Chris Brown Goes On Instagram Rant, Says "Enough Is Enough"

Chris Brown vaguely addresses his latest troubles in a lengthy Instagram rant.

Chris Brown took to Instagram last night to go on a lengthy rant about how he's had enough of the negativity in his life.

In the post, Breezy says that he has nothing but love for his fans but that the haters are getting to him. "[Y]'all are everything to me y'all know this but telling me to ignore it is like telling me to walk around with a blindfold and stick ear plugs in my ear... Im wise I can handle the hate but enough is enough yo!!"

Throughout the duration of the rant, the R&B singer reiterates the same message, stating that he prays "every day and night for a new outcome."

Brown has faced his fair share of legal troubles in 2013 alone. Last week, he engaged in an altercation with Frank Ocean at a Los Angeles, California recording studio over a parking lot. Ocean said he wouldn't press charges, even though Brown threw the first punch. Just yesterday, Brown responded to the L.A. County District Attorney for claiming that he faked his own community service hours, stating that the filing to revoke his probation was a "frivolous, scurrilous and frankly defamatory motion."

Check the full rant below.

I love y’all but y’all getting repetitive telling me to go relax no I’m not gonna relax I’m makin an album right now… and y’all tell me not when its on my radio,tv and everything else..Even if I did relax I wouldn’t stop hearing about it.. y’all are everything to me y’all know this but telling me to ignore it is like telling me to walk around with a blindfold and stick ear plugs in my ear… Im wise I can handle the hate but enough is enough yo!! Yes it bother me but its not my main focus! My music is… and when I speak on it .. its because I want people to know how I feel… Yes they talked about Jesus… but “him” I am not him, not even close!!! Im a human being and I honestly think I deserve respect I’m sick of being accused… I, Tired y’all just don’t understand Ive been going through this shit since I was 19 years old.. you can’t sit here and tell me to calm down, when am I gonna get a positive outcome out of anything I do? when can I get that feed back? Im TIRED of you read me I’m tired!!!!! Im not gonna sit here and play victim, Im just tired of this shit… I pray every day and night for a new outcome… and just when everything seems to be going good some new shit happens.. A day in my shoes is a day in hell, believe it or not! Y’all don’t wanna me be in my predicament … Before y’all say I’m weak remember what I’ve been through.. My soul cries for positivity Im not broken I am STRONG….but being so doesn’t. 

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  • Big Bang Theory

    Look at all the nerds with an opinion and tough guy talk. Fuck Chris Brown but i hate you nerds even more. More importantly its alot dudes on here who admit to taking it in the butt. Like really this is what hip hop came to. Fags and Nerds rule this site im so convinced.

    • donnis mac

      They don't deal with facts, insight, and critical thinking. They deal with emotions, opinions, and closed minds.

    • Big Bang Theory

      Wow nerd called you a dick blower. I thought only white suburban American Pie looking mother fuckers use that kind of lingo. Fucking lame shit. @Mac I see you around alot and it seems like the moment you call these nerds out for being hateful computer geeks these nerds want to call you a dick rider or a Stan of such and such. Nigga called me an MMG dick rider i never heard an whole MMG album in my life. Or mixtape, but thats the mentality of these geeks.

    • donnis mac

      It's URKel family, but great retort. Like this nerd saying "dick blower". Out of all the things he could have submitted he spoke his suburban, gamer, "I graduate from HS in 2016" lingo. What they don't realize through their ignorance and immaturity is they try to hide behind anonymity but display their MENTALITY.

    • Big Bang Theory

      @ste which is short for "Steve Unkel," Was that supposed to be a joke. Corny my nerd nigga you could do better then that nerd. And its Their(not there) breast feeding. I said before and i will say it again, you fucking nerds aint that smart. Only geeks who know they are geeks response to me cause they know they are nerds and get offended. What makes it worst is they always come back with some lame joke like this geek(Ste which is short for Steve Unkel) just did.

    • ste

      did someone miss there breast feeding this morning?





  • Anonymous

    What the FUCK is up with gay ass Konami nerdy video game ads with SOUND on a MUSIC website. FUCK THAT. GET ADS WITHOUT SOUND SO I CAN ENJOY MUSIC

  • Anonymous

    SOmeone needs to slap this bitch!!! He only puts hands on women and gay men!!! He needs to just come out tha closet!!

  • Anonymous

    Sick and tired of what exactly? Your exorbitant amount of wealth and fame? It's because of statements like these which make him so unlikeable. Just shut the fuck up and make your trash music who fucking money whore.

