Wale Thinks Media Is "Perpetuating" Rick Ross' Drive-By Shooting

Wale says he hates jokes about Rick Ross' shooting and believes "the media is perpetuating a lot of things."

Recently, Rick Ross was targeted in a shooting. During the incident, Ross managed to escape but crashed his Rolls Royce in the process. 50 Cent, Ross' longtime rival laughed about the incident and said it looked staged. Now, one of Ross' MMG artists and friends Wale is speaking out about the incident.

"I think everything, the whole thing, has been blown up," he said in an interview with 94.5. "I think the media is perpetuating a lot of things. God forbid, if something happens to anybody, they're gonna be playing people's records all day."

Wale continued, saying he had to unfollow people on Twitter who were joking on the day the shooting news broke. 

"It's a joke to y'all because y'all see him on TV everyday but what if that was your friend? That's my friend. I was talking to him last night about the football game. So, what y'all think is a joke is somebody's health. I know his children. God forbid something happens. And I just lost one of my brothers so I don't even play around with that stuff. I don't play." 

Wale's interview can be seen below.

Ross had been the target of several death threats for some time before the shooting. The shooting highlighted just how much danger he's been in. Ross has now reportedly hired a 24-hour armed security team

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  • Anonymous

    Every rapper loses his heat. Some rappers fade out of the limelight gradually, Somehow i think ross' fall from grace is gonna be dramatic... check out my freestyle on Kanye's 'Mercy' beat tho... rapper from Jamaica gettin my online promo in... oh, and i guarantee u I'm sick. Bless Up. Mercy Freestyle- Sly Rankin >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_iNajW8sPU

  • lop

    rick ross shooting was staged. def jam plays with his life to make money. he's a creation. wale is a dick sucker waiting for a handout. his music stinks his raps are trash and girls think he's ugly. wale got NO pussy before rap. funny how he makes girl joints like hes LL when he looks like a dredded troll covered in soot. most rappers today start rapping to get pussy, cuz they can't. also wale would not be getting interviewed by anyone if he wasn't able to talk about rick ross staged shooting so he should be happy the media is "perpetuating" the situation.

  • Anonymous

    That sh!t was staged like 50 said. How, do you gon miss a fat f*ck like that ???

  • nairobistar

    i stopped listening to what ross and his people say since ross finally admitted that he was a CO but for "More Sinister Reasons" tryna play it off like he was connected. should have just made music and not front so much. he never seeing platinum

    • HU

      ^^ So it's either work at McDonald's or sell drugs? How about we rise above that. You've clearly been effectively brainwashed and bamboozled. How long does selling drugs last? Yes, you are a piece of shit if you sell drugs, period. You will inevitably end up in jail or dead. Then what happens to those kids. Anyway, how many drug dealers are gentle family men and how many use their short-term money to buy pure bullshit in the form of chains, clothes, Moscato, shoes, rims, and making it rain in a strip club?

    • anon

      ^^You're dumb as hell.."its better he was a CO then a drug dealer, means he wasn't a complete piece of shit." ??? Are you serious?! Yeah thats cool if you wanna be a square ass CO, good for you but, Don't create a whole fictional persona rapping about selling drugs and being Tony Montana when you used to lock those people in their cells at night. Dude became a CO learned the game from people he got paid to watch then made music about it as if he did it. Fake as hell. Not to mention, you imply ALL drug dealers are pieces of shit. So because some dude slangs something to feed his kids or take care of his mom because Mickey D's aint cutting it, that makes him a piece of shit?? You're ignorant as hell. Silver spoon fed idiot. Go take some more money from daddy's trust fund square ass lame.

    • Anonymous

      Its better that he was a CO than a drug dealer. that means hes not a complete piece of shit.

