Statik Selektah Says City Of Boston "Doesn't Like Hip Hop"

Exclusive: Producer/Deejay Statik Selektah says Boston government officials never "embraced Hip Hop" and promises a grimier sound on upcoming album.

Following his deejay set during 9th Wonder’s 95 Live New York City debut (February 1st), producer and Massachusetts-native, Statik Selektah said the city of Boston “doesn’t like Hip Hop.”  

Speaking exclusively with HipHopDX, the Showoff Records CEO elaborated on his statement. “When I say the city, I mean the government there—the cops, [Mayor Thomas M. Menino],” he said. “They never really embraced Hip Hop with the exception of a couple shows. The clubs that were doing Hip Hop got shut down.”

The City of Boston holds a free Hip Hop concert on City Hall Plaza each August. Previously entitled the Peace Hip Hop Concert, the city shortened the festival to three hours and rebranded the event Boston Urban Music Festival (BUMF) in 2010 with a focus on the 15 to 23 year-old demographic. Outside of BUMF, reports indicate a fractured Hip Hop community with limited venue options and a culture of pay-for-play shows leading some emcees into the city’s Indie Rock scene in search of increased visibility.

Statik described Boston as a “one-of-a-kind place” with a “different breed of people” created by long standing racial tension within the city.

“Whether you’re a White emcee, Black, Puerto Rican, whatever—you come from different values,” he said. “At the end of the day, it created a crazy city. In Boston, there are parts of town where the hood couldn’t perform and there were parts of town where the backpackers couldn’t perform. Everybody’s cool. But I think that definitely created a whole different scene than any other city has.”

Last year, Statik Selektah and fellow Lawerence, Massachusetts-native, Termanology released 2012—the second full length release under their collaborative moniker, 1982. While he feels the duo has created a wide-range of records, Statik says a future 1982 project would have a decidedly rugged sound.

“If we do another 1982 album, it’s gonna be grimey, grimey,” he says. “My new album, I’m going back to the dirt. There’s not commercial records on my new album. Not to say that I make commercial records. But my last album had more up beat stuff. This is like M.O.P. music—rob people shit. My hardcore fanbase is gonna really love this album." 

When asked by HipHopDX if his 2011 solo offering, Population Control, disconnected with fans of his grimier work, Statik said that although plenty of grime was included, he “worked with some new cats” that he doesn’t think fit his sound.

“I worked with some of them as an experiment, kind of,” he says. “No one specific. On my new album, I’m back to the Stick 2 The Script, Spell My Name Right feeling."

As of press time, no release date has been confirmed for Statik Selektah’s upcoming album believed to be titled Extended Play

The 2013 Boston Urban Music Festival is scheduled for August 3rd from 5PM to 8PM. 

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  • Anonymous

    i agree and im from Boston. Most of Boston listens to bullshit

  • GZ

    id say Statik knows what time it is and whats goin on in bean especially business and venue wise and hes right and ive worked a little with stat and i def dont always see eye to eye with him but hes right . if you know boston you know theres plenty of places to throw shows and rock out but do they all let and welcome with open arms ??hell no!!! no no no middle east does they need to let us use that TD GARDEN every once in a while lol. keep doin ya thing stat keep making real hip-hop keep the golden sound alive! thats the sound and feel of BOSTON!!!!

  • Big Daddy


  • Anonymous

    they just don't like slaine or statik selektah. statik selektah and his minute made wack primo tribute beats are boring. this guy wants a medal for all the work he's put in. work smarter not harder. you got 100 albums and they all suck. 100 beats before i hear a good one. boston got hoods and boston does work like every other major city in america. in fact boston hoods you might get yourself in some shit thinking youre not in the hood when youre right in the hood. you can get got anywhere at anytime. boston got some wack ass food though. you eat in boston too much u look like statik. big and pink.