  • Derrick from Greenville, MS.

    American Psychopath. Ice-T said in an interview, that you climb that ladder to make it to the top and once you get there, you're all alone. And it's not all what it cracks up to be. He's still a psychopath, though.

  • not enough time to read that shit

    That was the funniest picture i've seen in a while (the one on the home page. I just wanted to see what made that facial expression. It was hilarious. Chris Brown is all comedy

  • Anonymous

    Wah im a closet fag wah i hit women and fight gays wah i throw bottles wah but im really strong.

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    So emotional, what the fuck iz he talking about Man up dude

  • Dave

    Chris brown blocked a couple of my boys because they tagged and mentioned him on a photo they found of him sucking dick

  • What

    Don't pretend to be a badass Chris Brown. Beating Rihanna, throwing bottles at that sissy Drake and slap boxing with a homosexual don't make U tough.

  • CS

    It would do Chris Brown good to spend some time locked up. he would learn how to be courteous (or get his ass whipped).

  • BradZuk

    Hey Chris, I'm sure you lead a challenging life. You are clearly troubled, and grapple with some serious issues tearing you up inside. That much is obvious. But the harsh reality is, you are not channeling that into simply making a fool out of yourself, or being a pussy. Drake is emotional too, but he just whines his ass off. Kanye is troubled too, but his breakdowns don't result in hospital visits. If you could try to keep your issues to yourself JUST A LITTLE BIT, instead of beating up one of americas most beloved female pop singers, or attacking a universally loved (by non homophobic people) R&B singer. You are, quite simply, psychotic. And, while im sure that is not fun for you either, you need to either seek help or shut the fuck up. Because no one feels bad for you. They just think you're an asshole. Regards PS. Therapy works wonders for troubled teens.



  • Deshawn

    Chris is and will always be a clown...This nigga had a fight with a girl,a gay guy and out of all people drake... fuck outta here.

  • Anonymous

    Yes Chris enough coke is enough. Chill the fuck out!

  • Pegasus Flow

    Chris Brown, you're a bitch. I'll give you my address if it meant we could throw some hands and scrap. Smack that dumb shit you talk right out ya mouth.

  • Lol

    Lol so they blocked his fucking Twitter account cuz he's so fucking annoying and what does he do? Start the shit all over again on Instagram, which is for pictures by the way.

  • Anonymous

    What a fucking pussy. Beating women and homosexuals. What's next? Raping his own children?? "When am I gonna get a positive outcome out of anything I do? when can I get that feed back?" So is he taking for granted all the fans who are delusionally devoted to him? Cuz they must be delusional for loving this pussy so much. People like Chris Brown are so loathsome. He's this shitty generation's mascot. Suck my dick Chris Brown.

  • East Coast

    HAHAH the best part of the article is the related article title at the bottom.

  • Anonymous

    You know part of growing up is baring the fact that sometimes you can't sock a bitch or a dude that happens to be Gay does not wanna do some meet and greet shit. Sometimes you gotta bite your lip and tell yourself fuck, I can't do that to this person cause society has a special place for that. Sometimes you gotta man up and just breathe and in a world where every man feels like it's their societal obligation to damage to any other man, however you define man, I think the truest definition of a man is one that has male genitalia, a cock, balls, what have you. But this dude can't go running around beating on people, BECAUSE I'M NOT PRIVY TO IT, and unfortunately you aren't either. And in the world outside of law, SUCH A FUCKEN PITY, you are subject to the law as is any fucken superstar or celebrity. These dudes have the money to get bailed the fuck out. This dude even slipped on his community service. What a people person. Not paying his people bitch but guaranteed you got some brave ass little wanna be asserting his manhood vicariously by defending Chris Brown. Community Service. You have no clue how many times I hated the thought of feeling like, damn, society wants to humble me again cause of some shit that will always be my word against theirs. but that's how society is. And if you want to change it get on some Mumia tip cause defending Chris Brown's reputation isn't gonna change shit.

    • donnis mac

      @ Umm Never said he didn't put hands on her, and I do agree he needs to make wiser adult decisions when it comes to his public ventures, but the absolute truth is none of us has a clue as to how this man conducts his life. The reality is none of the other women he's been with have said he's aggressive. None of the others gays he's been around have said he's hateful. Correct me if I'm wrong, but people and the media have been saying he's a closet gay man. Why the contradiction to homophobia now? What we have here are sinners casting stones, like anonymous, calling me a "dick blower" but disliking Chris because of his "homophobia". Walking contradictions.