  • Diddy

    Ricky Ross haters are by far the worst They like to bring up the fact that hes fat (which means nothing), and the fact that he was a CO when he was NINETEEN while conveniently overlooking the fact that he blew up in 06 (when he was 30), so while they like to say he is the fakest rapper ever, and he never sold dope, they themselves have to no proof for that claim. Really? You were alongside him for 11 years, and you know for a FACT that he didnt slang? Doubt that, specially when real niggaz from Miami vouch for him.

    • the truth

      while you dumb asses are worried about being "real niggas" the white record execs are making millions off your own ignorance while you shoot and kill each other off in attempts to be the realest...

    • Anonymous

      real niggas aint scared of electric chairs faggot

    • HU

      Anyone who can be classified as a "real nigga" should be given the electric chair on live tv. That would be an effective way to influence black youth to get their lives right. Then we can value things like education, respect, and building wealth instead of being "real" aka "stupid and criminal".

    • Anonymous

      real niggaz from miami are also telling him to stop all the lies and come clean before he gets killed like biggie and pac without the legend status

  • James Hunter

    Let me tell you how stupid the black community is. You dont want Rick Ross to have a job as a CO regardless of him being 19, but which is it, do you want him to sell drugs or to not have sold drugs?? Make your mind up. So he worked in the joint, what does that have to do with him being a fraud. Yeah as a rapper he brash about his music, yeah we could problem assume he don't know the real Manuel Noriega...but dumb n*ggas be mad foreal and be like..."he don't know Noriega..he's a liar"....oh my god it's a song!!!! Just a song!!!! It's not far fetch that he grew up in the hood

    • Anonymous

      Neither. We just want Ross to quit rapping and making trash music.

    • Big Bang Theory

      These fucking geeks take shit to serious dogs. And it aint the black community. This site is dominated by white people(mainly white teenage kids) and look at the comments. They think they know what beef is and how Ross should handle his own problems. Its not about if Ross had a Job as a CO. Pretty much a cop to someone who has been locked up. Its the fact that he lies about shit. He made his image as a rapper become his real life. And he aint no where near about that life. I say all the time these nerds take this shit to serious, but Ross is becoming a bigger fraud each day. When you got nerds online telling you how to handle beef its a problem.

    • Anonymous

      we want him to tell the truth. its cool to play studio gangster but he continues to play the part when the recording stops and thats why he gets no respect and has a price on his head

  • Aladdin

    Get rich or die trying is the biggest sellout Album ever

  • Anonymous

    He should get started writing that poem he'll recite at William's funeral.

  • Rozay

    port of miami = great, trilla = great, Teflon Don = classic, GFID = classic GRODT = great, the massacre = average, Curtis = garbage, BISD = garbage. 50 stans keep talkin bout numbers, the music is whats important and Ross has released better shit than 50. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      GRODT, alone >>> Ross' entire catalog

    • Anonymous

      LMAO!!! the fucking rick ross stan doesnt even know how many albums his idol put out! EPIC FAIL if i do say so myself! lil bitch is gonna run and download that shit right quick now

    • Anonymous

      Port of Miami=trash Trilla=trash Deeper than Rap=trash (i like how you left that album out) Teflon Don=trash GFID=trash GRODT=classic Massacre=great Curtis=ok BISD=forgettable 50's music>William's music

    • Anonymous

      what does 50 cent have to do with this article though? The massacre has better songs than ross has ever made. Ryder music, position of power and ski mask way alone are better than any william roberts song in existence! your just mad 50 is real and your idol is fake!