  • Anonymous

    slaine is whack and so is statik selektahs first cd

  • Big Dan

    I like Statik Selektah and I would even generally defer to his opinion on matters of hip hop, but having some experience with the area, I will claim he is DEAD WRONG here. The problem with Boston, when it comes to hip hop, is that it is a one of a kind place as he said and the lack of a strong hip hop scene has nothing to do with the govt. Boston actually has the type of mayor you could go to and say we are trying to do things, we need help, some concerts, stuff for the kids and he would be down and offer help. As far as bringing in the cops into it, no city, not even Atlanta, which has the strongest hip hop showing now, wants anything that can be seen as encouraging shootings or other nonsense. So when we foster that image, we have to pay for it. But no, Boston police and the govt would not tell you you can not do something because it is hip hop related. They do have concerts up there. The Middle East club, don't know if they still do or if it still exists, used to have shows just about every week. And there was a company called Metro Concepts I think, that tried the artist management thing and I think they tried having shows and other hip hop related happenings, no long term success. Here is one thing we have to look at. New York, with a large black population started hip hop and it exploded. Atlanta is another major population center (black) and they were able to build a strong hip hop scene and black music scene for that matter and same for LA. We have not been able (to date) to develop a strong hip hop scene elsewhere in the country for whatever reason and the lack of a large black population might be the key. When I say black population, I mean young people in large quantites that are interested in hip hop. Obviously every major city in the east and south has a large population and I know there are areas that are bubbling under the surface, Florida for one, but something else is going on, not the govt, that prevents hip hop from taking root or growing into something big in other areas. Take Philly for instance. Do we blame the govt there as well? And people have tried (and did not get stopped by the govt.) There used to be a owned station that eventually switched format a few years back. They had a DJ, Chubby Chub, that used to play local artists on a mix show. Gee Spin on the "hip hop station" that exists now, used to do a mix show every week and playing local artists, bring them in for interviews etc. Benzino had a show on the black station and he used to go into Boston every week to do the show. Again, he too would spot light the local scene. That things did not happen, shows the "bad luck" that is responsible for things not exploding from there. Folks also have to be willing to put in the work. By work, I mean WORK, the hard kind, not just dreams of "I want to be a hip hop star and make money." Statik Selektah I know used to put in work. I don't know if he has given up and just focuses on his deejaying and production, but if Boston had a 100 Statik Selektahs doing the kind of work he used to do, the city would blow. Boston has a VERY large college student population and that's a built in audience right there that can help ensure success. Especially since nowadays they are all on social networks and would be promoting who they like. Let's not blame a lack of success on the wrong things. What is needed are people getting together and creating a plan to make things happen. One other problem is that with all the flossing in hip hop, every aspiring rapper things success means selling a million record. Learn the business of music, especially as it is today in the age of the internet and build up from there. If you independently (I mean out of your car, shows and your own website) sold 10k albums a year, you make a killing and have enough money to grow your business and enough of a following to do local shows. If we had 20 or so artists doing that in one city, assuming the music is good, at least one is guaranteed to move on to bigger things. Since the formula is to put your boys on when you get a deal, you can see how things can grow exponentially from there. Statik Selektah is doing well for himself, but he has to be frustrated that his label has not blown up, or the very talented rappers that he works with have not been able to advance and he might be speaking from that. Reks should have blown up nationally and I sure there were dreams of Termanology being the next Big Pun. He is deserving.

    • Big Dan

      I went to school in Boston. No longer live there and don't make it a point to stay on top of who's still in business or not. So your point is debunked. Unless you think the Boston cops are city hall are the reason hip hop has not taken off in Boston, you can't disagree with me. It seems you are the one that does not know what you are talking about

    • Anonymous

      you don't really know what your talking about. And I know cause you don't even know if the Middle East club still exists. gtfoh.

