Mystikal To Release First Album In 12 Years

Mystikal enlists Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Future, Busta Rhymes and more for his follow up to 2001's "Tarantula."

After serving six years in prison and then returning to the clink for 81 days last year, Mystikal is prepping the release of his first album in 12 years titled Original, due in June.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, the Cash Money Records signee revealed that he's been at work with longtime No Limit producer KLC. Guests slated to appear on the album include Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Future, Busta Rhymes and New Orleans' Trombone Shorty and the Stooges Brass Band. He will also tour with a live band in the next few months.

The "Bouncin' Back" rapper says that he's been listening to Sam Cooke, Ludacris, Master P, James Brown and Eddie Murphy. He explains that he wants to add a little spice to what's currently popular on the charts.

"The sound that's prominent on the radio, and on hit records now, all that sound the same. I don't want all my hits to sound like that. I'm writing songs to perform, to entertain," he says. "And when I'm really trying to get inspired, I go backwards and I just rap."

Mystikal, who released the funky single "Hit Me" in December, last released his 2001 LP Tarantula. In January 2004, he was sentenced to six years in prison after pleading guilty to sexual battery and extortion. After getting released in January 2010, he was arrested yet again in February 2012 following a domestic dispute. He was given a three-month sentence and was released in August.

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  • Big Dand

    This is interesting in that the album could do decent numbers and that would be one of the first time, if not first time ever, that a rapper was able to come back successfully after "falling off."

  • LI

    I can't wait to hear it.....Mystikal is a beast

  • Anonymous

    fcuk Mystikal the rapist. So what you gonna rap about? How you beat woman?

  • Anonymous

    Mystikal needs them mannie fresh beats

  • Burmy

    Sorry Mystikal, but signing to Cash Money was a SELLOUT move. It means we're not going to hear any Mannie Fresh beats on there (when we'd heard he was going to exclusively produce that album) verses from Juvenile or any of the ex-Cash Money artists either. PLEASE prove me wrong though...

  • Anonymous

    The bitch was stealing his money. Mystikal caught the hoe red handed and took care of buisness, making that cunt submit to him and his nig@z. If I caught a hoe like that I wouldnt be so nice, Id strangle that bitch good.

  • Cash_Money_Killerz

    Dont support Mystikal! He is the type of guy that will beat and rape YOUR sister! Besides that this guy is wack and can only scream in the mic. FUCK women rapers and beaters!

  • IMhO

    idk ill peep it idk what to expect from mystikaal though lol.. if its wack and flops iw ont be expected but if its hot..then damn

  • Money First

    Can't wait to hear it! Mystikal is always being creative with his delivery..

  • Anonymous

    "Is Michael Jackson washed up?" The gloved one is dead, Mitch.

  • Anonymous

    cant wait for this album he has his own style and very unique

  • Sosa4life

    Mystikal is washed up -- aint nobody want to hear that garbage anymore, even Lil Wayne won't be able to save this album. Some advice Mystikal - get rid of that irrelevant producer KLC and get some trap beats on that album like Zaytoven or Lex Luger. It's 2013 so that means TRAP OR DIE.

    • Whiterthanmost

      ^ "Do ya homework.You really think gaythoven and his one drum kit are better than what Klc has dodne lol?! Killyoself." LOLOLOLOLOL! And point, set, and match goes to acidrap! Funniest retort on DX ever.

    • acidrap

      You a weak ass nigga lol! KLC n beats by the pound started that whole trappin sound. Do ya homework.You really think gaythoven and his one drum kit are better than what Klc has dodne lol?! Killyoself.

    • Eslo

      Actually Mystikal isn't one of the people I expected to try to do things differently and work with a live band too, especially for a comeback album. Props to him hope he's successful.

    • Decatur ATL BOI

      Trap Beats? Negro please, while I'm not advocating for KLC, the last thing we need is more trap beats. The all sound alike, same kick drums, snares have almost the same patterns and everyone is using the same stock VST's to create synths that lack creativity. We need new sounds, music is about creating something new, not rehashing whats already out. Creativity should be paramount as consumers. Open your mind and explore other things.

    • mitchslapped

      Real lyricism and musicianship is never "washed up". Is Beethoven washed up? Is Michael Jackson washed up? If you love hip-hop--shit, if you love MUSIC--you should be rooting for Mystikal. He's one of the few Hip-Hop artists left that knows anything about music. All this guys you consider poppin' at the moment would think a hi-hat is a type of ball cap. Meanwhile, Mystikal just release a slick as track over a James Brown beat. He's touring with a live band. Fuck Fruity Loops and ProTools. Bring real music back. If you can't respect Mystikal's contribution to HipHop, sit your black ass down. Real music doesn't "wash up". Quality music is timeless. I'm really pissed at myself for wasting my energy and words on this reply. I mean, your tag is "Sosa4life". That tells me everything I needed to know.

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