  • Big Bang Theory

    I will say this one more time. You fucking Geeks aint that smart at all. Nerds is comparing me insulting them on a comment blog to them making imaginary threats to Celebs that don't even know of their existence. Its sort of like how these fags tried to compare slavery to hate crime against gays. For the 1,000 time you nerds aint that smart. People replying to me is offended cause im telling the truth about them. Nerds is at home posting threats on website. Niggas is online talking about beef situation aint none of you geeks been in. Nerds is in their mother's basement. Its things for you geeks to do outside. But im the hypocrite. I never talked any tough guy shit on this site. never and unlike most of yo geeks im actually from the hood. As always i don't expect you nerds to understand. And the nerds act as if im serious. You nerds could say all the faggot shit yall want just like i could point you lames out. Keep replying too i enjoy it. When i get the reply i see first hand who the nerd niggas really are. And thats another paragraph for you fucking geeks. Unlike you niggas i aint home wasting my time. Im wasting my jobs time. Or like that other geek said im wasting MMG's time cause im on their dick.

  • MalcolmLittle

    No bullshit, they shoulda had Tammy Wynette's "Stand By Your Man" playin in the background during that interview. And the most fucked up part of it all is, what Wale's sayin woulda actually been some real shit (aside from the part about deletin people on Twitter and shit...smdh) if he'd been talkin about anyone BUT the most fraudulent nigga in the damn industry. The media ain't perpetuatin his situation any more than he perpetuates the situations of the countless people who really have to live both the "good" AND bad sides of the lifestyle he tries to glorify like that's actually the road to go down. And how is the commenters mockin him any different than the mockery he makes of all the (esp. innocent) lives lost every damn day to that bullshit dope game? THAT'S what got niggas with their foot on his neck when it all boils down to it. Wasn't tryin to rant or nothin, it's just hard as hell to feel sorry for anyone who's had MULTIPLE chances to right his wrongs yet makes a conscious decision to add kerosene to the fire instead.

  • Wale's Momma nem'

    Wale sucks! Who gave this clown a deal?

  • Luis

    How you going to shot 20 rounds and not hit the damn car once??? Ha this is staged people. Just wants to get his street credit up.

  • Wale

    That Shit Ain't Funny, The Hand That Feeds Me Almost Died http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUn3pVC0nC8

  • Big Bang Theory

    Will somebody anybody any real nigga or real person read all these comments and get back to me. Cause I can't be the only person who feel like every fucking lame with access to a computer have an opinion like they opinion matters. Am I the only person who notice all these nerds venting online getting emotional about people they don't know. You niggas can't be this lame. Then these geeks come across as if Wale said something wrong in this interview.



    • Gang Bang Theory

      grab your dictionary or go to google and look up the words 'contradict' and 'hypocrite' goodnight nerd

    • Big Bang

      At last anoymous thats the best insult you have. Really my nerd nigga. Malcomlittle in the middle fuck you and your history lesson my nerd nigga. I guess you fit the Rick Ross bill cause you aint no Malcom X nigga you Malcom in the middle. Another lame as insult. Tommy from Martin. Really my nerd nigga. Yall niggas could insult me better then that. To answer your question yes i do think anyone on here who disagree with me is a nerd. Because niggas is mad at me for pointing them out for being online haters. I guess im hating on you nerds then right. You niggas must really be at home making comments at me. Also you missed my point about you nerds not being that smart. And you are a great example to that. Point is only a nerd nigga would be offended by my comments. Seems like you one. If you don't do any of the things i said, Like make tough online threats, Talk street shit online, post comments from your mother's basement etc then you shouldn't be offended.

    • MalcolmLittle

      See...you just played yourself and don't even know it. You accuse us of not bein too smart, yet you don't even know who the hell Malcolm Little was...during Black History Month at that. Read a book, ol simple ass...lemme guess though, that's somethin only nerds do right? Speakin of, I find it awful funny that any and everyone who disagrees with your goof troop ass is off top a nerd or geek who lives in their mom's basement and you just have everyone's personal lives all figured out based only on usernames and internet comments...like we ain't ALL heard the "I'm just at work bored, fuckin with y'all" routine before. Besides, how can we be nerds and not smart at the same time?? You got it though, o gatekeeper of the comment section...it's apparent you're the chosen one, the one anointed to determine which opinions have merit and which ones don't...on a HIP-HOP WEBSITE. -_- I'm gone though, contrary to your deluded beliefs I got plenty of shit that'd be a much better use of my time. Have fun at "work", ol Tommy from Martin ass nigga.

