Nas Comments On Rap Beef, Says It "Sometimes Gets Out Of Hand"

Nas recently appeared on "Chelsea Lately" to discuss rap beef, Hip Hop at The Grammy's, and more.

As opposed to other genres of music, Hip Hop has become notoriously well-known for its various rapper beefs. No stranger to the topic of rap beef, Queensbridge’s own Nas appeared on Chelsea Lately to speak briefly on the topic with celebrity co-host Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters.

Nas seemed moderately fed up with beef in the genre as he spoke on Hip Hop being very standoffish and competitive at times.

“Once you say it, you gotta ride with it,” Nas revealed. “You gotta be true. Hip Hop is really standoffish. It’s really competitive. It’s really about who’s number one all the time. And it sometimes gets out of hand, definitely.”

The Life Is Good rapper also touched on Hip Hop’s decreasing recognition at The Grammy’s after he was asked how he felt about various rap awards being moved to the awards ceremony’s pre-show.

“It’s cool. I feel like it could be a little more loved though,” said Nas in regards to Hip Hop at The Grammy’s. “Hip Hop is making a lot of noise. It should get some more spotlight.”

Nas is currently working on his twelfth studio album which he revealed he’s in a “great zone” for during an interview at the top of the year.

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  • ken

    YO NAS the 90s was the best times hip hop was good but this shit out now is off.

  • ken

    40 glock you a bitch the game kicked yo bitch ass fuck boy if i was LIL wayne i would have shot yo BITCH ASS NIGGA RUN UP ON MY SET i shoot you I DON'T GIVE A FUCK i ant hard to find PEORIA ILL GET AT ME

  • ken

    if i ever get in hip hop and shoot a video and some bitch ass nigga run up on me talking crazy i shoot him in his fucking face. respect me or die. i will spend my life in a cage for one of you fuck nigga i fucking kill for respect. on GD

  • Anonymous

    "nas has cash in the bank, the sofa, in the walls in the car in his wallet and pocket, on the floors in the ceiling" And you know this how, cause you've been over to his crib and looked behind the Picasso painting? lol

  • ende

    i dont know anybody with a net worth of 35 mil that is broke g

  • mar

    How does he still look like hes 25

  • Anonymous

    beef have gotten much worst since back in the day "before gangsta rap"

  • Anonymous

    it looks like Nas has tits in that photo :P

  • Steelmatic

    Ain't nothing new really, everyone knows its a competitive game, but Nas always has something real to say. All these comments about Nas is broke and all that... smh. Even if he was, why should anyone give a shit? I am a fan of rap lyrics, not rap bank accounts. These dudes probably be watching NBA and see a dude cross someone over and break dey ankles and just shrug and say 'Yeah, but he ain't paid as much so and so!' lol... Its about the skills, stupid. The only thing you getting from these rappers is lyrics, they ain't give you that money, so which one do you think you should be caring `bout? Smarten up ya'll.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn't Nas going to lynch/hang a JayZ sculpture? Thank god the nigga got out of beef and is living good now

  • sucker dj

    that song where he goes at 50 and mobb deep is cool, 'dont body ya self' well worth a listen.

  • Anonymous

    Its kind of funny considering Nas has really only had one proper diss track directed at Jay-z. Then Jay and his labelmate at the time Cam'ron got pretty butt-hurt so both had diss tracks directed at him and his daughter. So Nas does have the right to say people go to far.

  • dentaldamboy

    Nas doesn't have the money to go to war. He doesn't have his cash right. His bank account is the size of Roscoe Dash's.

  • Crown223

    Yeah,it's too many fake beefs these days and its killing hiphop...y'all should checkout, they have some good reads on there too


    he never said decreasing visibility of hip hop. I think its not changing.

  • w h o k n o w s

    u niggas sayin' Nas is broke are buggin'

  • dentaldamboy

    Drake is a multi-millionaire. Nas is broke. The YMCMB dream team keeps winning. NY keeps taking Ls.

    • @dentaldamboy

      Nas sold 30 million albums worldwide, so he's obviously one of the best selling rappers around. Nas hasn't always been a big seller because he doesn't make songs for the mainstream (despite some mainstream joints he has), but critics loved Nas. BTW, sales doesn't mean you're the best artist. Shit artists like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, etc. sell a lot and they suck. Drake, Wayne, and Ross sell because they're pop sell-outs.

