Waka Flocka Comments On Gucci Mane's Career Day Visit, Says "No Education" Is Needed For Rap

Waka Flocka speaks on Gucci Mane's Career Day appearance, Rick Ross being shot at, and more.

Following the release of a picture that showed Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane appearing at Career Day at a local school, a number of people were quick to express their opinions on Gucci’s appearance at the middle school. And while appearing on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Waka Flocka offered up his take on the Career Day controversy.

Waka shared that he believes rappers, and even athletes, aren’t the best of choices when it comes to Career Day programs. He went on to explain that since rapping requires no education, students might be encouraged to dropout if they want to pursue a career in rap.

“When I was a kid rappers wasn’t that cool,” said Waka. “They more so glorified people that made the world better. I feel like you should have a rapper, sometimes not even an athlete, come see a kid because now a kid don’t want to be a cop, a lawyer, an astronaut. It’s like brainwashing. The kids see a rapper so now they all want to be a rapper so why go to school cause school can’t teach nothing about rapping? Man, you don’t need no education for rap period. A man on the corner could make a song called ‘Jolly Ranchers’ and he the next American star. I seen the Asian man dancing, ‘Gangnam Style,’ like what is that? It’s poppin’ though.”

During his appearance on The Breakfast Club, the Brick Squad rapper also shared his thoughts on the recent drive-by shooting Rick Ross was involved in.

“It’s what you say out your mouth that you bring around you too. You know what I mean? That’s what my boy rapping about. That’s what it’s gonna be then. Cause it’s people out there that’s really on it. They on it, every day. You gotta respect the game,” the rapper explained.

Waka Flocka’s interview comes just days after the release of his new DuFlocka Rant 2 mixtape which features Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, French Montana and more.

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  • tommy

    wakaflaka is a fucking rich kid, used to kick at the same parties in highschool. trying to act so hood and shit wtf. cool guy tho

  • Anonymous

    Waka knows about respecting the game because he almost got killed himself lol

  • Anonymous

    waka - the next big conscious rapper

  • Anonymous

    Just because school doesn't teach you how to rap doesn't also mean that you shouldn't be educated in order to be a rapper. Speaking of education, what's up with those double negatives when you're trying to argue against rap being tied with school?? "...so why go to school cause school cant teach nothing about rapping? Man, you dont need no education for rap period."

  • Anonymous

    not the first time I've seen something that makes waka seem like an aware, smart dude. He tries to hide it.. but he's got a brain

  • Educated G

    I disagree with whacka flocka. You can go to college to study literature and learn how to write poetry and all of the technical aspects of rhyming (alliteration, assonance, consonance, etc, end rhymes, internal rhymes, etc), and you can apply that stuff to writing better hip-hop lyrics. If you listen to interviews with tupac, he talked about personification and metaphors and all kinds of shit that he thought about when he rapped. Or alternatively, you can go to college to study music, recording, or production. Of course, you don't need to go to school to be a good rapper, it certainly cannot hurt.

  • Anonymous

    Surprising wise words of wisdom from Waka Flocka ladies and gents.

  • King Of the Nerds aka big bang

    Why i should never read the comments first. Im thinking this nigga is telling kids not to go to school, but as always the nerds missed the point to what Waka is saying. I never knew nerds was so negative.

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Do you need a doctorate to be an MC? No. Do you need to be educated to deal with the legal aspects of a contract and know how to manage your money and make wise, informed decisions? Yes. There's a difference between having an education and being educated. One requires a degree, the other does not.

  • Anonymous

    "Remember: Gucci Mane went to college" Fortunately, Harvard has adopted much stricter GPA guidelines since then.

  • Ben Devlin

    "Gangnam Style" is better than anything Waka's ever done, but I kinda understand his point.

  • Papa G

    there's people who go through college and are still dumb as shit. education is what you make out of it. money is got how you wanna get it. maybe youre a college grad and you got a corporate job, or maybe you're working at the grocery store. maybe you barely finished high school but you got a great job, or you dont. all depends.

  • Burmy

    Remember: Gucci Mane went to college, Jay-Z didn't. Yet who's the FAR smarter, more creative, and more successful rapper (whose bankroll is also ten times the other guy's) again?

  • Umm

    Ur completely missing the point aren't u?

  • Anonymous

    Education is not needed to rap. Education is needed to be good at rap.

  • Tasha

    Lmao @ Gucci being invited to a school on career day #fail. Y'all should checkout www.thegrandreport.com

  • Anonymous

    these two are proof the we do need some education in hip hop

  • Anonymous

    YES education is necesary for rappers because rappers are the most stupid people on the planet esspecially waka flocka

  • Anonymous

    great role model right here! drop out of school kids and try to be a famous rapper like me and be rich

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