    • Anonymous

      you here till 11 pm because that when your momma tucks you into bed amiright? gotta get a good nights sleep before school tomorrow ya nerd

    • Big Bang theory

      I bet you its like one geek nigga replying to me. I aint beat nerd nigga. @that life you niggas got computer virus. Talking bout sucking dick online know dam well you wouldn't reply that shit to my face. Probably one of those faggot ass Frank dick in the Ocean ass niggas. You geeks is spreading diseases thru yall computers.

    • Anonymous

      keep contradicting yourself only lame nerds reply to you yet you keep replying, and typing paragraphs no less

    • Big Bang Theory

      Hay @Malcom in the middle, Malcomlittle(sounds like a fag) i guess i am venting. But how i look at it only a nerd nigga will reply to me. If you ain't a nerd and you don't do the lame shit that nerds do all the time here you wouldn't reply to me. But i guess you are one of those faggots who does all the lame shit i talk about. How can people get mad at me for pointing out the lame shit niggas do here. Im starting to relies you fags accept that shit. I know i ain't the only one who is tired of you geeks talking tough guy shit online. If you nerds don't respect that fuck you cause im here til 11pm. And stop replying to me from your moms basement. Aint it a new Star War movie coming out go outside and play geek nigga.

    • that life

      Big bang you hoe-ass nigga get back to your job of sucking MMG dick

    • Anonymous

      keep writing paragraphs complaining about people commenting on the internet you fucking hypocrite loser

    • MalcolmLittle

      Are you the only one that notices? Not at all fam...cuz we all notice you ventin online gettin VERY emotional about people YOU don't know, passin your lil judgement like it's supposed to hold some type of weight. At least the people they're talkin about are known...you on the other hand are investin your time and keystrokes on people who allegedly post from their mama's basement, so what's that REALLY say about you? Hop down off your lil pedestal homeboy.

    • Big Bang Theory

      Like i say all the time, you nerd niggas aint that smart. I guarantee that you are posting comments from your school computer or mothers basement. Do you nerds go outside have you ever seen the sun. Nerd Niggas get offended by me calling them nerds. Im at work bored and i like to fuck with you nerd geek no life ass niggas who comment on people who got lifes. But i don't need to hide behind an anonymous name i want you nerds to know who it is. Big Bang Theory name is for you geeks if you nerds didn't figure that out. Like i said you nerds aint that smart and yall dam sure aint street smart either. So maybe i stop when you geeks stop talking about street shit yall have no clue about. You fucking nerds aint never see daylight outside of going to your school bus and coming back home but yall know so much online.



    • Anonymous

      says the nigga that goes onto every article and writes a paragraph about how everyone commenting is a nerd! newflash nigga, you're doing the same shit YOU FUCKING NERD! and you named yourself after the nerdiest & gayest show on tv.

    • Anonymous

      fuck you nigga he wanna live that life nobody made him drop names he shouldnt be

    • Big bang

      Hay nerd after reading my comment what formula did you come up with to think im even a MMG fan.

    • Anonymous

      MMG dickrider

  • Hyper

    I feel em. if one of my niggas got took that a be a big pill to swallow. i could take wale seriously right now.

  • leafsuey

    Ohh.. he doesn't want his friend to get shot and die... BOO HOO! Cry about it, Wale. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEE what a baby girl

  • Anonymous

    Wale is the stupid person's idea of what a lyrical rapper sounds like.

  • 614grind

    Even Stevie Wonder can see that this is fake, Wale. That's why its a joke.

  • Anonymous

    "Because if that was my boy or boys, they wouldn't be frontin like ur boy rick ross, in the first place. All my boys keep it real with themselves. No frontin allowed" You sound like a cliche, plus I seriously doubt your boys have record deals, and are out there everyday dealing with the pro's and con's of being a rap star.