  • dazeone

    Not into the robbing or killing but Statik is a dope dj on the scratch and the beats... riding with you from Philly ..and there is real talent in Boston from RSO,EDO G, to Termology and Big Shug..originally Guru's home town ( one of the best to ever do it)

  • Anonymous

    you untraveled niggas don't know there is a "hood" everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn't embrace his wack music either

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Boston had 50 murders last YEAR. What hood are they talking about? lol

  • Anonymous


  • T

    I gotta say i agree with dude anon who asks if "you're even from Boston?" Boston has limitless talent but it seems none of it ever materializes. I'm a fan of hip-hop, particularly underground local (Boston) hip-hop and shows are rarely around. Was a club in Quincy that had shows but "fights" constantly broke out so they kind of cut back. The EDM/dance/electronic scene in this city is exploding right now, to the dismay of local emcees..

  • Dre Ducati

    He's on point with his statement! This is a start in the right direction! Highlighting the issue is key with moving forward. Lets dope this registers with the flame the city has going for itself, It's gonna take some time and key people to keep it going. Today is a good day.

  • Flyacoca

    yall crazy for hatin on statik...this is a dude that is not only a dj that can scratch, but a producer that can sample and not live or die by fruity loops! I think sometimes y'all hate just for sport. Smh blame your empty pockets on your empty mind.

  • TekMP617

    Static is on point with a born and bred Boston emcee i can say the Bean definitely does not support hip hop..shouts to my dude Slaine or making that movie money and still repping home base...Static always reps the Bean and Term is that dude North of Boston...salute to home team

  • 413

    try to get it grimier than Funcrusher Plus or the Unseen

  • the dirt

    If hes going for that grimy sound he needs the grimiest mc's around Styles P Capone from CNN jay rock cormega RA Rugged Man Ghostface Killah Inspectah Deck pusha t AR-AB Cassidy Beanie Sigel

  • Anonymous

    boston is a college city tons of rich kids there who only listen to wu tang clan

    • Anonymous

      its true the greatest colleges are in boston area and you have to be a rich kid to get there or be a bookworm...there are some shitty parts of boston(roxbury, dorchester) but for the most part it is well educated and spoiled kids, original comment was right

    • Anonymous

      obviously you have never been there.

  • Anonymous

    White kids get brainwashed by their parents to reject all other cultures and everybody else is just reacting to it on some level. Nothing new here. White people in general have the power to change the world for the better but more times than not, would rather ignore the obvious disparities caused by their actions. And yes this includes hurting their own people.

  • Anonymous

    That's why D.J Premier got mad love for Boston.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Boston AND fuck no talent Statik Selektah, generic Premo with a lobotomy sack of shit... And quit bullshitting, NONE of you bums listen to ANY of the fucking horrible albums this turd's name has been on-- nor should you. Any song off the first Group Home album >>>>> this bum's life

  • Anonymous

    A lot of you guys can't relate to what he is talking about. They city itself got hip hop in a choke hold. And the promoters are raping the fans and the artists. It's a lose lose situation.

  • Anonymous

    No, Boston just doesn't like this talentless fat fuck... Nor does Brooklyn but rich white boy gives his dogshit beats away cheap and so bum ass niggas humor him. This fucking cornball is EVERYTHING wrong with so-called "underground hip-hop." As soon as Boston kicks out Esoteric, the comeback begins!!!

    • LOL

      Comedy. Reks got classics with Statik.

    • Anonymous

      Statik couldn't even make decent beats for REKS. He sucks at making beats.

    • asdadd

      Talentless? Get the fuck outta here.

    • Anonymous

      Are you from Boston? You sound like you have no idea of what he is talking about. I'm from Boston and I'm an emcee. They really shut down all the clubs that did hip hop shows. The one promoter that has the good acts coming to town will make you pay just to open up. Statik is making paper and is constantly on tour, so he knows the deal. Statik lives in the Bronx and has a crib in LA so he see how the whole country get down. Boston has hundreds of dope emcee's but the crowds seem to be just beyond our reach.

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