Jermaine Dupri Pays Off $3 Million Tax Lien

Jermaine Dupri settles his debt to Uncle Sam.

Jermaine Dupri has paid off a $3 million lien for failing to file taxes as far back as 2006.

According to TMZ, the So So Def honcho was slapped with a tax lien by the IRS in 2008, owing a total sum of $3,095,004.65. Dupri made good on his debt, with the IRS releasing the lien on January 18th.

The rapper/producer has faced his fair share of money issues over the past few years. In early 2012, he paid off a $493,000 tax lien that had accumulated interest over time. He has also faced foreclosure on his Atlanta, Georgia mansion twice over the past five months.

Dupri is currently prepping for So So Def's 20th anniversary show, taking place this month in ATL.

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  • Money First

    Most of the people that talk shit when celebrities get caught up for taxes have been working for someone all of their lives and get taxes taken out of their paychecks...They have never seen large lump sums in one check...Now tell me how quick would you be to put some aside for the government or even take the time to figure that shit out?...Yeah I thought so!!!

  • Crown223

    I still don't understand how this man ran thru all that money! Maybe he was doing too much tricking on Janet Jackson. check out too, they usually have some good reads on it

  • Anonymous

    money aint a thing

  • Anonymous

    mariah usher jagged edge bow wow da brat are all around because of JD he gave them their biggest hits

  • SwampAggin

    People actually think JD is "broke". JD aint got Diddy/Birdman/Jigga money but dude is far from broke.

    • RON B

      exactly, just bc you owe taxes doesn't mean you're broke, it just mean you didn't pay it and probable got an extra 3 mill in the bank, but people assume dumb shit

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