Freddie Gibbs Reveals Inspiration Behind Joint LP With Madlib

Freddie Gibbs explains how he came to collaborate with Madlib.

Freddie Gibbs may no longer be signed to Young Jeezy's CTE, but that doesn't mean he's slowing down.

In a recent interview with Duckdown Visuals, Gibbs spoke about his upcoming joint album with Madlib, Cocaine Piñata.

"I got the inspiration to do this project from my homeboy Krondon, and Phil [Da Agony], and Mitchy [Slick] - Strong Arm Steady, you know," he revealed. "I saw what they did with Madlib: they kickin' straight street shit, and I was like, 'Damn.' That really inspired me - they really inspired me - to get in the lab with Madlib, to be honest."

Gibbs continued, explaining that  he would benefit from exposure to Madlib fans. "Madlib already got a huge fan base already, so for me to do it was a no-brainer, pretty much. Once we dropped 'Thuggin' ,' I think people started to be like, 'Aw shit, I think they got somethin' here.'"

"That was the first song we ever did," he added. "I hadn't really rapped on shit like that, and it was, like, a challenge for me lyrically. So I just took it, and I think I knocked it out the park."

Watch the interview below (spotted at HHNM):

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  • Juiceee

    real shit, i didn't give Gibbs a chance till he dropped the Madlib joint so I guess his plan worked.

  • opg

    freddie gibbs sounds like krayzie bone if krayzie bone was wack as fuck. madlib makes way too many beats and most of them suck. just cuz his high ass thinks it's good doesn't mean it is. madlib has a lot of talent he's just in the clouds. freddie gibbs stinks all the way around. he's a weak rapper that sounds like a lesser imitation of other rappers and he's not good at anything. weak persona too. "gangsta gibbs" posting loud mouth nerd shit on twitter with a cop daddy. talking all that gun shit and your pops is a PIG.

    • BREWED

      damn you sure do know alot about gibbs and madlib, and its not from an admiration perspective kinda sounds like you mad about its personal! you ranting in the shadows wont change nothing right?

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^ just because there are wacker artists and producers out there don't mean opg is wrong

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your opinion. Personally, I'd rather be seeing artists like Freddie Gibbs and Madlib getting props and respect rather than artists like 2Chainz and Bangladesh getting props. But apparently you disagree, haha.

  • huh

    Maybe some more context next time, DX? When's it dropping? Maybe what they've already done together?

    • Anonymous

      No one knows when it is dropping, DX isn't gonna make up some date. And the only things they've done together is Thuggin' EP (which they mentioned in article), and the Shame EP. Only four tracks together total.

  • Francois

    A Roc Marciano collabo would be a perfect fit on this project

    • Anonymous

      True that, Roc Marciano is criminally slept-on. I'd also like to see Dom Kennedy and Curren$y features. They both seem to bring out the best in Gibbs lyrically.

  • DilanGog

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  • anonymous

    Best rapper alive fuck all your opinions

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