    • Anonymous

      DONNIS MAC is a christina brown dick blower.

    • Umm

      @Donnis I know you're trying to play Devil's advocate, but how are you gonna say that maybe Chris didn't hit Rihanna, there are pictures and bite marks to match her testimony. Frankly I hate her ass too, but Chris definitely late that girl out. This kid needs to grow up, seriously. EVERY celebrity has their share of drama and paparazzi, but they ALL manage to keep it under wraps and to themselves. Chris isn't special, he's just being a baby.

    • donnis mac

      The reality is you only see the headlines, you ain't living his life through your pupils. I even read the headlines where they said he did his community service. That broad after Rihanna never said he touched (beat) her. Were you there when the bottles flew in NYC? You were there in the parking lot when Frank was there? THAT'S what I'M saying. That whole paragraph you posted means NOTHING if YOU ain't there. How in the world can a lifer in Elmira tell a Cook County prisoner how it goes when he never has been to Cook County? NONE of us can judge Chris.

  • Anonymous

    i thought instagram was for pics.

  • Anonymous

    We're all "Humans" right but how many of you default into only God can judge me when you slip? God can judge, and everyone else does. It's not something void from the limelight, It's something constantly happens. Doesn't fucken matter. Whether you're making millions or a hobo on the street, somebody will judge and you'll pray to God it's delayed until you die.

  • VizionMC

    Grow up lil fella, take responsibility for your actions

  • Anonymous

    Realest shit Chris Brown wrote. Im not a fan of his new music & ofcourse lost respect for him when he beat Rihanna, but as human being, I respect. I've nvr been rich or famous but from looking at stars who struggle w/fame, all dat $ dnt mean shit. Life aint about gettin money, fucking bitches or killing niggaz...I pray Chris Brown gets help & doesnt read what the media or internet says about them becuz all they will do is bring him down. We all humans man, at the end of the day. I know I dnt wish ill will on anybody but hey, dats just me

    • GavoGavo

      Yo... She burned that nigga!!!

    • ZDiddy

      Awwww, poor Chris Brown!! Poor little guy's being held accountable for his actions. It's not like people are out to get him, or that the media has some pointless grudge against him, rather he keeps fucking up. HE beat a woman, HE punched the cock gobbler, HE threw a chair through the window at the Today Show cause he didn't like the line of questioning etc, etc etc....!! ALL the "negativity" in his life is BECAUSE OF HIS OWN ACTIONS!!! How anyone can still support him is beyond me, he's a joke and I'd love to be able to stomp him, nobody on Earth has EVER needed an ass whooping as badly as he. FUCK Chris Brown and FUCK all you for making excuses for him.

  • Jay

    You're right Chris Brown. We wouldn't want to be in your position. You know, having millions of dollars, being an internationally known superstar and having girls all over you. I would never want that, noo.

    • Cudder

      not to defend Chris Brown but you're fuckin stupid if you think that's all there is to it... that's only 1/10 of the whole ordeal bout being famous

  • anon

    this dude need some therapy. He's a perfect example of this delusional generation that's comin up. Swag this and haters that. Can't take criticism, even if it could make them a better person.

  • Marx

    The sites they post to go along w/the stories do some of these artist dirty. It makes some readers form an opinion without even going into the article. Pretty lame.

  • donnis mac

    "Simmer down Jason Statham. Obviously, Brown has issues, but people acting like he's the root of all evil. He's just a young, rich celebrity who needs to grow up a bit. I'm sure in time he'll get his shit together, but whether he does or not has no bearing on your life." ^ wow that was Quote-Man with a good assessment.

  • Anonymous

    This dude needs help. Is there a hiphop help clinic that Chris, Ross, and Kanye can go to?

  • Anonymous

    I could trash him but he's not worth it.. Just a fucking puss...

  • youknowmySteez

    Pussy, you've brought it all on yourself! Go make some music that isn't for 13 year olds and maybe someone will take you seriously.

  • Anonymous

    You sound like a little bitch crying. Man up you pussy.

  • True2HipHop

    Prayer doesn't get you what you want brown. You want to stop negativity in your life then stop fucking up. Learn to think before you attack people over stupid incidents (cough frank ocean). Wise up & rise up and don't listen to the haters. Overall learn to think differently because your thinking as of lately has been messing you up. I'm not even that big of a fan of yours because you as a person come across as a to egotistical but you make ok music at times.