    • Anonymous

      put it this way, you know how you have those clubs in every city that every so often have TONE LOC, Young MC, Stacey Q or all those one hit wonders perform at. Well that will be Drakes stage in about 15 years.

    • dentaldamboy

      You welfare-recipient YMCMB haters can't answer this question: if Nas is so good, why is he not one of the top-selling artists currently? As a matter of fact, he never was. Why is that that someone so talented can't make songs that appeal to as many people as the songs that Wayne, Biggie, Pac, Pun, Ross, Drake, Kanye and even cock-sucking faggots like Jay-Z put out? I'm not saying Nas sucks...just that he's overrated, and his sales numbers prove my point.

    • lifedforlife

      i never reply to comments on dx but this guy who thinks drake goes platinum because of his skills is the reason that hip hop has be declining over the last decade

    • Anonymous

      "Nas is unsuccessful because people don't care about his music. If he was as good as you say he is, people would buy his albums and he'd be going platinum like Wayne and Drake do." Umm... Nas has several platinum albums, so people obviously cared. BTW, your logic is flawed. There's plenty of talented artists who don't get recognition and aren't successful, yet the shitty artists get all the shine (YMCMB, for example).

    • AHAHAHAHAH!!!!

      hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaa!!! drake will end up broke in a decade and remembered the same way mc hammer and vanilla ice are, and nas will still be making paper fuck boy!!

    • dentaldamboy

      Talk doesn't pay for Nas' child support. All of you old ass dudes don't get it. Nas is unsuccessful because people don't care about his music. If he was as good as you say he is, people would buy his albums and he'd be going platinum like Wayne and Drake do.

    • Anonymous

      Drake will file for bankruptcy in 5 years after Baby fucks him in the ass for all his royalties. Drake is a "phase" while Nas is a LEGEND and will be talked about decades after he passes. Now Drake, ummm....................WHO?

    • sucker dj

      nas has cash in the bank, the sofa, in the walls in the car in his wallet and pocket, on the floors in the ceiling in the safe and in pokeballs and empty protein powder containers!

    • Anonymous

      GTFOH, troll!! Nas ain't broke. Where's your proof? Show me some evidence Nas has no money in his account. YMCMB has taken more Ls than Nas.

  • Nas

    Hey, If U Want Beef, U Better Eat It

  • Ricky Rozay

    Too many niggas fakin beefs now for publicity because they cant get they albums released. Notice some niggas start beefs around hte time an album supposed to come out and that shit still go triple wood. What other nigga would go after guys like Jada, Joe and ross unless he got an album comin out. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      meanwhile william roberts is faking shootings to get his street cred up and promote his new album that will struggle to go gold like everything hes ever released and you know ross started that beef with 50 cent right? most of the shit you say is made up

  • Anonymous

    The Grammys like the Oscars focus on the artistry rather than the gimmicks, so of course they gonna start taking out rap categories when there hasn't been of any substance for lately on their radar

    • Anonymous

      'focus on the artistry' you trippin nigga. an artist has to be established before they are nominated, has to have some commercial success, the thing opposes artistry (im not saying nas isnt a real artist). 2 CHAINZ IS NOMINATED FOR BEST ALBUM. 'FOCUS ON THE ARTISTRY'

    • Anonymous

      If it's about popularity then explain classic and/or jazz music criteria for a grammy besides knowing how to play the shit out of an instrument?

    • Anonymous

      ^ ^ Yo Recovery is good album man. Fuck Relapse though.

    • Anonymous

      lol "focus on artistry". You keep telling yourself that buddy. Grammys is nothing but a popularity contest. Especially in hip hop, how the fuck did recovery and relapse win best rap album. How didn't MBDTF win best album?

    • illogic

      Loool @ Anonymous #1. Nigga you smoking too much weed. Get the fuck out.

    • ^

      And that's why they cutting down.

    • Anonymous

      No they don't...They focus on who's hot at the moment...It's never about artistry. Maybe the other categories are about artistry, but not hiphop. If it was, people like Common, Nas, Ghostface, etc would have tons of them.

  • Anonymous

    It really does get out of hand, especially since Jay fucked Nas' baby mama & left the condoms on his daughter's car set. LOL

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