pop either. you diss drake for working with rihanna but praise the fuck out of eminem for doing the same thing. that just shows the stan-ism in you. and i am open minded. why do you think i listened to those tracks only to find that they were terrible pop songs?

    • Anonymous

      Any money that adam is a 40 year old man who's stuck in the 90s, sucking the dicks of underground rappers, and won't get with the times? I'm 21 years old and I like good hip-hop music from KRS-One, Rakim, Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Chino XL, Eminem, T.I., Young Jeezy, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Knedrick Lamar, Big KRIT, joey Bada$$, etc. So cut the assumptions.

    • adam

      Any money that Anonymous is a 15 year old white kid, only they think that Eminem is a god and diss Drake, I bet this guy spends most of his time on Youtube videos writing about Eminem Biggie Tupac are the last real rappers.

    • youngsta

      Open your ears nigga. I said that after I relistened to Eminems songs, I loved them.

    • Anonymous

      Everything you said is a bunch of bullshit. None of those records were pop. Love The Way You Lie is about domestic abuse and it make sense to have Rihanna, who's a victim of that, on it. Lighters was Royce da 5'9's idea of a Bad Meets Evil track ft Bruno Mars. And Numb was far from pop. Also, stop justifying Drake's bullshit. He still worked with pop artists and makes garbage pop songs. Eminem never made a pop song. Stop being a close-minded hater and open your eyes/ears.

    • youngsta

      I relistened to his "pop garbage" to try to back me up but realized I had none. They are classic songs. Drake may be okay but Eminem is way better than that shit.

    • youngsta

      wooooow, so love the way you lie wasn't pop garbage? lighters? numb? i wasn't expecting eminem to do those types of songs in a million years. drake's been collaborating with those people for most of his career, so drake doing those types of collabos are to be expected. eminem just started doing pop songs when he decided to sober up and that only made his music worse for HIS standards. stop being such a stanboy and open your fucking eyes and ears.

    • @ youngsta

      Your name alone says everything about how dumb you are. Stay in school, get an education, learn about hip-hop culture, and stay off of HipHopDX.

    • Go Back To The Jungle, Niggas

      "doesn't make pop garbage" That's right, I hate when these black people make up some lies about songs that never existed like Whitout Me and Love The Way You Live, these coons really need to get a life.

    • Anonymous

      Those songs are not pop garbage. Drake is FAR from better than Eminem. Take Care is estrogen-filled R&B/pop garbage. Every Eminem album stomps that baby shit anyday. Also, Drake does songs with Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Rita Ora. THOSE were pop garbage.

    • youngsta

      he doesn't make pop garbage? then explain his songs with pink, rihanna, bruno mars, skylar grey, etc. and drake is better than eminem right now, take care is better than any em album that came out after eminem show.

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!! Good joke. Eminem will never be done/washed up. His music is better than most of these niggas out now. He doesn't make pop garbage. Drake, who's an R&B/pop singer, will never be better than Eminem.

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Rick Ross was a correctional officer, Rick Ross was never in shape, Rick Ross arrested the hustlers, Rick Ross never was shooting in a gym, Rick Ross likes men. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross will never be biggie. BAWSE!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    LAUGHTERHOUSE III... 5th of Never, 2025

  • Real Talk

    "The Slim Shady LP" is still the dopest rap album ever released!!!

  • Trader

    He needs to get back to producing. His lyrics are now just sped up, doesn't mean more rhyme flow either... Plus yelawolf album was deleted from my PC and replaced with MGK. Yelawolf had shades helping hand and couldn't do what 50 did... It is all business. Nothing really to discuss. No beef, no new deaths, no drugs. Just $$$ tours, ads, fan base. It's a Pepsi commercial with Britney Spears. Hip hop shop days are over. It is hip pop and I'm out.



  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, Em was gay. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new biggie. BAWSE!!!!!

  • pickle

    i hope eminem and tech n9ne collab on both of their upcomming releases. fuck man... dx i only commented two times before this and youre stopping me saying i have to wait 30 seconds but really its like 10minutes if you got a comment section why stop ppl from commenting...??


    Eminem is good, but not as good as Wayne. Wayne KILLED him on "No Love" . And YES Wayne has done a hell of a lot for Hip Hop. He's grabbed peoples attention. People who don't even normally like hip hop, by doing features with other artists from different genres. He's helping Hip Hop sales. All that conscience rap BS don't fucking sell. No one wants to hear that stupid bull shit save for a select minority. Also his songs DO have meaning, and substance and YES ill lines... "watch me as bust this, lay it down like construction/when I spit the mic get wet cause my voice is like seduction" ^ WHO THE FUCK CAN TOP THAT!? He has storytelling. He even rewrote Eminem's "Stan" and made it better. Also Wayne is a business man. Young Money has the best collection of artists since Cash Money !!!