  • Anonymous

    Man up! Stop cryin!

  • JJ

    "Before yall say Im weak remember what Ive been through". You haven't been through anything worth mentioning little cry baby. Try living in a third-world country, try being homeless, try to suffer from major depressive disorder, try losing your family etc. etc. Most people have no idea how lucky they really are!

    • Anonymous

      i knew this would be the first thing id read.they just tryin to live bruh imagine ur name all out there constantly getting reminded of mistakes. dont judge because ur just another.

  • sucker dj

    Na this guy and rhihanna are such tryhards. lol thuglife. they both toxic personalities way too gassed up by their homies to b relatable. chris brown needs too retire. and fess up to ordering that hit on rozay too.

  • Zak

    Could really care less about what he does in his personal life but the fact of the matter is dude hasn't made good music in 4 years. His last album was literally so bad I couldn't even get through it. No one can deny Breezy's all around talent but he's been using it very poorly and needs to drop the whole "Me Against the World" attitude. He ain't 2pac. He ain't Slim Shady.

    • Anonymous

      He's saying those two artists (pac & shady) were publicly known to be very troubled, or caught in a lot of controversy, but their music always spoke over their drama. Zak is saying CB doesn't have that luxury, because he still making shit music, lol

    • Anonymous

      no one would ever make that comparison.. dont be stupid

  • Anonymous

    Fucking faggots in the comments are still upset about him beating Rihanna, whats worse is people are now upset that he beat up that gay singer. Yall corny as hell, just be glad that this site hides your identity so people won't get see who the fairys are behind these comments.

    • Anonymous

      Really, are you gonna go bang for him now? Are you gonna make sure to play a Chris Brown track in regards to his unbareable pain of beating a woman to shit? I was locked up with a dude who was incarcerated for 7 months and I saw him fight his demons and still nothing changed in him. You really think the spotlight justifies everything huh? Dude has no redemption outside of his fans. You can't look onto Jesus anymore homeboy. Stay Positive, ;) Stay positive. Default to metaphysics when Jesus isn't calling back hoping your fans fuck with you. Sorry. This is where marketers and advertisers take a long deep hard look at what Chris Brown Represents and hope that he doesn't alter the brand. He's looking for redemption from the dollar through his fans and you faggots are helping him get out his little hell hole hoping you get some halo effect off the money he makes. GTFO, you are not and will probably never make the amount he makes or has made and defending him won't get you anything but chump change .

    • Anonymous

      Like i said earlier didn't Rhianna Burn this nigga Chris Brown. I guess no one will answer that but it funny how that shit got swept under the rug. Just saying. Also Chris Brown deserved to get all the bad publicity he gets for putting hands on Rhianna like that. But come on now niggas are really defending Frank Ocean like that. So what if he is gay he is still a man Gay or not. Its more faggots online then people lead on.

    • Anonymous

      Awww you're getting sentimental over what Chris Brown has suffered? You don't think he might of brought onto himself? And the only form of redemption he has is his fans and suspects like yourselves? GTFO. Kill yourselves. Go suffer like Chris Brown. Poor thing.... Cry me a fucking river.

    • Anonymous

      Two fuckin homos defending... A HOMO!

    • Anonymous

      wow hes such a tough guy beating up a girl and a gay guy, and your a dickriding a woman beater. good thing no one can see who u are fucking bitch

    • Edubb

      100000% CO-SIGN. These muthafuckas act like they know CB personally. Like I stated long ago these same niggas talkin shit about CB beatin on Rihanna, those same niggas are beating on their women or KNOW somebody who is but wont do shit about them. Yet talk shit about CB, someone who they dont know and never will.

  • Anonymous

    fool brings the $hi& on him self

  • Anonymous

    Question didn't Rhianna burn this nigga with herpes. I use to believe in not hitting women until a female put her hands on me and even then i gave the bitch like 5 times. With that said, i thought the reason Chris Brown fucked Rhianna up was because she was walking around with this nigga using Chris Brown's face to cover up the cold sores on her lips. I still love Rhianna tho(finest bitch out) but i wasn't mad when Chris Brown put hands on her. Tho I still don't believe in fucking up a bitch the way he did, but if a bitch burned you ain't no telling if you gon snap on that bitch or not. Just saying

  • Anonymous

    Positivity isn't beating a bi-sexual singer up for taking your parking place. Or ignoring the fact you beat, an indeed, bad bitch. Or ranting and complaining about petty shit. Thats negativity ignoramus .

