Travi$ Scott Says G.O.O.D. Music's "Cruel Winter" Is "Happening For Real"

Travi$ Scott is the latest artist from the G.O.O.D. Music camp to speak on the fabled "Cruel Winter" LP.

Members of the G.O.O.D. Music family have been going back on forth on whether the camp will actually release Cruel Winter, which serves as the follow up to last year's Cruel Summer.

Travi$ Scott is the latest to chime in on the project, telling that he was just in Paris, France with 'Ye to play him music from his upcoming Owl Pharaoh EP and that the LP is definitely coming out.

"I was just in Paris fucking with 'Ye and playing him shit [from 'Owl Pharaoh']," he said. "I don't wanna talk too much, but Cruel Winter is happening for real. Fuck what niggas is talking about, that shit is for real. That shit is happening for sure."

Common most recently said that the Cruel Winter album wasn't dropping, while Pusha T said that he's confident that it could have. Q-Tip initially broke the news that the project was happening, and Big Sean confirmed that he had already laid down verses for it.

Scott is prepping the release of his upcoming Owl Pharaoh EP, releasing on February 22nd. The project features collaborations with Toro Y Moi and Bon Iver.

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    Hey anybody ever have an idea that the "Cruel Summer" title was an overview of their summer? That maybe "Cruel Winter" is in actuality a reflection of their winter? Shrugs. Either way fuck all this album shit. Fridays/weekends have become maad lonely ever since THE DEATH OF GOOD FRIDAYS. Kanye need to stop flexing & release music on those days or at least start releasing song from "Rich Black American" niggas tryna hear some more new 'Ye.

  • ayye

    "Cruel Winter" album coming this Spring!!! hahah

  • Anonymous

    Nigga it's damn near Spring already hurry up with this shit. If it's gonna drop let it drop then.

  • Anonymous

    someone needs to start letting niggas in the loop. All these niggas are in the dark and coming out with these conflicting stories and its starting to seem very iffy.

  • lex

    why do people want "cruel winter" was "cruel summer" that good that yall can't wait for a was the most lackluster album of the year.

    • Anonymous

      Cruel Summer wasn't that good but if given a different direction (which is highly likely with the lack of some people on Cruel Summer) Cruel Winter could be much better.

    • yeah

      it was disappointing but it was horrible, this could rectify everything that was wrong with Cruel Summer. Who knows. New music from Kanye and G.O.O.D. never hurts.

  • thestreets

    If it doesn't drop before the end of March it won't even be winter anymore smh

  • GAY


  • FuckThisLame

    Is this that wack ass lame who ducked out when his own friend was having a seizure? Eat a dick ya no-name BUM. Aint nobody want ya lil garbage "album" that aint never dropping. Let me know when you got distribution for it. Oh wait...NEVER HAPPENING. LOL

  • Anonymous

    this the guy that doesnt help his friends when they havin a seizure on the floor,

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