  • yeaaahh

    Eminem, Cudi, Drake, and Kanye will release the best albums of the year. I honestly can't see anyone topping those four.

  • Lilworm

    alright an eminem album! if i were any other artist, i'd be a bit afraid. we all know em gonna go at least 5x plat, that's for sure. contrary to others, i enjoyed recovery, 25 to life is my fav song on there.

  • Ricky Rozay

    This white boy used to be good, now all this nigga release is pop shit. Another album with Bruno Mars, Pink and Rihannas comin and of course all you white boys will snatch it up and say its the best thing ever cuz we all know only white boys buy his albums. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Eminem doesn't make pop shit, thats like the biggest lie every told. He will still go platinum in a week tho.

    • ^

      Nigga, you're a fucking idiot. Eminem doesn't even make pop shit. You haven't even heard his next album, so shut up. Black dudes buy Eminem's albums, too, you racist prick.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem's album>everybody else's album in 2013. Hopefully, Em keeps that BME style or come with something new with this album cause he's capable of dropping another classic. Lyrically, he's one of the best. When it comes to sales, Eminem stomps the competition. I predict at least around 600k 1st week. Looking foward to his new single when it comes out.

  • Isays

    I hope Eminem and Yelawolf collab on a sick track. Shoot a video for that bad boy and get Yelawolf the fame he deserves

    • pickles 2cents

      @drewwdiggi i agree and theres an interview with yelawolf on you tube i watched where he was talking about how interscope was fucking with his shit but he said he was letting them because the point of radioactive was to be active on the radio so he figured he would let them fuck this one up and get on the radio and get a bigger listening crowd then do it like he wants or something.. obviously that didnt work i would bet his next thing will be way better

    • DrewDiGGi

      Agreed! If they can get on the right beat, that track has potential to be one of the most dopest jams eva!! SideNote: I hope Yela goes back to his roots on the new album... Seemed like after he signed on w-Shady, he switched his whole style-up & it wasn't at all what I wanted to hear on a Yelawolf album! "Radioactive" was essentially pure garbage! The reason Kendrick Lamars album was so successful was Dre just basically let him do his thing, where-as it seemed like Yela's album was filled w-tracks where he was trying to do something else (that wasn't really his style), & it just didn't work for me... Judging by the sh*tty numbers the album did, it apparently didn't work for anyone else either! Super Talented dude though! Hopefully his sophomore album is little more reflective of that...

  • Anonymous

    it's been over 3 years since summer 2010. professional site

  • Anonymous

    Em bout to tear all these clown rappers apart!!

  • Anonymous

    slaughterhouse didnt fall apart tha fuck? they just bieng themselves, shit, the numbers they put up is better then what they did b4, ya it wasnt as hip hop fans wanted it to be, but theyre trying to expand and do something different, thats why they gave you that mixtape which went hard, WeightScale, Back the Fuck up, Im Gone, them tracks were dope,

  • ymcmb

    your mad cuz marshalls better he shit on your whole staff point blank so bad weezy begged to not be castrated lyrically aint no body fuckin with shady dog and for the record your favorite rappers know it

  • Anonymous

    eminem fans dont know hip hop thts why slaughterhouse fell apart

  • Anonymous

    The only really shitty eminem album is encore

    • Anonymous

      Marshall Matters, Eminem Show is pretty much the only great albums from Eminem. The rest of those silly ass albums he made you have to be a real big fan to like those albums. Recovery wasn't silly but it was mediocore at best. Got wack real quick.

    • Anonymous

      Only problem with relapse is the accents. Take them away and it could be a decent album. Recovery has no substance, just Eminem yelling, and stans calling it a classic. It is one of his worst albums.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Recovery and Relapse are both in the 7-8/10 range. Encore would be like 1/10 if Like Toy Soldiers, Never Enough, the title track, and Yellow Brick Road didn't somewhat save it.

    • Anonymous

      Recovery > Relapes. based on content and subject matter. Relapse was just a bunch of bullshit with dope beats.

