Master P Clarifies Alleged Kanye West & Lil Wayne Diss Track "Brick To A Million"

Master P addresses a few bars that many have speculated are aimed at Kanye West and Lil Wayne.

On his new track "Brick to a Million" with Fat Trel and Alley Boy, Master P spits a few bars that many interpreted as a diss to Kanye West and Lil Wayne. On the song, he raps, "New niggas wearing dresses, fuck it / I ain't scared to address it / Gangsta niggas on skateboards / I'm at the house breaking motherfucking headboards / Real niggas stand up."

During an interview with Power 106's Big Boy's Neighborhood, the No Limit honcho cleared up misconceptions about the lyrics, stating that he was not addressing those rappers in particular but was instead talking about a radio station employee who told him he was finished.

"Even that, that ain't a diss. I never made a diss record. Like I said, a lot of people, if you feel salty behind that, then I could say if the shoe fit well, I'm not afraid to address it," he said. "I just feel like in Hip Hop, we've got to stick to whether we're going to be real or we not. Like I said, I'm just addressing what I see. To be honest with you, that particular song wasn't about nobody in Hip Hop but I think people taking it like that. This was one of these guys that worked at the radio station and didn't believe in me and told me it was over for me. He ridin' up on a skateboard and got a little mini-skirt on. This a new dude into the business, and he telling me it's over for me."

P, who was rumored to have issues with Cash Money Records back in the day, said that if the rappers took offense to the song, they might want to rethink their choices. But he insists that he has no beef with either of them.

"If you feel guilty about something, then that's something you need to address about with yourself," he said. "Y'all gotta realize, we really from the streets. If there really was a feud, there would have been a problem. But I got love for Baby and them, Lil Wayne. They come from where I come from. It's always been a competition. Everybody want to be the best."

Master P most recently dropped off his new mixtape Al Capone and spoke with HipHopDX about how he tried to sign Tupac Shakur to No Limit Records.

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  • What

    What is this dissing mufuckaz and then saying U wasn't dissing them? That's bitch-ass. If U said it then own it, and if U don't wanna own it then don't say it.

  • BringTheRealBack

    this is real fuck these hipster faggots man go listen to some pop music with that gay shit niggas wearing skirts with tims leopard leggings with ugg boots pathetic

  • What

    man it is what it is that skirt wearing tight jean wearing got to go, it aint hip hop its fags hop period, and i hope they both take it as a dis

  • cutty

    Anybody hatin on the big homie Master P can eat a dick, straight up. Dude is such a pioneer in the game. Its like Dwight Howard dissing Hakeem Olajuwan. He may be old now but he laid the blue print for so many independent artist and labels including Cash Money. Plus he got at least 2 classics: Ice Cream Man and Ghetto Dope. I can still go back and listen to that and ride to it. Go listen to "No Limit to the Real Shit" off that new Al Capone, Percy goes in lyrically bro. This coming from a hip hop fan that listen to Rakim, Dj Quik, Kendrick, etc. real emcees. fuck yall new booties niggas and back pack purist


    Ghet..Ghet..Ghet...Gheto Dope, im glad ppl are dissing rappers wearing skirts, and spandex Zeebra Pants, Ya he's dissing Ye, and Weezy, but then again they deserve it, I only wish P would say he's dissin them, like Lord Jamar did...I cant stand when ppl play that gay ass subliminal message game that Jay Z is constantly throwing in his records

  • Hahaha

    I'm glad I'm not seeing any "Master P is a legend" bullshit, everyone knows damn well that Master P is garbage and most kids only bought his albums because they were flashy and embossed. For real though, this nigga wants to talk about dresses, when he wore shirts that went down to his knees? And he used to wrestle other dudes in WCW? Fuck out here.

    • L.S.

      ^^^Master P is on the comments, everybody! The only fag that could think Master P is a legend is the man himself. Give it for him, he clearly needs all the help he can get, from try to come back from irrelevancy by going "street" again, saying that he almost signed 2 Pac, and then retracting a flimsy diss. Legend my ass.

    • jase

      p wore shorts like that cause he always been a b-ball player. and aint nothing weird about that anyway you lame ass mf. what is lame is you defending these fag ass hop mf's. smh. and get ya fucking head right. P is a legend you dumb lil bastard.

  • Anonymous

    Master P's new album Al Capone isn't bad, but it's too little to late for him. I'll never understand why grown men spend so much time hating on other grown men. If Wayne's behavior isn't something you endorse, keep movin, but to waste time with silly disses, then to explain who they were for just shows how little P has going for himself now.

  • Anonymous

    Lying ass muthafucka, he knows DAMN well he was talking about Kanye and Wayne. Don't throw a brick and hide your hand, Master P-ussy

  • PC

    Honestly it doesn't matter who Master P was talking too or about! He is arguably the CEO/Rapper who created the blueprint for the hustle that every rapper, wanna be movie maker, independent artists, or whatever in entertainment today! P was getting 75 cent on every dollar made! That my friends is the definition of a hustla!

  • Anonymous

    fuck outta here talkin about some dude who works at the radio station rode up on a skateboard wearing a mini-skirt and started talking shit

  • Anonymous

    Why even waste your time trying to clarify it??? No one heard it anyway.

  • dentaldamboy

    Last week, when Birdman heard these lyrics, he was furious. I haven't heard him slam his office door so loud since Jay-Z's "baby money" line. I would not be surprised if he has already dispatched some goons to show Master P that the Williams brothers run New Orleans. YMCMB for life.


    it's about time he dissed them. he needs to diss yessir

  • John

    these rap niggas is mad fugaze. Just admit who the diss was intended too. I find it hard to believe he said those lines without thinking of west and wayne in mind. I think as long as it's all on wax there's nothing wrong with competition.

  • Anonymous

    kanye wore a skirt, it was asap rocky who rocked the dress with leg warmers

  • Anonymous

    make em say huuhhh

  • Teekatown

    I have always liked Master P. I respect any emcee that is truthful in their music. I have no respect for gimmicks, but I do understand the need for it. If you rap about the things you SEE everyday, then thats real. If it offends somebody, that is because THE TRUTH hurts...

  • Hip Hop please

    Kanye is dope enough behind the mic (and MPC etc etc) to be a bit of a weirdo Wayne on the other hand, should keep on skating (incl. dress) and leave rap alone

  • mr serv-on

    I wish P WOULDVE dissed those weak ass niggas.If the truth hurts, fuck it.Dont wear and do fag ass shit n you got nothing to worry about.

  • GOD

    Lol here comes the "Fuck Kanye, i been listening to Master P for years" fake shit.

  • Anonymous

    every week someone diss someone and then takes it back cuz no names were said. just stop it or man the fuck up



  • Anonymous

    i dont like this master p i want the clean black history rapper back

  • smh

    Didn't this dude change his name to "P. Miller" and say he was only going to promote positive shit like Oprah, only like 3 or 4 years ago? I remember him scolding 50 Cent on BET for being a buffoon...Now he's suddenly a "gangster" again, cussing, saying nigga and signing gangster rappers...Looks like we have another Mase situation. These rappers need to make up their mind...Do you want to be a thug or a family dude with a daughter on Nickelodeon?

  • Anonymous

    if you think its about you it probably is

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