Pusha T Reveals Title Of The Clipse's Fourth Album

Pusah T reveals that he and No Malice have a title for the Clipse's fourth album.

Fans of the Clipse may not have to wait much longer for the duo's fourth album, as Pusha T has revealed its title to MTV.

According to Pusha, he and his brother No Malice have settled on the title As God is My Witness for their long-awaited fourth LP. Although the Thorton brothers have yet to determine a time frame for the project, Pusha explained that he feels, "we owe our fans something special."

"When it comes to the Clipse, that's a special brand to me. Me and Malice talk about doing a Clipse album," he said. "I'm not into toyin' around with that, like just dropping records that ain't related to an album. We owe our fans something super special, so when it's time to do that, we just gonna zone in and focus in on that."

Pusha is currently working on his G.O.O.D. Music solo debut My Name is My Name. The Virginia emcee also recently released his mixtape Wrath of Caine.

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Anonymous

    I don't know if I'd call their last two albums classics. They were good, but they have absolutely no mainstream appeal so it really seems to be in vain.

  • push a ton

    They also got another album called exclusive audio footage its pretty good never got released but u can get it online. You can hear some the beats the neptunes gave to other artists that were on the clipse album first and since it got shelved they changed them up and sold them on like jadakiss knock yourself out and a few other ones

  • jerryc

    This guy saying clipse group a failure? Hell Hath is one of six albums to ever receive the XXL rating, and as far as I know Lord Willin is considered a clasic too. Now that might be a failure compared to Nas, Hova, or outkast, but name another artist/group with two clasics? Not to mention the we got it 4 cheap mixtapes were mixtapes of the year every damn time

    • nastynas

      ^ kid knows his shit and leave kpo alone he obviously is on that frank ocean shit

    • jerryc

      your the fuckin problem with rap fans. You think Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, 2 chainz are good because their cds outsold hell hath no fury? It was delayed because it wasn pop enough for the damn label, just like Lupe got pushed back years for not conforming to what the label wanted. Does that change the fact that they made an absolute classic? Fuck naw. Get out of here with that trash. Seriously if you say the clipse is wack then you really have no taste in rap music.

    • thisniggahere..

      @kpo.. ur trippin hell hath no fury flopped in times where only jayz or eminem or drake sell a milli..noone now sells milli ppl needa judge success other ways.. hell hath no fury is fire and damn near classic..clipse always come w that raw fire shit n i love that clipse..fuck ppl like this.. n the other hatin rappers commenting below tryna push off the competition.. bring that clipse album 2 the world!

    • kpo

      yeah and hell hath no fury also FLOPPED after years and years of delays and setbacks. these guys were never winners. they were on the major label scene for nearly 10 years before they could get anything going. always in the red. last clipse album bombed so bad malice retired from rap and found god. pusha t signed on to write for kanye west and his team of lackeys. pusha t does more interviews than any low level rapper in history. since he signed to good music it's been a lot of talkin and mediocre music that's got him going nowhere fast.

  • jerryc

    pusha really does need to stop toyin around. Its cool to drop songs all the time, but it goes much further to save some of your writing for a classic album like hell hath no fury or lord willin were. I still bump those songs all the time and they arent old-a classic can do that. The we got it 4 cheap mixtapes, as well as road till the casket drops, were incredible. If they saved half o fthose rhymes and put them over neptunes production they would have another 1 or 2 classics under their belt. A group like them needs to stay true to these fans, who are diehards, and realize that they wont blow up to a supergroup at this point. Young kids only latch on to guys who they think are new and lyrical, not guys who have been around. If they drop another great album they can sell out 500-1000 person shows for another 5-10 years and thats a very steady couple hudnred thousand dollars a year for them. of course they also have playcloths which does very well

  • WhiteBoy

    A new Clipse album produced by the Neptunes is what I wanna hear, it won't happen though. Regardless, I'll check it out. Lord Willin' and Hell Hath No Fury are both amazing records, and 'Til The Casket Drops wasn't as bad as some people make out! Pusha's solo album is bound to be another collab heavy release though. Again, I'll still check it out.

  • jr

    pusha t is such a loser. he's happy being "the guy that knows kanye" that drops wack mixtapes leading into an album that's never coming out. he wasn't signed to GOOD music as an artist, he was signed to write raps and play the background. and he's good with that. 15 years of rap and being kanye's side piece is the peak. last clipse album was terrible. huge flop too. put them out of business. clipse had their hit but if you look at their whole career it's riddled with false starts and disappointment.

  • Anonymous

    Clipse are beating a dead horse trying to revive their dynamic duo. They had a couple of good albums, one hit song and that's all they're gonna get. They might as well just quit because anything either of them do now is just going to hurt what little legacy either of them have... solo or duo.

  • gok

    Lord Willin and Hell Hath No Fury were two of the dopest albums from the last decade. Hope the production and material is better than Til the Casket Drops

  • Anonymous

    So these 42 year old bumps gonna rap aboutselling coke and making money. Very interesting? 10.000 others rappers sound the same nowadays.

  • Anonymous

    Could be interesting if they stop rappin'about selling drugs.....

  • parodrikootable steel

    Clipse is wack as hell.

  • The Black Death

    The Throton brothers?

  • IMhO

    this guy dropped a beast mixtape and set everythin in motion from his new album and clipse.. i dont buy albums much bec everythin u hear now is shit but i might have to cop some this year if pusha, jada, jayz ,em and methodman drop shit fer real. good year for rap maybe

  • Anonymous

    grindin still my shitt

  • killer. literally.

    As God "is" my witness... they were in such a rush to post this shit they mis-quoted him smh

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