  • Anonymous

    "Simmer down Jason Statham. Obviously, Brown has issues, but people acting like he's the root of all evil. He's just a young, rich celebrity who needs to grow up a bit. I'm sure in time he'll get his shit together, but whether he does or not has no bearing on your life." Simmer down rihanna! Didn't you learn after the first beating you dumbass.

  • Anonymous

    Haters gonna hate, low lifes like EVERYONE BENEaTH ME!! RATS of the worst kind. give this guy a break, everyone makes mistakes. He slapt a bitch, probaly asked for it

  • Anonymous

    "Ah man, I would love nothing more than to destroy this dudes face with my fists, and I ain't Rihanna or frank ocean you fuckin pussy" Simmer down Jason Statham. Obviously, Brown has issues, but people acting like he's the root of all evil. He's just a young, rich celebrity who needs to grow up a bit. I'm sure in time he'll get his shit together, but whether he does or not has no bearing on your life.

    • Big Bang Theory

      Nerd nigga you ain't never been outside of your house how you gon kick my ass over the streets from a basement. Maybe you geeks found a way to put hands on people thru the internet.

    • Anonymous

      One more word from you and i'll kick your big bang ass all over the street.

    • Big Bang

      Infact let me comprehend this cause i guarantee the geek don't get it. I don't know Chris Brown or Rhianna.(personally) So how is comparing Rhianna getting her ass beat the same as watching my mother get her ass beat. You geeks probably watched yall mothers get their ass whipped did nothing but write it in yall Diaries(like bitches) So now all of a sudden yall geeks are tough guys behind a desk and computer making Chris Brown threats he will never recieve. Point is i don't know rhianna neither do any of you clowns who act like yall gonna put hands on Chris Brown. Its probably women who live next door to you that get their ass whipped. Are you movitated to fight for them. Most of you nerds wont fight for yall own mothers but wonna put imaginary hands on Chris Brown over Rhianna. I realize not only are their alot of Geeks and nerds on this Sites. Its also alot of Queers on this site. Geeks and Queers is becoming Hip Hop's biggest fanbase. Yeah this hip hop shit will be dead soon.

    • Big Bang Theory

      You fucking Geeks never comprehend the story so i will leave it at that. You missed the whole point. Like i always said you internet nerds aint that smart. Also get Frank's Ocean balls off you chin geek nigga. I don't give a fuck about no Chris Brown. Fuck you and that nigga.

    • Anonymous

      Big Bang Dumbass!!! How would like if chris brown or some other WOMAN BEATER! slapped up your daughter or young sister? Get off his dick, faggot.

    • Big Bang Theory

      Wow i thought i was the only one who notice all the tough talk online. I bet most the people talking are like 5 feet and could barely see over their computer tables making threats to Chris Brown on a Hip Hop site. Online gangsta. You nerds can't be serious. Its funny cause i don't remember people this motivated when the Middle east made attacks on America. None of these nerds came online and said if i get my hands on Osama blah blah blah. But Chris Brown somehow is the person they wonna put hands on. Exactly fucking geeks.

  • acedawon

    Really? I know everybody makes mistakes, but your famous and will always be in the public eye. I don't see how celebrities can be so stupid knowing that everybody is watching. Don't get me wrong their humans no better then us, but that doesn't mean you can hit on women, Canadians, Lightskin people, Electronics and Gay people and except everybody to turn away. Your not Dick Cheney sir. Being famous means you have even less room to fuck up, is it but its the truth.

    • donnis mac

      He's nothing more than an entertainment industry worker. If you looked up to him for moral values, social acceptance, and leadership then that's on you, nobody told you to put a "celebrity" on a pedestal.

  • Anonymous

    This guy's a faggot. Why don't him and Ocean just become fuck buddies and while he's at it, go hit off Drake too.

  • Anonymous

    Quit acting like a cunt you cry baby. You pick and beat women, homos, and soft ass r&b rappers. Crawl back in ya moms snatch and stay there, cause if I see you I would love to rearrange ya face.

  • Anonymous

    Christina Brown, you baby that dropped your rattle. Stop crying bitch, or Ill smack the shit out of you

  • ETK

    I was going to trash this guy, but he's not worth spending my precious time.

  • Anonymous

    dont u want to just punch this girls face in!

    • Anonymous

      Ah man, I would love nothing more than to destroy this dudes face with my fists, and I ain't Rihanna or frank ocean you fuckin pussy.