    • Anonymous

      What does having a deal have anything to do with being true to yourself? At least outside the booth? Does he get a pass for frontin because he got a record deal? Money does not hide phony.



  • Anonymous

    Wale, don't involve yourself with this, it has nothing to do with you. Rozay is a dead man walking; don't get yourself caught in the crosshairs.

    • Okok

      Valid asumptions. I see your reasoning for you statement, but at the end of the day we'll never know what actually popped off. I must agree though, if what you're saying is correct, that's a smart move on his part. He styll a bytch nigga tho haha.

  • wale a bitch

    great move on officer ricky's part. nigga is scared for his life with the gd gangsters on his ass. he has an album coming out and needs sum extra publicity. why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone? officer ricky hires someone to do a fake drive by shooting. officer ricky plays along and crashes the whip even though none of the 20 bullets from the ak47 hit his car hmmmm, but anyway. now the cops know that the gd's were threatening his life and made him cancel his shows, so now the cops focus in on the GD's. officer ricky gets the gd's to back off his neck while at the same time getting sum publicity for his album and sum extra publicity to add onto his phony persona as a real life gangster. well played ricky, well played.

  • KingO

    First of all Wale...stfu. Because if that was my boy or boys, they wouldn't be frontin like ur boy rick ross, in the first place. All my boys keep it real with themselves. No frontin allowed. Plus...It's not like ross is being targeted for nothing. Ross's mouth is actually getting himself in deep beef with real 'Gs' .... And ross knew this, and what did he do? Pretended to be this invicible gangster, barking loud from his front porch. On the real to real wale, thats what heads get for frontin because the fake act eventually runs out and the real 'Gs' are gunning for you, testing your reputation. Ross should've know better than that and now this chump wale is sticking up for him, knowing he look like a soft ass sucka now....ahahahhaaa!! ross needs to stick to being the barry white of rap....real talk.

  • Officer Down

    It's being perpetuated because fat boy still hasnt spoke on it after over a week! 50 clowned him, the Miami Herald clowned him. Studio gangster hiding with his 24 hour armed security after dissing 50 Cent and Young Jeezy for having their own security!

  • Big Dan

    Like Wale, but yet another dumb rapper comment. First off, I actually haven't seen much "perpetuating." It was reported on the first couple days, buts its not being recycled CNN style. But that said, there was an attempt on his life. That's big news. Wouldn't Wale be upset if no one talked about it. That he thinks its being perpetuated might mean 50 was right and its a fake, so you want to sweep it under the rug. Or maybe he just doesn't know what perpetuate means.

  • Ken

    oh please. just shut your mouth Wale, or you can keep blowing Rozay like usual makes no difference to me.

  • Anonymous

    Of corse the media is perpetuating the incident. Thats what they do.

  • sal323

    Check out www.Safetymerch.com to keep yourself safe. Ross should have just came clean from the jump about everything. I think he is a cool dude who took a persona and ran a little too far with it. Plus he gettin money too. It dont take alot these days to become a target for extortion even if he was paying homage in that song.

  • Ricky Rozay

    Its not only the media its these bitch made broke ass niggas who cant get over the fact that Rozay had a real job why they stay in they moms basement crying like babies cuz they snitch ass nigga idol 50 cant get an album released. Its the same shit on this site, niggas wit they lame cop jokes and that one anonymous nigga who keep bringin up Tia Kemps interview which aint got no cred cuz she was bein paid by 50. The media, 50 stans are the one perpetuating this shit, cuz broke niggas hate seein a nigga gettin money. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      "I'm certified world wide, I could put 1000 gangsters in any hood." "I just wanna say that again, I go anywhere!." "I'm a certified man, I am a real boss. Gangsters movie in silence." "Any dude can stand in a crowd with 30 or 40 dudes and everybody real, everybody trill, everybody 'bout that life, everybody gangsta. But when the choppers come out, everybody fold." "At the BET Awards it basically just boiled down to me running across Young Jeezy, he had five security guards in front of him, five police officers behind him and we crossed paths I said 'what's up?' soon as he said 'what's up?' I tried to choke him. His security guards hemmed me up; whoever the big black dude with the bumps on his face, he should give that dude something special for Christmas." "If I see Young Jeezy again would I try to choke him? I don't know that's an option. If I seen 50 Cent is it personal? not at all. But, it's an option!"