    • Anonymous

      and recovery

  • Real Ghostly

    Why does every one hate on that Relapse album that shit was fuckin dope the beats were great lyrics were on point the only thing wrong with it was the dumb accent he used. Use the same formula for this new one without the weird voice and shit flow he had on that 50 cent my life track and you got a fuckin nice album ...............fuck recovery worst album hes done

  • Ken

    Now THIS is what is called "news," dx. Seriously

  • 101

    He'll need alot of fire power for his album to sell,its been quite some time since dx posted an article focousing on em. good for them

  • Anonymous

    1 milli first week

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully this is good, or else Em's done.

  • dentaldamboy

    2013 is going to be an amazing year. Wayne dropping an album Drake dropping an album Tyga dropping an album Ross dropping an album Big Sean dropping an album Jay-Z going broke Jay-Z is gonna get castrated by Beyonce Nas is gonna go to jail for not paying taxes

    • Anonymous

      Wayne will flop Drake will flop Tyga will flop Ross will flop Big Sean will flop Jay Z will gain another $100 million Birdman will lose money Nas will drop another classic album Eminem will drop another album that will outsell everything in 2013 2013 will be a good year in hip-hop. YMCMB will fall slowly and good music will come back. dentaldamboy stays being delusional. He can't say shit without sounding like a YMCMB stan.

    • Anonymous

      The whole Young Money is wack. Get it through your head.

    • whitepeople

      Waynes been whack for a few years now. Drake is soft crybaby bullshit and most of his songs sound the same. Tyga is just awful. Ross and Big Sean albums might be OK though. MIGHT. Jay-Z's new album is gonna be crazy.





  • semi-true

    im actually kind of scared to see what this gnna sound like..

  • Babaaaaaaaay!

    Word is Marshall is gonna holla, holla at the Rule to make this a hit. Maybe Ja can finally teach him how to carry a tune......Babaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    • Babaaaaaaaaay!

      He is actually talking to Birdman not with Ja Rule. Sorry for the confusion. I hate Ja Rule but love ymcmb.

  • Anonymous

    hellll yeh, ma nigga em faced his demons an hes back,

  • Crown223

    I'm looking forward to this album since we can't get that Detox...y'all should checkout www.thegrandreport.com too, they usually have some good reads on there

  • Anonymous

    "He also noted that Slaughterhouse will record the follow up to last year's welcome to: OUR HOUSE after each member releases a solo project." So in other words Jimmy's saying it was nice knowing you guys. Grab some promo flyers for Em's new album on the way out. This way you can pass them out down at the soup kitchen.

  • the old em is needed

    Dont have high hopes for this recovery was pop trash slaughterhouse and yelawolf albums were both real bad production wise i mean relapse was dope and bad meets evil was nice too but i think em aint the same since he cleaned up

  • The article is wrong

    Recovery dropped in 2010.

  • blackula

    If it's gonna sound anything like Welcome to Our House or Recovery, just keep it on the shelf Em. Also please keep Skylar Gray or whatever her name is to a minimum.

  • anon

    is D12 still officially part of Shady Records...?

  • Anonymous

    Let's pretend BME & Recovery never happened

  • Anonymous

    So basically Slaughterhouse's next album will NEVER come out because Crooked I will NEVER drop an album and I have doubts that Joell will ever drop another album.

    • Jon

      To Crooked I, "solo project" means an EP or mixtape! He's actually planning to release a free EP soon. I think he wants the title of "Best rapper never to have dropped an album"



    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Wow. What's with these trolls? BTW, Wayne only sold a million 1st week with C3. C4 sold 900k 1st week. That's nothing compared to the sales of MMLP and TES, which sold 1.8 million 1st week and 1.3 million 1st week.

    • Anonymous

      Im sorry, I just realized to get my tongue out of Eminem's asshole. Wayne sold a million copies of his last 2 Tha Carter albums on their opening weeks. Recovery, a measly 750k.

    • Anonymous

      YESSIR stays being delusional. This is Eminem we're talking about. This is the same guy who sold over 90 million albums worldwide, his last album "Recovery" sold 741k 1st week and is currently 4x platinum. Eminem will outsell Wayne easily. Get Wayne's dick out your mouth and realize that.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem will sell 1 million 1st week. INAHB2 will sell 150k 1st week.

    • Tyrannical T

      Now im on the same crack as you. WEEZY BABY

    • Tyrannical T

      You're smoking the same crack Lil' Wayne is.

  • ky

    I doubt he changed his style since recov/Hellsequel so my hopes are not that high

  • Dope Sick

    Recovery came out in 2010 and Relapse was 2009. Fucking peasants.

  • wu wear

    Nice. Recovery has some ill shit hope this is even better

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