  • Anonymous

    We'll never forgive, or let you forget what you did to Rihanna, Christina. Its going to haunt you until you do the right thing - hang yourself, you down syndrome looking fag

  • Anonymous

    Fuck You Chris Brown

  • Anonymous

    Chris, you pussy. we all know youre a wet gormless fucking pussy. id love to beat the shit out of you

  • Anonymous

    i guess in our generation calling someone on their bullshit is hating

  • Hercucheese

    Hey yo Chris... You done yet? No really, you done yet? Signed, All of America

  • Anonymous

    I want to beat Christina Brown, worse than she beat Rihanna

  • BamaBoy205

    Can someone please explain to me when money ever equated to happiness, i'll wait. Exactly because he has millions if anything makes his situation worst. He's a target he's young, talented, and most importantly black. THis sounds like a outcry for help not to be ridiculed by emotionless fans that only cares about his last hit single. People please wake up if you don't have anything nice to say you CLOSE YOUR UNEDUCATED G.E.D. MOUTH AND FIGURE OUT HOW TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL YOURSELF!

  • Anonymous

    This chump needs lumps.

  • AfterDeath

    2013 and this guy believes in Jesus. Wow. That brings his niggerdom up 100 points. God/Jesus hahaha come on you fucking morons.

  • Anonymous

    This fool beats up women and homo's, no respect.

  • azar

    Kill yourself already. we are all waiting patiently...

  • Chris Brown

    I Can't Help It, I Like To Beat On Women (Rihanna, Drake, and Frank)

  • Money First

    I think dude is going through his own personal hell but I guarantee you he would not want to trade one day of his so called "hell" for full time poverty and despair! BE HAPPY FOR THE BLESSINGS AND THE FAMILY YOU DO HAVE BECAUSE IT CAN ALL BE TAKEN AWAY IN AN INSTANT!!!

  • omg

    This guy gets to fuck Rihanna and Tran at the same damn fukin' time. Has all this money and fame. Still complaining WTF! He's had it hard....I give him that, but dude obviously doesnt see the positive in his life at all. He is blessed as fuk, but does not see it. It's a damn shame.

  • Anonymous

    @MrDamier in this bitch!! Thin skinned ass mf! Quite crying

  • skrillaz513

    this dude is pu$$y

  • Anonymous

    Can this nigga just disappear already?

  • Anonymous

    This guy is ridiculously immature. You viciously beat up a woman, throw bottles at nightclubs, engage in numerous twitter rants and beefs, destroy television show equipment in a fit of rage, now you calling people faggots and jumping them over parking spots and WE are the problem??

    • Anonymous

      Why not? #1 thing to do is to get the fuck off twitter cause that's obviously what has been giving him the most stress. All you really have to do is lay low, which he has no interest in doing. It just shows how much of a child he is. I'm sorry and I won't be that tool who tries to baby a millionaire who obviously isn't interested in what anybody has to say. You could argue that he relishes the attention and probably would have crashed and burned career wise if he had kept himself out of the news for all that bullshit. Either way, he's getting no sympathy from me anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe. You won't advise him to get help, you choose to chastise his mistakes. What if the world knew about YOUR mistakes? Would YOU be able to cope and get it together under mass scrutiny?

  • Anonymous

    Chris Brown is a cry baby closet homo who beats women and targets homosexuals. Thats why Drake fucked your BITCH! Your bars are subpar and you use auto almost as much as TPain. Gtfoh. You aint bout that life. Stick to your crybaby loves songs. Fuck you and your money. You mfs get rich and become crybabies. You dont know SHIT about sacrifice fuckboy

  • Unicorn MEat

    Women and homosexuals are easy targets. I bet he beats up a paraplegic or pushes an old lady down some stairs next and complains about all the hell he's going through.

    • Anonymous

      i read a story about him and his entourage harassing a woman at subway for not giving them extra meat for free on their subs and when a man tried to intervene his whole crew tried to beat the guy up

  • The_Observer

    He came into contact with Frank Ocean, and became fruity hahahaha Look who's gay now Chris you whining like a little girl boy You chose to be in the world of entertainment not us, so deal with it!!! Grow balls and stop whining like teenagers

  • lolol


  • Anonymous

    Do like 2Pac did Chris Brown! EXILE! Y'all just dont know the shit people go through.. lol.