    • Anonymous

      All he had to do is make music and stfu. Maybe he's learned now tho.

    • 50 Cent

      Fuck Rozay that nigga a fake. He the real snitch. Fuckin former police officer. 50 will murder this dude like he did Ja Rule. G G G G G-Unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brandon

    UH Freeway Ricky Ross was a tennis player before he got in to the drug game, so bring up Ross as a football player is irrelevant. Ross never made clames to be about that life. He like any other young n*gga that grow up around other urban black folk. He a real dude and a real dude don't have to be the drug dealer. He not making claims to be real because he sold a piece of dope. Ross never made threats to no n*gga. It's funny how people know Ross life, but don't know Jeezy, Gucci, Yo Gotti, Alley Boy, Gunplay life. How ya'll know Rick Ross life all of suddent, but nobody else??? Stop it, ya'll some trolls. Ross rap for everybody, hood, the women, the poor and the rich dude. If you don't like Ross, why listen??

    • Boss

      You claim that people dont know anything about Ross, what makes you think you know so much about him????

    • Brandon

      Oh my god, you just missed the point. Another commentor straight up said that Ross was a football player and I said it's irrelevant that he played football. He can still sell drugs. I didn't say he was a big time drug dealer in the f*cking US. Follow me you dumbasses, Freeway Ricky being a tennis player is also IRRELEVANT, because any dude can sell drugs. JAYZ sold pice of crack int he hood. Y'all need stop think suburbs is peaches and cream. I'm from St. Louis every suburb ain't nice! You got ignant people specifically ignant people grew in my neighborhood doing dirt. So Ross never claimed he was a drug dealer in California. Dumbass, shows you dont listen to his music because he has talked about other things other than drugs. FREE MASON, VALLEY OF DEATH , ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD, ONLY HUMAN to name a few! He tell you he was a CO, it dont matter to be a CO!!!!! Who f*cking cares???? It would be one thing if he was abusing inmates!!!! Which I'm sure didn't go down. Why so many people claim Ross a fraud, why take the time to comment on every f*cking article. U simple minded people spew so much ignorance in hate. You don't even know the man, but you let a few ignorant people claim he a CO, so he a street. It ain't about being street or gangbanging. He a dude from Carol City who did some nickle and dime shit and he just rap make that sh*t bigger. We can probably assume he never reall new Manuel Noriega..that's just a song, but he's not lying if he said he sold piece of crack for a new watch and then, just because a person sell crack, dont make them no harder or less harder then a guy who didn't...y'all brains are f*cked up!

    • Anonymous

      So, correct me if I'm wrong: being a real dude constitutes going all out the way to lie about your past, only to admit it once shit become more apparent and the physical evidence comes out? Right. You're delusional; GET OFF HIS DICK

    • Anonymous

      freeway ricky may have been a tennis player but he was also one of the biggest drug dealers in the USA! he doesnt lie about his past or the things hes done! he went to jail for his crimes. william roberts on the other hand is pretending to be someone he's not and never was. why cant he rap about going to college to play football or working as a correctional officer to pay his bills? if he was honest he would get respect and not all the hate.

  • 666

    well Wale how about you tell ur boss to stop talking like he about that life ..thats why people makin fun of this guy ..

  • GoReadABook

    but ya know the popular saying 'Be careful what you wish for'....it just might happen

  • Fish

    spends years PRETENDING to be a gangster and we're supposed to feel sorry for the fat fuck when his fiction turns into a reality??? Suddenly he doesn't like 'the life'?? Fuck William Leonard Roberts II, A.K.A. Officer Ricky!!!

  • Anonymous

    We're still waiting on Ricky to make a statement or even say something about the so called attempt on his life! We've heard from Gunplay, Pusha T and now Wale but Ross is still quiet as a mouse after over a week

    • Warren Peace

      Word. This dude has the biggest mouth on wax, but when some real shit pops off outside the studio he doesn't wanna talk to nobody...lol. Everyone else is speaking for him. Ross is clowning himself right now.

  • Anonymous

    real talk from wale

  • Anonymous

    He don't care about his children either, Rozay will stick to his story until it kills him. We shouldn't expect an Oprah interview but at least throw in some conscious lyrics to show another side of that life, and transition into something more mature, I mean what he got to lose? sales? what sales? He's at an age when he can say "this is just entertainment" instead of trying so hard to convince us, because nobody's buying it hence the sales.

  • Anonymous

    Spoken like a true lame...ya Bawse Gusto needs to live HIS life not one he aint ready for...#realindafield

  • The Mic

    "There's a lot of power in the tongue". Wale may you boss hear those words.

  • Jail was the only time I hung around a C.O.

    Wale can say a poem at his funeral Nobody get on Wale's bad side or he'll unfriend you on twitter and instagram!

  • Anonymous

    "God forbid, if something happens to anybody, they're gonna be playing people's records all day." This is the only reason I'm glad William wasn't hurt and that it was just a warning. I couldn't take seeing that fat fuck on every hiphop wesbsite for a month and hearing his played out songs on the radio like hes biggie or pac.


    Then stop talking about having guns and dope. You reap what you sow idiot.

    • Anonymous

      Exaclty, Wale is a faggot for this...Rick Ross has set himself up for this....why not laugh at an idiot who brings his own demise? fuck him

  • Man Maan Listen!

    Damn! That shawty on the Left is a Fine Grown Black Queen!

  • JRich

    The media doesn't do anything that this nigga doesn't already do in his songs. Talk a whole bunch of shit and lie until people listen

  • Anonymous

    see this is what people forget. william talks the big talk on record and off record in interviews he actually bigs his gangster up even more. dude brings it on himself. its not just entertainment when yor being interviewed and your disrespecting real gangsters and saying your untouchable and so what people are gonna wanna test you. if william admitted of recorded yo its just a bit of fun to entertain the youth it would be different but he doesn't william holds himself back and brings the hate on himself.

  • brollya

    for real wale.... removin and blockin people on twitter tho.... dats all u got to say... u sound lik a nigga who dont get money... dont even lik dude no more... twitter is not real life... u gangsta niggaz tel em to they face and get that chain back... i swear in the omarion song he said "im a real nigga"

  • Boss

    If you don't play then tell your "Boss" to stop portraying a life he NEVER lived! He stole a mans identity, name and raps about stuff he doesnt and didnt do. He was a high school football lineman, a good student, a CO and then he got caught smoking weed a few times. So that makes him a "Boss" and "Untouchable". I don't want to see any children lose their father or anyone lose their friend but your "Boss" is the one who is playing around with the wrong people. He brought this on himself and he can get himself out of it. Come on Wale, STOP PLAYING!

  • yardie

    it's a joke because Rozay is not respected

  • RT

    co sign everythin this dude said.. he might be fake in hiphop and a fraud but hes a human n he gets killed its another person killed who has kids and friends and family

  • Greg

    The nigga Wal-gay should go right a f*cin haiku or something. Ya boss been lyin bout his image now you think real niggas would never check him? MMG a bunch of lame, soft a*s n*ggas. What kind of BOSS have his MMG chain in a rival niggas video? (50 Cent - Major Distribution). Them n*ggas CB4 gangstas

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