  • Life is so hard when I am loaded

    I really dislike this dude, I do. He beat the shit out of a woman. Most people would still be locked up for that, but Mommy and money got him out. He has more opportunities than 99.999999% of the world, yet a day in your life is hell. This dude is the epitome of what is wrong with not just rap and hip hop, but the media. A rapidly increasing line between have and have nots, yet we should feel sorry for this shit bag. Countless girls follow this guy and forgive him for beating a woman, thats unforgivable. How many of these girls will now go back to these men because they then see a VICTIM of it all!! Real Heroes, Real People, Real talk............this guys is a degenerate spoiled shithead!!

  • anonymous

    have we forgotten about the time this dude stormed off that good morning america set? frank oceans not the faggot chris browns the faggot always acting like a bitch, every move he makes is the move of a dramatic ass bitch

  • Anonymous

    Let's be honest for a second. I'm not trying to defend his actions, but I would like to ask: How do any of you know what he's been through? If you read the comments all of you are repeating the same thing, HEADLINES. Do you REALLY know what life he's living, or do you know only what's REPORTED to you?

    • Big Bang

      Last anon you basically making the first anon niggas point with the whole Michael Jackson story.

    • Anonymous

      Nope, just an adult asking a question when I knew I would get childish responses. I just watched a CNN round table about him and guess what? They repeated the same things many of you said. Rihanna, Frank Ocean, Drake, probation. What do you know about the man BEYOND the headlines? Michael Jackson had a couple of bad headlines about little kids but when he died the kid admitted that they were lying. None of the media "experts" or comedians apologized for "running with the story". The point is sometimes people need to fall back assessing HEADLINES, you are NOT fully informed to pass judgment.

    • Anonymous

      Is this Rihanna?

    • Anonymous

      bitch please.. i could see maybe if it was one or two bad headlines but this guy is constantly doing stupid shit, if the didnt fuck up there would be no headlines

  • Bangs Is My Favorite Rapper

    I'm sick of the negativity I brought into my own life! Boohoo! Life isn't fair!!!..... Someone please revoke this Sisqo wannabe's social media access, please. I'm tired about reading about his whining.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, go beat up another woman or better yet another homosexual you punk. You brought this attention to yourself. Quit actin cunty!

  • Sdot

    When you're surrounded by yes men that live off your funds, nobody will step up and say "Don't do that". They don't wanna lose their position on the roster. With this you're left to assume what you're song is alright. Chris needs to get atleast two real niggas with him to tell him "no". From the fights to the outfits to the hair dye. Shit needs to stop.

  • R.Pgh

    Pretty sure the day in the life of a millionaire isn't 'hell'. Trying living Darfur you fucking jackass. People wouldn't hate on you if you wouldn't have beat the shit out of your girlfriend, started a fight at a nightclub over your ex, beat-up a gay dude then call him a faggot, then have the fucking balls to complain about it. All the shit you claim is 'hell' was brought onto you by yourself. You're a talented individual, but the 'woe is me' shit is fucking tiring. Also, try spell checking before you go on a rant where millions of people can see it. It makes you look more idiotic than people already view you.

  • jakey

    WANKER! no more homosexuals or women to beat? END IT! die underneath a train you soft twat.

  • Anonymous

    What has this nigga "been through"???? Everything he's "been through" has happened because HE FUCKED UP. First beating Rihannas ass, then the Today Show shit, then fighting, then skipping probation, then Drake, then Frank Ocean...this nigga causes hell for himself. When you point a finger at someone else, three point back at you - bitch ass nigga

  • Black De La Rocha

    LMAO is he really complaining that he's been going through shit since 19? You mean the age that he beat the shit out of his girlfriend? He makes it sound as if the backlash was undeserved, the media loved him until then. Come on Chris, you reap what you sew. 4 years really isn't that long, not long enough for White America to forget about what you did anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Just kill yourself "Breezy".

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support

  • ASEE

    Hey Chris Brown, The reason so many people hate you is because you're a fucking baby, homophobe, and woman beater. Those are qualities that you will never get rid of entirely. Stop making these ridiculous headlines every few weeks and acting tough when its clearly not in your character. Did you think people would applaud you and your group for beating on Frank Ocean and calling him a faggot? You think that's "hard"? It's 2013 motherfucker, grow up.

  • Eddy Mayse

    A day in your life is hell??? come on breezy try not to calm down but try to stfu. We know you beating up women and homosexuals now ... what's next ??

  • Daniel

    How do you go on a rant on instagram? Take a whole bunch of pictures?

  • one real nigga

    Poor guy...he should just kill himself and be rid of all the pain! Seriously, nigga, kill yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Ho's rant on the internet.

  • Anonymous

    How do you expect all this sympathy after all the bullshit you have pulled? You start shit with nearly everybody, you get into little cat fights with Drake and Chris Brown, you beat your girl Rihanna and you want people to feel sorry for you? a day in your life is hell? are you kidding me? you know how many people have 10 times worse than you do? you have money, power and some respect (debatable) along with clean air to breath and clothes on your back.. you dont have it hard at all

  • Chris Etrata

    Why is Rihanna still with him? She said he changed but if she was right, he changed for the worse. How is changing for the better beating up Frank Ocean, and hitting Drake?

    • Chris Etrata

      That I can agree with. All Rihanna talks about is sex these days. Is she the black Madonna or what

    • Anonymous

      And white chicks only care about integrity and family? They're more of the reason why pre-nups are so popular, marrying old guys for money (Anna Nicole Smith), and poisoning their husbands to run off with the cash to be the new Scarlett O'hara (Gone With The Wind) socialite woman. And even in that movie Scarlett married a dude just to keep the plantation. And you look very suspect talking about Chris' penis.

    • Anonymous

      Cuz Rhianna is a little ghetto Island whore who knows nothing. Chris Brown probably has a big dick cuz that's all these black bitches care about, money, clothes and big dicks. I wouldn't fuck that nasty, STD having cunt with your dick...

  • Anonymous

    Celebs choose to be famous so negativity goes with the territory. He needs some major counseling.

  • REAL

    It's such a shame that a guy who beats women and queers, earns more a year than we will in our life times is having a hard time..... (May I add makes shit music for women an queers.) Quit praying because it's bullshit you change you and as for saying you have a soul.... I heard your music and you aint got no soul Faggot!

  • Anonymous

    Why is HIPHOPdx reporting about Chris Brown? Fuck him

    • Anonymous

      Hay Shut up please keep talking cause these idiots never get that. This article is the 2nd most talk about article, cause these fucking dumb fucks leave comments. But somehow none of them thinks its news.

    • Shut Up

      The same reason you clicked the story, read the story and now are commenting on it. Why do people who "Don't care" about a person/story, always the first ones to click it and comment on it? If you don't like someone or something, pay no attention to it, RETARD!!

  • Got Money In My Ghetto

    Fuck you Chris Brown, you ain't built like that, boi. By the way, which faggot/woman you gonna beat down next? Willow Smith? Justin Bieber???.

  • nibs

    the last thing a rich, woman beating, homophobe should ever expect is sympathy. what a fuck up.

  • dentaldamboy

    Drake is a boss. This is what happens to people who get on his bad side. I told all of you Chris Brown would regret messing with Drake.

    • Pegasus Flow

      LOL cmon Anon, he trolled you hard. And you took the bait

    • @dentaldamboy

      GTFOHWTBS. Common & Pusha T destroyed Drake and Chris Brown fucked himself up.

    • Umm

      @ Anon: You do realize you're getting trolled by a guy named "Dental Dam Boy" right? Ok, just checking.

    • dentaldamboy

      Please, you must not be a student of the game. Drake destroyed Common on Stay Schemin and then followed up by dissing Common's sales on Enough Said. Common has since appologized to Drake. Pusha T has also come forth and admitted that Drake is the hottest rapper out right now. They both bowed down and kissed the ring, and that was enough for Drake. Chris Brown wanted to be a punk and not show Drake respect, so now he's gotta pay the price.

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up, both Common and Pusha T ethered his ass and nothing has happened to them

  • Anonymous

    maybe if he could go a week without doing some dumb ass shit like stealing fans cellphones or throwing chairs through windows the media would leave him alone

  • 2 Necklacez

    Want change chris? lose the neck tattoos, dye your hair black again, stop smoking weed, get away from the dance/electronic crap for your music and treat your girl right, you don't want a repeat of last time. It's time for a new Chris Brown, if not, jail or rehab.

  • Come On

    The problem is Chris you have too many "yes men" you need to find your blood family and reset. Your talented artist but the only one who can stop this is offense I'm a big fan, but alot of times you bring this stuff onto yourself not being a hater just being honest. Try blaming yourself and not everyone else for your problems BE A MAN DUDE!!! Step up already!!! you change your ways and the world around you will too!

  • Anonymous

    What a Biggidy bitch.

  • Anonymous

    Basically... top your self


    What chris brown needs is somewhere to go away from the spotlight... and possible never come back

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